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  1. 1. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• E IrO/N ION R B U M E T N B ILRL PHILIPS S R IIRLPHITIP 4tr42tH 4/1428 H o trt 7 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
  3. 3. @CoopendIve Offtce for Call & Guidane at Batha, 1995 Olllcclor Call& Guidano 8rthr, 1995 rt @C*nrrmr" KIng FIhd NltIonIJ Ubrary Cataloglng.ln- Publication Data fhg Fild t|ltoml UbnryCrleloglryiln- Publlcation lbtrr Philis, Bilal Philis,Bilal The True religion. The True religion. 2Op; 12 x 17 em. . ?0p: 12x1 7 c m ISBN:9960"798-10-0 ISBN: 996().798-10-0 l- lslam 1-lslam 2- lslamictheology 2- Islamic theology 1- title l- titl€ 0 dc 210dc 196ry15 1960115 Legal Depositno: 196(V15 Legal Deposit no: 1960115 ISBN:9960-798-lO-O ISBN: 9960-798-10-0 COOPERATIVE OFFICE COOPERATIYE OFFICE CALL FOR CALL AND GUIDANCE GTIIDANCE BATHA IN AL- BArnA UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF MINISTRY OF ISLAMIC AFFAIRS. OF ISI-AMIC AFFAIRS. ENDOWMENTS. PROPAGATION AND GUIDANCE AND CUIDANCE PO. BOX:20824 RIYADH.II46S PO. BOX:20824 RIYADH.I 1465 i :~~ T'()30251 l- 4034517 m96&t 40315t? 00966-1 +- 4031587 ororz F 4030142 FAX r- 4059387 FAX 4059387 Lecture hall. Tel + Fax: 00966- 1- 4083405 I-ecturehall. Fax: 00966- l- 4083405 I WWW.COCG.ORG I www.cocc.oRc fCl @ All tigtrrs rcrcrved for thc Office etf rights reserved for the Office prrt of this book may bc II5Cd No pan of't6is book may be uscd for publicetio,nwithout thc publication the writEn pcrmission the copyriaht holder. application writlen permission of thc copyritht holdcr. rpplicrrion for wbich should be addrcsrcdto thc oflicc rbould bc addressed the office
  4. 4. THE TRUEERELIGION N T H ET R U R E L I G I O BY BY ABU AIIEEHAHBILAL PHILIPS ABU AMEENAH BILAL PHILIPS THE RELIGION ISLAII THE RELIGION OF ISLAM OF The first thing that one shouldknow and clearly The first thing that one should know and clearly about lslam is what the word "lslam" understand about Islam is what the word "Islam" understand itselfmeans. The religion lslamis not named of itself means. The religion of Islam is not named after after a personas in the case of Christianity which was a person as in the case of Christianity which was namedafterJesusChrist,Buddhism afterGotama named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Gonfucianism after Gonfucius, and Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxismafter Karl Marx.Nor was namedafter Marxism after Karl Marx. Nor was it named after a tribe fike Judaism after the tribe Judah and tribe like Judaism after the tribe of Judah and Hinduism afterthe Hindus. lsfamis the true religion Hinduism after the Hindus. Islam is the true religion of "Allah" and as such, its name represents of "Allah" and as such, its name represents the the central principleof Allah's "God's" religion;the central principle of Allah's "God's" religion; the total submission the will to Allah "God". The total submission to the will of Allah "God". The Arabic word "lslam" means the submission Arabic word "Islam" means the submission or surrender one'swill theonlytrueGodworthy surrender of one's will to the only true God worthyof worship"Allah" and anyonewho doesso is termed worship "Allah" and anyone who does so is termed " Muslim", The wo:'dalso implies"peace"which is a "Muslim". The word also implies "peace" which is the naturalconseguence totalsubmission the of the natural consequence of total submission to the will of Allah.Hence, it was not a new religion brought will Allah.Hence,wasnot newreligion brought by ProphetMuhammad(PBUH)I Arabia by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)I in Arabia in the the century,but only the true religion Allah seventh century, but only the true religion of Allah seventh in re-expressed in its final form. re-expressed its final form. (l) pcacebe upon (I) PBUH: peace be upon him. -1- - - 1
  5. 5. lslamis the religionwhichwasgivento Adam,the Islam is the religion which was given to Adam, the first manandthe f irstprophet Allah,and it wasthe first man and the first prophet of Allah, and it was the of religionof all the prophets religion of all the prophets sent by Allah to mankind. sentby Allahto mankind. The name of God's religionrlslamrwas decided The name of God's religion,lslam_was not decided not upon by latergenerations waschosenby upon by later generations of man. It was chosen by of Allah Himselfand clearlymentionedin His final Allah Himself and clearly mentioned in His final revelationto man. In the final book revelation to man. In the final book of divine divine revelation, Qur'aan,. the Allah statesthe following: revelation, the Qur'aan,. Allah states the following: #--F# L=;&.rF iirf i;irp !. *~J;~::}~ ·~.jtF~~·~,js-tF;;H» ! ~ e5i ~~~;£'i~ {6;-ti''F "Thb day have perfected "Thl. day heye I perfected your religion for you, rellglon you, compleled f,y favour upon you, and have choren completed My feyour upon you, end heft chosen lor you lrlem rf rellgfon". for you ,.Iem e. your religion". (SoorahAl-Maa'idah5:3) (Soorah AI-Maa'idah 5:3) * q, "'". //'> /",',. / ........,;.