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  • Use Virginia Woolf as an example
  • ElI 084S Caprario

    1. 1. ELI 084S: Library ResearchJennifer Rosenstein, First Year Outreach Services Librarian
    2. 2. Agenda for today’s lesson• Breaking down your topic into searchable keywords• Using the library catalog• Using online databases• Where to get help
    3. 3. How to get started?• Before you can begin researching you need to break down your topic into key words• Example: – globalizations influence on the economy of a developing country (China)Concept A Concept B Concept CGlobalization Economy China
    4. 4. A more complex exampleIs globalization a catalyst that facilitates wide-spread terrorism and extremism, which eventually result in many tragedies, such as the September 11th attack? Try it yourself: Fill out the first row of your chart
    5. 5. Next: brainstorm synonyms for your key wordsConcept A Concept B Concept CGlobalization Terrorism Attacks Are there other ways of saying these ideas?
    6. 6. Searching the librarycatalogFrom the library home page: www.pace.edu/libraryUse the Search Plus box
    7. 7. Tips for using Search Plus (Encore) to search the catalog• Use the tags on the right to narrow your search• When you find a book that looks helpful, look at the Subjects for similar books• If you need books that are immediately available to you, click on “Birnbaum Stacks” on the left – Note E-book options as well – Use Request It button to have books sent to NYC from other Pace campuses• While you’re browsing, you can click on the “Add to List” link to keep track of items you were interested in – Use the “My List” button at the top right to access your list. You can e-mail the list to yourself.• Use the Connect NY button to find resources from other universities• Note: Encore will also give you results from a few databases, but it’s hard to narrow them down using this interface
    8. 8. Recommended databasesAccess all databases through the library home page:www.pace.edu/library Click on the Databases: Find an Article link• Opposing Viewpoints in Context – For controversial topics, eg. homeschooling• Academic Search Premier – General research• ABI-Inform – Business topics• For specific companies or markets: – Lexis-Nexis – Business & Company Resource Center – Global Market Information Database
    9. 9. Tips for databasesearching• Combine terms across columns with AND• Combine synonyms with ORand place multi-word phrases in quotationmarks. Put OR terms in parentheses ()
    10. 10. Advanced Google searching Google scholar: scholar.google.com Configure your settings to show articles available from Pace • Video tutorial: http://youtu.be/MRFYjeNrFPM Use the site: limiter Note: Google automatically puts the AND between search terms
    11. 11. Use Google’ssearch tools tonarrow yoursearch.Click showsearch tools foreven moreoptions.
    12. 12. • To get more help:• The library home page: pace.edu/library • Use the Ask-a-Librarian link • Under “Library Services,” use the Video tutorials, How do I?, and Research Guides links look at the Research Guides for Business and Marketing• E-mail Jennifer! jrosenstein@pace.edu• Stop by or call the reference desk (the desk under the big Information sign in the middle of the library) • (212) 346-1331