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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Travel

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  • Islam Freedom extends an invitation for you, to come and join us this year on this sacred journey. Our Hajj package and Umrah package has evolved from years of occurrence and commitment. We value you, our customers, and developed a number of packages. Our Hajj and Umrah packages are available 24hours providing the freedom to arrange your journey by yourself when you want. Umrah can serve as a perfect family experience or special trip when starting a new life together. Visit for more information.
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  • 2. ) CONTEHTS CONTENTS ( Prelace Preface 7 lmportantAdvice Important Advice 9 Violationsoflslam Violations of Islam 13 13 How perform Haij and'Umrah and to visit How to perform Hajj and 'Umrah and to visit the Prophet's Mosque the Prophet's Mosque 19 19 ................ The Performance 'Umrah The Performance of 'Umrah ol ..... 21 21 ThePerformanceof Haii The Performance of Hajj .......... 26 .................. 26 Obligations During Ihram Obligations Duringlhram ......... 33 33 Visitation the Prophet's Visitation of the Prophet's Mosque ............................... of Mosqus 36 36 Errors Often Committed by Pilgrims ErrorsOftenCommined Pilgrims by 41 ...........41 Whatls Required the Pilgrim What Is Required of the Pilgrim of 53 .................. 53 Some SupplicationsWhich May Be Becited at Some Supplications Which May Be Recited at 'Arafat. 'Arafat, at the Sacred Sites and at other Places at the Sacred Sites and at other Places off Supplication o.n. . . . . . . . . o Supplicati . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 6. .3
  • 3. r In lhe nameof Allah,the In the name of Allah, the Gompasalonale, Merclful lhe Compassionate, the Merciful
  • 4. PREFACE PREFACE Dear pilgrim brothers and sislers, Dear pilgrim brothers and sisters, Assa/amu alaikum wa raimatullaht wa barakatuhu. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Congratulationsand welcome on your arrlval at these Congratulations and welcome on your arrival at these sacred preclncts, on this blessed Journeyas guests sacred precincts, on this blessed journey as guests of Aflah,the Most Merciful. Allah, the Most Merciful. Thls brlel but comprehenslveGulde ls prosented This brief but comprehensive Guide Is presented to you to outllne the obligatory rites Haii and ,umrah you to outline the obligatory rites of Hajj and 'umrah wlth whlch you ought to be familiar. It begins with some with which you ought be beginswith some lmportant advlce. This advice is, first Important advice. This advice is, first of all, for our- all, our. selves,and then oflered you accordance selves, and then it is offered to you in accordance with what Allah, the Most High, says concerningthose what Allah, the Most High, says concerning those of His His servantswho receive salvationand success this world servants who receive salvation and success in this world and th€ Hereafter: "They counsel each other the truth and the Hereafter: "They counseleach otherof the truth and counsel each other and counsel each other of patience." lt is f urther to put patience. It further Into practiceHis saying: "Cooperate Into practice Hls saylng:"Gooperatewith each other in each other goodnessand fear of Allah,and do not cooperatein sln goodness and fear Allah, and cooperate sin and transgresslon." and transgression."
  • 5. We ask you to read thls booklet before you begln the We ask you to read this booklet before you begin the rltes ol HaJJ lnorder that you may acqualnt yourself wlth rites of Hall In order that you may acquaint yourself with what lg to be done.You wlll flnd In lt answersto many ol what Is to be done. You will find In It answers to many of your questlons.Wg hope that you wlll keep thls booklet questions. W$ hope that you will keep this booklet wlth you as a reference for thls year, and posslbly for with reference for this year, and possibly for later years as well lf lt ls Allah's wlll that you roturn later years as If It Is will you return agaln for hall . again tor hajj We ask you to sherethls bookletwlth other Musllms In YOU share this booklet with other Muslims order that they may also beneflt lrom readlng lts con' order they benefit from reading Its con- tents, We ask Allah accept from ug hail, tents. We ask Allah to accept from all of us our hall, our striving, and our good deeds. strlvlng,and our good deecls. Wassalamu'alalkum nhmatullahl wa barakatuhu' Wassalamu 'alalkum wa rahmatullahl wa barakatuhu. wa 'Abdul:'Azlz 'Abdul:'Azlz bin 'Abdullah bin Baz bln'Abdullahbln Baz President of Islamic Research, Pregldentof lslamlc Research, IFTA and Propagation IFTA and ProPagatlon RIYADH, KINGDOM SAUDIARABIA RIYADH, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA OF
  • 6. IMPORTANT ADVICE ITUIPORTAHT ADVICE Dear pllgrhts, we pralse Allah for havlng gulded you Dear pilgrims, praise having guided to the hall of His House and to the vlslt of the Sacred the hdlof Hls House and visit Sacred Precincts. May He accept from all ol us our good deeds Preclncts. May of deeds and Increase His reward for us and for you. and lncrease reward you. The following advice Is being offered to you in the The followlng advlce is being offered you hope that Allah will accept from all of us our fiarland our hope Allah wlll accept from hajj and striving. strlvlng. 1. Remember that you are on a blessed journey.This 1. Rememberthat you are blsssed journey. Thls journey, which Is a migration toward Allah, is based on Journey, whlch is migratlon toward Allah, based belief in Hls Unity (tawheedJ, sinceritytoward Him, belief In His Unity (tawheedJ, on sincerity toward Him, on on respondlng His call, and on obedience His on responding to His call, and on obedience to His commands.Therels no greaterrewardthan that haii commands. There Is no greater reward than that of a hajj whlch ls acceplable to Nlah Ta'alah-the reward which Is acceptable to Allah Ta'alah-the reward of the Garden of Paradise. Garclen Paraclise. 2. Be on your guardagainst the mlschief of Satan,who 2. 8e on your guard against the mischief of Satan, who intendsto causedissention amongyou. Loveeach other intends to cause dissention among you. Love each other
  • 7. r as brothers and avold disputes and disobedience to as brothers and avoid disputes and disobedience to Allah. Know that tho Messenger ol Allah (may peace Allah. Know that the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blesslngsof Altah be on him) sald, " Noneol you has and blessings of Allah be on him) said, .. None of you has truly bellevedunlesshe llkes for hls brotherwhat the likes truly believed unless likes for his brother what the for hlmself." himself." 3. Wheneveryou havea questionconcerningreligious 3. Whenever YQu have question concerning religious knowledgeable Mus' matt€rs or concsrning thenall, ask knowledgeableMus· matters concerning the hajj, lims receivea satisfactoryanswor.This is in Iims receive satisfactory answer. This accordancewith what Allah has said: "lf ye realisethis not, accordance with what Allah has said: "If realise this not, ask those who possess The Message." also in ask of those who possess The Message." it is also in accordance with what the Prophet(peace be him) has accordance with what the Prophet (peace be on him) has Allah intends good for someone' He gives said: "When Allah intends good for someone, He gives said: him understanding of the religion." him understanding the religion." of 4. Know that Allah has madecertainacts /ard (obliga' 4. Know that Allah has made certain acts fard (obliga· sry(according tory)and otheracts. - - - to the practiceof tory) and other acts sunnah (according to the practice of the Prophet, peace be on him). Allah does not accept a the Prophet,peacebe on him).Allah do€s not accept su!!S! which violates some lard' Some pilgrims lgnore sunnah which violates some lard. Some pilgrims ignore this fact when thay harm believingmen and women in this fact when they harm believing men and women in their zeal to kiss the B/acftSfone,to hastenin their cir' their zeal to kiss the Black Stone, to hasten in their cir· cuits around the K'abah,to make sa/ahbahind the Sta' cuits around the K'abah, to make salah behind the Sta·
  • 8. tion of lbraheem,to drink from Zamzam,.andslmllar tion Ibraheem, drink from Zamzam,. and similar practices. These practices are g!4trt!. To harm any practices. These practices ere ~. harm believer in doing them is haram (prohiblted).How is it believer doing them haram (prohibited). Is possibleto carry out a srn4at observancewhile doing a possible carry ~ observance while doing haram deed? Therefore,avoid hurting each other, and haramdeed? Therefore, avoid hurting each other, and Allah will grant you His mercy and will increaseyour Allah will grant you His mercy and will increase your reward. reward. We woulddalso like to emphasize eh e following: : W e w o u l a l s o l i k e t o e m p h a s i z the f o l l o w i n g t (a) lt not fitting that Muslim man performshis Satgt (a) It is not fitting that a Muslim man performs his Sa/at behind woman in the SacredMosque next to, or behind a woman in the Sacred Mosque or at next lo, any other place il it is at all possibleto avoid doing so. any other place if it is at all possible to avoid doing so. Womennshoulddprayybehinddmen. . Wome shoul pra behin men (b)Thedoorsand entrances the SacredMosque are (b) The doors and entrances to the Sacred Mosque are forr trafficcand shoulddnott be blocked db y people ep r a y i n g f o t r a f f i a n d s h o u l n o b e b l o c k e by p e o p l praying there eve thoug i i is to join the congregation there, ,evenn thoughh iff itt is to join the congregational a l prayer that may be in progress. prayer that may be in progress. (c) )Itt is nott permissible lto blockkthe freeeflow off people e ( c l i s n o p e r m i s s i b t o b l o c t h e f r e f l o wo p e o p l e aroundthe K'abahby sitting nearthe K'abah,by praying around the K'abah by sitting near the K'abah, by praying or al'Hijr or near it, or by standing near the @!$,, Stone, or al.Hi}r or near it, or by standingnear the Black
  • 9. at tho Statlonof lbraheem, especially whenthe placela the Station Ibraheem, especlally when the place Is crowded, as thls ls a sourceof harmto othorpeople. crowded, this Is source harm to other people. (rt)While safeguarding th6 dignity Muslims lsa '.rd, (d) Whllesafeguardlng dlgnltyof MusllmsIs a tar4 the kissing the Black Stone Is !JBJ.!!!ll. A lard cannotbo klsstngths Black Stonels a ry!. !!!S!. cannot be ~. Whenthe eroals crowded, ls sacrificed for a 4!. sacrlflced When the area Is crowded, lt Is It gufffclent polnt to tho BlackStone,saylng"M!! sufficient to point the Black Stone, saying ..~ !l!!l!!:" andto contlnue movewlth tho flow of people ahbar." and continue to move with the flow people wlthoutcauslng breakIn the lines. Indeed, keaplng keeping an without causing a break In the llnes.Indeed, an easy flow during cfrcults Is the most commendable easy flow durlng circuits ls the most commendable thing. thlng. (e) It is not a~ to kiss the Yamani@rner,but to (e) lt is not a gry[ to kiss the Yamani corner, but to touchit withthe righthand,if it is not overcrowded, and touch it with the right hand, if it is not overcrowded, and say:"8ism illahiwat4ahu ahbar." if it is difficult touch to say: •• Bismillahi waJ./ahu akbar. ,. But if it is difficult to touch But it, thenmoveon, do not,point it withyourhand, say to or it, then move on, do not. point to it with your hand, or say of lt takbir. it is not reported ths Prophet' is mustahabb takbir. For it is not reported of the Prophet. It is mustahabb For (g~) Go{) to recitethe following supplication between ln the to recite the following supplication in between the Yamanlcornorand the BlackStone: Yamani corner and the Black Stone: Ui)'^# i;.ii Jr 1# Fjlr . j 6 j rl' F { ,r!!r r-tlJC
  • 10. " Rabband ~tln~ lld'donyl hasanatan wa fII-~khlrati "Rabban~ ttlnl fld-dony~ hacanatan wa lll'ilkhlratl hesenatenwa qina adhiban'fiar", hasanatan wa qina adhAban-ttar". Finally, the best advlce w€ can glve you Is thst you Flnally, the best advice we can give you 19that you loflow the Book of Allah end the sunnah Hls Mes' follow the Book of ntlan and- the sunnah of His Mes· sanger (peace him) in senger (peace be on him) in all what you do. do. "ObBy Allah and the MessengerIn order that you may "Obey Allah and the Messenger In order that you may receive mercy." recelvetngrcy." VIOLATIONS ISLAM VIOLATIONS OF ISLAM OF Brotherand slster Musllm, you must be aware that Brother and sister Muslim, you must be aware that thergars matt€rswhlch nulllfyyour lslam.We wlll men. there are matters which nullity your Islam. We will men· tlon here the ten most common vlolatlons.Pleasebe tlon here the ten most common violations. Please be mindful of them. mlndfulof them. The Flrst The First Associatingpartners with Allah (shirk). Allah, the Most Associating partners with Allah (shirk). Allah, the Most High, says, "Truly, if anyone associates partners with High, says, "Truly, if anyone associates partners with Allah,Allahwillforbidhim the Gardenand his abodewillbs Allah, Allah will forbid him the Garden and his abode will be the Fire; the wrongdoerswill have no help€rs." the Fire; the wrongdoers will have no helpers."