- ""/ //):.. 4'^4'J-i, &i*'E; J iy "(~~~~~~)'-#&c:r",T "fl Inyonr dedrur a rellglon othcr then '.'em "If .nyone dellre. e religion other then lrlem (rubmlulon to AI18h (God) never will It beecceptcd (.ubm'nlon Alhh (God) nGwrwlll tt be eccepted ol l{lm" (SoorahAal'imraan3:85) of Him" (Soorah Aal'imraan 3:85) "'~L:~r;: _... "( '" ·;'~~c;'''''6( ·~1/t.»/' ;'·S~):.. 41rJ6,#.,t#;q;{iqfr e-tfisyy ~.J .. rA' .J ..).H:~.:I.t- ) T "Abnhrm mt nol I Jcr yel r Chrlrllen; "Abr8h8m w.. not a Jew nor yet e Chrlst'an; but en uprfghl tulllm." (SoorahAal'imraan 3:67) upright MUlllm." (Soorah Aal'imraan3:67) Nowhere in the Bible will you find Allahsayingto Nowherein the Biblewill you find Allah saying Prophet Moses' people Prophet Moses' people or their descendants descendants that - 2- - 2-
  6. 6. religion Judaism, followers their religion is Judaism, nor to the foflowers of religion is Christianity. fact, Christ that their religion ls Christianity. In fact, even name, Jesus! Christ was not even his name, nor was it Jesusl The name "Christ" comes f rom the Greek word Christos from Greek which means the annointed. That is, Christ is a means annointed. is, "Messiah". The Greek translation of the Hebrew title Messiah". title" name "Jesus" on the other hand, is a latinized name hand, latinized version of the Hebrew name Esau. version Esau. For s im plic it y ' ss a k e ,l w i l l howeverr c o n ti n u e to For simplicity's sake, I will h o w e v e continue refer to Prophet Esau (PBUH) as Jesus. As for his reler Prophet Esau (PBUH) as Jesus. religion, it was whatt he calledd his followers to.. Like re l i gion, was wha h e c a l fe h i s fo l l o w e rsto L ike prophets before him, he called the people the prophets before him, he called the people to th e w i l o f Allah; (w h i c h i s surrender their willl to the willl of Al l a h ; (which is su rrender t heir wil Islam) and he warned them to stay away from the lslam) he warned them stay false gods of human imagination. . l a l se gods hum a n i ma g i n a ti o n According to the New Testament. he taught his According the New Testament, taught pray as follows:"Yours willbe followers to pray as follows:"Yours will be done on followers earth as it is in Heaven". earth as is in Heaven". THE MESSAGE OF ISLAM MESSAGE OF ISLAM Since the total submission one's will Since the total submission of one's will to Allah Altah represents the essence of worship, the basic represents the essence basic A llah' d i v i n e re l i g i o n l s l a m i s t he message of Allah'ss divine religion, , Islam is the me s s age worship of Allah alone and the avoidance of worship worship Allah alone and the avoidance worship directed any person, place directed to any person, place or thing other than thing other than -3 - -3
  7. 7. Allah.Sinceeverything otherthanAllah,the Greator Allah. Since everything other than Allah, the Creator of all things,is Allah'screation;it may be said that of all things, is Allah's creation; it may be said that fslam,in essence callsman awayfrom the worship Islam, in essence calls man away from the worship of creation and invites him to worship only its of creation and invites him to worship only its Creator.He is the only onedeserving man'sworship Creator. He is the only one deserving man's worship as it is only by His will that prayers answered. are as it is only by His will that prayers are answered. If lf man prays to tree and his man prayersare answered, praysto a tree and his prayers are answered, it was not the tree which answeredhis prayers but was not the tree which answered his prayers but Allah who allowedthe circumstance$ prayedfor to Allah who allowed the circumstances prayed for to take place. One might say, "That is obvious," take place. One might say, "That is obvious," however, to tree-worshippers might not be. however, to tree-worshippers it might not be. Similarly, prayers Jesus,Buddha, Krishna, Similarly, prayers to Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna, to Saint Christopher, Saint Jude Saint Christopher, or Saint Jude or even to even Muhammad, are not answsred by them but are Muhammad, are not answered by them but are answered Allah.Jesusdid nottellhisfollowersto by answered by Allah. Jesus did not tell his followers to worship him but worship Allah. As the Qur'aan worship him but to worship Allah. As the Our'aan states: states: j.J:Jr.qE;ii ;.~~:.*:+{r.r'iJ~T wlLfu~d~ r-v v.~;.~ rl p if ii ~~J~~'~}.. #Ei v", ;' {r,1; ~-:".",. "" "" ig iJ' t!~~~~, . Ji ';»~.J~~~ ~~.J"" 6+iKu, • .-! ir#" Ju1i'iv *d;l -tt ". , . , ", * ", "" , .",. .M ", ...... .,,'" "" .. q.F;A(,J,I J "..:t~j~~ ,i.E:, "(~,VM"':! ~ "And behoidlAl18h will "r: "0 J81U8 the son of bdroldl Alhh wlll np "O J.rur [rr ron M.ryt Old you ..y !o rncnf Wonfrlp mr .nd my ilryt Dld rrt to men. Worahlp me rnd mothrr er godr brlldcl Al18h'?'He wlll rrf Glory mother •• god. besld. Alhhd'Hr rllt ..':'Olory to - 4- - 4-
