Nurs 820 intro to searching spring 2013


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  • Do PubMed search for anti-smoking to demonstrate articles in processPoint out sub-headings, eg. Smoking/psychology - you don’t want to search with sub-headings
  • Use anti-smoking as sample search in PubMed
  • Do PubMed search for anti-smoking to demonstrate articles in processPoint out sub-headings, eg. Smoking/psychology - you don’t want to search with sub-headings
  • Nurs 820 intro to searching spring 2013

    1. 1. Welcome to the universe of medical information!Your guides: Jennifer Rosenstein, First Year Outreach Services Librarian Eloise Flood, Reference Librarian
    2. 2. It can be a scary place out here, but do not fear! You arenot alone.Flight plan1. Put your clinical question into PICO format2. Search the MeSH database to find MeSH terms for your PICO elements3. Search PubMed for high quality evidence4. Save PubMed searches to your My NCBI account5. Search the Cochrane Library and JBI for systematic reviews6. Start reading and appraising the articles you found!
    3. 3. Ignition, Stage 1:As a group, put yourclinical question intoPICO format Ignition, Stage 2: Understanding the difference between Subject Headings and Keywords We’re primarily concerned with two kinds of subject headings MeSH (PubMed & Cochrane) CINAHL
    4. 4. Subject Headings are controlled vocabulary MeSH: National Library of Medicine• Subject headings help organize the universe of articles by making sure there is a consistent way of referring to the same condition or issue• When you search subject headings you are only searching the subject headings section of the article recordKeywords are not controlled• When you do a keyword search you are searching for that term or phrase anywhere in the text of the article, not just in the subject headings section
    5. 5. Subject headings vs. Keyword Subject Headings
    6. 6. To access all databases:
    7. 7. Use the Select Database by Namemenu to choose the database you want, then click Go to Database
    8. 8. To search the MeSH database, select it from thePubMed homepage or the PubMed search menu
    9. 9. Understanding a MeSH record Scope note (definition) Subheadings (can be used to conduct a focused search)
    10. 10. These functions can help narrow your search Entry terms: If you type any one of these into PubMed or MeSH it will map to this MeSH term Pubmed auto- explodes, which means unless you tell it not to it willNarrower automatically include subject the narrower subjectheadings headings in the search
    11. 11. Takeoff: Starting to find MeSH Headings: Search MeSH for your PICO elements Be sure to add search terms to your grid, note ifit’s a MeSH heading, and whether or not you want toexplode it.
    12. 12. Take the helm: As you find your MeSH terms add them to the search builder Use AND to combine different elements, eg. P AND I Use OR to combine synonyms or related terms for same element
    13. 13. Use the Article Type filter in PubMed To start select: Meta-analysis Randomized Controlled Trial Systematic Review You need to click on each Article type to activate (apply) it
    14. 14. To save your articles create a groupMyNCBI account and send articles to your collections
    15. 15. Getting help with PubMedFrom the PubMed home page PubMed Help
    16. 16. 10 minute break
    17. 17. Heading back home: Cochrane and JBI
    18. 18. Searching the Cochrane Library Use Advanced Search
    19. 19. Use the Medical Terms (MeSH) tab tosearch, then click Add to Search Manager foreach term
    20. 20. In the Search Manager, type the search you want into the final boxClick Go to see the results of your search, then clickon the number of results to see them
    21. 21. JBI• You can access JBI through the Pace databases page• You will need to use the login information provided by the DNP program to log in the first time and then create an individual account
    22. 22. Searching JBI 3. Use the Search History to combine searches 1. Use your MeSH terms as keywords 2. You can limit to Systematic Reviews
    23. 23. To save articles add them to My Projects
    24. 24. If you get stuck: E-mail us Jennifer: Eloise: Nursing Research Guide: nursingresearch