  • 11. r Galllng upon the dead, asklng thelr help' or offerlng Calling upon the dead, asking their help, or offering them gifts or sacrifices are all forms of !!:!.!.!1L. them glfts or sacrlflces are all forms of sfiIrlr. The Second The Second Setting intermediaries betweenoneself and Allah' Settlng up intermediaries between oneself and Allah, maklng suppllcatlonto them, asklng their lntercesslon making supplication them, asking their Intercession wlth Allah, and placlng one's trust In them ls unbellef with Allah, and placing one's trust them Is unbelief ~. lkulrl. The Third The Thlrd Anyone who does not consider polytheists (!!!!!!!!!!..- Anyone who does not consider polythelsts (mS!{- concernlng te_en) be unbelleverg, who has doubts keen) to be unbelievers, or who has doubts concerning to or thelr unbellef,or consldersthelr way to be correct,ls their unbelief, or considers their way to be correct, Is (lraflr). himself an unbeliever (kaflr). hlmselfan unbellever The Fourth The Fourth Anyone who bellevesany guldance other than the Anyone who believes any guidance other than the Prophet'sguldance to be more perfect,or a declslon Prophet's guidance to be more perfect, or a decision other than the Prophet'sdecislon to be better, ls an other than the Prophet's decision to be better, is an
  • 12. unbell€vor.This applles to those who proler the rule of unbeliever. Thls applies to those whoprufer the rule of Evil ( Iagnout) to the Prophet'srule. Some examplesof Evll (Taghout) to the Prophet's rule. Some examples of this are: thls ar6: (a) To belleve that systems and laws made by human (a) believe belngsare better than the ~ of lslam; for examPle, beings better Eharl'ah Islam; example, that the lslamlc system ls not sultable for the twen' Islamic system Is suitable twen- tieth century. tleth century. that Islam Is the caueo ol the backwardness Mus' lslam ls the cause of the backwardness of Mus- lims. llms. Or that Islam is a relationship between Allah and that lslam r€lationship between Allah and the Musllm. lt should not Int€rfereIn other aspects the Muslim. It should not Interfere In other aspects of life. llfa. (b) To eay that enforclng the punlshmentsprescrlbed (b) To say that enforcing the punishments prescribed by Allah, such as cuttlng off the hand of thlef or sto' by Allah, such as cutting off the hand of a thief or sto- ning an adulterer, is not suitable in this day and age. ning an adulterer, is not suitable in this day and age. (c)To bellevethat lt ls permlsslble glve a rule lrom (c) To believe that It Is permissible to give a rule from to thet whlch Allah dld not revealln lslamlctransactlons that which Allah did not reveal In Islamic transactions oror matters of law, punlshments other affalrs' Although matters of law, punishments or other affairs. Although or
  • 13. ono may not bellevo such rullngs to bo luPorlorto ths one believe rulings be .uperlor to the ShIT/'sh he In effect aff lrms such a stand by declarlnga Sharl'ah affirms a stand declaring a thlng whlch Allah hae totally prohlblted,such aa adul' thing which has prohibited, a8 adul- tery, drlnklng alcohol or usuryr to be permlsslble. t€ry, drinking alcohol usury, permissible. According the consensus Muslims, one Accordlng to the congengus of Musllms, one who declaressuch thlngs to be permlsslble an unbellever declares such things be permissible ls Is unbeliever (*attL. (kef/f). The Filth Tha Fllth Anyonewho hates any part what the Messenger Anyone who hates any part of what the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has Allah (may p€ace and blessings Allah him) declaredto be lawful has nullifiedhis lslam, even though declared to be lawful has nullified his Islam, even though he may act in accordancewith it. Allah the Most Hi9t1 he may act in accordance with it. Allah the Most High, says: "Bscause they disliked what Allah has revealed, says: "Because they disliked what Allah has revealed, thsir deeds are brought to nothing." their deeds are brought to nothing." The Slxih The Sixth any espoctof the rellglon the Anyone who ridicules any aspect of the religion of the Anyonewho rldlcules Messenger of Allah (peace be on hlm), or any of lts Meseenger Allah ol (peace be on him), or any of Its rewardaor punlshments,becomss an unbellever. Allah, rewards or punishments, becomes an unbelleve.r. Allah,
  • 14. r the Most High,says: "Say: Do you ridiculeAllah, His the Most High, says: "Say: Do you ridicule Allah' His revelalionsand His Messenger?Make no sxcus€;yotl revelations and His Messenger? Make no excuse; you have disbelievedafter your (professionof) faith"' have disbelieved after your· (profession of) faith." The Seventh The Seventh Th e practice of magic includeduin e d i n thcausing a s i n g ari ft The pr ac t ic eof m ag i c i n c | d this is i s i s c a u rift between husband wifeby tuminghislovefor herinto between a husband andwife a and turning his love for her into hatrsd,or tempUng p€rsonto do thingshe dislikesby hatred, or tempting I person a things he dislikes by using blad<arts. One who engages such a thingor is using black arts. One who engages in such a thing or is pleased withit is outside pale of lslam.Allahthe lviost pleased with is outside the pate Islam. Allah the Most the High,seys, "Th€ two (angels,Harutand Marut)did not High, says, "The two (angels, Harut and Marut) did not (magic) waming without thom,'lndeed' we teach anyone (magic) without warning them, 'Indeed, we teachanyone are a trial;lhen do not disbolieve."' are a trial; then do not disbelieve...· The Eighth The Eighth Supporting aidingpolyth€ists againsttho Muslims' Supporting and aiding polytheists against the Muslims. and Allahthe MostHigh,says:"The onelromamong who yott Allah the Most High, says: "The one from among you who themb€longs them.Truly,Allahdoesnotguide to supports them belongs to them. Truly, Allah does not guide supporls the peoplewho do rvrong." the people who do wrong."
  • 15. r The Ninth The Ninth Anyone who believes that some people are permitted Anyone who believes that some people are permitted to deviate from the Shari'ah of Muhammad (peace be on deviatelrom the Shari'ah Muhammad(peacebe him) is an unbelieverby the word Allah, the Most High: him) is an unbeliever by the word of Allah, the Most High: "lf anyoneseeks religionother than al-lslam will not be "If anyone seeks a religion other than al·lslam it will not be acceptedfrom him, and in the Hereafterhe will accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be among among the losers." the losers." Thp Tenth Th.e Tenth To tum completely away from the religion of Allah, tum completely away from the religion Allah, neither learning its precepts nor acting upon it. Allah the neither learning its precepts acting upon it. Allah the does greater wrong than the ons Most High, says: "Who does greater wrong than the one Most High, says: who is reminded the revelationsol his Lord and turns who is reminded of the revelations of his Lord and turns away from them. Truly, We shall recompensethe guilty"' away from them. Truly, We shall recompense the gUilty," those who disbelieveturn away and He also says: "But those who disbelieve tum away and He also says: from that about which they are warned." from that about which they are warned." It makes no difference whether such violations are It makes no difference whether such violations are committedas joke, in seriousness out fear, except committed as a joke, in seriousness or out of fear, except when they are done under compulsion. when they are done under compulsion. We seek refuge ln Allah from such deedsas entall Hls We seek refuge in Allah from such deeds as entail His wrath and severspunlshment. wrath and severe punishment.
  • 16. How to perform Hajj and 'Umrah, and How to perform Hall and 'Umrah, and to vlslt the Prophet'sMosque to visit the Prophet's Mosque Brother and sister Muslims: Brotherand slster Muslims: There are thret ways of performingtne haii: There are three ways of performing the hajj: H ell al-tamatt'u ( lnterruPted Hall ll'tafiltt'u (Interrupted) ) Hall al-glran (comblned HalI al'qlran (combined) ) al·lfrad (single) Hall al'ltrad (slngle) Hajj al-Tamatt't) Haiia/·Tsmatt'u 'umrahduring Thls means enterlngInto ifiramfor the '~ during This meansentering Into ihram for the tha months ol Hall, 1.8., tha months of Shawwal, the months of Hajj, I.e., the months of Shawwal, Dhul-Q'ldahaand the first t ten dayssoff Dhul-Hljjah;h ; takee D h u l - Q ' l d a n d t h a f l r s t e n d a y o D h u l ' H l j j a to t a k h to 'umrah;andthen to take off Ihram after performing the 'umrah; and then to take oll thramafter performlnglhe ihram agaln tor the hdi lrom Makkahon the 8th day of ~ again for the hajj from Makkah on the 8th day of Dhul-Hljjahaduring gthe samee year r in whichh the ''umrahh Dhul-HUj durln the sam yea in whic lhe umra h was performed. was performed. Hajj al·Qiran Haii aFQiran Thls denotesenteringinto il,ram for both lhe'umrah This denotes entering into ~ for both the 'umrah and the hailal the same tlme, not taking oft tha lhram and the hajj at the same time, not taking off the Ihram
  • 17. until the Day of Sacrifice {tho lOth of Dhul-Hijjah). until the Day of Sacrifice (the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah). Aftemalively, mayfirstsnterinloihramfor the 'umrah, Alternatively, one may first enter into ihram for the 'umrah, one and before beginning one's tawa' may mak~ t:,e intention andbelorebeginning one'stawatmaymakc'rlre intention of ihremlor the hal/ as well. of ihrem for the hajj as well. Hall al-ltrad Hajj al-/frad This signifies donning ~ for the hajj either from Thfs slgnlflee donnlng lhram tor lhe hail elther from the prescrlbedStatlon ol lhram(al-mlgat), the prescribed Station of Ihram (al-m/qat), from Makkah from Makkah lf one resldesthere, from place In betweenal-mlqat If one resides there, or from a place In between al-mlqat and Makkah In the event that one has brought a sacrifi- and Makkah In the event that one has brought sacrlfl- cial animal with him, and to remain In /hram until the claf anlmal wlth hlm, and remaln ln lhram untll the Day of Sacrifice. If one has not brought an animal for Day Sacrifice. lf one has not brought an animal for sacrifice, he is required sacrifice, he is required to come out of ihram after come ihram aftar performing 'umrah; that is, makes the (gqle! around performing 'umrah; that is, he makes the (Sa'ye) around lhe K'abah {t"*"n,, performs the (Sa'ye) the running the K'abah (tawa!). performs the (Sa'ye) the running betweenSafa and Marwah,cuts some his hair and then between Safa and Marwah, cuts some of his hair and then comes out of ihram, resuminghis usualclothingand state. comes out of ihram, resuming his usual clothing and state. This is what the Prophet(peace him) prescribedfor This i~ what the Prophet (peace be on him) prescribed for those people who had entered into rhram for the 0!i1 those people who had entered into ihram haii without bringing sacrificialanimal; they then ra-entered without bringing a sacrificial animal; they then re.entered
  • 18. inloihrun on the 8th ol DhuFHiiiah. sameappliesto a into ihram on the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah. The same applies to a The p€rsonwho is perlorming al'qiranin the eventthathe person who is performing haii al-qiran in the event that he hajj has not broughtwith him an animal to sacrifice;it is has not brought with him an animal to sacrifice; it is 'urnrafi, requiredthat he comesout of ihramatterthe 'umrah, as required that he comes out of ihram after the as described above. describ€dabove. E PERFORMANCE OF'UilRA ITHE PERFORMANCE 'UMRAHI OF 1. When you reach the prescrlbedStatlon (al'mlqatl' 1. When you r€ach prescribed Station (a/-m/qat), make ghus/ (a shower or full washlng ol the whole make ghust (a shower washing of whole body), use perfums lf avallable,and then put body), use perfume If available, and then put on the the ece garment ol thram(lzar and rlda) ~-p~ garment of ~ (Izar and rlda), two-pf whlch prete' which prefe- rably should be ol whlte cloth. Thls applles men only' rably should be of white cloth. This applies to men only. A woman also makes ghusl but she does not use make A woman also makes ghusl but she does not use make up, and she may w€ar any clothesshe has avallableas up, and she may wear any clothes she has available as eh€ should long as they do not display her adornments; she should long as they do not dlsplayher adornmonts; be completely covered except tor her face and hands' be completely covered except for her face and hands. Then make your Intentlonto perform U.t"ft-bV saylng; Then make your Intention to perform 'Umrah by saying; 'Umrah, as Labbayka'llmrah, or: Labbayk Nlahumma Labbayka 'Umrah, or: Labbayk AJlahumma 'Umrah, as follows: follows:
  • 19. ~ gu ~r 'r ~ ~ ~, ~ ) ~ .:J=J ,*; ) ,i,LJJIJ p+xl .:J=J ) ( ~ ~r '1 ;,llt, .lU i-,,JlJ J r^ll Jl ( JJJ glr/l Y ~IJ ~ 4-JI ~l ~I #I Llfbbayk, AllafJumma. "Ldbbayt, Allahumma. Lsbbayk. Labbayk. Labbayk. La s/1sreeka laka. Labbayk.La sliareeka laha. Labbayk. Labbayk. Innal-hamda wan-n'/mata laka lnnal-hamda wan-n'lmata laka wal·mulk. wal-mulk. La shareeka lak'." La siarealrt lak'." (Here am at Your servlce. (Here I am at Your service. o Lord, here Ilam. O Lord,here am. Here am. No partner You Here I am. No partner do You have. Here I am, have.Here am, Truly,the praiseand the favor is Truly, the praise and the favor is Yours, and the dominion. Yours,and the dominlon. No partnerdo You have. No partner do You have. ) Men shouldutter thls aloudwhitewomenshouldsay lt Men should utter this aloud while women should say It sf lently. Repeatlhls talbiyyahfrequently,and engage In silently. Repeat this talbiyyah frequently, and engage in the pralseof hllah, fn suppllcatlons forglveness, for and the praise of 'Allah, In supplications for forgiveness, and
  • 20. in the enjoiningof what is good and forbiddingof what is in the enjoining of what is good and forbidding of what is evil. evil. 2. When you reach Makkah, make sevsn clrcults 2. When you reach Makkah, make seven circuits (Tsws') around the K'abah,beginning at the BlackStone (Tawaflaroundthe K'abah, beginningat the Black Stone wlth takDir(utterancosol "All"hu skbar") and ending with tskbir (utterances of "AI/shu and ending "k!"1') each at the same place' While making your ( Iawaf) you each at the same place. While making your ( Tawaf) you may pralseAtlahand make supplicationsto Hlm in any may praise Allah and make supplications to Him in any words you please'lt is preferable end each with the words you please. It preferable to end each the words. words. . q) ;~, ;. ~ /;'iia J J i:..:-;. urJr 'J E j ( jJ ~ L;.1J J ~i t:C ) t 7. a r+{rr ui)',# 6;Yl {tJ ir-; t ,6' +r.1; -i -1 t!J ~1.1s. ~ lil-akhiratl . "Rsbbana, aUna fld·dunya hasanatan wa fiI·akhiratl "Rabbdna, atina fld'dunya hasanatan wa qina adhaban·nar. " hasanatan wa adhaban'nlt'" (Our Lord,give us good in this world and good In the (Our Lord, give us good in this world and good In the Hereafter.eand n d s a v e u s f rthe punishmenthof the tFire.) e F i r e . ) H e r e a | t r ' a save us from o m t h e p u n | s m e n o f t h After completingthe seventhciruclt, pray two rak'ats After completing the seventh ciruclt, pray two rak'ats behind thehStationi o nIbraheem e e m ( M a q a m l b r a hIt Ism | | f l t | s b e h | n d t e s t a t of o f l b r a h (Maqam Ibraheem) If e d possible,even though you may be a llttle lar from lt' possible, even though you may be a little far from It. Otherwisesat tanyyother rp l a c ew i t h l nt h eSacred d o s q u e ' M O t h e n n i e a n o t h e place within the S a c r e Mosque. a
  • 21. 3. You then go to as-safaand climb on it. Faclng tha 3. You then as-safa It. Facing the K'abah, praise Allah, ralslng your hands, say E!!,!!, K'8bah, praise raising hands, ~ ("AI/ahu akbar'1 three tlmes. Then malte suppllcationto ("Allahu ahbar')three times. Then make supplication Allah, repeating your suppllcatlonthree tlmes as thls ls Allah, repeatlngyour supplication three times this Is the sunnah. Then say sunaai. Then say r J ~ .JJ ~I oJ 4.! ~.r- Y o-u;.11 Yl .JIY )) g; #l r!; Clllr .l.J=Lf ~ 0..1>- J ~I ~1 . .11 ~ Y ( t,6'..,'" ~ (.I-"U '"~ Jr & rjIlJ) o~ ~ J oJs. J y,ii 0...1>- J iut Yl dl Y l; or* p) o&t i or*J ~I ~1 .J1 ~ o...l>-J ylr~l oJ>; .rt;!t wahdahu la sharika Ldh." .. La lIaha I/Ia/-Lah, wahdahu la sharika Lah. " " La llaha lttat-Lah, wa lahul'hamd,wa huwa'ala kulli shayin Lahul-mulk wa lahul-hamd, wa huwa 'ala kufli shayin Lahul-mulh qadeer". qadeer". La llaha lltal'lah, wahdahu, Aniaza wadahu Wanasara " La I/aha lIIal·/ah, wahdahu, Anjaza wadahu Wanasara II abdahuwa hazama ahzab wahdahu." abdahu we hazama al ahzab wahdahu. " (There Is no deity except Allah, the One u/ithouta (There ls no delty except Allah, th€ One without pertn€r. partner. Hls ls the domlnlonand Hls ls the pralse,and He ls His Is the dominion and His /5 the praise, and He Is powerfull ovsr everylhlng. powertull over everything.
