Leveraging the Right Data to Get Big Results
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Leveraging the Right Data to Get Big Results

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It's estimated that 90% of all of the data we have available today was generated in the last 2 years and that it will continue to grow by 50% a year over the next few years. But with all of this data, ...

It's estimated that 90% of all of the data we have available today was generated in the last 2 years and that it will continue to grow by 50% a year over the next few years. But with all of this data, the challenge becomes identifying the right data to leverage for your email program.

This on-demand webinar, presented by BlueHornet with co-presenters from TheLadders and Movable Ink, will dig into how brands are identifying the data they need to make their programs successful, as well as how it is being leveraged. You'll walk away with several points to consider applying to your program.

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  • Quick introduction of themselves, who you are and what you doAs many of you may know, our own VP of Strategic Services, Kara Trivunovic was scheduled to lead this panel but unfortunately she had a family emergency, her son broke his elbow and they are on the fence for surgery. I thought about wearing a long wig to see if you would notice the difference but I thought the Miami humidity might cause some damage and I need it for next weekend
  • Adam: INTROHaving worked with marketers over the last 10 years, as access to big data becomes more readily available not all of us have direct access to some of these massive data silos. With that said, getting our hands on the right data can be relatively easy thing to do these days. It is estimated that 90% of all of the data we have available today was generated in the last 2 years and that it will continue to grow by 50% a year over the next few years. But with all of this data, the challenge becomes identifying the right data to leverage for your email program…..Over the course of the next 45 minutes or so, we are going to discuss how a variety of brands are not only identifying the data they need to make their programs successful – but how it is being leveraged to unlock the potential of their email program. And when you walk away today, you will have 11 data points to consider applying to your program.
  • Adam to facilitate the conversation, as we have gone through this process with clients and panelists, identify 4 key data types we wanted to focus on:Subscriber demographic and psychographic informationEmail engagement metricsBrand engagement metricsDevice engagement dataSome of these behaviors are expressed or explicit preferences and data points that are pretty clear cut when it comes to segmentation. Some of the behaviors lead us to implied or observed behaviors that we can use for segmentation with caution.Looking at demographic and psychographic, there are 3 very common items to look at:-Geographic location-Age/birthdate-And other attributes that may be fairly custom or unique to the businessSo Dan, what are the main demographic and psychographic that are unique for your business?Jordan, I know that Geo is creates a pretty compelling opportunity to serve real time content, can you share with us how some of your customers are doing that?For Dan, clearly as people are job hunting, geography is highly relevant, how are you using geography to personalize?For Dan, age and birthdate could correlate with experience, do you see that a consideration for future programs?
  • Customers will say, we don’t have a lot of information about our customers, but if you are sending email then you may know more than you think. There should be some very actionable insights to be gained leveraging some of the basic engagement points including open behavior, click behavior and time of engagement/time on file. I’ll open up with a broader question and ask if leveraging open behavior is enough to make an assumption about a subscriber’s interests in content or offers? Dan, how might you treat someone who has recently joined TheLadders vs someone who has been an engaged subscriber for several months? Dan do you use anything specific about open and click behavior to optimize email performance?Jordon, have you worked with any customers who have successfully used email engagement metrics stem attrition or increase engagement or perhaps any war stories of folks who have tried unsuccessfully?
  • We talked about using some stated preferences and email engagement data to further optimize programs, now lets spend some time talking about ways in which a subscriber might engage with a brand deeper in the funnel including site visits, conversion data and perhaps even offline engagementI have to imagine Dan, that TheLadders sees dramatic correlation amongst site behavior and the window of opportunity to convert a prospective customer or match someone with an employer at an opportune moment.Dan, are there considerations for your program for reviewing on site behaviors to personalize your programs?Jordan, do you have any specific examples of customers leveraging online or offline behavior for segmentation? Is offline engagement a consideration? Offline engagement for the TheLadders isn’t in consideration
  • Consumers now see on average over 400 messages in their personal inbox a month. Marketers are fighting in a battlefield for mindshare across multiple inboxes, multiple surfaces, and constant disruption especially in the mobile environment. As baseline data points, device type & app usage are clearly a topic of consideration for marketers, and even once we have the data, being able to serve a salient responsivemessage with context appropriate call to action is critical to success.Dan, you have some experience with analyzing mobile email trends, how does device type and app usage play a role in enhancing your email program?Device detection, iphone serve up content to encourage you to download the App inside of Movable Ink,For Dan, app usage, opportunity to talk about the app, are you using any of that information for segmentationDo you have any data points from the app engage that encourage their email communications. Where do you see opportunity as it continues to get adoptionThis question is for Jordan or Dan, in cases where you see either a high level of engagement with email or within mobile app, are you seeing any kind of trends forming there? If you see people that are not active in the email channel, is that an opportunity to try to pull them into another medium?Mobile email users might be most likely to leverage the app, responsive design, couple quick examples and quick stories and examples and then turn over to the audience to ask questions
  • Kara; could use an appropriate segue here. I believe you also mentioned to open this up for questions, are there any other points where we should open it up for Qs?Open this up success story of using data to drive program improvementCautionary tale Using data to drive success in the email programRespect the device your users are onWhen they’re on themBuild responsive with appropriate and dynamic CTAs
  • Kara, need appropriate segue here
  • We discussed a number of successful programs where various brands have used ‘the right data’ to improve program performance without having to tap into Big Data. As we close, these are the 11 data points to consider for your programs in 2014 that you can start to unlock right now. I’d like to thank our guests, Dan and Jordan for their participation and would like to open up to the group for Q & A


  • 1. Leveraging the Right Data to get Big Results WHILE OTHERS MAY BE TALKING ABOUT „BIG‟ DATA, WE‟RE FOCUSED ON THE „RIGHT‟ DATA.
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONS Kara Trivunovic VP Strategic Services BlueHornet @ktrivunovic Dan Cronyn Director, Consumer Marketing TheLadders @KTOverdrive Jordan Cohen VP Marketing Movable Ink @jcohen808
  • 4. SUBCRIBER DEMO/PSYCHO Applying Your Relationship With Your Subscriber Know Your Customers, Pick 3: • • • Geographic Location Age/Birthday Custom or Unique to Business
  • 5. EMAIL ENGAGEMENT METRICS If You Send Email, You May Know More Than You Think Leveraging Engagement Metrics: • • • Open Behavior Click Behavior Time of Engagement
  • 6. BRAND ENGAGEMENT METRICS Leveraging Customer Engagement With the Brand Relationships Go Beyond Email: • • • Site Visits Conversion Offline Engagement
  • 7. DEVICE ENGAGEMENT METRICS Understanding the Device Employed to Engage Email Goes Mobile: • • Device Type App Usage
  • 9. TheLadders A Story of Success Using timing (day parting) and device stats, we were able to drastically increase mobile downloads through e-mail: • • • Build for context Test Iterate and grow
  • 10. MOVABLE INK & FINISH LINE A Story of Success
  • 11. OPTION A One For All
  • 12. IDEA Segment Using Facebook Fan Data
  • 13. 80% LIFT IN CTR Using Real-Time Geo-Targeting
  • 14. A CAUTIONARY TALE Just because you “can” doesn‟t always mean you “should”: • • • Don’t Assume… Avoid Sensitive Topics Address the Mistakes
  • 15. 11 DATA POINTS TO CONSIDER FOR SUCCESS • • • • • • • • • • • Geographic Location Age/Birthday Custom or Unique to Business Open Behavior Click Behavior Time of Engagement Site Visits Conversion Offline Engagement Device Type App Usage
  • 16. THANK YOU! Questions?