  8. 8. you I could never say what I had no right (to say')" you could neyer my whsl hrd rlght rey'[' (SoorahAl-Maa'idah- 16. (Soorah AI-Maa'idah- 5:116. 5:1 Nor did he worshiphimselfwhen he worshipped Nor did he worship himself when he worshipped but ratherhe worshipped Allah.This basicprincipte but rather he worshipped Allah. This basic principle is is enshrinedin the openingchapter the Our'aan, enshrined in the opening chapter of the Our'aan, known as SoorahAl-Faatihah, verse4: known as Soorah AI-Faatihah, verse 4: {-/+,rt[ L5iut] "You alone do we worship and from you alone dO wonhlp lrom do we seek help". eeek helP". Elsewhere, the final revelation, Elsewhere, in the final book of revelation, the Cur'aan, Allah also said: Qur'aan, Allah also said: c c:. ~ §J~l);'~r ~~JJ~.J' 4fJ-#.Jx-ri;ri,'4:Jrj) "And your Lord uYI:"CaIl on Me and I will answer "And your uyt:"Ctll teand wlll tnlwer your(preyer)."(Sooreh Mu'mln 40:60) you(praycr!."($oonh tu'mln {0:60} It is worth noting that the basic message of Islam is worth noting that the basic message lslam that Allah and His creation are distinctly different that Allah and His creation are distinctly different entities. Neitheris AllahHiscreation ora partof it. noris entities. Neither is Allah His creation or a part of it, nor is part Him. His creation Him or a part of Him. His creation Him - 5- - 5-
  9. 9. This might seem obvious, but, man's worship of This might seem obvious. but. man's worship of creation instead creation instead of the Creator is to a large degree the Creator large degree based ignorance this is based on ignorance of this concept. It is the belief that beliefthat the essence Allah is everywhere His creation the essence of Allah is everywhere in His creation or that His divine being is was present some asp€cts that His divine being is or was present in some aspects His creation,which hasprovidediustification the of His creation, which has provided justification for the worship ol creationthough suchworship maybecalled worship of creation though such worship may becalled the worship Allahthroughhis creation.How ever,the the worship of Allah through his creation. However, the message lslamas brought the prophets Allahis message of Islam as brought by the prophets of Allah is worship Alfah and avoid the to worship only Allah and to avoid the worship of his his creation either directly or indirectly. craation either directly indirectly. In tha Qur'aanAllah clearlystates: In the Cur'aan Allah clearly states: ,,-:"',t "''''·1 ~t,''''';;·-4 1~ . ( :"';~-:t").. ,;tlrirtJnr::,4+outJ;.{jy d ~~,~ .J"""..J~'~~' • .J..AJJT r -M t - " t i l , "'~~>. . 4 - "{ < ( '::"," {--r*-*' "+-+t ~.!J "FoJ Wc errundly ront rmongrt cvsry peoplc "For We a..uredly 88ftt amongst every people a prophrf(wlththocommend)wonhlp mcendavold e prophet,(wlth the command )wonhlp me and avoid |rlr godf (Soonh Al-Hehl fE:36| f.l. gods " (Sooreh AI-Nahl 18:38) Whenthe idol worshipperis questioned as why When the idol worshipper is questioned as to why he she bows down idols created men, the he or she bows down to idols created by men, the invariable reply that they are not actually invariable reply is that they are not actually worshipping the stone image, but Allah who is worshipping the stone image, but Allah who is present within it. They claim that the stone idol is present within it. They claim that the stone idol is focal point Allah'sessenceand is in only a focal point for Allah's essence and is not in itseff Allah! One who has acceptedthe concept itself Allah! One who has accepted the concept of the presence God's being within His creationin the presence of God's being within His creation in any way will be obliged acceptthis argumentof any way will be obliged to accept this argument of idolatry. Whereas,one who understands the basic idolatry. Whereas, one who understands the basic -6- - 6-
  10. 10. message of Islam and its implications would never message lslamand its implications of would never concedeto idolatryno matterhow it is rationalized. concede to idolatry no matter how it is rationalized. Those who have cfaimeddivinity for themselves Those who have claimed divinity for themselves down through the ages have often based their down through the ages have often based their claimson the mistakenbelief that Allahis presentin claims mistaken belief Allah present assert that although Allah man.They merelyhad to assertthat althoughAllah man. They merely had accordingto their falsebeliefs, in afl ol us, He is according their false beliefs, is all of us, He more presentin themthan in the restof us. Hence, more present them than the rest us. Hence, they claim,we shouldsubmitour will to them and they claim, we should submit will them and worship