  • 22. r Thsre ls no clelty except Allah, completed Hls pr+ There Is no deity except Allah, completed His pro- mise, supported Hls Stave and defeated tho partles mlse, supported His Slave and defeated the parties Alone. Alone. |It iis p r e f e r a b | e t o u t t ethis isupplication tthreehtimes,i m e s . b u t t s preferable to utter r t h s s u p p l i c a i o n t r e e t but there is no harm in saying it less than three times' there is no harm in saying it less than three times. You then descendlrom as-Safaand do the sa'ye of the You then descend from as-Safa and do the sa'ye of the 'ymra!. seven times. lncrease your paca b€twsen tho 'umrah seven times. Increase pace between the gre€n posts, but walk at a normal pace before and after green posts, but normal pace before after them. When you climb on the Manvah,praiseAllahand do them.When you climb Marwah, praise Allah and • as you did at as-Safa, repeating your supplications, you as you did as-Sa!a, repeatingyour supplications, it you if can conveniently do so, three times. can convenientlydo so, three times. There are no requiredformulasor supplications tawaf for There are no required formulas or supplications for tawat and sa'ye. It is up to the worshipper to praise Allah or and sa ye. lt is up to the worshipperto praise Allah or supplicateHim in his own words,or he may reciteporlions supplicate Him in his own words, or he may recite portions ol the Qur'an, with due regard to the supplications which of the Our'an, with due regard to the supplications which the Prophet(peacebe on him) recitedduring the Prophet (peace be on him) recited during the perform- the perform- ance of these rites. ance of these rites. 'ttmrah shavingor shortenlng by 4. After sa'y, end your 'umrah by shaving or shortening 4. After sa'y,end your your hair. After this, the prohibitionspertainlngto the your hair. After this, the prohibitions pertaining to the
  • 23. state ifiram are and you may now resume your state of ihram are lifted and you may now resume your norma/life. normal llfe. lf you are doing haij alamatt'u the sacriflce If you are doing hajj al-tamatt'u the sacrifice of a sheep the seventh part sheep or the seventh part of a camel or a cow becomes cam€l cow becomes obllgatory you on the Day obligatory for you on the Day of Sacrifice (the 10th of Sacrifice (the 10th Dhul-HiJjah). you cannot afford this sacrifice, is lf Dhul·Hijjah). If you cannot afford this sacrifice, it is you fast ten days, three them durlng obligatory for you to fast ten days, three of them during obligatory thenell and seven after returning home. the hajj and seven after returning home. ff you are perlorminghail al-tamatt'u haii al-qiran,ll If you are performing hajj al·tamatt'u or hajj al·qiran, it ts preterable fasttnuE1nffiff to uffio"v ot is preferable to fast these three days before the Day of 'Arafat(the 9th 'Arafat (the 9th of Dhul·Hijjah). Dhul-Hijjah), I THE PERFORMANCECOF HAJJJ I THE PERFORMAN OF HAJ E 1. lf you are performinghajj al-ifrad haii al-qiran (i.e., 1. If you are performing hajj al-ifrad or hajj al-qiran (Le., ~ combined with 'umfthl, you enter into ihram the 'umrah), you enter into ihram at the .fia{ combined 'station lhram (al-miqatlthrough which you pass on 'station of Ihram (al-miqat) through which you pass on your way Makkah. your way to Makkah. lhram on If you do not pass through any Station of Ihram on ff you do not pass lhrough any Station Makkah, you enter into ihram from your your way to Makkah, you enter into ihram from your your way residence. residence.
  • 24. If you are performing hajj al·tamatt'u (the interrupted ff you are performlng hdil at-tamdtl'u.(the interrupted ham, you sntsr lnlo ihlgm tor W from your r€sidence in you enter Into Ihram for hajj from your residence in !!!!), of Dhul·Hljjah. Perlorm ghusl (shower Makkah on the 8th of Dhul-HUJah. Perform ghusl (shower or washlng of the enlire body),perfume yourself lf pos' washing entire body), perfume yourselt If pos- sible, and put on the two garmentsof r'lrram. slble, garments ihram. This applies This applies to men. Women likewise perform ghusl but are not to men. Women likewise perform ghusl to use pertume. They may wear any sultable clothes they perfume. They suitable have as long as they do not show their adornments and adornments cover every part of thearbodies ercepting the hands and cover every part their bodiss excepting face. For woman, if she is in the presence of other men face. woman, presence who are not her immediate relatives like her husband, who are immediate relatives like husband, father, brother or son then she should cover her face. After lather, brother son then she should cover face' putting on ihram make your ni)ry?h (intention) Saying: putting on ihram make your niyyah (intention) by Saying: Labbayka Hajjan, then recite talbiwah: Llbbavka Haiian, then recite talbiwah: .tu cIJ&; ~ ~ ~p Y .1=J r+ut+J -4J ') ~ ~ ~ ~ ) ( ~ .!..ltp ":J ( .:I gt .,3 Y ~I) .!..ll ~) ..l..:l .) $tlt, glJ i-,*:.JtJ J-Il .lt "Labbayk, Allahumma. "Labbayk, Allahumma. Labbayk. Labbeyk. Lsbbayk. La shareeka laka. Labbayk. La sharaeka laka. Labbayk. LabbaYk.
  • 25. lnnal-hamdawan-n'lmatalaka Innal·hamda wan·n'lmata laka wal-mulk. wa{·mulk. La siareeka lak'." La shareeka lak'." (Here am at Your servlce, Lord,here I am. No (Here II am at Your service, 0 lord, here 13m. No O partner do You have. Here am. Truly, the pralse partner do You have. Here I am. Truly, the praise and the favor ls Yours, and the domlnlon. No and the favor is Yours, and the dominion. No partner do You have.) partner do You have.) 2. You then go to Mlna,whereyou pray lhe Dhuhr,'Asr, 2. You then go to Mlna, where you pray the Dhuhr, 'Asr, Maghrlb, 'lsha and Fajr prayers thelr propsr times, MaghrJb, '/sha and Fajr prayers at their proper times, shortening prayers of lour rak'as to two rak'as. Do not shortening prayers of four rak'as to two rak'as. Do not combine these prayers. combine these prayers. 3.. Whenn the sun has risennon the 9th atf Dhul-HiJjah, h , 3 Whe the sun has rise on the 9th o Dhul-Hijja proceed toward 'Arafat in proceed toward 'Arafat in a dignified manner and dignified manner and wlthoutharmingyourfellowpifgrlms. 'Arafat,pray the without harming your fellow pilgrims. At 'Aratat, pray the Dhuh,and Asr pray€rs, Dhuhr and 'Asr prayers, shortened and combined during shortened and combinedduring the tlme ol Dhuhrwlth one adhanand two igamahs. the time of Dhuhr with one adhan and two iqamahs. Make sure that you are withln the boundaries 'Arafat. Make sure that you are within the boundaries at 'Arafat. of Stay wlthin the boundarles 'Arafat,except the valley of Stay within the boundaries of 'Aratat, except the valley (Oranah,recitingthe praise Allah the Most High, and of (Oranah, reciting the praise of Allah the Most High, and
  • 26. ofloring supplications facing qiblah with upraised hands, offoring supplications facing with upraised hands, as was the practice of Prophet Muhammad (may peace as practice Prophet Muhammad (may peace him). Remain 'Arafat until and blessingsof Allah be on him)' Remain at 'Aratat until and blessings Allah after sunset. aftsr sunset. 4. When lhe sun has set, procsed toward Muzdallfah 4. When the set, proceed toward Muzdallfah In a peaceful and dlgnifled manner, recitlng talblyyah. In peaceful and dignified manner, reciting tslblyyah. Do not harm or cause any dlscomfort to your fellow Do not harm cause any discomfort your fellow Muslims. When you arrlve at Muzdallfah, pray the Musllms. When you arrive Muzdallfah, pray the Maghrlb and 'Ishs prayers combined, shortenlng '/s[a to Maghrlband 'lsia prayerscomblned,shortening '/shs two ralr'als.Stay Muzdalifahuntll you have prayed two rsk's's. Stay at Muzdallfah until you have prayed the Falr prayer.Then walt untll the brlghtnass the mor' Fslr prayer. Then walt until the brightness of the mor· nlng ls wlrte spread, supplicate faclng glbfaD with nlng Is wide spread, supplicate facing qlblah wlth upralsed hands, tollowlng tha practlce the eroinet upraised hands, following the practice of the Prophet (peace be on him). (peacebe on hlm). I For wom6n or weak Indlviduals, ls permisslble • For women or weak Individuals, it Is permissible to proceedto Mlna at any tlme aftar mldnlght' proceed to Mlna at any time after midnight. plck up only sevsnpebblesto throw at In Muzdallfah, pick up only seven pebbles to throw at In Muzdalllah, 'Aqabah.Other pebblescan be plclted the Stone Pillar of 'Aqabah. Other pebbles can be picked the Stone Plltarof up at Mina. There is no harm even if the seven pebblesto up at Mina. There is no harm even if the seven pebbles to
  • 27. Stone Pillar of 'Aqabah are also picked up be thrownat the Stone Pillarof 'Aqabah are also pickedup thrown at Mina. Mina. 6. When you arrive at Mina,do tho followlng: 6. When you arrive Mina, the following: (a)At the Stone Plllar of 'Aqabah(thls is the pillar nea' (a) the Stone Pillar 'Aqabah (this pillar nea- rest to Makkah) throw the seven pebbles one after the rest Makkah) throw seven pebbles other, saying "Allahu akbar" at each throw. other, saying .. AI/shu akbar" each throw. (b) If you are required to sacritice, slaughteryour (b) lf you are required sacrifice, slaughter your sacrificial animal. You are to eat some ol its meat and sacrificialanimal. You are eat some of meat and distribute the major part to the needy. distribute the major part of it to the needy. (c) Shaveyour head cut some halr from it. Shaving (c) Shave your head or cut some hair from it. Shaving is preferable men,while for womefithe length hair is preferable for men, while for women the length of hair for to be cut is that of fingertiP. to be cut is that of a fingertip. order of doing things is pre' • The above-mentioned order of doing things is pre· O The above-mentioned ferred, however,lf they are done in some other order, ferred, however, if they are done in some other order, there is no harm In it. there is no harm In It. After you have thrown the pebbles and shaved or •O After you have thrown the pebbles and shaved or cut some ol your hair, the prohibitions of ihram are cut some ot your hair, the prohibitions of ihrBm are lifted, excepting the prohibltionol sexual Intercourse lifted, excepting the prohibition of sexual intercourse
  • 28. with your spouse.This is the f irst tahallul,Le., returning your spouse. This the first tahallul, i'e., returning to one's normalstate. You are now to wear your usual one's normal state. You are now wear your usual clothes. clothes. 7. Then you go to Makkah and perform the tawaf Then you Makkah and perform the tawat al-ifalah (lhe tawafwhich is an essentialpartof the Hajj). If al·itadah (the tawaf which an essential part the Hajj).ll you are doing haij al-tamatt'u,you also pedorm sa'ye. If you are doing hajj al·tamatt'u, you also perform sa'ye. lf you are performinghaii al-ifrador haii al-qiranand you did you are performing hajj al-itrad hajj al-qiran and you did not perform sa'ye with tawaf al-qudum (the Tawat of not perform sa'ye with tawat al-gudum (the fawal of you must do sa'ye now. After this, the prohrbition Arrival), you must do sa'ye now. Afterthis, the prohibition Arrival), marital relations is also lifted and you return lo of marital relations is also lifted and you return to a completely normal life. completelynormal lite. • It is permissible l eo delayythe tawat tal-ifadah h n t i l the I ft i s p e r m i s s i b to d e l a t h e t a w a a l - i t a d a until t h e t u dayss spent t att Mina are over,r ,goingg to Makkah hforr this day spen a Mina are ove goin to Makka lo this tawat !afterr alll thre"eePillars sh a v ebeennstoned. . t a w a a ft e a l t h r e P i l l a r have b e e s t o n e d 8. Af ter performingyour tawafal-if adah on the Day of 8. After performing your tawat al·ifadah on the Day of Sacrifice,e ,r e t u r n to Minaa and spend d there e the nightss S a c r i f i c return t o M i n a n d s p e n t h e r t h e n i g h t preceding g h e 11th, ,12thh and 13thhdayss off Dhul-Hijjah h p r e c e d i n the 1 1 t h 1 z t a n d 1 3 t d a y o D h u l ' H i j j a t {theethreeedayssfollowing g h e Dayyoff Sacrifice whichharee ( t h t h r e d a y f o l l o w i n the D a o S a c r i ifc e w h i c a r t knownna s ayyamu-tashreeq. e qisl th o w e v e rpermissible l to k n o w as a y y a m u - t a s h r e It i.s however, p e r m i s s i b eo , t spenddonlyytwo nightssin Minaainstead do f three. , s p e n o n l t w o n i g h t i n M i n i n s t e a of t h r e e
