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  • 1. unNiched(micro): Scratch, Sniff and LearnOWD Text Based Patient Monitoring and Messaging Okey Okuzu, Founder/CEO, InStrat Global Health Solutions October 25, 2011 New York, NY
  • 2. OneWorldDr (OWD) Platform is a Mobile Health Connectivity System Based on Text and Email Medical Providers Family & Friends Provides electronic link between  Provider  Patient  Care Sponsor  Community Enables  Remote health monitoring  Chronic disease management Integrates with Patients existing Cell  Patient Health Messaging phone systems Service Providers 2
  • 3. OWD Proactively notifies patients to take their readings and respond; and notifies physicians/caregivers if readings are abnormalAt scheduled time Patient Patient receives If reading is above Patient takes current readingreceives reminder SMS/email to normal: Patient, confirmation that reading Caregiver, Doctor get and replies in requiredtake BP/BS/Wt reading and reply an alert – Example: has been received and format (e.g. BP 180/110)with the reading Alert!: Current BP: processed 180/110 is outside target level. Web Portal (Desktop, laptop, ta blets, smart Doctor/Caregiver Doctor/Caregiver has phones) determines next two means to get course of action additional Patient data: Cell Phone: non - smart phones
  • 4. OWD Business Value Proposition is a PotentialReduction in Acute Incidents Acute Incident Reduce acute Condition Gets Worse incidents by Condition Get’s Necessary 26% to 39%*! Attention and Better BCN Intervention: Leads to early detection Situation Normal !In a six month trial involving 50 patients with no other interventions, 16 patients or 32% of the sample progressed to satisfactory control of their pathology and another 15 or 30% remained poorly controlled and their care was escalated
  • 5. OWD Platform is a Powerful Application of a SimpleTechnology for CV Patient Engagement Diseases Targeted Readings Monitored Devices Supported Other Service Features Hypertension  Blood Pressure  Desktop Computers  Interactive Voice  Blood Sugar  Laptops Calls Heart Failure  Weight  iPads  Medication Diabetes  BMI  Android Tablets Reminders Asthma (planned)  Temperature  iPhones  Refill Reminders  Android Phones  Appointment  Non-smart phones Alerts  Wellness and nutritional SMS messaging  Pharmacy Alerts
  • 6. OWD Pilot Program Results• Sponsor: Heineken NV (Nigeria)• Duration: 6 months (March 2011 – September 2011)• Number of Patients: 50• Patient Profile: Full time employees across 7 manufacturing sites; moderate/severe diabetes and hypertensive patients• Readings Monitored: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar (Twice weekly)• Equipment Used: Blood pressure meters and glucometers, test strips provided by Sponsor• Thresholds: Company medical adviser set upper and lower thresholds for patient readings• Action: Alerts sent to patients’ doctor/nurse when reading exceeded thresholds• Follow up: Patient were invited for special consultation and plan of action to bring down numbers• Results: – 16 (32%) progressed to satisfactory control of their pathology, – 15(30%) remain poorly controlled and require further medical intervention. – 19(38%) were non compliant for several reasons
  • 7. Patient Testimonial• ~ 1 Minute Video
  • 8. OWD Monitoring Expanded to IncludeMessaging • OWD capability expanded to monitor additional chronic conditions • InStrat and Anadach Group have collaborated to – Develop and deliver customized health information to subscribers’ mobile phones by SMS – Messaging includes: • Health Education, Wellness Tips, Chronic Disease Management • Locally nuanced dietary and nutritional advise • Interactive Health Information on difficult subjects – STDs, HIV, ED, Drug Abuse, Mental Illness, Women’s Sexual Health • Messaging service has been scaled up to 2,000 + subscribers
  • 9. Demonstration
  • 10. InStrat GlobalHealth Solutionshttp://www.innovationstrategies.net http://www.anadach.com/ + 1 862 596 3548 +1 626 610 3233 info@innovationstrategies.net info@anadach.com