Lesson 3 River velocity and profile
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Lesson 3 River velocity and profile






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Lesson 3 River velocity and profile Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Access GeographyWeek 17
    Riddle of the day!!
    What can run but never walks has a mouth but never speaks and has a bed but never Sleeps?
    Fluvial processes and land from development
  • 2. Learning objectives
    Have a basic understanding of the factors that influence river velocity
    Understand the processes of erosion, transportation and deposition that are present in a river
    To improve teamwork skills to produce an effective teaching resource
  • 3. So what do you know already??
    Blutac the river features and processes along your river profile
    For any you are not sure about stick at the bottom
    Upper Course
    Middle Course
    Lower Course
    Not sure
    At the end of Thursday’s lesson we will come back to this sheet and you should be able to correct any mistakes and slot in the ones you are not sure about
  • 4. What do rivers want?
    Rivers strive to have the most efficient channel they can have……
    But what do they transport??
  • 5. Rivers seek the path of least resistanceIdeally for them, which direction would they go in?
    There are two patterns of flow:
    • Laminar Flow: sometimes known as streamline flow, occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers
    • 6. Turbulent Flow: is a fluid regime characterized by chaotic property changes. This includes rapid variation of pressure and velocity in space and time
  • So how does velocity link to turbulence?
    Watch these two videos in each one note down
    The velocity (fast /slow)
    The turbulence (very turbulent/not turbulent)
    The energy (High energy/ low energy)
    The erosive ability
    River 1
    River 2
  • 7. The velocity of the river is influenced by what?
    Channel shape
    Channel roughness
    Channel slope
  • 8. Ten word posters!!
    The velocity of the river is influenced by what?
    Channel shape
    Channel roughness
    Channel slope
    In three groups you have only 15 minutes to produce a quick presentation conveying the information you have been given.
    Remember you only have 10 words and 15 minutes
    In your presentation everyone needs to say something!
  • 9. So how are rivers like a shopping trip?
  • 10. Erosion: Rivers pick up material or erode material from one place…
  • 11. Transportation: Then the river carries, or transports it to another place…
  • 12. Deposition: Then, when the river slows down and loses energy it drops or deposits its load.