Email Expert Panel: The Re-Permission Campaign Debate
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Email Expert Panel: The Re-Permission Campaign Debate

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As Internet Service Providers (ISPs) put greater emphasis on email subscriber engagement, it’s important to build a strategy around handling the addresses in your list that don’t appear to be......

As Internet Service Providers (ISPs) put greater emphasis on email subscriber engagement, it’s important to build a strategy around handling the addresses in your list that don’t appear to be responding to your campaigns. Is a re-permission campaign the right answer? Email marketing, deliverability, and email address experts weigh in on both sides of this debate, as they discuss the definition of an inactive subscriber, the pros and cons of customer re-engagement campaigns, and ways to improve your sending reputation and your bottom line with a cleaner, more active list.  

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  • 1. Email Expert Panel: The Re-Permission Campaign Debate
    Moderator: Chris Frasier, BlueHornet Networks, Inc.
    • Pilar Bower, Optimization and Email Strategist, Red Door Interactive
    • 2. Scott Geiser, Senior Digital Analyst, Yum! Brands, Inc.
    • 3. Suzanne Shaughnessy, Senior Account Executive, FreshAddress
  • Key Session Takeaways
    Know when & why you need to conduct a re-engagement campaign
    Identify strategic and tactical approaches to re-engaging subscribers
    Learn what to expect from your re-engagement efforts
  • 4. Re-Engagement and Re-Activation
  • 5. Re-Engagement campaign: Strategy
    Identify segment that need “re-engaging”
    Conduct a group split on that list (break into smaller segments)
    Create a split test program on creative and incentives
    Run a deliverability test on each segment to identify potential issues in real time
    Identify and resolve issues before sending to the next segment
    Filter out bounces and don’t resend to them
    ***Click through tracking must be enabled to identify each subscriber who clicks. With a two-button system, a small % of subscribers may click on both. Don’t opt-out all subscribers who click on the ‘NO’ link; instead send them to the standard opt-out page so a second step is required in order to opt-out.
  • 6. The Re-Engagement Challenge:What to do when email addresses are dormant or bouncing
    50 million people change their email addresses each year.
    • Consequently, organizations experience 2-3% attrition/month
    • 7. ~ 30% email list attrition per year.
  • Make it easy for customers to update their email addresses
    • Clarify what email address you have for them and provide an easy, user-friendly way for them to update it
    • 8. Respond in a timely manner to requests from your customers regarding updates
    • 9. Ask for a back-up email address during registration
  • Email Change of Address (ECOA)
    How it works…
    b) Remaining file matched against ECOA database
    a) Audit processes scrub and update where possible.
    Send in your bouncing or inactive email list for processing.
    All data is 100% opted-in with time, date, and source info.
    Suppressions are run, then a Permission Message is sent to ensure deliverability and permission.
    After a final data scrub, vendor returns updated file to you. All results are 100% guaranteed deliverable.
  • 10. Identifying Segments For Re-Engagement
    45 to 180 Days
    Attrited180+ Days
  • 11. Dell
    Subject line: Was it something we said?
  • 12.
  • 13. Message:
    • Recipient should know and recognize the relationship he/she has with your brand
    • 14. Explains the process
    • 15. Respectfully sets expectations
    • 16. Offers an update link
    • 17. Opt-out message is CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Cricket Communications, Inc.Subject line: We miss you! Last opportunity for great deals from
  • 18. ChipotleSubject line: Should You Stay or Should You Go?
  • 19. La Quinta Inns & SuitesSubject line: Urgent: Confirm Now To Keep Receiving Special Savings
  • 20. … and they lived happily ever after!
    • Honor your recipient’s wishes
    • 21. Be creative, enticing and respectful
    • 22. Make keeping in touch easy
    • 23. If possible, segment newly updated emails and give them special “Welcome Back” treatment
    • 24. It’s always nice to include a little lagniappe