  • 29. 9. At any time In the atternoon of sach ol the two or 9. At any tlme afternoon each of three days of your $tay In Mlna, etono each of the three three dayg your stay In Mlna, stone each three whlch ls pijlars, starting wlth the llrst Pillar (1.e., one which Is Plllars,startlng with the first Plllar (I.e., the one farthest from Makkah), followed by the mlddle Plllarand farthest from Makkah),followed middle Pillar and 'Aqabah.Throw sev€npebbles,one lastly the Pillar of 'Aqabah. Throw seven pebbles, one by Plllar lastly one, at each of these Pillars, saying "AI/shu skbsr" al one, at each these Plllars, saylng "Allahu ahbar" at e~ch Jhrow. each lhrow. • If you stay in Mina for only two days, you must leave O lf you stay in Mina only two days, you must leave Mlna before the sun sets on the second day. If the sun Mlna before the sun s€ts on the second day. lf sun beforeyou ere able depart,remaln Mlna should set before you are able to depart, remain In Mlna should the thlrd nlght and throw pebblesagaln the next day. for the third night and throw pebbles again the next day. In any case, lt ls preferable remaln In Mlna In any case, It Is preferable to remain In Mlna for three three nights. nlghts. O lt ls permlsslble for the slck and the weak • It Is permissible for the sick and the weak to appolnt proxy throw thelr pebbles.The proxy first appoint a proxy to throw their pebbles. The proxy llrst throwe hls own pebbles,followed. the pebbles the throws his own pebbles, followed. by the pebbles of the by perllonhe represents whlle the eama plllar. person he represents while at the same pillar. 10. ll you declde return your country after com- 10. If you decide to return to your country after com· pletlng the rltes ol hall,you performthe Farewell Tawal pletlng the rites of hall, you perform the Farewell Tawsf
  • 30. (tawst ai-wide) before leaving Makkah. No ono 13 (lawaf ar-wiOal before leavlng Makkah. one Is excused from this except womsn who are menstruallng excused trom thls except women are menstruating or In the period of discharge lollowlng chlldblrth. In the perlod dlscharge following childbirth. IOBLIGATIONS DURINGG H R A M O B L I G A T I O N D U R I N IHRAMI S I During the state of Ihram for hajj or 'Umrah, the follo. Durf the state lhram tor W or'Umrah,the follo- ng wing are obligatory; wlng are obllgatory; 1. To lalthfully observe that Allah has made obliga- 1. To faithfully observe all tt'lat Allah has made obllga- ths dally prayers thelr proper times. tory, such as the dally prayers at their proper tlmes. tory, such 2. To avoid what Allah has prohibited,such as wrong- 2. To avoid what Allah has prohibited, such as wrong- doing, quarreling and committing sins. doing, quarreling and committing sins. 3. To guardagelnstInJurlng Musllmsby deed by 3. To guard against injuring the Muslims by deed or by the word. word. 4. To abstaln from what ls prohlblteddurlng lhram, 4. To abstain from what is prohibited during Ihram, namely: namely: (a) Do not cut your nalls or pull out hair. There ls no (a) Do not cut your nails or pull out hair. There Is no blame on you if these break or come by themselves blame on you if these break or come off by themselves
  • 31. wlthout your inlendingit. without your intending it. (b) Do not use scent, whetheron the clothesor on the (b) Do not use scent, whether on the clothes the body,or In food or drink. Thereis no harm if the effecl of body, food drink. There harm the effect scent applied before putting on ihram remains. scent applied before putting on ihram remains. (c) ) Do nott kill, , frightennor assist t in huntinggany land (c Do no kill frighte or assis in huntin any land game as long a$ you are in ihram. game as long as you are in ihram. (d) Within the precints (d) Within the prednts of al·Haram, no one, in the no a-!-,Ha-tam., one, the state ihram not, is allowed cut trees,pluck vege- state of ihram or not, is allowed to cut trees, pluck vege- tables collect lost propertyexcept for the sake tables or collect a lost property except for the sake of identifying for its owner.For the Messenger Atlah ot identifying it for its owner. For the Messenger of Allah (peaceebe upon him))said so. . ( p e a c b e u p o nh i m s a i ds o (e) Do not propose (e) Do not propose to a woman or contract marriage woman or contract marriage either rfor yourselfl for on behalfl foff others. .Sexual linter- - eithe lor yourse or on beha o others Sexua inter courseeis prohibited do o ,so is touching gt h e apposite e e x c o u r s i s p r o h i b i t e too, s o i s t o u c h i n the a p p o s i t sex t s with desire Al thes action are-prohibit durin the with desire. .Alll theseeactionssare-prohibitededuringgthe d period ot ihrar!, period of ihram. Alll thesee prohibitions sapplyy equally y to men and Al thes prohibition appl equall to men and womennalike. . wome alike In particular ln
  • 32. r A man may not put any coverlng on hls head. •I A man may not put any covering on his head. However,the shade of an umbrellaor the roof of a car le However, the shade of an umbrella or the roof of a car Is permlsslble. Therels no harm In carrylngsomethlngon permissible. There Is no harm In carrying something on the head. the head. A man may not wear a shlrt or anythingelse which •e A man may not wear a shirt or anything else which is gewn, such as a burnoose, turban, trousers, khult is sewn, such as a burnoose, turban, trousers, khuff (short, thln boot), on the whole or a part of his body. (short, thin boot), on the whole or a part of his body. However,lt an !4g (one of the two garments oI ihranl, However, if an Izar (one of the two garments of ihram, worn on the lower part of the body) is not avallable, worn on the lower part of the body) is not available, trousersmay be worn, and sandalsare not avallable trousers may be worn, and if sandals are not available Rhult may be worn. khuff may be worn. O lt is forbiddenfor woman to wear gloveson her • It is forbidden for a woman to wear gloves on her hands cover her face wlth face-veil (niqab) hands or to cover her face with a face-veil(niqab) or burq'u (drape)during the state oI ihram.HoFer, burq'u (drape) during the state of ihram. However, if male strangersare around her, she should conceal her male strangers are around her, she should concealher f a c e w i t h h e h e a d - c o v e r i o r something s face with herr head-covering n g s o m e t h i n g i m i l a r T h e s e or similar. , These rules apply until she comes out rules apply until she comes out of ihram. ihram. O lf a person wears a sewn garment or covers his • If person wears sewn garment covers head (for men), uses perfume,pulls out some hairs,or head (for men), uses perfume, pulls some hairs, c u t s h i s n a i l st h r o u g hforgetfulnessso r d u e tto iignorance,€ , cuts his nails through f o r g e t f u l n e or due o g n o r a n c s
  • 33. there is no ti$Etr- (sxpiation) for him. He should stop there is no fidyah (expiation) for him. He should stop doing such thlngs as soon as he remembers or ls dolng such things as soon as he remembers or Is reminded of then. remindedol then. O ft is permissibleto wear sandals,a ring, a pair of • It is permissible to wear sandals, a ring, a pair of glasses,a hearingaid, a wrist watch, and a belt or a glasses, a hearing aid, a wrist watch, and a belt or a girdlewhich protectsone's moneyor documents' girdle which protects one's money or documents. O lt ls permissibleto change one's clothes and to • It Is permissible change one's clothes and wash them, as well as to wash one's hair and body,and wash them, wellas wash one's hair and body, and it does not matter if some hair inadvertently falls out it does not matter il some hair inadvertently falls out during washing. d u r i n gw a s h i n g . VISITATION THE PROPHET'S MOSOUE IVISITATION OF THE PROPHET'S MOSQUEI OF 1. .Goinggto Madinah h t anyy time with the intention n f o 1 G o i n t o M a d i n a at a n t i m e w i t h t h e i n t e n t i o of a visiting gt h e Prophet's ' s o s q u ei s a sunnah, has v i s i t i n the P r o p h e t Mosque is a s u n n a , M iSperf r a s is perfor- 'o ming sa/ah ln it. Accordingto a hadithof the Prophet (may ming salah in it. According to a hadith of the Prophet (may peaceand blessing Allahbe on him),a-9a/ah performed peace and blessing of Allah be on him), ~ performed of Mosqueis betterthan a thousand sa/atsin in the Prophet's Mosque is better than a thousand sa/ats in in the Prophet's any other place excepting the Sacred Mosque (Masls! any other place excepting the Sacred Mosque (Masjid a/-Haram) in Makkah. al-Haram)in Makkah.
  • 34. 2. There Is f.!!.!!!!!!. not talblydh for 2. There ls no Jhrdm nor talblyah lor the vlslt to the visit to Prophet's Mosque,and lt should be emphaslzedthat Prophet's Mosque, and It should emphasized that there ls no connectlon whatsoeverbetween thls vlslt there Is connection whatsoever between this visit and hajj. and the haii. 3. When you enter the Prophet'sMosque, enter with 3. When you enter the Prophet's Mosque, enter with your right foot first,sayingthe name ol Allahthe Most High, your right foot first, saying the name of Allah the Most High, and evoking blessings on His Prophet (may His peace and and evokingblessings His Prophet(may His peace blessings be on him), and ask Allah to open the gates of blessings on him), and ask Allah to open the gates be His mercy for you. The recommended words for entering His mercy for you. The recommended words for entering any mosque, including the Prophet's Mosque, are: any mosque, includingthe Prophet'sMosque, are: i f (-oAAJl .4I,j.W.....) (-.,>J ~ J) r.1-J1 ~~ :, yi ) U F:'ji,l dtlai-J A,fft + )) eLJl nf{ ,J"i ) .. ( .. ( ~) yl.f.i J c?lt ~I e-)l oU".:tr J:^r vl_,,i ,J g.l r*[t e*Jl 0~ "A'(tdhLtbillahll-adhesmwa walhl hll'kareem wa "A 'udhu billahll-adheem wa wajhl hll-kareem wa sultanlhtl-qadeem mlna' shaytanl'raleem. Allah' sultanlhll-qadeem mlna . shaytanl-rajeem. Allah- humma,lltah llaOwabarahmattk. hum ma, Iftah 1/ abwaba rahmsttk. ( see refug tn Alla the At'mlght and ln Hls (I l seekkrefuge eIn Allahh the AI-mighty,yand In His , nobleec o u n t e n a n cand In His eternal power,r from n o b l countenance a n d I n H l s e t e r n a p o w e , r o m e l f Satanthe Relected. Allah,opento me the doors Satan the Rejected. 0 Allah, open to me the doors O of Your mercy.) of Your mercy.)
  • 35. Perform rsk'ats tahlyyet sl-masjld !!!!.!! 4. Perform two ra,t'als of tshlyyat al-maslld (the 88/at "greeting mosque") entering Mosque, of "greetlng of the mosque") after enterlngthe Mosque, preferabtyln the Rawdah or otherwlse anywhereelse In preferably In Rawdah otherwise anywhere else Mosque. the Mosque. 5. Then go to the graveof the Prophet (may the pbace 5. Then the grave the Prophet(may pbace and blesslngof Allah be on hlm), and standingIn front and blessing Allah be him), and standing in front of It and taclng lt, say In a respectfuland hushedvolca: lt and facing It, say In respectful and hushed voice: ( i{ t t;$l i,*r1 d' Ui -:Jir g>t-JtI ayyuhan'nablyya rahmetul' we "Assa/amu 'a/alka, ayyuhan-nablyya wa rahmatu/· " Assalamu'alalka, lahl wa barakatuhu. " wa barakatuhu." (Peacebe on you, O Prophet,and the mercy and (Peace be on you, 0 Prophet, and the mercy and blesslngs Allah),and call for the blesslngs blessings of Allah), and call for the blessings of Allah on hlm. Therels no harm if you acld: Allah on him. There is no harm If you add: ~jJl .)~l ~W. ~IJ ~J ~} ~I ~) grll r-rll ltitl rlrul; ilr.a,"Jl cI -pr 1 ' ( de; • ( ~.lS- J . (( ~.)--I ~i ~i Y' 0'Fi i ~I )) ,l+l J-aii oi f r .'aUI "Allahumma, , atlhll-waseelatat a wal-fadeelatat a "Allahumma atlhll-waseela wal-fadeela wab-'aathuul - m a q am aI-mahhmouda 1·laddhee w a b - ' t h I·maqa ma l - m a m o u d al - l a h e e
  • 36. r wa·adtahu. wa€dtehu. Allahumma, aJzlh 'sn Allahumma, aJzlh 'an ummatlhl afdalal.Jaza'. If afdalal-faza'." (O Lord, glve hlm the rlght (of Interceeslon) (0 lord, give him the right (of Intercession) and pralseworthy ste. the favor, and raise him to the praiseworthy sta· favor, end ralee hlm lo tlon whlch you promlsed hlm. tlon which you promised to him. o O Allah, reward him on behalf of his urnmah Allah, reward hlm behelf hls ummeh (people) with the best of rewards.) (people)wlth the best rewards.) Then move a little to the right to stand before the Then move llttle the rlght stand before the grave Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleaeed wlth hlm). grave of Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him). Greet him and supplicate Allah to bestow His mercy and Greet hlm and suppllcateAllah bestow Hls mercy and forgiveness on him. forglveness hlm. on Again move a little to the right to stand before the Agaln rnoye llttle the rlght stand bsfore the gravo of 'Umar (may Allah be pleased wlth hlm), and grave of 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), and greet hlm and make suppllcatlonfor hlm. greet him and make supplication for him. 6. ft fs sunnahtohave(Taharah), 6. It Is sunnah to have (Taharah), and visit the Mosque and vlelt the Mosque of Quba and offer ~ In It, as the Prophet (peace be on Quba and offer sa/at In lt, the Prophet(peacs be on hlm) prayed there and encouraged others him) prayed there and encouraged others to do the the 98m6. same.
