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GETn2it is Marketing Software-as-a-Service for the Live Music industry – a venue and promoter back-office automated marketing distribution technology that connects fan social media activity and event discovery with ticket sale outcomes to increase the efficacy of digital marketing campaigns to sell more tickets and related music night out expenditures.

• A Cloud Marketing Platform for Promoters & Concert Venues
• A Market-based Live Music Night Out App for Fans (Q1 2014)

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Ge tn2it live

  1. 1. Venue   and   promoter   back-­‐office   automated   marke2ng   distribu2on   technology   (SaaS)   that   connects   fan   social   media   ac2vity   and   event   discovery   with   2cket   sale   outcomes   to   increase  the  efficacy  of  digital  marke2ng  campaigns  to  sell  more   2ckets  and  related  music  night  out  expenditures.     •  A Cloud MARKETING PLATFORM FOR Promoters & Concert VENUES   •  Market-based Live Music Night Out App for Fans (Q1 2014) GETn2it LIVE! Software-as-a-Service for the Live Music industry
  2. 2. A Cloud Marketing Platform for Live Music Venues A  simple,  intui2ve  and  2me-­‐saving  app  for  venues  to  1-­‐click   market   their   events   across   the   web,   social   media,   mobile,   email  and  loca2on  –  faster,  easier  and  with  beEer  content   to   engage   fans   and   sell   the   maximum   number   of   2ckets.   Integrates  as  the  aErac2on  marke2ng  front-­‐end  to  a  venues   exis2ng  2cke2ng  solu2on       A Live Music Night Out App for Fans (Q1 2014) A   simple,   easy   to   use   mobile   app   for   fans   to   discover,   engage,  plan  and  aEend  with  friends  live  music  nights  out.   (Tickets,  Dinner  &  Drink  in  the  Concert  Neighborhood,  Merch)   GETn2it LIVE! Customer Product Description
  3. 3. •  500,000 Artists (with related labels and tour marketing companies) •  87,000 venues •  $4.8B Ticket Sales + 40% Unsold •  $25B Addt’l Music Night Out Expenditures •  200 Major Ticket Solution Platforms •  Ticket Solutions provide good ticket transaction technology •  Ticket Solutions lack robust attraction marketing platforms The $30B North American Market
  4. 4. live music venues – Business Problem (87,000 Venues in the US & CAN)   •  Event   marke2ng   is   reac2onary   with   redundant,   2me-­‐consuming,   mul2-­‐ site  and  mul2-­‐login  data  entry  just  to  place  event  info  online  –  shotgun   one-­‐size  fits  all  approach     •  Inability  to  target  fans  by  their  interests   •  No  metrics  to  track  what  works  or  why  or  who  to  market  to   •  No  tools  to  build  fan  interest  profiles       •  Venues  poorly  leverage  social  and  mobile       •  Venues  are  event  operators  –  not  marke2ng  technology  savvy   •  Venues  don’t  measure,  can’t  control,  and  are  unable  to  improve  beyond   anecdotal  and  the  shotgun   •  Venues  are  busy  doing  other  things  –  solu2ons  must  be  auto  or  1-­‐Click  
  5. 5. Step-1: Automate The Venue Calendar powered by GETn2it [live today – Ramping Up Venue Customer Acquisition] Enter  event  info  once  in  Cloud  Based  Event  Sync  with  1-­‐Click  Update      
  6. 6. Step-2: Collect Fan Live Music DatA Event  Discovery  &  Engagement  Ac2vity  designed  to  collect  fan     discovery,  likes,  interests,  shares  and  social  interac2on  data   across  social  media,  email,  event  calendars  and  event  pages    [Collecting Data today] Social  Logon  Creates     Fan  Data  Profile      
  7. 7. Step-2a Fan Data - Gamification Architecture Track  people  ac2ons  and  iden2fy  posi2ve  business  outcomes  to     reward  and  giT  loyal  fans  and  market  events  based  on  real  interests     Social  Login  front  end  to  track  social  ac2ons  to  the  event  object,    social  interac2ons  &  venue  site-­‐ID   [Tracking and Awarding Badges - live today ]  
  8. 8. People  Report:  Ac2ons  +  Social  over  2me  to  track  and  learn  likes  &    preferences   Live  Music  CRM:  Iden2fy  most  important  fans  for  giT,  loyalty,  brand  programs,  highly  targeted  marke2ng   [Deploy Q4]   Step-3: Develop Fan Profile Data & Actionable Metrics
