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A Hippopotamus for Christmas


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Bruno Lowagie's presentation for ZooCamp 2009 in Antwerp. It's a true story of a hippo on Netlog, Facebook and YouTube.

Bruno Lowagie's presentation for ZooCamp 2009 in Antwerp. It's a true story of a hippo on Netlog, Facebook and YouTube.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • 1. A Hippopotamus for Christmas A true story about a hippo on Netlog, YouTube and Facebook Bruno Lowagie @ ZooCamp 2009
  • 2. February 2008 I'm lost for words... Ik kan er niet over schrijven. Yet words are all I have. Ik kan er niet niet over schrijven. What else can I do to help him? Ik weet het niet, ik weet het echt niet...
  • 3. Bad, bad news… Your son has Cancer…
  • 4. The protocol
  • 5. A Helping Hippo
  • 6. The operation
  • 7. Brul gets surgery
  • 8. A Hippo Song
  • 9. Hippo Song 2
  • 10. Hello, Paincakes fanmail I wanted to send you a little mail to thank you for recording quot;I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.quot; My son (almost 12) has Cancer (Osteosarcoma) and he has a little stuffed hippo that has become very important during the long treatment. We play your version of quot;I want a hippopotamus for Christmasquot; every time we celebrate something. For instance: we've just had the news that he can go home from the hospital for the weekend. On such an occasion I play the song on my portable computer and my son lets his stuffed hippo dance to it. He can't use his left leg due to the Cancer, so he lets his hippo do all the things he can't do anymore. This is just a little mail from a father, a son and his hippo to tell you that we are fans! Thanks again, Bruno, Inigo and Brul
  • 11. Bruno, Thank you so much for your message. Your email and blog entry Paincakes answer were very touching. It is very nice to know that something we did for fun has now taken on so much meaning in your lives. One of the first thoughts that entered my mind after reading the blog entry was that there may be a way to get Inigo a hippopotamus for Christmas. I know many zoo's in the United States have adoption or sponsorship programs to help fund the care of animals. For a donation that goes towards feeding and taking care of an animal, the zoo will send a picture and information about the animals they are adopting or sponsoring. I would imagine that it may be a possibility at a zoo near you as well. If possible, myself and my friends in the quot;bandquot; would like to find a way to make this happen. Please let me know what you think of the idea. Again, thank you for your email. My best wishes to you and your family. I hope Inigo has a quick recovery. Sincerely, Erik J. Koppin
  • 12. Netlog: Clan Brul
  • 13. Hippe Hermien
  • 14. Hippopotamusses
  • 15. Brul is popular
  • 16. Brul on YouTube
  • 17. Brul’s Newspaper
  • 18. Key chains
  • 19. Cool T-Shirts
  • 20. Free Flyers
  • 21. Brul in De Tijd Oktober 2008
  • 22. Brul on Facebook
  • 23. Brul & his T-shirts
  • 24. T-Shirt mania
  • 25. Christmas present
  • 26. Closing event: dog walk
  • 27. Extra money
  • 28. Visiting Hermien
  • 29. Inigo is happy
  • 30. Thank you! Questions are welcome