them as they are eitherGod in personor worship them as they are either God in person God concentrated within the person. God concentrated within the person. Similarly, thosewho have asserted godhood Similarly, those who haveasserted the godhood the others after their passinghave found fertile of others after their passing have found fertile groundamongthosewho acceptthe falsebeliefof ground among those who accept the false belief of God's presence man.One who has graspedthe in God's presence in man. One who has grasped the message lslamand its impfications could basic message of Islam and its implications could basic of another humanbeingunder never agree to worship another human being under neveragreeto worship God's religionin essence a any circumstances. God's religion in essence is a any circumstances. is of the Creatorand the clear call to the worship of the Creator and the clear call to the worship rejection creation-worship anyform.Thisis the in rejection of creation-worship in any form. This is the of meaningof the motto of lslam: meaning of the motto of Islam: ~.&~,~,~ ~ {.fii.illiL{} !:- !:- "Laa Elaaha lllallaah" "laa Elaaha IIlallaah" (There is no god but Allah) (There is no god but Allah) -7- 7-
  11. 11. I t s r epet it iona u to ma ti c a l l brings o n e w i th i n the Its repetition automatically yb ri n g sone within the {o ld of ls lam and s i n c e re b e l i e i n i g u a ra n te esone fold of Islam and sincere belief fin itt guarantees one Paradise.e. Thus. , the final l Prophet t off Islam is Pa r adis T hus th e fi n a P ro p h e o l s l a m i s re por t edt o hav e' s a i , An y o n e w h o s a y s T h e re i s " reported to have'said,d"Anyone who says: :There is g o d b u A l l a a n d d i e h o l d i n g t h a ( b e t i e will n o god butt Allahhand diess holding thatt (belief)f )w i l f no e n t er par adis e"(R e p o rte b y Ab u D h a rr and enter paradise" ,(Reportedd by Abu Dharr and collecteddby AI-Bukhaaree e n d Muslim). . c o l l e c l e b y A l - B u k h a a r e and M u s l i m ) a Itt consistssin the submissionnto Allah as one God, I c ons is t in t h e s u b mi s s i o to A l l a h a s o n e G od. yi eldingto Him by obeying His commandments, and yielding t o Him by o b e y i n g H i s c o m m a n d m e n ts,and th e denial poly th e i s ma n d p o l y th e i s ts the denial of polytheism and polytheists. . THE M E S S A G E OF F A L SE R E L IGION THE MESSAGE OF FALSE RELIGION T her e ar e s o ma n y s e c ts c u l ts re l i g i ons, There are so many sects, , cults, , religions, philosophies, ,and movements in the world,, alll of p h ilos ophies and mo v e m e n ts i n th e w o rl d a l whic h c laim t o be th e ri g h w a y o r th e o n l y tru e path which claim to be the rightt way or the only true path A llah. c a n o n e d e te rmi n e w h i c h o ne i s to Allah. How can one determine which one is if, fact, all are correct? correct or if, in fact, all are correct? The method by whic h t he answer can be fo u n d is to clearr away the which the ans werc a n b e found i s clea away su per f ic ial differencess in th e te a c h i n g s of the superficial dif f er e n c e i n the teachings o f va r iousc laim ant sto th e u l ti m a te tru th , a n d i d e nti fy various claimants the ultimate truth, and identify th e c ent r al objec t o f w o r$ h i p to w h i c h th e y cal l , the central object of worShip which they call, d i r e c t l y o r iindirectly. .F a l s e r e l i g i o n s a l l h a v e iin directly or n d i r e c t l y False religions all have n co m m on one bas i c c o n c e p t w i th re g a rd s to Al l ah. common basic concept with regards Allah. Th e y eit her c laim th a t a l l me n a re g o d s o r that They either claim that all men are gods or sp ec if ic m en were A l l a h o r th a t n a tu re iis A l l a h or specific men were Allah or that nature s Allah or tthatt A l l a h iis a f i g m e n t o f m a n ' s iimagination. . h a Allah s figment of man's m a g i n a t i o n -8 - -8
  12. 12. Thus, it may be statedthat the basicmessage Thus, may be stated that the basic message of falsereligion thatAllahmaybe worshipped the false religion is that Allah may be worshipped in the is form of His creation.Falsereligioninvitesman to form His creation. False religion invites man the worshipof creationby callingthe creationor the worship creation by calling the creation some aspect God. For example, prophet someaspect of it God. For example, prophet Jesus Jesus invitedhisfollowers to worship Allahbut thosewho invited his followers worship Allah but those who be his followers today calf people claim to be his followers today call people to claim worshipJesus,claiming that he was Allah! worship Jesus. claimingthat he was Allah! Buddha wasa reformer who introduced a number Buddhawas reformer who introduced number principles the religion India.He of humanistic principles to the religion