  9. 9. Step-4: Analytics Driven Marketing Venue self-Service Marketing Module [Partial Today, balance by Q4 2013] Event  Awareness  Amplifier  uses  event  info  already  entered  for  Calendars  coupled   with   Fan   Profile   Data.   Campaigns   leverage   fan   interests   and   interac2on   data   to   create  more  relevant  and  effec2ve  digital  marke2ng  designed  to  sell  the  maximum   number   of   2ckets.   All   marke2ng   ac2vity   is   designed   track   social   interac2ons   and   business  outcomes  for  fan,  friend  and  friend-­‐of-­‐friend  ac2vity.     Must  be  1-­‐Click  Easy  for  Venues  and  Promoter  (auto-­‐tagging,  rich  media  inclusive,  etc.)     •  Automated  Event  Crea2on  (Facebook,  Pinterest,  FourSquare,  etc.)   •  1-­‐Click  Facebook  Wall  Posts  and  Tweets   •  1-­‐Click  Email  Templates     •  Analy2cs  Driven  Email  and  Social  Media  Campaigns   •  Event  marke2ng  to  most  likely  interested  fans   •  Tastemaker  /  Influencer  campaigns  (giTing,  meet-­‐n-­‐greets,  free  2ckets,  etc.)   •  Book  bands  on  likely  buying  interest  of  venue  fan  database  
  10. 10. Enables venues to retain & grow their brand & local market identity dovetails with a venues existing ticketing solution (sells existing Tickets or cash at door events) 1-Click Event Awareness Amplifier for Web, Facebook, Twitter, and coming soon Email & mobile. Tracks Fan Social Actions that lead to ticket sales Platform for Growth – Data Driven Marketing Tools To place the right events in front of the Fans most likely to buy GETn2it LIVE! The Venue Nutshell
  11. 11. •  Follow the $ •  Fans  +  Brands  =  Purchasing  Power   •  Ar2sts  +  Venues  =  Have  Marke2ng  Needs  &  Less  $   •  Launch  with  Ticket  Solu2ons  that  provide  Affiliate  $  or  Plaaorm  Fee   •  Base Case Forecast •  Venue  customer  acquisi2on  –  freemium  approach     •  Affiliate  Marke2ng  $  or  Plaaorm  $  Paid  by  Ticket  Solu2on   •  Grow  into  Add  On  Modules  Paid  for  By  Venue   •  Opportunistic case Forecast •  “Land  and  Expand”     •  Acquire  more  venues  in  Each  Market  (sets  up  Network  Effect)   •  Add  on  venues  –  either  app  fee  or  loss  leader  free  to  acquire   ubiquity  in  local  market   •  Launch  Market  Based  Mobile  App   •  Layer  In  Loca2on  Based  Goods  and  Services   Business Model
  12. 12. Forecast  driven  by  quan2ty  of  acquired  venue  and  app  embed  point  customers     BASE CASE FORECAST ASSUMPTIONS  
  14. 14.   •  Ini;al   1-­‐3   year   ramp   up   reflects   market   by   market   “transac;on”   fee   growth   of   ;ckets   +   addi;onal  paid  for  modules  by  venues  (analy;c  driven  marke;ng  module)       •  3-­‐5  year  hockey  s;ck  growth  reflects  leveraging  selling  more  to  ;cket  purchasers  (loca;on   based  brand  promo,  dinner  and  drink  promos;  influencer  campaigns,  licensing  of  data,  ar;st/ tour  marke;ng  and  merch,  etc.)   •  Leverages  exis;ng  customer  base  and  ecosystem  partners   OPPORTUNISTIC CASE | REVENUE FORECAST  
  15. 15. Sam  Gerace,  CEO  Veri2x  sits  on  Board       Veri2x  will  price  test  for:    $495  for  basic  SaaS  per  month  and     $495  for  Analy2cs  Driven  Marke2ng  Module   Sales Channel #1  
  16. 16. Sales Channel #2  
  17. 17. BOARD & TEAM ROLES
  18. 18.   •  They  are  a  Ticket  solu;on  with  Fan  CRM   •  Late  May  Launched  a  Social  Marke;ng  &  Metrics  Front  End     •  Compe;;ve  (serve  ~  500  venues  /  <1%  of  the  market)  –  reduces  “PITA”  for   venues     •  Creates  Market  Pressure  for  Ticket  Solu;ons  to  Use,  Partner  Or  Acquire  a   solu;on  Like  GETn2it     •  GETn2it  Gamifica;on  &  Social  Infrastructure  dives  deeper  into  fan  likes  and   interests     •  No  switching  costs  to  use  GETn2it  vs.  Tickebly  requires  a  ;cket  solu;on  sale   Primary Competitive Influence in the Market Today - Ticketfly  
  19. 19. Social CRM + Actionable Data is Important (and a significant gap in the market) “We  were  looking  more  for  a  technology  partner  than  a  2cke2ng   company,”  explained  Adler  …       …  a  key  component  of  his  decision  was  Tickealy’s  rollout  of  the   Fanbase  analy2cs  tool,  which  couples  Facebook  data  with  2cket   sales  informa2on,  linking  the  datasets  in  a  way  that  hadn't  been   available  in  the  past.  
