Powerpoint Do's and Don'ts


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Powerpoint Do's and Don'ts

  1. 1. Bullets• I wanted to show too much information so Iput a bunch on one slide• I like to add a bunch of really long bullets sothat you can see all of my information• Bullets are so much fun!• I love bullets and know that everyone does too• I want to cover my whole page with bullets toshow how much information I have• Bullets are the best, and show how smart I am• Yay for bullets!!!!!!!!• One last bullet to get my point across..• Oh wait, one more
  2. 2. Bullets• Bullets can be used very effectively to convey info• They should be concise• They should be in groups of four• They should be spaced apart and not have toomuch info
  3. 3. Background• A background should not be distractingfrom the point of your topic• It should not be chaotic• You should be able to see the text easily• It should not be fuzzy or out of focus
  4. 4. Background• This is a very simple background• It conveys the appropriateinformation in a clean way• It isn’t fuzzy or unclear• It doesn’t distract from my overallmessage
  5. 5. Contrast• This slide shows how importantcontrast is• It is unreadable• It is unappealing to the eye
  6. 6. Contrast• Contrast is very important to make theslide eye catching• Dark on light• Light on dark• These help to make the slide easy to read
  7. 7. Graphics/StyleI couldn’t figure out how to split up myinfomration, so I just put everything on onepowerpoint and kept talking. I wanted to put aton of information packed into one slide so Iwouldn’t have to talk as much. My backgroundis really pretty because I wanted it to stand outfrom everyone else. My text is also not typicalso that I can be different.
  8. 8. Graphics/Style• This is a very simple, classy slide.• It is complete with several bullets to show information easily• The photo is in a good location and goes well with the slide
  9. 9. Rule of Four• This slide has too many points• It rambles on and on• Everything is stuck together• It is not grouped by four• No one will remember the things that aresaid• Everything looks jumbled• The slide looks messy• It doesn’t look simple• It isn’t eye catching or appealing• It is not easily readable
  10. 10. Rule of Four• Group text into four items• This keeps the slide appealing• The slide remains simple• Groups of four are easier to remember
  11. 11. ProximityText shouldn’t be weirdlyjustified or spaced to one side,because it looks veryunbalanced.• Center bullets also tend tolook strange• They should be avoided mostof the time
  12. 12. Proximity• Space images and text out evenly• Put bullet points to left justify for nice,even spacing across the page• Centered text makes for a nice, cleanpowerpoint
  13. 13. Fonts• This font is distracting• It takes away from the overallmessage• It is hard to read• USING CAPS INVOKES ASENSE OF ANGER AND ISEXTREME
  14. 14. Fonts• Fonts should simple• They should go well with the theme• They should not distract from theoverall message• Too many fonts shouldn’t be used
  15. 15. Perceptual Differences• Text should not be overly colorful• Only important words should have emphasis• Pictures should not have captions that don’t fitAn onion A pair of pants
  16. 16. Perceptual Differences• Perceptual differences are important• Words should be bold , underlined, or italicized foradded importance• Text should be grouped with the item it is describingThis is the Dalai Lama This is a cat