of India. He humanistic did not claim be God nor did he sugg€stto his did not claim to be God nor did he suggest to his followersthat he be an object worship. Yet,today followers that he be an object of worship. Yet, today mostBuddhists who areto befoundoutsideof India most Buddhists who are to be found outside of India have taken him be God and prostrateto idols have taken him to be God and prostrate idols madein their perception his likeness. made in their perception of his likeness. By usingthe principle identifying obiect the By using the principle of identifying the object of worship, fafsereligion becomesvery obviousand worship, false religion becomes very obvious and the contrivednatureof their origin clear.As God the contrived nature of their origin clear. As God said in the Qur'aan: said in the Qur'aan: 'Hii t .-::" /-:- .j~1 .'" -; ' .... ~I").. ·~~r~ ".~ :; ;: id,l ~~z~.J~~vJ~I.AT ~ LAJ41 _+ oJ Co E-i oelriS [ ] * u iu~r'c~;;u-- i t ~~~j~~-c r--'JTL+t ,J .',,Jf{t 9l jflal . I~I: t. . · " , ! ,1 .-'" J ~~ Io}!> ~ t. ti .i 1 i l l + ~~{~"" rs4Nl'JJt Jat v tr:J 'J , l .t., ... ' "J ,L ) JbJ:~t' (.IfJJ.---rr, (.!uS ~~-q Llj"5yi'J '1 o}tru -;. r,}J ,. ; q[{ n~;;;~i' itf t. .,!-i,,.1,,- -^r- I~J • iiI£,..lI I,.rU5-~ ~~. -, f ,,! / ",jj "~..:i '~t" {<r;i:f.r6( '" --.:...> ~ ~ ~..:.J - 9 --
  13. 13. That which you worship besides Him are only Thal worlhip besides are names you and your forefathers have invented for names lorefathers have invenled which Allah has sent down no authority: The Allah has sent aulhority: command belongs only to Allah: command belongs Allah: He has commanded that you only worship Him; has commlnded lhal worrhip that is the right religion, but most men do not is rlght religlon, bul understand".. (Soorah Yoosuff 12:40) ) u n der iland " ( S o o ra h Yo o s u 1 2 :4 0 Itt may be arguedd thatt alll religions steach good I may be argue tha al religion teach good thingssso why should itt matterrwhich one we follow. . thing so why shouldi matte which one we follow Th e r eply is t hat all fa l s e re l i g i o n te a c h th e g re atest The reply is that all false religionssteach the greatest evil, ,the worship of creation. .Creation-worshipp s the e vi l t he wor s hip c re a ti o n C re a ti o n -w o rs h i is i g re a t es s in t hat ma n c a n c o mmi b e c a u se i greatest t sin that man can committ because itt co nt r adic t t he v e ry p u rp o s e o f h i s c re a ti o n M an contradictss the very purpose of his creation. . Man was created to worship Allah alone as Allah has wa s c r eat ed t o wo rs h i p Al l a h a l o n e a s Al l a h h as e xplic it ly s t at ed in th e Qu r' a a n explicitly stated in the Our'aan: : ...rii..- i i t'_lt 1t - ,i0J-'(;~1 /·~r/~ t.~;L~/~ A .,.rrr'-l{r .5l-VI.rrY Q1r-l-t~__ ~~~ ~~ lJ*+l.: Alj-Y't '11(... F -)1' "l heye "I have only created Jlnns and men, that they may created Jlnnr men,lhat worshlp me" (Soorah Zaareeyaat) 51:56 worship me"(Soorah Zaareeyaat) 51 :56 Cons equent ly t h e w o rs h i p o f c re a ti o n w h i c h i s Consequently, ,the worship of creation, , which is the essenceeof idolatry, ,is the only unforgivableesin. th e es s enc idol a try i s th e o n l y u n fo rg i v a b l si n. dies in t h i s s ta te o f i d o l a try h a s s e a l e hi s One who dies in this state of idolatry has sealeddhis On e fate in the nextt life. . This is nott an opinion,, butt a fa te in t he nex life T h i s i s n o a n o p i n i o n b u revealed fact stated by Allah in his final revelation to revealedfact stated Allah final revelation ma n: man: A..~-// .Ici(<- / / 'bi,(*t.+'!'-ii1i5-{-,1iilF ...r '"r t / " -- " ""Jo .// /".-" "',Jo • ../ ..- ..,;-:; ):.. 'II(~~~~'~ 0J.)l.~'LftA20~'jd.u011' aLL;iFl-€U'i 10 - - 10 -
  14. 14. "Yerlly Alleh wlll nol lorglvc lhe folnlng of "Verlly Allah will not forgive the Joining pnilnen wlth Hln, bul He mry lorglue (rlnr) lerr pertne,. with Him, but may forgive (.In.) I••• then thel for whomroevcr Ho wlrher"(Soorah An- than that whomsoever H. wl.he."(Soorah Nisaa4:48and 116) Nisaa 4:48 and 116) THE UNIVERSALIWOF ISLAII THE UNIVERSALITY OF ISLAM Since the consequences false religion are so Since the consequences of false religion are so Allah must be universally greve,the true religionof Allahmust be universally grave, the true religion understandable and attainable, conlinedto any understandable attainable, not confined any and people,place time. There can people, place or tim€. Therecan not be conditions be conditions beliefin man,as saviour etc.,for like baptism, belief in a man, as a saviour etc., for a like baptism, enter paradise. Within the central believer to enter paradise. Within the central believer principle lslam and in its definition, (the principle of Islam and in its definition, (the surrender one's will God) lies the roots surrender of one's will to God) lies the roots of Wheneverman comes the Islam's universality_ Whenever man