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Game Face Gaming Introduction
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Game Face Gaming Introduction


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The following presentation is meant as an Introduction to Game Face Gaming and should be viewed for informational purposes only.

The following presentation is meant as an Introduction to Game Face Gaming and should be viewed for informational purposes only.

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    Reality Gaming Social Network
  • 2. Safe Harbor Statement
    This Presentation contains certain forward-looking statements. Forward looking statements are statements other than historical information or statements of current conditions. These forward-looking statements relate to the plans and objectives of the Company for future operations, including plans for regulatory approvals and estimates of markets. In light of the risks and uncertainties inherent in all future projections, the inclusion of forward-looking statements in this Presentation should not be regarded as a representation by the Company that the objectives or plans of the Company will be achieved.
  • 3. About Us
    Game Face Gaming is all about bringing the experience of reality gaming online – It’s about making your favorite games even better by allowing you to experience them as realistically as you would sitting across a table from your opponents. It’s about meeting a real opponent in a game of skill or chance. Its about creating social connections and creating a name for yourself among real people and not just avatars. Whether playing for cash, prizes or just for glory, facing off with a real opponent makes playing games much more fun. At you are never alone!
  • 4. Who We Are
    We love playing poker and were frustrated that we were unable to see, talk and listen to our opponents while playing the game on line. The proverbial poker face was GONE !!!
    Poker first, other games will follow very shortly
  • 5. Who We Are
    The experience of seeing your opponent sweat. The experience of seeing and hearing the hair pull, table slam and raised hands of victory.
    Game Face Gaming is that experience!
  • 6. Gaming Deals Surge
    Acquisitions alone doubled year-over-year, with 20 to 24 events occurring every quarter, compared to 49 acquisitions for all of 2009.
    In 2010, 123 funding rounds and 87 acquisitions equaled 2010 events -- up from 154 events in 2009.
    Total declared funding for 2010 reached $1.89 billion -- up a robust 130% from $819 million in 2009.
  • 7. Gaming Deals Surge
    Driven by advancements in online and social gaming, funding and acquisition deals for the worldwide gaming market surged 36% in 2010, according to new IHS Screen Digest research.
    The total declared value of funding deals in the social network gaming segment increased by nearly 300 percent in 2010. This data comes from a new report entitled: Games Market Monitor: Acquisitions and Funding in 2010.
  • 8. 2011 The Year of Social Gaming
    Germany’s Wooga raises $24M for social games on Facebook VENTUREBEAT | MAY 31, 2011
    IPO - Zynga will likely price itself higher than $10 billion. VENTUREBEAT | MAY 24, 2011
    Supercell Raises $12 Million — Finnish games developer Supercell has raised $12 million in a round led by Accel Partners this week . Inside Social Games | MAY 27, 2011
    Kabam has raised $85 million in a fourth round of funding to fuel hardcore games for social networks such as Facebook. The backers include Google Ventures, Pinnacle Ventures, Performance Equity and SK Telecom Ventures . May 26, 2011 | Dean Takahashi
    Social game leader CrowdStar raises $23M. VENTUREBEAT | MAY 23, 2011
    Social gaming merger giant: Gree acquires OpenFeint for $104 million dollars ANDROID AND ME | APRIL 22, 2011
    Rivet Games, formerly known as FooMojo has added a $5 million second round to its initial funding of nearly $10 million, as it plans more social and mobile games… Inside Social Games | APRIL 22, 2011
  • 9. Yes – But Is It Legal
    Unlike many other offerings from companies recently shut down by the us government- our model and games and the way you play them are all legal.
    Legal opinion on hand
  • 10. Home
  • 11. Am I Still Online?
  • 12. Affiliates
    • Provide affiliate opportunities to thousands of billiard parlors and bowling alleys across the United States and abroad
    • 13. Poker Bar Leagues will now have the unprecedented opportunity to transition their leagues online allowing their members to maintain the social atmosphere they have become accustomed to
    • 14. Game Face Gaming looks to take advantage of the recent seizures which took place in the US Online Poker Gambling space, filing a the void currently experienced by the affiliate industry
  • OTCBB fully reporting, IKCC
    The company’s 8k-10k and other
    filings can all be found online at
    Seeking $3M to execute our business plan
    Awaiting DTC eligibility - stock will
    open for trading shortly thereafter
    First Reality Gaming
    Social Network
    Company Overview
  • 15. Revenue Forecast
    Total of all revenue streams
  • 16.
    • Game Face Gaming, Inc. (GFG) is the internet’s first Reality Gaming Social Network
    • 17. Proprietary technology ‘a game changer’
    • 18. First mover advantage: None of the online poker or games sites currently offer players the ability to see one another and speak live during game play
    • 19. Streaming video, audio and messaging capabilities enhance users experience and the gaming affect.
    • 20. Legal US based ‘non wagering model’ – legal opinion on hand
    • 21. Poker - first offering – we put the poker face back into poker
    About Game Face Gaming, Inc.
  • 22. Founders
    Alex Lemburg, (Co-Founder) has worked as a Business Analyst on Wall Street since 1992 with the following companies: Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, CIBC, Bank of America Securities, and currently Credit Suisse. He brings a vast understanding of the Business Process and the use of technologies in order to maintain a streamlined, user-friendly environment. He has also been a key lead in Beta testing some of the internet’s largest MMORPG games released for over a decade. He also opened and successfully established one of the largest Internet Gaming café’s in the tri-state area.
