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Stephen Greene - Orange Rockcorps 'Engaging More Consumers To Give' #BDGive
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Stephen Greene - Orange Rockcorps 'Engaging More Consumers To Give' #BDGive


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Stephen Greene …

Stephen Greene
CEO Orange Rockcorps

Slides from talk at Blue Dot 'Engaging more Consumers to Give' event #BDGive

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  • 1. Moving a Generation to Change the WorldInspiring volunteering through music and brandpartnershipsCreating a sustainable pro-social platform 1
  • 2. RockCorps is a global youthmovement whose mission is toinspire the world’s youth toexperience the power ofvolunteering and to reach their fullpotential, whilst benefitingcommunities and brands. 2
  • 3. THE ROCKCORPS PLATFORM IS BUILT ON A SIMPLE IDEA GIVE, GET GIVE NRockCorps stages unique music concerts, festivalsand events and gives tickets to those who completefour hours of volunteer work at a RockCorpsorganized project. 3
  • 4. ROCKCORPS IS A GROWINGGLOBAL AND LOCAL MOVEMENT France IsraelUSA UK Got 2 Give Give, Tu Donnes, ‫ככשנותנים מקבלים‬ 2 Get Get Given Tu Reç ois Launched: 2005 Launched: 2008 Launched: 2009 Launched: 2010 32,000 volunteers 40,000 volunteers 21,000 volunteers 13,500 volunteers Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, South Africa in 2012 4
  • 5. ROCKCORPS’ BELIEFYOUTH HAVE THE POWERTO CHANGE THE WORLDWith that core belief we have created a platformthat allows youth to reach their full potential whilebenefiting communities, brands and artists. 5
  • 6. “…there is one and only one social responsibility ofbusiness: to use its resources andengage in activities designed to increase its profits...”
  • 7. A Third Way?
  • 8. We focus really hard on sellingmore minutes and text and phones
  • 9. ROCKCORPS IS STRUCTURED TO HAVE AWIDE AND DEEP IMPACT Volunteers & local communitiesThousands Recruitment audience & content viewers Hundreds of Thousands Mass market, amplification audience (social media & TV) Millions 9
  • 10. THE ROCKCORPS MODEL ROCKCORPS IS A TURNKEY SOLUTION FOR ITS BRAND PARTNERS. THERE ARE FOUR DISTINCT STAGES, EACH ARE INTRINSICALLY LINKED AND METICULOUSLY PLANNED TO PROVIDE PARTNERS WITH A HOLISTIC, WORKABLE MARKETING PLATFORM* Recruit Projects Collective Reward• Major recruitment campaign - • Charity services • Volunteer anytime, anywhere integrated media plan/buy, department which builds • Branded live event across ATL and BTL links with local • Year round program supported NGOs • Distinctive music program by social media• Co-branded web site - integrated featuring platinum selling with all major social media and • Production of all international as well as local • National reach through UK wide promoting video and other volunteer events, including artists NGO network content project supplies, sound system, staff, food and security • Multi camera shoot to capture • Leverage and integration with• Highly developed CRM system to performance other brand partner assets to manage volunteer’s ’journey’ - • Legacy work done in the provide rewards customized backend community • Full branded content and dedicated call centre across broadcast TV • Builds positive relationships with and digital platforms• Leads to a large shared non-profit and government database sectors • PR campaign with motivated artists* RockCorps plans and delivers all four stages, including all volunteer projects, concerts and content 10
  • 11. ROCKCORPS IS A COMPLETE ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM THATGOES BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF TRADITIONALSPONSORSHIP, DELIVERING SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS FOR BRANDPARTNERS AND POSITIVELY IMPACTING BUSINESSES FROM TOPTO BOTTOM Shifts brand Builds meaningful, perception lasting relationships - consumer and Youth, moms, Improves staff business stakeholders, 3rd sector Builds networks of motivation & satisfaction people of work Engages key stakeholders Delivers significant Local/national brand awareness and Governments, Society, media value (x 3 ROI) Shareholders, Retailers Provides rich branded Leaves lasting legacy content for Community, personal and brand relationships multi-platform/social media use Changes consumer Extends, grows & behavior builds CSR agendas Generates brand experiences Corporate hospitality 11
  • 12. ROCKCORPS INSPIRES YOUTH "I think the best thing about RockCorps is that it• 73% said that the concert showed them brought together loads of different people and we all made friends because we were united for one cause how powerful volunteer work can be and at this particular time in the media where youth are seen in a bad light, we showed everyone that we• 80% say they can make time to give back want to help our own communities and other communities as well." Kathryn - 18 years old after doing RockCorps• 96% tell friends and family about the experience "Meeting new people and helping the community,• 91% say it is a refreshing approach to something that I could never picture myself doing, but RockCorps helped me do it. Also the concert helping the community was out of this world as it was the first concert I had• 91% say it was great to work as part of a ever been to with such great artists. I will never forget it" - Lisa - 17 years old team "You are doing something - you are like, wow, I am doing something actually for the country, you’re sat there thinking why this has not been done, and actually going out there and doing something. You do realize you have made some kind of difference." 12
  • 13. Give, Get Given Got 2 Give 2 Get Tu Donne, Tu Reç oisTiempo para Compartir 13