July2013 Meetup : App Store Optimization - Shankar soma


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July2013 Meetup : App Store Optimization - Shankar soma

  1. 1. Improving your Apps in App Store
  2. 2. shankarsoma.com @seoshankar FIRST OFF – Who am I? plus.ly/shankarsoma linkd.in/seoshankar Shankar Soma Director of Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Introductory Notes • What is ASO? • App Store Ranking Factors • Components of ASO • Screenshots • Ratings and Reviews • Ask a simple question! • Measuring Success • Tools And Resources • Have questions?
  4. 4. 63 % of Android and iOS users have found apps by “organic search” within the app store. What is ASO? APP STORE Optimization means that the search engine specific rules. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers.
  5. 5. Why ASO? An optimized app means more downloads, which ultimately lead to more subscriptions, purchases, shares, customer engagements, and whichever other KPI’s equate success for your business. ASO requires many of the same factors that go into great SEO tactics. Like metadata, keywords, head titles, description, & geography play a role in app store listings, so leveraging the right tool to understand these variables for your specific app can mean the difference between a top-tier ranking & an also-ran position.
  6. 6. • There are currently 750,000 apps in the App Store alone. • These apps have over 40 billion downloads. • There are one billion smartphones existing in the world, and that number is growing.
  7. 7. App Store Ranking Factors The aspects that determine your ranking in an app search engine can be divided in textual aspects, popularity, and rating. While all platforms have their own ranking factor weights and algorithm particularities, the ideal situation of these factors is quite similar.
  8. 8. • App Name • App Publisher • Keywords and Description • Installs so far • Install Growth Spikes • Current Installs, Uninstalls, Active Installs
  9. 9. Components of ASO
  10. 10. It’s easier to get games discovered on Google Play
  11. 11. Screenshots
  12. 12. Keep an eye on the Top
  13. 13. Ratings and Reviews
  14. 14. Reviews
  15. 15. Ratings and Reviews
  16. 16. Ask a simple question! Learn FAST
  17. 17. Focus On For Better App Store Optimization
  18. 18. Measuring Success In App Marketing • Top Charts, especially Top Charts within a particular category • Just as ratings and reviews will help your ASO. • Taking it one step further, correlating your search rankings to downloads will allow you to understand the effect your increased ASO is having on your app performance. • Keep an eye on the Top 50 Industry Wise • we often see apps whose conversion rate soars with an increase in ASO because the users are so much more engaged with the app.
  19. 19. Tools And Resources • Quickly talk about some tools and resources to use to help your app marketing o http://www.apptentive.com/ o http://www.apptamin.com/ o http://www.flurry.com/ o http://www.mobileapptracking.com/
  20. 20. FUTURE! Mobile App Growth Continues to Explode
  21. 21. How Do Users Find Apps?
  22. 22. Now It's Your Turn Have questions, Please light up the comments
  23. 23. bit.ly/googleappstore DOWNLOAD this presentation SHANKAR SOMA Director of Digital Marketing shankarsoma.com @seoshankar me@shankarsoma.com plus.ly/shankarsoma