comes to the lslam's universality. realizationthat Allah is one and distinct from His realization that Allah is one and distinct from His creation,and submitshimselfto Allah,he becomes creation, and submits himself to Allah, he becomes Muslim in body and spirit and is eligible for a Muslim in body and spirit and is eligible for paradise.Thus, anyone at anytime in the most paradise. Thus, anyone at anytime in the most remoteregion the world can become Muslim, remote region of the world can become a Muslim, a followerof God'sreligion,lslam,by merelyreiecting follower of God's religion, Islam, by merely rejecting the worship of creationand by turning to Allah the worship of creation and by turning to Allah (God) should be noted however,that the (God) should be noted however, that the recognition and submission of toAllah requiresthat recognition of and submission to Allah requires that right and wrong and such a one chooses between right and wrong and such a one choosesbetween implies accountability.Man will be held choice implies accountability. Man will be held choice - 11 - - 11 -
  15. 15. responsible his choices, for and,as such,he should responsible for his choices. and. as such, he should try his utmost to do good and avoid evil. The try his utmost to do good and avoid evil. The ultimategood beingthe worshipof Allahaloneand ultimate good being the worship of Allah alone and the ultimateevil being the worshipof His creation the ultimate evil being the worship of His creation alongwith or instead Allah. of Thisfact along with or instead of Allah. Thisfact is expressed isexpressed in the final revelation follows: as in the final revelation as follows: ~. r, rt :i 16 .'~/ '~,/~/r~ .~.,-;}.. lv :.- '~l'.'l"~''''}'lr', ~~~ i|;t;;rJfut.'1' -... 1 ~~ u., .J~.) ti€d I ~ ~~-:U i IF 'nH I·~ #G+i" j$r rj i&G ;,r,i;ti ~"·11;.;1 f ,,'" ~ - ; ' . ~;i ~/,r'" ~r -:"/.. . :' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v ~:::,;~~~-'~j.;~jJ; ~~4 .4 . {GiiirYj d;,3;rj'+-;,4 "Verlfy thor who belleve,thole *f,o foffow the "Verlly thOle who believe, those who follow the Jewlrh (Scrlplurerl, lhe Chrlrtloneend lha Srblanr Jewish (SCrlpturel), the Christians and the Sablans any belleyo Allah rnd lhe larl dey, and wort any who believe In Allah and the la,t day, and work rlghteournerr shall have their reward with their rlghteousne.. rhall heue lhelr reward wlth thelr Lord;They wlfl oyercome leer grlel ,, Lord; They will not be overcome by fear nor grief" (So,crah (Soorah Al-Bagarah2:62). AI-Baqarah 2:621. L.tri ~n.= .. 'l ,.~~~r"" ~.·:ti >il.>~'''''''}.. • ~J .. ~~~·hJ·~t . . ~ ~ i.J ~r!.J'" rr i T ., r:t:. e. r#t;iiirt's4itt t;Ai |i-6'#iiY O./. . .(rtrl<.-4 .-?? y~ .J.. E , r J ("t j / - r t '...Z l"; .....". t ; . , - E . .. 1 i .... /... .... -- • .J. - a ' - | 1 ?... N... i -e5; iir o ~;:~t:':';~jl~~.J~"'~~~J' c- l3A <-y-:'... ;., fr-XL. -tt qj fi.git ,-,,,,, #-' ", ." .... ~ 4.'oft::rvrt#ry3 ~5J::!t;;t::~~=-;~ "lf only they hed rlood by thc lew,lhe Gorpcl, rnd "If had .tood the law, the Gospel, and ell the reyelellon lhet wer rnl lo thcm lrom thclr all revelation that wa, ..nt to them from their Lord, ihay would havc cnfoycd hrpplncr from cvcry they have enjoyed hIIpplnea every dde. Then lr frum rmong thcm r prrty on thc rfghl .'de. The,. II from among them a party on the right - 1 2 -- - 12
  16. 16. courre; but meny ol Urcm follow te coullc lhrti b course; but many of them follow cou.... h I. evil.". (Soorah AI~Maa'idah 5:66) oyll.". (SoorahAl'ltiiaa'idah5:66) RECOGNITION RECOGT{ITIOilOF ALLAH The questionwhich ariseshere is, "How can all question which arises here is, can people expected believe in Allah given their people be expectedto believe Allah given their varying backgrounds,societies and cultures?For varying backgrounds, societiesand cultures? For people be responsible for worshipping Allahthey peopleto be responsible worshipping Allah they all have to have accessto knowledge of Allah.The all have haveaccess knowledge Allah. The final revelation teachesthat all mankind have the final revelationteaches that all mankind have the recognition Allah imprintedon theirsouls, parl recognition of Allah imprinted on their souls, a part their very naturewith which they are created. of their very nature with which they are created. fn Soorah Al-A'raaf, Verses 172'173; Allah In Soorah AI-A'raaf, Verses 172-173; Allah explainedthat when He createdAdam,He caused explained that when He created Adam, He caused all ol Adam'sdescendants come into existence to all of Adam's descendants to come into existence and took pledgefrom them saying,Am notyour and took a pledge from them saying, Am II not your Lord? To which the, ell replied, " Vel, we t..tlfy to 11;' Lorf? wlrlch thry rll npllrd' Ycr' wctrdlfy lU' Allah then explainedwhy He had all of mankind Allah then explained Why He had all of mankind bear witnessthat He is their croatorand only true bear witness that He is their creator and only true God worthy of worship. He said, "Th.l wrr In ctt God worthy of worship. He said, "Thet ••• In ce.. fou (menklnd) rhould rry on thr dry of you (mankind) should uy on the day of Rolunrctlofi, "Urtlly rr uflr umwrlf ol rll lhb." Resurrection, "Verlly we ..... Ullll..... of all thla." That is to say,we had no idea that You Allah,were That is to say, we had no idea that You Allah, were our God. No one told us that we wereonly supposed our God. No one told us that we were only supposed -- 13 -- 13