  • 37. 7. lt is sunnahto visit the graves of al'Baqe'e cametory' 7. It is sunnah to visit the graves of al·Baqe'e cemetery, and the grave of Uthman (May Allah bo pleasedwith him) and the grave of Uthman Allah be pleased with him) 0' and the martyrs of 'Uhud, and the grave Hamzah (May and the martyrsof 'Uhud. and the grave ol Hamzah (May Allah be pleased with them.);to greet them and to pray for Allah pleased them.); to greet them and pray the mercy of Allah upon them. The Prophet (peace be the mercy Allah upon them. Prophet (peace upon him) used to visit all these graves and pray for the upon him) used visit these graves and pray souls of those who were buried there. He taught his souls those were buried there. taught companions when visiting graves to say: companions when visiting graves say: ~I) ~ jll ~ J~..ul J-i ~ p)r-Jl) 01 U'lJ ;*ulr, d^rril ./ ;LrttJ^i 'SJ" i;;WI I 'rl Ul-r . (~WI~) W 1»1 JL 0~'j ~ 1» ~~ 1 +iUr 15j: UJ.iil J'f*, ,iti-! ,*(+ 6t ,tl II Assalsmu'alllhum, ahlal'dlyar mlnal'mu'mlneen " Assalamu 'alalkum, ahlal-diyar mlnal·mu'mineen wa lnna lnsha-Alla! blkum lahl' wal-musllmeen, wa inns Insha-AJ/ah blkum lah!· wal-muslimeen, qoon.Nasata/-/ah lanawa ldkumul-'atlyah' qoon. Nasalal-Iaha lana wa lakumul·'aflyah. a (Reported by Muslim) (RePorted Musllm) bY (Peacebe on you, O dwellersof thls place from among (Peace be on you, 0 dwellers of this place from among the Befleversand the Musllms,and we wlll lnsha''Allah the Believers and the Muslims, and we will Insha·'AJ/sh of Hell) Jolnyou.We ask Allah for securlty(from the Flre join you. We ask Allah for security (from the Fire of Hell) for ourselves and for you.) for ourselves and for You.) besldesthe mosquesand According to the Sharl'ah besides the mosques and Accordingto the Sh.arl'ah places mentlonedabov€,there ars no other mos' other places mentioned above, there are no other mos- oth€r
  • 38. Ques places In Madlnah which visited. The· ques or placas ln Madlnsh whlch are to be vlslted. The. refore, do not burden yourself by vlsltlng places for refore, burden yourself visiting places for which there Is reward which, there whlch there ls no reward or for whlch, In fact, there might be gome blame for dolng so. And Allah ls the mlght be some blame doing so. Is source guidance. source of guidance. ERRORS OFTEN COMMITTED ERRORS OFTEN COMMITTED BY PILGRIMS BY PILGRIMS First: Errors Related to Ihram Fkst: Errors Relatad lhram Some pllgrlms pypassthe deslgnatedStation l.hram Some pilgrims pypass the designated Station of Ihram on their route without either being In Ihram or entering on thefr rout€ wlthout elther belng ln lhram enlerlng lnlo lhrem there, proceedlnguntll they reach Jeddeh Into!l!!!!E there, proceeding until they reach Jeddah or some other placewlthln the precinctsof the Slatlons, some other place within the precincts 0.1 the Stations, at whfch they enter lnlo lhram. Thls ls agalnst the com- which they enter into Ihrsm. This Is against the com- mand of Allah's Messenger(psace be on hlm), whlch mand of Allah's Messenger (peace be on him), which etfpufatesthat every pllgrlm should enter Into lhram al stipulates that every pilgrim should enter Into Ihram at tho Statlon oI lhram whlch lles on hls route. the Station of!l1!!!!1 which lies on his route. lf thls happensto someone, must eithergo back to h6 If this happens to someone, he must either- go back to
  • 39. the Statfon of !l!.!!!!!!..lylng on hls route end thero €nter Station ~f thram,lylng his route and there enter Into j!1gg, or he must make explatlon by sacrlflclng a tnto Ihram, make expiation sacrificing sheep In Makkah and feedlng all Its sheep Makkah feeding lts meat to the poor. poor. applies pilgrims regardless wh~ther This applies to all pilgrims regardless of whelher one passes the Station of lhram by air, by soa or by land. passes Station Ihram sea O lf one dld not pass through one of the flva desl' • If one did pass through one five desi- gnatedStatlons of Ihrsm, he should enter Into !!!!!!!1 at a gnated Stations lhran!,he should enter lntolDram polnt whlch Is nearest to the Statlon of Ihrsm on hls point which ls nearest the Station lhram his route. route. Second: ErrorsReldted Tawaf Second: Errors Related to Tawa! 1. Starting the tawa! at some point other than the site of 1. Startingthe tawaf some point other than the site of the Black Stone, while it obligatory begin tawat lrcm the Black Stone. while it is obligatory to begin tawa! from the Black Stone. the Black Stone. 2. Doing one's ~f Inside the HIJr of Isma'II, which 2. Dolngone's !"ntl Inslde the HUr of lsma'll,whlch moens golng around portlon the K'abah rather than means going around a portion of the K'abah rather than the whole of lt slnce the HUr of lsma'll ls part the the whole of It since the Hljr of Isma'" Is a part of the K'abah which would then be left out of tawat. Such a K'abah whlch would then be left out ol tawaf.Such tawa! is invalid. tawal ls Invalld.
  • 40. r 3. Dolng,g:!lt.e., taklngqulck short steps)durlngall 3. Doing ramal (I.e., taking quick short steps) during all seven clrcults whlle !!!.!!!!lls to be done only durlng the B€vencircuits while lsmdlls to be done only during the flrst three of the Tawal ol Arrlval (t9""! al'qu|uml. first three of the Tawaf of Arrival (tawaf a/-C].!!!:!!:!!!!). 4. Strugglingvehementlyto kiss the Black Stone in this 4. Struggling vehemently Black Stone this proc€ss and hitting or pushing people' Such acts' which process and hitting pushing people. Such acts, which are injurious to Muslims,are not permissible' are iniurious Muslims, are not permissible. O t h o u | b n o t e that t t h tawat remains n s p e r f • |It sshoulddbee noted d t h athe e t a w a f r e m a iperfectly e c t l y valid d w i t h o u t . k i s s theg Black |Stone. t If n e . | fdoes d o eorn o t o r v a | i without kissing i n t h e B a c k S o one o n e not s to point cannot kiss the Btack stone, it is sufticientsimply cannot kiss the Black Stone, it is sufficient simply to point one comesparallel it' to it, saying "AI/ahu akbar" when one comes parallel to it, to it, saying"Allahu akba/'when to althoughone may be at distancelrom it' although one may be at a distance from it. 5. . Wipinggone's shanddover rthe BlackkStone, ,s e e k i n g 5 W i p i n o n e ' h a n o v e t h e B l a c S t o n e seeking "blossings" (Dt*lrt) thereby is an innovation(bid-'a "blessings" (barakah) thereby is an innovation (bid'a) with no basis in the Shari'ah lstam.The sunnahis to with no basis in the Shari'ah of Islam. The ~ is to o{ touchhitt orr kisssitt onlyywhennitt cann be doneeec:.sily.y ' touc i o kis i onl whe i ca be don easil
  • 41. 6. Touching lour corners K'abah its walls,and 6. Touching the four corners ol ~ or its walls, and the 01 wiping one's hands against them.The Prophet (p€aco wipingono's handsagainstthem. The Prophet(peace be on him)did not touchany partol ['abah exceptthe Black on him) did not touch any part of ~ except the Black Stone and the Yemeni hrner. Stone and the YemeniCorner. 7. Sayingspecificformulas of supplicalionsreserved lor 7. Saying specific formulas supplications reserued for The Prophet (peaca on him)did notspecify each circuit. TheProphet eachcircuit. (peace bs on him) did not specify be any suppfications except to say AI/shu skbs," when he any supplications exceptto say "WIt when he reached BlackStoneand,at the end of eachcircuit reached the Black Stone and. at the end 01 each circuit the between Yamani Corner theBlack and Stone, said: he between the Yamani Corner and the Black Stone. he said: the Llj z# ,.eit Ar;*# Sj*lr 8 ~' )., + 6j 6j T , .J F ,J. 8 ~Ili {.;6' +tri- "'. -d . "Rabbana, atlna tld-dunya hasanatan wa lll'akhlratl "Rabbana, at/na fld-dunya hasanatan wa fII·akhlrati hasanawa qina adhaban'nar." hasana wa qlna adhaban·nar." (Our Lord, glve us good In thls world and good in the (Our Lord, give us good In this world and good in the Hereafterand save us from the punlshment the Fire.) of Hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Fire.: 8. Ralslng one's volce above the volces of oth€rs; 8. Raising one's Yolce above the Yolces of others; whether in following or laading the lawaf as it causes whether in following or leading the tawaf as it causes confusion among the worshippers. confu'sionamong the worshlppers.
  • 42. L struggllng to Prayat ths Statlonof lbraheem'Thls lg 9. Struggling to pray at the Station of Ibraheem. This Is c o n t r a r t o the !E.!!.!!.!!!, , b e s l d being Injurious to other contraryyto t h e s u n n a , hbesides e s b e l n g l n l u r l o u s t o o t h e r worshippers. It Is sufficient to pray the two!!!!:!!..! ot ls sufftclent to Pray the two rM of t"*3 after complatlngone's tawaf anywherewithin the tawaf after completing one's tawaf anywhere wlthln the Sacred Mosque. Sacred Mosque. Third: Enors Related to Ss'ye Third: Errors Belated to Sa'Ye 1. When climblng upon Sata and Marwah, some pll' 1. When climbing Safa Marwah, pll. grlms face the K'abah and geetlculatetoward lt wlth grlms face K'abah gesticulate toward It with thelr hand whlle saylng "-W'as akbar" as lf thoy wers their hand while saying "A/lahu If they were saying takbir lor sa/at This gesticulating is an aror saying takbir for salat. This gesticulating error him) raised his palms because the Prophet (peace be on him) raised his palms because the Prophet (peace be only for supplication.Here you may glority and magnify only for supplication. Here you may glorify and magnify Allah the Most High, supplicatingHim in any words you Allah the Most High, supplicating Him in any words you wish while facing the diraction of the K'abah' lt is wish while facing the direction of the K'abah. It is preferable to recito the dhikr which the Prophet (peacs be preferable to recite the dhikr which the Prophet (peace be on him) recited at Safa and Marwah. on him) recited at Safa and Manvah. one's pace throughoutthe entlre dls' 2. Accelerating one's pace throughout the entire dis· 2. Accelerating tance between the two hills. The ~is to accelerate tance betweenthe two hllls.The sunna!.lsto sccelerate one's pace only between the two green posts, whlle one's pace only between the two green posts, while walking at normal pace the remainder of tha way' walking at normal pace the remainder of the way.
  • 43. Fourth: Erro{sRelatedto'Aralat Fourth: Errors Related to 'Aratat 1. Some pilgrims camp outside the boundarles 1. Some pilgrims camp outside the boundaries of 'Arafatand remain there until the sun has set; then they 'Aratat and remainthere until the sun has set; then they 'Arafat depart for Muzdalilah without standlng at depart tor Muzdalifah without standing at 'Arafat properly. This is serlouserror whlch lnvalldates thelr properly. This is a serIous error which invalidates their hajj slnce standlng in Arafat the ess€nceol hajj, and lt fial since standing in Aratat is the essence ot !g!, and It and not outslde is obligatory to be within its boundaries and not outside is obligatory be within its boundarles them, if is not easy do that, they may enter before them, it it is not easy to do that, they may enter before sunset and remain there until sunset. lt ls quite sunset and remain there until sunset. It Is quite acceptable to stand in Arafat during the nlght of acceptable to stand in Aratat during the night ot sacrifice i n particular. sacrifice in particular. 2. Departlng rom 'Arafat beforethe sun has set ls not 2. Departing trom 'Aratat betore the sun has set is not f permissible,because messenger Allah (peacebe permissible, because the messenger of Allah (peace be the of on him) stayed 'Arafat until the sun had set comple- on him) stayed at 'Aratat until the sun had set comple- tely. . tely 3 S t r u g g l i n through c r o w d i n o r d e t o c l i m b M o u n 3.. Struggling gh r o u g hcrowdssIn order rto climb Mount t t 'Arafatis not permissible, 'Aratat is not permissible, because it causes much harm because causesmuch harm 'Arafatls place and injuryto others.The entirePlainof and injury to others. The entire Plain ot 'Aratat is a place of standing, and neither climbing Mount 'Arafat nor of standing, and neither climbing Mount 'Aratat nor making salah there has been recommended. making salah there has been recommended.
  • 44. 4 . M a k i n gs u p p l i c a t l o nfs c i n gM o u n t ''Aratat tIs IIncor·' 4. Making supplications facing Mount A r a f a l s n c o r a rect becausethe sunnahis to face qlblahwhlle making rect because the sunnah is to face qlblah while making supplication. supplication. 5. Maklngheapsol earthor pebbles:during the day of 5. Making heaps of earth or pebbles: during the day of 'Arafat, at particular places, by some people' has no 'Arafat, at particular places. by some people, has no bases in the Shariah of Allah. bases in the Shariah of Allah, Fifth: Errors Related to Muzda/ifah Fitth: Errors Related Some pilgrims start collecting pebbles to throw at the Some pilgrims start collecting pebbles throw Stone Pillarsin Mina as soon as they arrivein Muzdalifah stone Pillars Mina soon they arrive Muzdalifah 'tsha prior to praying the Maghrib and 'Isha prayers'This is not prior to praying the Maghriband prayers. This correct.Nor is the practicethat all the pebblesmust be correct. Nor is the practice that all the pebbles must be collected at Muzdalifah. collected at Muzdalifah. The correctposition that the pebblescan be collected The correct position is that the pebbles can be collected is anywherer e w i t h ithehboundariesrof s o | a l . H a (the territoryr r t t o r y a n y w h e within n t e b o u n d a i e al-Haram r a m ( t h e t e or precintsof Makkah).lt is knownthatthe Prophet(peace or precints of Makkah). It is known that the Prophet (peace be on him) did not ask that the pebbles for JaEISlg't be on him) did not ask that the pebbles for Jamratul- Aqabah be picked up for him from Muzdalifa' Agabah be picked up for him from Muzdalifa. They were They were picked d u p f ohim,m , i thehmorning.i n g , a fleavingaMuzdalifaz d a l i l a p i c k e up for r h i in n t e m o r n after t e r l e v i n g M u andd o n e n t e r i n g M i n a . Trest rof s t o |pebblesb b l e spicked p i c k e d a n on entering Mina. The h e e the l h e p e were w e r e up, for him, from Mina, Too. up, for him. from Mina, Too.