  20. 20. $2.5M Investment To accelerate growth Of the Venue Marketing automation Solution into the $4.8B / 87,000 Venue Live Music Industry •  $250K  Market  Proof  Round     •  $2.25M  Follow-­‐on  Growth  Round   The ask
  21. 21. Opportunity, Sources & Uses (12 months post follow-on Funding)    
  22. 22. Traction  
  23. 23. Pollstar Mid Year 2013 Business Analysis World Records. The Global Concert Industry is on pace that could shatter gross sales records. Livenation Report | 2012 Concert Trends  
  24. 24. Opportunistic Growth Roadmap Entertainment Event Channels  
  25. 25. •  Data Driven CRM for Live Music Event Industry is virtually untapped •  Built, Ready To Accelerate GROWTH •  Right Team + Partners •  Large Fragmented Manual Market •  Customers like the product •  Someone will seek to acquire this Company Why invest?
  26. 26. ToDD Evans CEO & Co-Founder 216.577.3180
  27. 27. Addendum Slides
  28. 28. Plug & Play Workflow  
  30. 30. The Ecosystem Solution GETn2it  LIVE  provides  an  on-­‐demand,  internet  based  web  and  mobile  soTware   that  is  designed  for:       •  Fans  to  discover,  share  and  acend  more  concerts;  and,       •  Concert  Venues  to  beEer  leverage  fan  interests  to  market  events  &  sell   more  ;ckets  (SaaS  -­‐  Built);  and,     •  Ticket   Solu;ons   to   Amplify   their   Technology   Plaborms  with  a  robust   concert  calendar  and  social  marke2ng  engine  (SaaS  -­‐  Built);  and,   •  Na2onal   Brands   to   deliver   loca2on-­‐based   ads,   marke;ng   and   loyalty   programs   to   fans   in   Venue   or   enjoy   dinner   &   drink   promo   in   the   “concert  neighborhood”(AD  TECH  –  Roadmap)     GETn2it   LIVE   is   sold   to   venues   through   marke2ng   partnership   with   2cket   solu2on  providers  and  directly  to  venues.    
  31. 31. Milestones to Date •  March  2011  –  LLC  formed   •  April  2011  -­‐  Partnership  ini;ated  with  Desert  Net  (alt  weekly  channel)   •  May  2011  –  Innova;on  Fund  Grant  A  -­‐  $25,000   •  July  2011  –  Mobile  Prototype  Demo  at  AAN  conference  |  New  Orleans   •  August  2011  –  Business  Method  Patent  filed   •  October  2011  -­‐  $200,000  Angel  Investment  Closed   •  December  2011  -­‐  Jennie  Zamberlan,  President  Avan;a  joins  Board   •  February  2012  –  Services  for  Equity  Agreements  in  place  for  Avan;a  (sokware  build)  and   Hitchcock  Fleming  (Marke;ng  Execu;on)   •  February  2012  –  Unveil  GETn2it  to  Desert  Net  &  Select  Venues   •  March  2012  –  Desert  Net  CTO  Wil  Gerken  joins  Board  and  ini;ates  plan  to  integrate  GETn2it   into  Founda;on     •  May  2012  –  Tucson  Weekly  Launch   •  June  2012  –  Product  Launch  @  AAN  Conference  |  Detroit   •  Summer  2012  -­‐  Innova;on  Fund  Grant  B  $100,000  +  NCTOF  $125,000   •  September  2012  -­‐  Live  in  Nashville     •  October  2012  -­‐  Live  in  Cleveland  and  Boise     •  February  2013  -­‐  Sam  Gerace  and  George  Buzzy  join  Board   •  April  2013  -­‐  GETn2it  for  Venues  launches     •  May  2013  -­‐  No;ce  of  Publica;on  of  Applica;on  for  METHOD  AND  SYSTEM  FOR  OPTIMIZING   COMMUNICATION  ABOUT  ENTERTAINMENT   •  May  2013  -­‐  Validate  Revenue  Model  with  Grog  Shop  +  Beachland  Ballroom  Implementa;ons   •  May  2013  -­‐  Veri;x  400  Venue  Pipeline  +  Business  Arrangment  in  Nego;a;on  
  32. 32. Bessemer  Cloudscape  |  GETn2it  The  Live  Music  -­‐  SaaS  
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