WEGO Health: Health Activists Speak Up


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April 2011 Study from WEGO Health focusing on how engaged and active Internet and social media users perceive pharma and health company use of the Internet

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WEGO Health: Health Activists Speak Up

  1. 1. Social Media Wont Wait:Health Activists Speak Out, Industry Speaks Up DTC National April 7, 2011
  2. 2. Online survey of ~200 Health Activists- October 2009 (presented to November FDA hearing)- March 2011 Update
  3. 3. Does the use of social media by Health Care Companies helppeople to understand important health issues? AGREE Health Care Companies’ use of social media…
  4. 4. Are Health Care Companies using social media tools to engagewith people online?
  5. 5. How active are Health Care Companies in using these socialmedia tools to engage with people online?
  6. 6. When do you feel a Health Care Company’s participation inInternet and social media technologies should be regulated?When Health Care Companies…
  7. 7. How do you feel about regulation of Health CareCompanies’ participation in Internet and social media? Agree regulation of Health Care Companies’ participation in Internet and 74/73% social media needs to be tailored to the unique attributes of the Internet and social media Agree open Internet and social media conversation between Health Care64/63% Companies and people online is valuable, and regulations should not prevent those open conversations
  8. 8. What are appropriate ways for Health Care Companies tofulfill regulatory requirements in their Internet and socialmedia activities…?AGREE Health CareCompanies… ...should be ...should be ...using real-time ...should not ...should not be ...participating required to make allowed to communications be allowed to required to in social media all regulatory- present a should be participate in include should include required shorter required to Internet and regulatory- a link to their information version of restate social media required product available one regulatory- regulatory- tools that information on website in click away from every required required don’t allow social media their social information information in all space for platforms that communication media when social their messages regulatory- cannot communications media tools required accommodate it do not allow information adequate space
  9. 9. What is the state of misinformation about Health CareCompanies products online?
  10. 10. Company Content Is Valued By the CommunityIn 2009: 54% Agree altered Health Care Company content is frequently distributed onlineIn 2011: Agree altered Health Care Company41% content is frequently distributed online
  11. 11. Health Activists Agree Health Care Companies Should GetInvolved In Monitoring and Correcting Misconceptions orMisinformation…
  12. 12. Online content …can be altered from its original state bypeople who don’t work for the companyIn 2009: 60% Agree Health Care Companies cannot reasonably keep up with the monitoring of all mentions of their contentIn 2011: Agree Health Care Companies cannot56% reasonably keep up with the monitoring of all mentions of their content
  13. 13. What impact do you believe new FDA guidance will have on Health CareCompanies’ participation in social media? 63% “increase or stay the same”
  14. 14. (FDA) guidance has not yet been issued. What impact do you believe thisdelay has had on Health Care Companies’ participation in social media? 62% “increased or stayed the same”
  15. 15. Based on your experience as a Health Activist, please rate the importance ofspecific FDA guidance to your online health communities Less Important More Important