  • 45. Some pllgrlmswash the pebbles,but thls ls not Some pilgrims wash the pebbles, but this Is not recommended. recommended. ErrorReletedto Throwlngthe Pebbles. Error Related to Throwing the Pebbles. 1 Somepilgrims underthe impression whonthoy 1.. Some pilgrims are under the impression that when they are that are throrvingpebbles the StonePillars, at theyare actually are throwing pebbles at the Stone Pillars, they are actually themat shayateen (devils); hencsthey hurlthem throwing them at shayateen (devils); hence they hurl them throwing with rageand force.However, throwing the pebbles the of with rage and force. However, the throwing of the pebbles has been merelyprescribed as maansof remembering has been merely prescribed as a means of remembering Allahthe Most High. Allah the Most High. 2. Some peoplethrow big stones,shoes or piecesof 2. Some people throw big stones, shoes or pieces of wood. Thlsls an €xcess matters rellglon in of whlchthe wood. This Is an excess in matters of religion which the Prophet(peacebe upon hlm) prohlblted,what ls allowed Prophet (peace be upon hIm) prohibited, what Is allowed throw pebbles the slze good beans. Is to throw pebbles the size of good beans. ls 3. Crowding and fighting with others at the Pillars 3. Growdlng and flghtlng wlth others the Plllars whlle throwlngthe pebblesls not permlsslble. while throwing the pebbles Is not permissible. What Is What is prescrlbedls be gentle and throw the pebbles prescribed Is to be gentle and to throw the pebbles wlthout hurtlnganyoneas much as possible. without hurting anyone as much as posslble. 4. Throwlngall the pebbles one tlme ls an error. 4. Throwing all the pebbles at one time Is an error. Scholarshave said that thls would be countedas only Scholars have said that this would be counted as only
  • 46. on€ throw. The St,q4"tt prescrlbesthrowlng the pebbles one throw. The ~ prescribes throwing the pebbles one by one, seylng "Allahu skbsr" et each s€parate one by one, saying "Allshu akbar" at each separate throw. throw. 5. Appolntlnga proxyto throw the pebbles, 5. Appointing proxy throw pebbles, slmplydue simply due to fear of the crowds or of hardshlp,while one lg capable crowds hardship, Is capable of dolng lt himsslt.Only slck or weak Indlvldualsare doing It himself. Only sick weak Individuals are permitted to havs a proxy for thls act. permltted have proxy this act. Seventh: Errors Related to the Farewell Tawal (Tawal Seventh: Errors Rdlated the Farewell Tawaf (Tawa' .al-Wlda) ·BI-Wlda) their departure,some pilgrims 1. On the day of their departure, some pilgrims go to 1. On the day Makkahto perlormtheir FarewellTawafbeforethrowingthe Makkah to perform their Farewell Tawaf before throwing the pebbles at tho Pillars. Then they return to Mina to throw pebbles at the Pillars. Then they return to Mina to throw the pebbles, and depart from Mina for their respective the pebbles, and depart from Mina for their respective countries.Thus their final rite becomesthat of throwingthe countries. Thus their final rite becomes that of throwing the pebblesat the Pillars and not of the tawaf of @.This is pebbles at the Pillars and not of the tawaf of K'abah. This is an error as the Prophet(peacebe on him) said' "No one an error as the Prophet (peace be on him) said. "No one should depart without his last visit being to the House should depart without his last visit being to the House (K'abah).'· g'abal}" Accordingly,the Farewell Tayvatmust take place afler Accordingly, the Farewell Tawaf must take place after
  • 47. one has completedall the rites of haij @nd before starting one has completed all the rites of hajj (and before starting hisjourneyfor home).Afterthistawaf oneshouldnot stay in his journey for home). After this tawat one should not stay in Makkahexceptduringthe timeit takesto prepareto depart. Makkah except during the time it takes to prepare to depart. 2. After finishing the Farewell Tawaf,some people 2. After finishing the Farewell Tawa!, some people walk backwards, s , c i n gthe K'abah, as theyyexitt from the fa w a l k b a c k w a r d facing t h e K ' a b a ha s t h e e x i l r o m t h e , Sacred d Mosque, ,under r the impression nt h a t this is a S a c r e M o s q u e u n d e t h e i m p r e s s i o that t h i s i s veneration the K'abah. Thisact is an innbvation (bid'al veneration of the K'abah. This act is an innovation (bid'a) in the religion n n d is without tany basis. . i n t h e r e l i g i o and i s w i t h o u a n y b a s i s a 3.. Afterr finishing gthe Farewell l lTawaf, f somee pilgrims s 3 Afte flnishin the Farewe Tawa , om pilgrim s halt tatt the doorroff the Sacred d o s q u e o makeesupplica- - M h a l a t h e d o o o t h e S a c r e Mosque to m a k s u p p l i c a t t l o n s T h i i s a l s o a n i n n o v a t i o with n o b a s i i n t h e tions. .Thiss is also an innovation n i t h no basiss in the w Sharl'ah lslam. of Shari'ah of Islam. Eighth:ErrorsRelatedto the vist the Prophet'sMos- Eighth: Errors Related to the vist of the Prophet's Mos- que que 1.. Touching g n d wipinggone'sshandsson the wallss and 1 T o u c h i n and w i p i n o n e ' h a n d o n t h e w a l l a n d a i r o g r i l l e s , y i n t h r e a d to t h e g r a t i n g a n d o t h e a c t s ironngrilles, tyinggthreads st o the gratings,sand otherracts t , off this sortt whilee visiting gthe graveeoff the Prophet (mayy o thissor whil visitin the grav o the Prophe(ma t peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in order to peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in order to
  • 48. receive blessings lbarakahl innovation (bid'a). receivs blessings (barakah) are an innovation !brd"l. B l e s s i n g sc o m e f r o m ffollowingg w h a t A l l a h a n d H i s Blessings come from o l l o w i n what Allah and His Messenger (peace be on him) have prescribed,and not Messenger (peace him) have prescribed. from following innovations. from following innovations. 2. Going the caves Mount Uhud the caves 2. Goingto the cavesof MountUhudor to the cavesof Hira or Thaur near Makkahand hangingpiecesol cloth Hira Thaur near Makkah and hanging pieces of cloth or making supplications therehavenot beenprescribed or makingsupplications there have not been prescribed by Allah. .A l l theseea r e unnecessary r h a r d s h i p si,n n o v a - b y A l l a h All t h e s are u n n e c e s s a hardships, innova- y tionss in the religion,n and are w i t h o u t a n y basiss i n t h e t i o n i n t h e r e l i g i o , n d a r e without any b a s i in the a Shari'ah. Shari'ah. 3.. Likewise,evisiting g e r t a i ns i t e sunder rthe impression n 3 L i k e w i s v i s i t i n certain sites u n d e t h e i m p r e s s i o , c thatt theseeconstitute e r e l i c s " off the Prophet (peace ebe t h a t h e s c o n s t i t u t "relics" o t h e P r o p h e t p e a c b e " ( on him),as lor examplethe placewherehis camelsat, the on him), as for example the place where his camel sat, the 'Uthmanor the Well ot the Ring,and gathering soil Well of 'Uthman or the Well of the Ring, and gathering soil Well of fromtheseplacesto obtain"blessings",are all innovations. from these places to obtain "blessings", are all innovations. 4. . Calling guponnthe deaddwhileevisiting gthe graves sa t 4 C a l l i n u p o t h e d e a w h i l v i s i t i n t h e g r a v e at the Baqi'i Cemetery rorr the graves s f the martyrs s f Uhud, , t h e B a q ' C e m e t e o t h e g r a v e of t h e m a r t y r of U h u d y o o anddthrowing g o i n sin order rto seekkthe blessings s f the a n t h r o w i n coins i n o r d e t o s e e t h e b l e s s i n g of t h e c o
  • 49. place or of the people buried there, is a grievouserror. place or of the people buried there, is a grievous error. Indeed, it is shirk (ascribingpartnersto Allah the Most Indeed, shirk (ascribing partners to Allah the Most High), as has been pointedout by scholars,l! is clear lrom High), pointed scholars. I! ~:, clear trom the Book of Allah and the sunnah of His Messenger(peace Book Allah sunna!-of Messenger (peace be on him) that allforms ol worshipare for Allahalone. lt is him) that all forms of worship are for Allah alone. It not permissibleto call upon, or to otfer sacrifice,give vow, permissible call upon, offer sacrifice, vow, or any other form of ibadah (worship)except for Allah any other form ibadah (worship) except for Allah alone. Allah the Most High, says: alone. Allah the Most High, saYs: "and they wgre commandednothing except to "and they were commanded nothing except worshipp l l a h(only),)purifying g h e religion n o r Him worshi AAllah ( o n l y p u r i f y i n the r e l i g i o for H i m , t f alone," " alone, and He also says, and He al$o says, "Verlly, the places ol worship are for Allah "Verily, the places of worship are for Allah (alone), do not call on anyoneelse apart from so (alone), so do not calion anyone else apart from Allah.". " Allah We ask Allah,the Most High,to improvethe condition of We ask Allah, the Most High, to improve the condition of and to give them understanding the religion, of the Muslims and to give them understanding of the religion, the Muslims and to turn all of us away lrom errors and deviations. and to turn all of us away from errors and deviations. Indeed, He is the Hearing,the Responding. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Responding.
  • 50. WHAT IS REQUIRED D F O W H A T I S R E Q U I R E OF THE PILGRIMS S THEPILGRIM 1 T o r e p e n s i n c e r e of a l s i n s a n d t o s p e n o n t h e 1.. To repent tsincerelyl y f alll sins, ,and to spenddon the o 'umtah ~ haji or out of his lawful earnings. or 'umrah out of his lawful earnings. 2.. To guarddone'ss tongueefrom lying, ,backbiting g n d 2 T o g u a r o n e ' t o n g u f r o m l y i n g b a c k b i t i n and a slandering. g . slanderin 3. To purify the intention to perform hajj or 'umrah 3. To purify the intention to perform !J.Ej1 or 'umrah solely to seek the pleasureof Allah the Most High. solely to seek the pleasure of Allah the Most High. 4. To learnwhat actionsare prescribed the Shari 4. To learn what actions are prescribed by the ~ by 'al, or .haii and 'umrah,and in the event of any difficulty or or .hajj and 'umrah, and in tha event of any difficulty or problem ask those who know. problem to ask those who know. 5 Whe the pilgrimarrive a al-miqa (statio o 5.. Whenn the pilgrim arrives satt al-migat t(stationn off l[g!L) he f ree choose one the three types ol haii Ihram) he is free to choose one of the three types of hajj (ifrad, ,tamatt'u uorr qiran).) .Tamatt'u uIs preferablel e o r a ( i f r a d t a m a t t ' o q i r a n T a m a t t ' i s p r e f e r a b for f person nwho hass nott brought this sacrificialaanimal lwith perso who ha no brough his sacrifici anima with l him, ,whileeqlrannis preferablel eo r one who hasshis animal l h i m w h i l q l r a i s p r e f e r a b for o n e w h o h a h i s a n l m a f with him. . withhim
  • 51. , 6. If the person entering ihram is afraid he may not be 6. lf the personenteringihram is afraldhe may not be able to complete all the rites because of si~kness or able to complete all the rites becauseof sickness or fear, he should make the condition: "I will return to the fear, he should make the condition:"l wlll returnto the normalstate in case II am obligedto'" normal state in case am obliged to." 7. The ljjj ot children is valid' but lt does not fulfill 7. The hajj of children is valid, but It does not fUlfill t h e i s l a m i obligation o f hajj. theirr lIslamicco b l i g a t i o nof h a i i . 8. During the state ol ihram, one may take bath or wash 8. During state of ihram, take bath or wash his head or scratch it it need be' head scratch if need be. 9. woman may veil her face her headcovering if 9. A woman may veil her lace with her headcovering If she fears that men are looking at her' she fears that men are looking her. 10. Many women wear a headband under the veil to 10. Many women wear headbandunder the veil keep it away from.theface.This action has no basis' keep it away from the face. This action has no basis. 11. .Itt is permissible l eo washhthe Ihram garmentst s n d 1 1 l i s p e r m i s s i b to w a s t h e i h r a mg a r m e n and t a to wear them again, or to change into other ihram gar· to wear them again, or to change into other !@ g^'' ments. ments. 1 2 l f d u r i n t h s t a t o l i h r a m ,o n s h o u l w e a a 12. .If, , during gthee statee Of.!!!!.!!!!!.. onee shoulddwear r a sewn garmsnt,cover his head,or use scent due to for' sewn garment, cover his head, or use scent due to for· getfulness or ignorance, no expiation (penalty or getfulness or ignorance, no expiation (penalty or redemptivevoffering)giss required d f him. . r e d e m p t l e f f e r i n ) r e q u i r e of h l m o l o
  • 52. 1 3 .f f o n e iis p e r l o r m i n g a i ia l ' t a m a t t ' u r ' 'umrah, ,h e 13. If one s performing hajj al-tamatt'u o u m r a h he h or s h o u l d s t o p r e c i t i n g talbiyyah h p o n a r r i v i n ga t t h e should stop reciting t a t b i y y a u upon arriving at the K'abahhb e f o r eb e g i n n i n g i s t a w a f . K ' a b a before beginning h tawaf. his 14. . Walkinggw i t h q u i c k , s h o r t s t e p s a n d b a r i n g t h e 1 4 W a l k i n with quick, short steps and baring the right t shoulder ris nott permissible l e u r i n g t a w a f e x c e p t righ shoulde is no permissib d during tawal except duringg the first t t h r e e c i r c u i t s o f t h e lTawafl o f A r r i v a l d u r i n t h e f i r s three circuits of the a w a of Arrival (tawaf tal-qudum). J .h i s a p p l i e st o m e n o n l y . Itawa al-qudum T This applies to men only. 15. If the pilgrim forgets how many circuits he has 15. |f the pilgrim forgets how many circuits he has performed, Le., whether three or four,he shouldcountthem perlormed, whether i.e., three four, he should count them as three (that is, the lesser of the two numbers). The same as three (thatis, the lesserof the two numbers)' The same procedure is to be toilowed for sa'ye. procedure is to be followed for sa'ye. 16. .In casee off largeecrowds, ,theree is no harm in per· ' 16 ln cas o larg crowds ther is no harmin per forming gt h e circuits sb e y o n d h e Stationnoff Ibraheem m r o f o r m i n the c i r c u i t beyond the $ t a t i o o l b r a h e e or t evennfurther rb e y o n das the wholeeoff the Sacred d o s q u e M e v e f u r t h e beyond, a s t h e w h o l o t h e S a c r e Mosque , is a placeeofI tawaf.. is a plac o tawaf 17. .l t is prohibited forr a womannto makeetawaf ts h o w i n g 1 7 It i s p r o h i b i t e do w o m a t o m a k t a w a showing f her radornments,t s , s i n gperfume, ,orr nott covering g r o p e r l y p h e a d o r n m e n using p e r f m e o n o c o v e r i n properly u u what the Snari'ah requiresher lo be covered. what the Shari' ah requires her to be covered.