  17. 17. to worshipYoualone.Allahwenton to explain Thrt to worship You alone. Allah went on to explain Th.t '10 fn crrf you riouE *f, "Glrltlnfy lt wrr ll wm rho In «:8. . you .hould uY. "Certalnly It w•• It w••• our rncfrlorr who mrdr prilnrrr (Wllh Alleh) and our,. who Pltrtne,. (With AII.h) and we rre only lhclr dtrccndenb; wlll You thrn dcrtroy we are only their detcendllntl; will You then destroy ur for whet lhom fhn dld?" Thus, every chitd is u. for what tho.. II.,. did?" Thus, every child is born with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn born with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn inclinationto worshipHim alonecalledin Arabicthe inclination to worship Him alone called in Arabic the " Fitrah". "Fitrah", lf the child wereleft alone,he would worshipAllah If the child were left alone, he would worship Allah in his own way, but alfchildrenare affectedby those in his own way, but all children are affected by those things around them, se€n uns€en.The Prophet things around them, seen or unseen. The Prophet (PBUH) reported that Allah said, "l created my (PBUH) reported that Allah said, "I created my servantsin the right religion servants in the right religion but devils made them devils madethem go astray". The Prophet (PBUH) atso said, ,,Each go astray". The Prophet (PBUH) also said, "Each chifd is born in stateol "Fitrah", then his parents child is born in a state of "Fitrah", then his parents makehim Jew, Christian Zoroastrian, way make him a Jew, Christian or a Zoroastrian, the way the an animal gives birth normal offspring. Have an animal gives birth to a normal offspring. Have you noticed any that were born mutilated?" you noticed any that were born mutilated?" (Collected Al-Bukhaaree Muslim).SO,justas (Collected by AI-Bukhaareeand Muslim). So,just as and the child submitsto the physicallaws which Allah the child submits the physical laws which Allah has put in nature,his soul also submits naturally to has put in nature, his soul alsosubmitsnaturally the fact that Allah is his Lord and Creator.But, his the fact that Allah Lord and Creator. But, parents parents try to makehim follow theirown way and the make him follow chifd is not strong enough in the earlystagesol his child strong enough early stages of life to resist or oppos€ the will of his parents.The life resist oppose parents. religionwhich the child followsat this stageis oneof religion which follows stage - ' 14 - - '|4 -
  18. 18. custom and upbringing andAllahdoesnot holdhim customand upbringing and Allah does hold him to accountor punishhim for this religion. account punish him this religion. Throughoutpeople'slivesfrom childhooduntil Throughout people's lives from childhood until the time they die, signs are shown to them in all signs to in regions of in their regions of the earth and in their own souls, souls, until becomes clearthatthereisonly onetrue God until it becomes clear that there is only one (Allah). lf the peopleare honest with themselveg, (Allah). If the people are honest with themselves, rejecttheir falsegodsandseekAllah,the waywiflbe reject thei r fa lse gods and seek Allah, the way will be made easy for them but if they continuallyreiect made easy them but they continually reject Allah'ssigns and continueto worshipcreation,the Allah's signs and continue worship creation, more difficult will be them escap€. For more difficult it witl be for them to escape. For example, in the South Eastern region of the Amazon example, the South Eastern in region the Amazon jungle in Brazil, South America, primitivetribe jungle in Brazil, South America, a primitive tribe hut housetheir main idol Skwatch, erected a new hut to house their main idol Skwatch, erected neyv representing supremeGod all creation.The the representing the supreme God of all creation. The following day young man enteredthe hut pay following day a young man entered the hut to pay homageto the God,and whilehe was in prostration homage to the God, and while he was in prostration to what he had beon taught was his Creator and to what he had been taugh"t was his Creator and Sustainer, mangyold flea-ridden dog walkedinto Sustainer, a mangy old flea-ridden dog walked into the hut.The young man lookedup in time seethe the hut. The young man looked up in time to see the dog lift its hind leg and pass urine on the idol. dog lift its hind leg and pass urine on the idol. Outraged, the youth chased the dog out Outraged, the youth chased the dog out of the the but whsn his rageclied down hs realizedthat temple, but when his rage died down he realized that temple, the idol could not bs theLordof the universe. the idol could not be the Lord of the universe. Allah Allah must be els€where.he now had a choice to act on must be elsewhere. he now had a choice to act on and seekAllah,or to dishonestly his knowledge and seek Allah, or to dishonestly go his knowledge go -- 15 -- 15
