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BlueGlassX - Local SEO by Michael Dorausch
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BlueGlassX - Local SEO by Michael Dorausch


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. BlueGlass Local Presented by: Michael Dorausch, DC @chiropractic Local and Mobile DominationHarnessing the Changing SERPs
  • 2. Where am I?
  • 3. City of Tampa
  • 4. What we’ll cover Understanding Google Locations Near Me (Tampa) Deep Granular ContentApple Maps/Siri, Yelp, and Foursquare
  • 5. Google says…
  • 6. Run an ad.
  • 7. #localGoogle’s gotten better at understanding users.Delivering increasingly more localized content. Focused on selling ads.
  • 8. #localUsers have gotten better at understanding Google.• Users seeking best result nearest their location• Searching from home (desktop)• Searching from work (huge opportunities here)• Your location from 8am to 6pm(M-F)
  • 9. Locations Near Me2 years and 6 months since Google went local.
  • 10. Google+ Local
  • 11. Google+ Local• 20 business locations near me (randomly selected)• 11 (55%) of 20 show no sign of activity
  • 12. 11 (55%) show no sign of activity1. Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel (managed with photos)2. T-Mobile (not managed)3. Ashley Street Grille (not managed)4. Bank of America (logo)5. Tampa Chamber of Commerce (no photo)6. Hyatt Regency Tampa (managed with photos)7. Primos Deli Cafe (not managed)8. Tanya Gold MD Physician (not managed)9. Anthem Reporting (single photo)10. Avanzare (not managed)11. Hattricks (managed with see inside)12. Downtowns Florist (managed with see inside)13. Designing Eyes (not managed)14. Cordell & Cordell Tampa Divorce Attorneys (not managed)15. American Institute-Architects (not managed)16. Tampa Welding & Fabrication, Inc (logo)17. Arc Printers (not managed)18. Enable America (logo)19. Florida Capital Partners (not managed)20. Brueggers Bagel Shop (not managed)
  • 13. 4 of 9 Display Local SEO Evidence1. Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel (Corporate SEO)2. Hyatt Regency Tampa (Corporate SEO)3. Hattricks (Possible Local SEO)4. Downtowns Florist (Possible Local SEO)5. Tampa Welding & Fabrication, Inc (Owner/Employee)6. Tampa Chamber of Commerce (Scrape/Employee)7. Anthem Reporting (Owner/Employee)8. Enable America (Owner/Employee)9. Bank of America (Employee)
  • 14. There’s life here…
  • 15. …but not here
  • 16. #disconnect• Incentives at front desk• Incentives/Reminders in lobby• Incentives/Reminders in bar
  • 17. There’s life here too…
  • 18. …because dead flowers don’t sell• String of bad reviews• Forced into action
  • 19. Page Content (Google)• Minimum of 6 high quality photos• 1 hi res logo• 5 images: 110px × 110px (and 70x70px)• 1 image: 250px × 250px (and 90x90px)• EXIF Data: File Name, GEO• Info “from owner” (Google may scrape)• Reviews (hopefully positive)
  • 20. Cropped Photo Example
  • 21. Photo Example (full size)
  • 22. Content (Deep Granular) Let’s do real research. Historical Data First to Organize/Post
  • 23. USGS 1944
  • 24. Centroid circa 1944
  • 25. Centroid Near Me• Federal Building• City Hall• Church• Data Center (Verizon)
  • 26. USGS 1956
  • 27. Radio Tower (WDAE)• First radio station in state of Florida• May 15, 1922 - Tampa Times Radio• Corner of Tampa and Whiting St (historic)• 620 WDAE - The Sports Animal (current)• Tampa Bays Sports Radio Station
  • 28. Bing Local
  • 29. Local Content Potential• Ybor City• Tampa Riverwalk• Davis Islands• Rattlesnake Cannery• Armory• MacFarlane Park• MacDill Park• Churches• Hillsborough River• Freemasons• Cruise Ship Terminal
  • 30. Sacred Heart Church
  • 31. Frank Adamo Drive
  • 32. Freemasons
  • 33. Baltimore Block, W. P. B. Co.
  • 34. Links? Society for Historic ArchaeologyNational Register of Historic Places
  • 35. Street Fairs
  • 36. Tell them what to do
  • 37. Mobile MappingApple Maps/Siri, Yelp, and Foursquare
  • 38. BlueGlassX App (iPhone)Lipscomb VillaCity BlueIsland HomesTampa UniversityRiverfront DistrictRiversideHyde Park PlaceBayside
  • 39. Apple Maps / Yelp (iPhone)
  • 40. Apple Maps / Yelp (iPhone)
  • 41. SIRI to Hotel
  • 42. SIRI (Hotel to Burgers)
  • 43. Five Guys Route
  • 44. Mexican Food?
  • 45. Best Coffee?
  • 46. Indigo No Go on Apple Maps
  • 47. Location-Based Services (My Findings)• Work best for locations that are hip, trendy, and frequented regularly.• Think Sheraton Hotel vs. Motel 6• Think Coffee House vs. Local Dentist
  • 48. Five Guys Check In
  • 49. Five Guys Check In
  • 50. CVS Pharmacy
  • 51. Hotels vs Banks
  • 52. PrintersWhile standing in front of Arc Printers
  • 53. Foursquare Content• Minimum of 4 photos• 125 x 125 and 300 x 300• EXIF Data Stripped (but post anyway)
  • 54. #incentifyMotivate, reward, and provide incentives to mobile savvy consumers with compliments, contests, prizes, and giveaways.
  • 55. Google Us!How to get local brand queries without spending any money?
  • 56. QR Codes
  • 57. QR Codes• Create QR Code for Google+ Local• Display QR Code at business location• Establish Scanning Incentives
  • 58. Happy Holidays!
  • 59. Get Connected @chiropractic planetc1@gmail.com