  • 53. 18. lt a woman's rnensssbeglns or shg glves blrth 18. If a woman's menses begins or she gives birth after enterlng intoJlrram,lt ls not permlssibletor her to after entering into Ihram, It is not permissible for her to makeJ"*I! untll the fflow of blood ceases and she ls make tawa' until the low of blood ceases and she is cleansed. cleansed. 19. A woman may wear any dress tor lhram as long as 19. woman may dress for Ihram as tong as it does not resemblemen's clothlng, show her adorn' It does resemble men's clothing, show adorn- ments, cause temptation to men. ments,or cause temPtation men. 20. To verballzethe intentionsfor acts of worshlp 20. verbalize the Intentions acts worship other than the W or ~ /s innovation (Did'a)' other than the hajj or'umrdh ls an innovation(bid's), and say lt aloud even more incorrect. to say it aloud is even more incorrect. 21. If a Muslim has the intention of making hajj or 21. lf Musllm has the intention maklng hail 'umrdh,ltis forbidden for him to pass by the appointed 'umrah, It ls forblddenlor him pass by the appolnted thram(al'mlqatl wlthout enterlng lnlo lhram' Station of Ihram (al-mlqat) without entering Into Ihram. Statlon 22. lf the pllgrimlor W or'umrah ls arrivingby air, he 22. If the pilgrim for hajj or 'umrah is arriving by air, he enters lnlo ihramon the plane when he passes parallel enters into ihram on the plane when he passes parallel to the Statlon of lhram on his route. He ls to prepare to the Station of ~ on his route. He Is to prepare hlmself for enterlnginto ihramduring the f llght before himself for entering into ihram during the flight before boardlngthe plane. boarding the plane. 23. lf one resldes in Makkah,or betwsen Makkah and 23. If one res/des in Makkah, or between Makkah and
  • 54. anywhere take the Stations of lhram, he need not go anywhere to take the Stations lhram, he need not ihram.ln this Case,h€ tak€ ilrram elther fiali ihram. In this case, he is to take his ihram for either hall 'umrahat his place of residence. or 'umrah or his place residence. 'umrahs, 24. In order to increase the number of their 'umrahs, 24. f n order to increasethe numberof thelr some people al-Tan'imor al-J'lranahaftar thefa/ some people go to al·Tan'im or al·J'lranah after the hajj 'umrah, support thls and subsequently return for 'umrah. No support for this and subsequentlyreturn lor practlce exists in the Shari'ah. practice exists in the Shari'ah. .25. The pilgrim who performing haii al-tamatt'u ·25. The pilgrim who is performing hajj a/·tamatt'u te.enters ihrcm on the 8th Dhul-Hijjah the place in re-enters ihram on the 8th of Dhul·Hijjah at the place in at which he is staying in is not necessaryfor which he is staying in Makkah. It is not necessary for him to take ~ from any specified place wlthln him to take ihram from any specified irlace within Makkah (such as al-Mizab), many peopledo, nor ls as Makkah (such as al-Mizab), as many people do, nor is thereany FarewellTary! for goingout Makkah this there any Farewell ~ for going out of Makkah at this time. . time is preferable go to'Arafat from Minaon the gth to 26. It is preferable to go to 'Arafat from Mina on the 9th off Dhul-HljJahaafterr the sun hass risen. . o Dhul.HljJ afte the sun ha risen h 27. lt is not permissibl€ departfrom 'Arafat on the 27. It is not permissible to depart from 'Arafat on the 9th of Dhul-Hi,ijahbeforethe sun has set. When the pit. 9th of Dhul·Hijjah before the sun has set. When the pil· grlm departsafter sunset,he shoulddo so with easeand grim departs after sunset, he should do so with ease and dignity. . dignity
  • 55. 28. The Maghrib and '/sha prayersare to be performed 28.Fhe Maghrib 'Isha prayers performed after arriving at Muzdalitah,whether at after arriving Muzdalifah, whether the time of 'rsha' Maghrib or during the periodof '/sha. Maghrib during the period 29. lt is permissible gatherthe pebblesfor stoning 29. It permissible to gather the pebbles stoning the Pillars from any place within the boundariesof the Pillars from any place within the boundaries Makkah (al-Haram), not necessarily lrom Muzdalifah' Makkah(a/-Haram), necessarily not from Muzdalifah. 30. It is not recommended wash the pebbles'No 30. lt not recommended to wash the pebbles. report exists to the eltect that the Prophet (peacebe on report exists the effect that the Prophet(peace be everdid this. Nor are the used him) or his Companions ever did this. Nor are the used him) or his Companions pebbles be used again. pebbles to be used again. 31. . Itt is permissib1el e o r women, ,children nand weakk 3 1 l i s p e r m i s s i b for w o m e n c h i l d r e a n d w e a f individuals l so proceed d o Mina att the end off the night.t . i n d i v i d u a to p r o c e e to M i n a a t h e e n d o t h e n i g h t t 'Eid 32. .Whennthe pilgrim arrives s n Minaaon the Dayyoff 'Eid 3 2 W h e t h e p i l g r i ma r r l v e in M i n o n t h e D a o i (the 1Oth of Dhul-Hijjah), should stop reciting tal- he (the 10th of Dhul·Hijjah), he should stop reciting lg' biyyah.The pebblesare to be thrown successively, one b;yyah. The pebbles are to be thrown successively, one 'Aqabah. by one, at the Stone Pillar of 'Aqabah. by one, at the Stone Pillarof 33. lt is not requiredthat the pebblesremain where 33. It is not required that the pebbles remain where they ars thrown;it is only necessary that they be thrown they are thrown; it is only necessary that they be thrown att the Pillar.r . a the Pilla
  • 56. 34. According to the opinion scholars, the period 34. According to the opinion of scholars, the period of sacrifice extends to the sunset of the third day. sacrlfice extends to the sunset the third day. 'Eid (the 35. Taws' al·ifadsh or al·ziyarah on the day of 'Eid (the 35. Tawalal-ifadah al-ziyarah the day on 10th h f Dhul·Hijjah) hi ) an essentiala part t off the hajj and 1 O t of D h u l - H i j j a is a n e s s e n t i p a r o t h e h a l a n d o s l haiiis not completewithoutit. However, is permissible hajj is not complete without it. However, it is permissible to it to delay it until the end of the stay in Mina. delay it until the end of the stay in Mina. 36.The personmakingqiran betweenhaiiand 'umrah 36. The person making qiran between hajj and 'umrah offers one Sa'y only. The same is true in the case of offers one Sa'y only. The same is true in the case ol itra(, it the person keeps his ihram until the day ifrad, if the person keeps his ihram until the day of an-Nahr. an·Nahr. 37. On the Day of Sacrifice, is prelerable the pilgrim it 37. On the Day of Sacrifice, it is preferable that the pilgrini that do thingsin the following order:beginsby throwing pebbles do things in the following order: begins by throwing pebbles 'Aqabah; then offers his sacrifice;then at the Pillar of 'Aqabah; then offers his sacrifice; then at the Pillar of shaves clips his hair, he then makes tawaf the K'abah shaves or clips his hair, he then makes tawat of the K'abah followed by sa'ye Changing lhis order is, however, followed by sa'ye . Changing this order is, however, permissible, permissible. 38. ,Returning go full l normal lstateeis attained d ft e r one 3 8 R e t u r n i n to f u l n o r m a s t a t i s a t t a i n e after o n e t a hass donee the following: g(a) ) thrown nthe pebbles s t t h e h a d o n t h e f o l l o w i n ( a t h r o w t h e p e b b l e at the : a
  • 57. Plllarof 'Aqabah; shaved heador clippedsome of Pillar of 'Aqabah; (b)shaved hls head or clipped someof (b) his his hair; (c) done tawal al'ifada with sa ye. his hair; (c) done tawat aJ-ifada with sa'ye. 39. If the pilgrim decides shorten stayin Mina,it is 39. lf the pilgrim decides to shorten his stay Mina, his necessary that he departsfrom Mina beforethe sunset' necsssary that he departs from Mina before the sunset. 40.For a child who cannotdo the throwingof pebbles, 40. For child who cannot the thrOWing pebbles, his guardian throwson his behalfalter throwinghis own his guardian throws his behalf after throwing his own pebbles. pebbles. 41. A person who is not capableof going to the thro' 41. A personwho not capable going the thro- wing due old age, illness pregnancy permittedto wing due to old age, illness or pregnancy is permitted appoint someone else (his proxy) to do the throwingon appolntsomsoneelse (his proxy) the throwing his orr herr behalf.f . hls o he behal 42. The proxy f irst throws his own pebblesand the' 42. The proxy first throws his own pebbles and the- reafter, rwithout tleaving g h e place, ,t h r o w sthe pebbles s n o r e a f l e w i t h o u l e a v i n the p l a c e throws t h e p e b b l e on , t behalfof the personwhom he represents behalf of the person whom he represents at each of the at each of the threeePillars.s . thre Pillar 43. Exceptfor the residents the SacredMosque,it is of 43. Except for the residents of the Sacred Mosque, it is obligatoryon anyone who is doing haii allamaft'u or haii obligatory on anyone who is doing hajj al-tamatt'u or hajj at-qiran sacrifice sheepor to sharein the seventhparl al-giran to sacrifice a sheep or to share in the seventh part to a of a camel or a cow. of a camel or a cow.
  • 58. 44. rt the pilgrim is unableto make this sacrifice,he 44. It the pilgrim unable make sacrifice, must fast three days during the hajj and sevendays after must three days during the haiiand seven days returning horne. returninghome. 45. lt preferable that thesethree days of lasting be 45. It is preferable that these three days fasting be completed before the Day of 'Arafat so that he is not completedbefore the Day 'Arafat that he not fasting on that day, or othenrisethat he fast on the 11th, fastingon that day,orotherwise that he fast on the 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhul·Hijjah. 12thand 13th Dhul'Hijiah. permissible fast these three days either 46. It is permissible to fast these three days either 46. lt consecutively or separately, and the same appliesto th€ consecutively separately, the same applies the or and seven days of fasting at home. sevendays of fasting home. 47. The FarewellTaws! (tawal-al.wida") obligatory 47. The Farewell lq"t! (taws! al·wida1 is obligatory for everypilgrimexceptingmenstruating post-partum for every pilgrim excepting menstruating or post·partum women. worngn. 48, . To visit t the Prophet's ' s o s q u e in Madinah his a 4 8 T o v i s i t h e P r o p h e t Mosque i n M a d i n a i s M whetherit is done beforethe haii or after it. sunnah, whether it is done before the hajj or after it. sunnah, --- ....-- 49.Whenyou enterthe Prophet's Mosque, is sunnaf it 49. When you enter the Prophet's Mosque, it is sunnah to pray two rak'ats oI thiryat al-masjid (the salah to pray two rak'als of tahirrat al-masjid (the salah of greetrng mosque). the Althoughyou can perlormthis sa/aft greeting the mosque). Although you can perform this salah anpnhere in the Mosque,it is preferableto pedorm it in the anywhere in the Mosque, it is preferable to perform it in the Rawdah. Rawdah.
  • 59. r 50. Visitingthe graves of the Prophet(peace be on him) 50. Visiting graves Prophet (peace him) and others is allowedfor Malesonly, and not for females,so and others allowed Males only, and females. that they would not have to travel for such a visit. that they would have travel such visit. 51. Rubbingand wiping one's hands againstthe walls ol 51. Rubbing and wiping one!s hands against walls of the chamhercontainingthe Prophet's tomb, kissingit, or the chamber containing the Prophet'stomb. kissing it, doing circuits around it are all innovations which are doing circuits around are all innovations which are prohibited. Such things were not done by our upright prohibited. Such things were not done our upright ancestors.'Inparticular,making tawat around the chamber ancestors: In particular, making tawaf around the chamber is shlrk (ascribing partners Allah). is ~ (ascribing partners to Allah). 52. lt also shirk call upon the Prophet(peacebe 52. It is also ~ to call upon the Prophet (peace be need remove upon him) for the fulfilment of a need or to remove a upon him) for the fulfilment grief.f grie. 53. The Prophet'slife in his grave is in the state ol 53. The Prophet's life in his grave is in the state of barza|h (the state of existence between death and barzakh (the state of existence between death and r e s u r r e c t i o n t h e D a o J u d g e m e n ) a n ds i n n o w a y resurrectionoon the Dayyoff Judgement) tand is in no way n i similar rto his life on earthhbeforeehis death. .T h e nature e s i m i l a t o h i s l i f e o n e a r t b e f o r h i s d e a t h The n a t u r and reality of the lite ot barcakhis known only to'Allah the and reality of the life of barzakh is known only to' Allah the Most High. Most High.
