BlueGlassX How to Get BIG Boosts from Paid Ads by Janel Laravie


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  • Do you see any organic listings?
  • Think it is only happening on ecommerce driven queries? Think again!
  • Direct to more than one page in the site, take up additional SERP real estate.
  • BlueGlassX How to Get BIG Boosts from Paid Ads by Janel Laravie

    1. 1. How to Get BIGBoosts from Paid Ads
    2. 2. Quick About Me Founded Chacka Marketing in Tampa, FL in 2009. The first Kenshoo [PRO] Agency in theUnited States in June 2012, with 100% of staff certified.Spoken at Search Engine Strategies, Search InsiderSummit, OMMA and Search & Social.Expecting a baby girl in March 2013!
    3. 3. Why Paid Ads?
    4. 4. Raising the Stock Price
    5. 5. Raising the Stock Price Taken July 30, 2010Taken Yesterday
    6. 6. SERP FactsSource: Wordstream Research, July 2012
    7. 7. Ad Extensions - Sitelinks
    8. 8. Ad Extensions - Locations
    9. 9. Ad Extensions - Call
    10. 10. Ad Extensions - Product
    11. 11. Ad Extensions - OthersCommunication (Beta)Mobile AppDynamic Search Ads - Dynamic Search Ads target “relevant” searches with adsgenerated directly from your site.
    12. 12. Tracking Gets Tricky - Sitelink
    13. 13. Tracking Gets Tricky – Sitelink Google aggregates data across sitelinks, making individual tracking URL’s a necessity for optimization!
    14. 14. Tracking Gets Tricky - Location
    15. 15. Tracking Gets Tricky - Call
    16. 16. Tracking Gets Tricky - Product 1. In your Merchant Center account, click Settings, then AdWords. 2. Enter your AdWords Customer ID (CID). You can find your CID at the top of your AdWords account when youre signed in. 3. Click Add. Tracking Tip: Add the AdWords Attributes fields to your product feed to track clicks and conversions. You will also utilize these fields for PLA management.
    17. 17. Product Listing Ads (PLA’s)
    18. 18. Product Listing Ads
    19. 19. Product Listing Ads
    20. 20. Product Listing AdsSet-Up:1. At minimum, implement Google Conversion Tracking.2. Create New Campaign for PLA, link Merchant Account.3. Create an Ad Group for “All Products”.4. Under the “Auto Targets” tab, select “Add all products”.
    21. 21. Product Listing AdsGet Granular:5. Plan structure around brands, product types, SKU’s, etc.6. Use drop downs to find targets and validate them.
    22. 22. Optimizing PLA’sBid High Enough: Once you begin getting some data, you canoptimize the bids.
    23. 23. Optimizing PLA’sOptimize Ad Serving: Just like paid search, you need to mine yoursearch queries for negative keywords and additional “Auto Targets”.
    24. 24. Optimizing PLA’s
    25. 25. ResourcesPLA’s: