Life after stroke grants


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Life after stroke grants

  1. 1. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 toLife AfterStroke GrantsNeil ChapmanMay 2013
  2. 2. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 change?• Review undertaken on how Life After Stroke Grants wereallocated and used across regions showed inequity of use• Review of the use of Communication Support services nonessential expenditure funding, found it was not alwaysbeing used to good effect and only CS service usersbenefitted• The aim is to give every region greater influence andopportunity over how Life After Stroke Grants are used• Instead of just CS the Development fund will provide aresource to offer greater creativity and innovation in termsof support to stroke survivors
  3. 3. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 have we done sofar?• Set up Regional Grants Panel – made up of any 3 fromPam Downes, Lou Everett, Kerry Foot, Neil Chapman, BevReynolds and Sara Betsworth, but must include at least 1Manager – we will meet at least once a week whennecessary• We have new forms and guidance available at Z:Life AfterStroke Grants• We have new email address:• Please send your Grant Application to this mailbox – it willspeed up your application• Please complete all required information fields
  4. 4. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 main changes• 2 Categories: LAS Grants and Development Fund• The LAS Grant Budget is now distributed basedon the estimated number of stroke survivors inthe region• The Development Fund is distributed based onthe number of referrals per region• 3 types of LAS Grant: 1 Hardship Grant, 2Recovery Grant and 3 Activity Grant
  5. 5. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 main changes• 1 – Hardship Grant: for Contingency support• Can only be applied for by Stroke Association Staff onbehalf of client.• Maximum of £100• Paid at the discretion of the RHOP in conjunction withthe Regional Grants Panel• For e.g. fuel, clothing, food or support with transportcosts for families to visit stroke survivors prior torepatriation to local area
  6. 6. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 main changes•1 – Hardship Grant: for Contingency support (cont)• For clients who can’t access their funds or don’t haveany• Separate application form• Only to be used in Absolute Emergencies• Can subsequently apply for other grants if eligible
  7. 7. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 main changes•2 – Recovery Grant: for intermediate relief• Applications by Stroke Association Staff or otherprofessional working with client because of their stroke– including health and social service staff, reputablevoluntary or charitable bodies• Maximum £300• Difference between income and expenditure must beless than £50• Maximum savings £3000
  8. 8. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 main changes•2 – Recovery Grant: for intermediate relief (cont)• Application assessed by the regional grants panel• For e.g. specialised respite or family holiday in UK,washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge, energy bills,beds and bedding, medical equipment or disability aidsnot available from NHS, travel costs for compassionatereasons
  9. 9. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 main changes•3 – Activity Grants: to support Life After StrokeActivity• This grant can only be applied for by StrokeAssociation Staff on behalf of a stroke survivor• To support the achievement of goals and outcomesdefined within the support plan of the stroke survivor• To support the re-ablement of the person improvingquality of life in real terms – think of the outcomemeasures, choice and control, making a positivecontribution, quality of life, economic wellbeing,freedom from discrimination, health and wellbeing andpersonal dignity• Maximum grant approx £300
  10. 10. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033’s not funded?• Ongoing commitments can’t be considered –, rent• Grants cannot be made retrospectively – approval must besought in advance before agreeing joint funding with othersources• Private medical treatment• Travel outside the UK• Labour costs, other than installation of white goods,including item removal and structural alterations• Nursing home fees other than respite• Debts and rent arrears
  11. 11. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 Development Fund•Funded with monies from the CS miscellaneouspot•Determined by the number of referrals per region•All Services staff can bid for funding from thisbudget, in the past it was only available to CS staff•Not available to outside staff•For enhancing and developing existing services•For creating a new activity for a service group
  12. 12. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 Development Fund•Providing tools and resources for groups andactivities e.g. fishing, gardening tools, seeds, artequipment, support to attend an exhibition•Be creative and inspiring•Submissions which are made collaborativelyacross services or with groups for development oractivity encouraged –however this cannot be usedsimply to subsidise SAVG’s•Budget held by the Region and decided on aquarterly basis by a panel consisting of clients,volunteers, and staff.•Full process yet to be advised
  13. 13. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 much money dowe have?•We have £12600 in the LAS Grant Budget to fundthe Hardship, Recovery and Activity Grants and•We have £14818 in the Development fund, lessapprox £200 per CS of which we have 7 so that’s£13418•We want this money used wisely and if we don’tspend it the funds will be re assigned to otherRegions where they are using it effectively
  14. 14. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 a good bid• Please complete all required information fields• Please demonstrate how the grant will be of long termbenefit to the client – not just a short term fix• Send to• Read and follow the Guidance notes• Give us the required information• Make the form legible• Need a written recommendation from a consultant orassessment by OT, Physio for medical equipment and aidsincluding riser recliner chairs
  15. 15. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 Points to Note•We expect to see quality applications both indetail and in accuracy•Any applications incomplete or poorlycompleted will be returned for improvementor completion•We will be able to turn applications roundsooner because we handle them locally butonly if the above is applied
  16. 16. Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 timeWhich one of these applications would you approve and why?A Paul lives with Greta and theirgrown up son Ron. Ron is oftenaway working and Greta is Paulsfull time carer. They have nosavings, but have not applied forany benefits. They usually eattake-aways after their fridgebroke. Last week Paul bought afridge freezer from a friend. He isapplying for £100 to cover thecost of the fridge and £10 for thedelivery man to deliver and installit.B Wendy is applying or a bed thatcosts £185 and will allow her toleave hospital. Her income of£206pw comes entirely from herpension and her expenditure of £195includes the cost of home caresupport and incontinence pads.Since her husband was admitted toa care home with Dementia, she hasbeen living alone in her second floorflat. The bed will allow her to movein to her daughter’s ground floor flatwhich means she will need lesssupport and will be moreindependent.