    S. Leo Chief Technology Officer has etched out a career on Wall Street working for some of the largest bulge bracket firms in the industry. His primary focus has revolved around heading up technology and pushing the envelope of what is possible in Low Latency, Algo and Electronic Trading. Currently Mr. Leo heads up Deutsche Bank’s North American Algo technology team. He brings his understanding, structure and management of high demand mission critical systems to this project.
    Felix Elinson, (Co-Founder) has played poker for the better part of 20 years and brings to the team a substantial level of tournament, league and individual game structure and operations. Felix is an entrepreneur who has had significant success in the Futures & Spot/Commodity Markets and brings a comprehensive understanding of business management and organizational ability to the company. As a Licensed Commodity Broker he has successfully operated Futures, Forex and Commodity firms on Wall Street and has been involved with Financial Markets for over 15 years. In recent years, he has operated a Real Estate - Land Development Firm and is currently a Partner in a Registered Merchant Services Company.
  • 23.
    • Founder of the Aruba Poker Classic – as seen on the Travel Channel and was a WPT event. Coordinated the event and was the tournament director for the first three years in Aruba.
    • 24. Founder of the Caribbean Poker Classic – coordinated the event and was the tournament director for the first two years – it is now played in St. Kitts.
    • 25. Founder of the Nevada Poker League – which is the largest poker league in Nevada and has been in operation for 2 years.
    • 26. Partner in Card Player Cruises for three years and coordinated the first Party Poker Million.
    • 27. Tour Director for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour as seen on CBS for one year. Worked closely with CBS to produce the show as well as the tournament director through the US for the tour.
    • 28. Tournament producer/director for the following events – Aruba Poker Classic, Caribbean Poker Classic, Four Queens Poker Classic, Desert Poker Classic.
    • 29. Accomplished poker player in both live action and tournament play and have vast amount of contacts in the poker industry and know most of the top players personally
    Bonnie Leinhos
    Tournament Director
  • 30. GFG Pro Poker Team
    • A World Champion Poker Player – winner of the main event at the WSOP only 31 players hold that title.
    • 31. A professional player that has 7 WSOP bracelets, has been player of the year 4 times and has won over 5 million dollars
    • 32. A professional poker player that has many titles but the most prestigious is European Champion.
    Photos and names will be released in mid July
  • 33. Celebrity poker players previously under contract to Poker Stars and others such brand names- are now eager and ready to sign up with GFG
    GFG’s business lends itself to constant news releases
    GFG is poised to change the way people play on-line games
    Beta Kicks off Next Month
    Going Live - Soon
    Come Along
  • 34. Rapid Platform
  • 35.
    • Bring Social Networking to where it was meant to be. Strangers meeting eachother and socializing based on mutual interests (gaming)
    • 36. Service the Games of Chance community via a 100% US Legal membership model
    • 37. Provide players of Games of Skill with the ability to play a large selection of games with a wager per play or membership based model
    Our Business Model
    • Provide experts and pros across multiple games with the ability to provide face to face tutoring. Monetizing their time and providing GFG with an additional revenue stream. While at the same time allowing our community members with the ability to learn from the great players irregardless of Geographic's.
    • 38. Our goal is to maintain the thrill of online games while keeping it safe for everyone.
  • PurePlay
    • Membership Based
    • 39. Tournament and Private Tables
    • 40. Play for fun Feature (No Monthly Fee)
    • 41. Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cash Tournaments
    • 42. $25 / Month Membership
    Game Face Gaming
    • Membership Based
    • 43. Tournament and Private Tables
    • 44. Play for fun Feature (No Monthly Fee)
    • 45. Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cash Tournaments
    • 46. $19.95 / Month Membership
    • 47. Interactive Video & Audio (No Download)
    • 48. Social Network Community
    • 49. Year Long Event ending in an Off-Shore Tournament
    • 50. Ability to play against industry pros.
    • 51. Cross-Promote with Real Casinos
    Competitive Analysis
    GFG vs. PurePlay
  • 52. Marketing Plan
    The interactive nature of Internet marketing, both in terms of instant response and in eliciting response, are unique qualities of the medium. We plan a campaign which will touch upon all of the listed points below.
    • Affiliate Program Marketing
    • 53. Targeted Client Traffic
    • 54. Search Engine Optimization (known as SEO)
    • 55. Sign Up Bonuses
    • 56. Blogs and Forums
    • 57. E-mail campaigns and newsletters
    • 58. Pay per click ad campaigns
    • 59. Banner advertisements
    • 60. Offline Marketing
  • Marketing Facebook
    Publish exclusive content
    Create local/regional Fan and Landing pages
    Facebook Connect
    Daily wall postings (using hash tags)
    Promote tournaments, events, contests and polls
  • 61. Weekly tweets
    Use hash-tags
    Advanced search to target gamers and poker players
    Use Tweetvite to create and find Tweetups (events) in your area; for launch of product/service.
    Marketing Twitter
  • 62. Questions? Comments?
    Game Face Gaming, Inc.20 East Sunrise Hwy, Suite 202Valley Stream, NY 11581www.GameFaceGaming.cominfo@GameFaceGaming.comtel:516.303.8100