  19. 19. alongwith thefalsebeliefs histribe.As strange as along with the false beliefs of his tribe. As strange as mayseem, that was signfrom Allah that young it may seem, that was a sign from Allah for that young contained withinit divine guidance what that man. It contained within it divine guidance that what he was worshipping was false. he was worshipping was false. Prophets weresent,as wasearliermentioned, to Prophets were sent. as was earlier mentioned, to every nation and tribe to support man's natural every nation and tribe to support man's natural belief in Allah and man's inborn inclination belief in Allah and man's inborn inclination to worshipHim as well as to reintorce divinetruth the worship Him as well as to reinforce the divine truth in the daily signs revealed Allah.Although,in by in the daily signs revealed by Allah. Although, in most cases, much of the prophets' teachings most cases, much of the prophets' teachings becamedistorted,portionsremainedwhich point became distorted, portions remained which point out right and wr6ng. For example, the ten out right and wrong. For example, the ten commandments the Torah,theirconfirmation of in commandments of the Torah, their confirmation in the Gospels and the existence laws against the Gospels and the existence of laws against murder,stealing and adulteryin most societies. murder, stealing and adultery in most societies. Consequently, everysoul will be held to account Consequently, every soul will be held to account for its belief in Allah and its acceptance the for its belief in Allah and its acceptance of the religion lslam; totalsubmission the will of of the to religion of Islam; the total submission to the will of Allah. . Allah We pray We pray to Allah, the exalted, to keep us on the Allah, the exalted, keep ri g h pat h t o whic h H e h a s g u i d e d u s a n d b e s tow rightt path to which He has guided us,, and to bestow Him, is incleed on us a blessing from Him, He is indeed the Most us blessing Me r c iful. P r ais an d g ra ti tu d eb e A l l a h th e L o r d Merciful. Praiseeand gratitude be to Allah,,the Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings the worlds, and peace and blessings be on prophet Muhammed, his Family. ,his companions, ,and those Mu ham m ed,his F a m i l y h i s c o mp a n i o n s a n d th ose who rightly follow them. wh o r ight ly f ollow th e m. 16 - - 16 -
  20. 20. ~I.W.J~ 11 f, 6trJJ H:Sl I It&1f i~~ dilr:lt ~ r .;,La:6lf ,.~~w~~f~~, rlrJrJtrc,tdt+ll*il ~I~. ·I~ vilF)!€.j )l.:.;'11 i~JlIJ~U}~1j ~"j..,,"jl ~;.:JI i;ljJ st:;I! J irr.rJlr ibrTb ..'.I-Tl iuiJl i.rljt rtt10 urt&rl ..111l - •. ''- tF : t.Alt :v.s, H'' ~4)1 "·AU :"'1'1" ~ ,~ ~~. 1~Y:..Ai~ '_t.f.tll:Jb { . r i.·n.w tt.r[oY t ' rl.AY F i..roAV L i. •• rAV :~u r. otrrrv ,rJu • ~~ .:,,~Wt • .n"" ~U.J..Ai~ . trllJt{ olphll iJl,, uJUr Jtb . . 1 " - - i . A r t •• .. , 1 1- - £·Ar£ . 0 ~ a.ri- gfl.iri' *f"tl i!ri* eJaJl ~ .,.4.1t.,.~ ..... wl".o """c ~.,.M:Jl IM.,..~.; e-ltte-- "I r.4fl J. ir.l i}; U;tr r.r r! y|al b rr .r. *l Ol C- r
  21. 21. Fr uirr I +i+l+t'| lllJt{ .. r -iJE : ........t; ,F.r*IiJtL- ....... l .....l ..-..,iJU·- iir1rl r+l yr... ~ .. W"':' -:^l(tlir t!vEfll lb fe$.r e..+ I fr,ii,b
  22. 22. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• aaraaraaaarraraarrarf ff rlaaataf taaaf laaaetaalaataf a I ill ~b r ;llu v-:-::- .J)l+- a.ia'ri3ai ... "t4J~-~l ~ l g-ol iu ~u~ #,{*tb . - >- I..a-uJJ I ~ l&lc. J.iJ 9 its*d.ll L"s tJffiIsg jU'.:t,.WI.-U.,...• ,cr } {lt *lt ;1*: .....z...u;u...:.;i~ .,:r.l, fr.*i a.."; j~~~ Jt+*...t tl++ ',r|nSE'ri • ...,ll:alSt,;,:i erro=ffi ",',~ ~IQ4J~ [d '''....;",:J ".tYA/t t ..oltYA/ :;1 .'ei all.! **t#~ S"iH,M iii H M ':"""'.- 'II ~ r-·'---------·---- -~aaa:; Ii" ., " ?i :;):'" ffi-,."st-1· ""rAv, ~~~ ,,."./1 W ~~'.-. ~ lAO'.A. . ·,r"·1 ~l.(QiJfJ ~""'.",{ll 0dftSS90eeillneU lAO t . 01fAV , ..,..:;.s:..:1..,..s~.,.lo>t' ...)'I;;),...JL..)!J~I;J1I AO e,..i 1f t . / I ~),,:,L....oo..II""tlol,!'il lAo1.A.l'.1fq,i ,,jf.rr uJti stc driyl ;np Jt*Jlj {.n+ry'r EJ.h FiJ -lsrr ~)":'L....oo..II""'!.,..J'::iI.JlI"....lIJ->~~~~IJi..,..:;.s:..:I~..,1l),.<-I~I'PI {.i er.qy fr*",#M l4,da~ ~ 6.3.,-t*rr-rt*ry'.trrFrr.liJrro;,EJLr_Jn:JrJi,:.:(dr,r.JlJ;rrtt+#iJt, 1!A . . il,J**rtleu.r lM1 •••. ,,.::.~I~lbA It1 . -VlA-1, -'rJJrr..1 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• f raatf rf tttrf ataa rai|taf af lalf tllltaalltf aalaaaaaaaaa