  • 60. , 54. Peoplewho stand in front of the Prophet'sgrave, 54. People stand Prophet's grave, r a i s i n gtheirrh a n d sa n d m a k i n gs u p p l i c a t i o n s ,r e d o i n g raising t h e i hands and making supplications, a doing are s o m e t h i n g l i e n t o lIslam. .T h i s iis a n iinnovation nn tthe something a alien to s l a m This s an n n o v a t i o iin h e religion. religion. 5 5 .V i s i t i n gthe g r a v eo f t h e P r o p h e ( p e a c e e o n h i m ) 55. Visiting t h e grave of the Prophet (peace b on him) t be is neither robligatory y o r a c o n d i t i o nfor t h e c o m p l e t i o n is neithe obligator n nor condition f o r the completion lhe haii, as sorne people believe. of the hajj. as some people believe. 56. .The hadiths s i t e d by s o m e p e o p l ep r e s c r i b i n v i s i - 5 6 T h e h a d i t h cited b y some people prescribing g c visi· tationnoff the Prophet's ' s r a v eeither rhaveew e a ka u t h o r i t y g t a t i o o t h e P r o p h e t grave e i t h e h a v weak authority or are fabricated. ot are fabricated. S O M S U P P L I C A T I O WHICH M A Y SOMEESUPPLICATIONS N S I C HMAY WH B E R E C I T E AT A R A F A T A T T H E BE RECITED D T ''ARAFAT, AT THE A , SACRE SITES AND AT OTHE SACRED D SITES, , AND AT OTHERR PLACES S F SUPPLICATIONO N P L A C E OF S U P P L I C A T I O o Allah!h !Il aask O Alla sk o Y o i n t e g r and s o u n d n e in m y off Youu integrityi t y n d soundnesss sn my a I my life, my family,and my possesslons. religion, my life, my family, and my possessions. religion, o Allah! !Cover rm y shame,epacifyf ymyy fears,sguard dmee O A l l a h C o v e my s h a m p a c i m f e a r g u a r m , ,
  • 61. r from what in front of me and behindme, lrom what is from what is in front of me and behind me, from what is on my right and on my left, over my head and under my on my right and on my left, over my head and under my feet. feet. o Allah! !Grant thealthhto my body. .0 Allahhgrant thealthh O All€h Gran healt to mybody O Alla gran healt to my hearing.g0 Allah! lGrant thealthhto my sight.t Thereei s t o m y h e a r i n O A l l a h G r a n h e a l t t o m y s i g h . h e r is . T no deity exceptYou. no deity except You. o O Allah | see refug in You from unbelie and Allah! ! I seekk refuge e in You from unbelief fand poverty, and from the punishment the grave. Thereis poverty, and from the punishment of the grave. There is ot no deity exceptYou. no deity except You. o Allah! ! Youu are my Lord. .Thereeis no deityy except t O Allah Yo are my Lord Ther is no deit excep You.You arc my Creatorand am your creature. try to You. You are my Creator and'I am your creature. I try to keepp my covenantn t i t h You and to livee in the hopee oft k e e m y c o v e n a with Y o u a n d t o l i v i n t h e h o p o w Yourrpromise e s well l as I can. .I seekkrefuge in You from Y o u p r o m i s as w e l a s c a n s e e r e fu g e i n Y o u l r o m a m y o w n e v i d e e d s . a c k n o w l e d gY o u f a v o r to m e a n e my own evil ldeeds. I acknowledge Yourrfavors s o me; ;andd t I acknowledge my sins. .Forgive e e my sins, ,forr thereeis a c k n o w l e d g e y s i n s F o r g i v me m y s i n s f o t h e r i s m m no one who can lorgiv sin excep You no one who can forgive esinss except tYou. . o Allah! !I| seekkrefugeein Youufrom worryyandd sorrow. .I O A l l a h s e e r e f u g i n Y o f r o mw o r r a n s o r r o w seekkrefugeei n You from impotence e n d sloth, ,from stin· - s e e r e f u g in Y o u f r o m i m p o t e n c and s l o t h l r o m s t i n a giness sa n d cowardice,eand I seekkrefuge in You from the g i n e s and c o w a r d i c a n d s e e r e fu g e i n Y o u f r o m t h e , burdennoff debt t and from beingghumbled db y men. . b u r d e o d e b a n d f r o m b e i n h u m b l e by m e n
  • 62. , o Allah! make the beginning of this day good, the O Allah! make the beginningof this day good, the middle prosperous, and the end successf II ask You to middleprosperous, and the end successful. ask You to ul. grant me the good of this world and of the Hereafter, O grant me the good of this world and of the Hereafter, 0 Most Mercilul ol all Who show us mercy! Merciful of all Who show mercy! o Allah! O Allahl I ask of You to make me pleasedwith what You make pleased with decreed for me return to good life after death, and I decreed return life death, earnestly seek the pteasure of looking at Your Glorious earnestly pleasure looking Your Glorious Countenanceand the cravingto meet you, withoutdistress Countenance and craving meet you, without distress or affiction or misguiding trial. I seek refuge in You from affiction misguiding trial. seek refuge in You from oppressingothers or being oppressed,from doing wrong or oppressing others being oppressed. from doing wrong and from committingan erlor sUffering rtrong, sin which sutleringwrong, and from committing an error or a sin which You will not forgive. You will not forgive. o Allah! l II seekkrefugeein Youu hom thee feeblenesss off O Allah see refug in Yo {romth feeblene s o olg age. . olg age o Allah! !Guideemee to theebest toff deedssanddtheebest toff O Allah Guid m to th bes o deed an th bes o morals,s as noneecann guideeto the best t except tY o u ,andd m o r a l ,a s n o n c a g u i d t o t h e b e s e x c e p You, a n s?v€ffrofrom bad deeds,as nonecan saveme f rom what save me from bad deeds, as none can save me from what is baddexcept tYou. . is ba excep You o AII?~' rStrengthenemyyfaith, ,expand dm y living gs p a c e ' O A l l a h S t r e n g t h n f a i t h e x p a n my l i v i n space, m anddbless sm e in myYlivelihood. d . a n b l e s me i n m l i v e l i h o o
  • 63. r o Allah! I seek refuge You from negligence, degra- O Allahl I seek refugein You from negligence' degra- dation and destitution;'lseeltrefugein You lrom unbe' dation and destitution; ' seek refuge You from unbe- lief, wickedness,vanity and show; and I seek refuge ln lief, wickedness, vanity show; seek refuge In You from blindness, deafness and leprosy and bad You from blindness, deafness and leprosy bad diseases. diseases. o Allah! Give my soul piety and conscience purity. O Allahl Give my soul pietyand my consciencepurity. You are the Master of my soul and the Guardianof my You are the Master my soul and the Guardian conscience. conscience. o Allah! l seek refuge in You ffrom a,knowledge which O Allahl seek refuge in You rom a'knowledge which does not benefit, from a heart which does not tremble, does not benefit,from heart which does not tremble, from an ego which is not sated,and from supplication from an ego which is not sated, and from a supplication which is not accepted. which is not accepted. o Allah! II seek refuge in You from the evil of what JI did O Allahl seekrefugein You from the evil what did and from the evil of what I did not do; from the evil of and from the evil of what did not do; from the evil what know and from the evil of what did not know. what II know and from the evil of what I did not know. o Allah! II seek refuge in You from a decline in Your O Allahl seek refuge in You from decline in Your favor, from a change in Your protection, from Your favor, from a change in Your protection, from Your sudden np u n i s h m e nand all l Your rdispleasure. e . s u d d e punishment a n d a l Y o u d i s p l e a s u r t o Allah! l II seekk refuge ein Youu from ruinn andd falling, , O Allah see refug in Yo from rui an falling
  • 64. from drowning and burning, and from senility: I seek from drownlng and burnlng, and from senllity: seek refuge In You from Satan's beguiling me at my death; refuge in You from Satan's beguillng death; and I seek refuge in You from being bitten by venomous and seek refuge You from belng bitten by venomous creaturss. sesk refuge in You from greed,bad mann€rs, creatures. I seek refuge in You from greed, bad manners, bad actions, bad desires and bad diseases. I seek refuge bad actions, bad desiresand bad diseases. seek refuge in You from the burden in You from the burden of debt, from being humbled by debt, from being humbled people, and lrom the ridicule people, and from the ridicule of enemies. enemies. o Allah! Strengthen my religion which Is my fortress, O Allahl Strengthen rellgionwhlch ls my fortregs, my make thls world botter place make this world a better place of sojourn for me, and solourn me, and grant me good life ln the Hereattorwhlch wlll be grant me a good life In the Hereafter which will be my abode. Make my increase In goodness and abode. Make my life increase in all goodness and my death a rest from all evil. death rest lrom all evil. o O Allahl Support me and help me, and do not let Allahl $upport mo and help me, and lst me; guide me and make the following others overpower me; guide me and make the following others oyerpower of Your Commands easy for me. of Your Commands easy for me. o Allah! lmakeeme gratefull to You, ,mindful loff You, ,ffulll O Allah mak me grateu to You mindfu o You ul f of fear towardYou,devoted obedience You,humble of fear toward You, devoted to obedience of You, humble ol before You, Barnest in suppllcation,and penltent. before You, earnest in supplication, and penitent. My Lord, accept my repentance,wash away Lord, accept my repentance, wash away my sins, answer sins, ansfver
  • 65. my suppllcation, establlsh my veraclty, guiclemy heart, supplication, establish veracity, guide heart, make my tongue truthful,and removeall ill'leellngfrom make tongue truthful, and remove ill·feellng from my heart. heart. o O Allah! | ask You for a resolute mind and firmness in Allah! I resolute mind and firmness followingthe guidance. I ask You to make me thanklul for following the guidance. ask You make thankful for Your favor,to be of good serviceto You, and to grant me Your favor, be good service You, and grant me a sound heart and a truthful tongu€.I ask You to grant sound heart and truthful tongue. ask You grant be good and give me what You know to be good and to give me refuge me what You know refuge from what is evil, and to forgive me lrom what evil, and forgive ms - and You are the and You are the Knower of the Unseen. Knower the Unseen. o Allah! Inspire me with good conduct and save me O Allah! Inspire me with good conduct and save me from the evil of my selfishness. 0 Allah! I ask You to from the evll my selfishness. Allah! | ask You O gulde me the doing good deeds and abstaining guide me to the doing of good deeds and abstaining from bad daeds and love those who are humble, and from bad deeds and love those who are humble, and to forglveme and show mercy me. And lf You wlsh trlal forgive me and show mercy to me. And if You wish a trial for Your servants, take me to You before failing into It. for Your s€rvants, take me to You before falllng Into lt. o Allahl I| ask You for Your love and the love of those O Allah! ask You Your love and the love those who fove You, and for the love of overy actlon whlch wltl who love You, and for the love of every action which will bring me closer to Your love. brlng me clossr to Your love.
  • 66. r o | | a h l a s k You h e best of h e e q u e s f o the best t | o AAllah! I I askY o u t theb e g t o | tthe rrequest tfor r t h e b e sIn n my suppllcatlon, for the best success and the best my suppl.lcatlon, for the best success and the be~t reward. $trengthen me, make hsavler my balance of reward. Strengthen me, make heavier my balance of good, conflrm my falth, elevate my rank, ecc€pt my good, confirm my faith, elevate my rank, accept my worshlp, and forglve my mistakes, end II ask of You tha worship, and forgive my mistakes, and ask of You the highest ranks in the Garden ol Paradise.It ask You lor good highest ranks in the Garden ot Paradise. ask You tor good beginnings,good endings,the totalityof goodness,from the beginnings, good endings, the totality of goodness, from the first to the last, from within and frorn without, and I ask ol first last, from within from without, of You the highest ranks in the Garden. You highest ranks Garden. o O Allahl I ask You to exalt my fam€, llghten my Allah! ask You exalt my fame, lighten burden, purify my heart, keep me chaste, forglve me my burden,purlfy heart, keep chaste, forgive You high rank in the Garden' sins, and I ask of You a high rank in the Garden. sins, and ask o Allah! Bless me In my sight, In my hearing, In my O Allahl Eless me In my slght, In my hearlng,ln my soul, In my body,In my conduct;bless me In my llfe, In soul, In my body, In my conduct; bless me In my life, In my family, In my work; accept my .good deeds, and II ask my lamlly, ln my work;accoptmy good deeds,and ask of You a high rank In the Garden. ol You a hlgh rank In the Garden. o Allahl II seek refuge In You against difficulties, O Allahl seek refuge In You agalnst dlfflcultles' calamltles, troubles, oppresslon and the rldlculs of calamities, troubles, oppression and the ridicule of enemies. engmles.
  • 67. o Allahl 0 Controller of the Heartsl; Keep my heart O Allaht O Controller tha Heartsl; Keep my heart firm In Your retlglon; keep lt contentad wlth Your firm In Your religion; keep It contented with Your worship. worshlp. o Allah! Grant us increase and not decrease, .honor O Allahl Grant increase and decrease,.honor and not dlshonor;give Your favorsand and not dishonor; give us Your favors and do not deprive nol deprlve us; preler us, let not others be prefered us. us; prefer us, let not others be prefered to us. o Allahl Grant us the best of outcomes In all our O Allah! Grant best outcomes In affalrs,and save us from disgrace In this world and from affairs, and save us from dlsgrace ln thls world and punishmentIn the Hereafter. punishment In the Hereafter. o Allah! Grant us such fear of Your as will come bet- O Allah! Grant us such lear Your as wlll come bet- ween us and acts of disobedience to You; such obe- w€en us and acls dlsobedlence You; such obe- dience to You as will bring us to Your Garden; and such dience You wlll brlng Your Garden;and such certalnty that thb calamltles wlll be made certainty that the calamities of thls-world will be made easy for us by You. Let us enjoy our hearing, our sight easy You. Lat us enloy hearlng, slght and facultles long You grant us llfe, and and our faculties as long as You grant us life, and let It lt be, the last to be taken away from us. Avenge us from be, the be taken away us. Avenge those who have wronged us and help 4s against our those who have wronged help u.s agalnst snemles. Let no calamlty bs our rellglon; nol enemies. Let no calamity be fall our religion; let not worldly alfalrs be greetert caro worldly affairs be our greatest care or all about which we about whlch know; and Let not those who have no fear of You and know; have You ghow msrcy who do not show mercy toward us rule over us. ug rule ovor us.
  • 68. o Allah! ask You to bestow Your mercy on me, to O Allah! |I ask You to bestow Your mercy on me' to forgive me, to protect me from every sin, to give me a forgive me, to protect me from every sin, to give me a share of every good, and to grant me the attainment of share of everygood, and to grant me the attainment of the Gardenand salvationlrom the Fire' the Garden and salvation from the Fire. o Allahl Leave not for us a sin which You have not O Allah! Leave not lor us a sin which You have not forgiven, nor a shortcomingwhich You have not con' forgiven, shortcoming which You have not con· cealed,nor a wary which You have not removed,nor a cealed, nor wary which You have removed, nor a debt which You have not paid, nor a need from among debt which You have not paid, nOf need from among the needsof this world or the Hereafter, fulfillment the needs this world the Hereafter, the fulfillment the icial for and pleasingto You,which of which is beneficial lor us and pleasing of which benef You, which You have not fulfilled, 0 Most Merciful of allshow us mercy! You have not fulfilled, Most Mercilulofall show O mercy! o Allah! I ask for a mercy from You by which You will O Allahl ask for mercyfrom You by which You will guide my heart, settle my affairs, removerny worries, guide my heart, settle my affairs, remove my worries, protect me from what is unseento me, make my face protect me from what is unseen to me. make my face radiant,purify my deeds,inspireme with wisdom,avert radiant, purify my deeds, inspire me with wisdom, avert calamitieslrom me, and protectme lrom everyevil' calamities from me. and protect me from every evil. o Allahl ask You lor success on the day ol iudgment' O Allah! II ask You for success on the day of judgment, and a lite of happiness, and tha rank of the martyrs, the and a life of happiness, and the rank of the martyrs, the companionship ol the prophets, and victorY over the companionship of the prophets, and victory over the
  • 69. r enemies. 0 Allah! I ask You for ~orrectness of belief; for a enemies.O Allah! | ask You for correctness belief;for good conduct; suoc€ss which faith which leads to good conduct; for a success which faith which leads results in eternalfslicity;for mercy, health and forgiveness results in eternal felicity; for mercy, health and forgiveness from You, and for Your pleasure. from You, and for Your pleasure. o O Allah! You heallh, integrity, lor good Allah! I ask You for health, for integrity, for good character, and that may be pleased with portion. character, and that I may be pleased with my portion. o Allah! Ilseek refuge in You from the evil of my self, and O Allah! seek refugein You from lha evilof self, and lrom the evilof every creaturewhich You are graspingby its from the evil of every creature which You are grasping by its forelock. O my Lord, keep ms on the straight path. forelock. 0 my Lord, keep me on the straight path. o Allah! You hear my words, You behold my situation, O Allah! You hear words, You behold situation, You know what is open and what is hidden within me; You know what is open and what is hidden within me; nothingis hiddentrom You. lt is me alonewho is in need, nothing is hidden from You. It is me alone who is in need, a Your forgiveness. beseech You with humble seeker of Your forgiveness. I beseech You with humble seeker humili$ in my heart, with tremblingand fear, in prostrataon humility in my heart, with trembling and fear, in prostration and utter helplessness.O Allah! Grant me soundness and utter helplessness. 0 Allah! Grant me soundness of sins, and belief, goodness of character, forgiveness of my sins, and belief, goodness of character,forgivenessof Your eternal pleasure in the Hereafter. Your eternal pleasure in the Hereafter. May Allah's blessingsbe upon Muhammadand his family May Allah's blessings be upon Muhammad and his family and Companions. and Companions.
  • 70. 6
  • 71. -,J*rtt . i j,ln5' .'ut'r*t:~ i~ j ~ i;.," al ai*i ~1 ~il, . ~I;":; /J r;lilr+Ja:+ ~t: ldl n-u, . ;*ijr'';W)j , ;iilr t;i j ,'4,, Jl ;;:m d.tiJ~ la')t't ,~I ::;-; , ~j - -..., . .. , . tj ci i;sF ? b.i,,r;'* u +;i ~ ~I ~I~ Y ~ ~j , ~ ? ~ ~ ~;I .~., .. " I~"" ;.;1 ' ,~." . r# .11" ,v ;.j'd1,tigg-G ~ +t'.# _~~~J ~;. rtt+ lx; A* &;) , ,rik F stitii5' ;.qr vit,5;i b; gr;r,-;*v; , ,l.iu-i ir ,l;;rt, S1i,t, h:Ar i:;i.:j6 , .4t U;, ;,g;ir il1;; ilit:i ti sdl ;'iJ:jr +*i' ;v', 'tri'ri, ,$-jl i-iJ' iqr i-t;ll ,',* U is;, *ij U,1", ;r,;v'r, 4/lt .ii u V,: ..t • " "~ I fI~J" ~J _ " u~ ,4., U..; Js. * i. ~ ~J r!, lllr _*: ..t .. ( i~j JJ.J
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