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  • The nightmare begins 29th March 2001 when I had a stroke.

    I felt unwell and colleagues drive to me to hospital A&E department about 11am; we spent hours at the waiting room.

    Next day I lost speech and the movement down on the right side, I found quite frankly very frightening.
    With all the problems in my body two things, I wanted first to talk and second to walk.

    Recovery from a stroke begins in hospital, they did tests, scans also; I underwent daily physiotherapy and slowly regained some use in my arm and leg

    It was a slow progress I was very determined to start getting better.
    I was in hospital for three week; Returning home gave me family support.

  • I have developed right side hemiparesis and I am troubled by reduced strength and sensation in my right hand and arm. I remains moderate dysphasic (speech and language impairment and disability)

  • A stroke changed the lives our family forever. We went through their dark days and now, we focusing on the future

    But, I came home from hospital it devastating to realise how our lives had to change as I have to communicated by

    My GP visit me once, and community nurses visit twice, never met a Social worker
    I attended the Speech and language therapist twice a week, for a year. I had problems with swallowing, talking, reading and writing.
    I receive support, friends, family and my ten-year daughter.
    I was disappointed had I have limited support from physiotherapists for six weeks (once a week).
    Every day I exercise to improve muscle strength and waking. I was not satisfied with my progress because of ongoing fatigue, muscle weakness, pain and stiffness. I exercise morning, midday and evening. I was essentially I want to walk again.

    Getting your life back after having a stroke can be hard work and a slow process.

    The family (three children) had to change. We no longer had our income and our life style had to alter. I could not assess to my bank account, my daughter write letters, deal with bills and mortgages.

    After the first spurt of recovery after a stroke, improvements are gradual and this can be frustrating for everyone.

    Preventing a second stroke
    By making healthy lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly, making healthy dietary changes; managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels; and controlling weight.

    My blood is thick, to check every 2 weeks - every month, two month, twice a year to once a month

    I establish a Newham stroke club in 2008.

    The themes are Fitness, Campaigning, information, Leisure, Social, Contact

    Currently we have 173 members and approximately, 60 who attend on a regular basis and membership is increasing. 

  • 01 abdul shakoor newham stroke club.pptx

    1. 1. Abdul Shakoor I am Stroke survivor
    2. 2. I had a Ischaemic stroke in 29th March 2001
    3. 3. The impacts of a stroke Loss of sensation of paralysis on one side of the body. Difficulty understanding and communicating language. Trouble with visual perception blurry vision. Impaired cognitive functioning with judgment and memory. Difficulty coordinating daily tasks including: walking, balancing or moving.
    4. 4. Getting your life back after having a stroke can be hard work and a slow process Speech and language therapist Physiotherapists Improvements are gradual and this can be frustrating Family support Newham Stroke Club
    5. 5. Stroke Action Team The team work with Strategic bodies, charities and any other body that is established with a strategic remit to look at stroke Stroke Survivors and carers/relatives across London Third sector providers and Social Enterprises
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