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Powerpoint reviewing library research for ED 690 - Teacher as Researcher

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ED 690

  1. 1. Teacher as ResearcherLibrary Instruction for ED 690, Spring 2012 Photo by Steven De Polo
  2. 2. ObjectivesDevelop an awareness of the different library resources available for education researchGenerate search terms and organize your search strategyBecome familiar with basic and advanced search features in databases in order to search the journal literature
  3. 3. Library Research Guide• Research guides will help you choose encyclopedias, databases, journals, and other resources for your education research• Start at the Library Homepage – http://www.pace.edu/library• Under “Library Services” click on Research Guides – Choose Education from the Subject list Or access the guide directly at: – Search for or scroll to: “Teacher as Researcher: Action Research” libguides.pace.edu/ ActionResearch
  4. 4. Using the Pace Library Catalog• The Pace Library Catalog lists the books, e-books, movies and other materials owned by the Pace Library – There are two ways to search the catalog Classic catalog Encore
  5. 5. Tips for using Encore to search the catalog• Start with a broad search• Use the tags on the right to narrow your search• While you’re browsing, you can click on the“Add to List” link to keep track of items you wereinterested in• When you find a book that looks interesting, look at the record and click on the relevant subject heading to find more books and materials on that subject
  6. 6. • Use the Request It button to get books from other Pace campuses • Takes 1-2 business days. You will get an e-mail when the book arrives and it can be picked up at the circulation desk.• Use the Connect NY button to find resources from other universities • Takes 3-5 business days. You will get an e-mail when the book arrives and it can be picked up at the circulation desk.• When you’re in Connect NY (it will open in another tab or window) use the WorldCat link to find books available through InterLibrary Loan
  7. 7. Organizing your search strategy• Sample question:• What factors affect the intrinsic motivation of socioeconomically challenged middle-school students?• Step 1: eliminate extraneous words• Step 2: pull out key words Concept A Concept B Concept C intrinsic motivation socioeconomically middle-school students challenged
  8. 8. Organizing your search strategy, cont.• Step 3: brainstorm synonyms for your key words – Note: you may continue to add synonyms and subject headings as you search
  9. 9. Using Databases to find Articles From the library home page, click on Databases: Find an ArticleRecommended Databases:Education OtherERIC PsycInfoEducation Abstracts Academic SearchProfessional Development Premier Collection Jstor
  10. 10. Boolean Operators
  11. 11. Boolean Operators & Search Tips• Use “OR” to connect related or synonymous terms within a single search box, this widens your search• Parentheses: be sure to group OR terms within parentheses, eg. (“special education” OR “special needs”)• Use “AND” to narrow search results by combining key concepts – Eg. motivation AND “socioeconomically challenged” AND “middle school”• Asterisk: retrieves all alternate endings, eg. disab* retrieves disability, disabled, disabilities, etc.• Quotation marks retrieves that exact phrase, eg. “social media”
  12. 12. Limiting your search• In Ebsco databases (eg. ERIC and PsycInfo) you can limit your search in 2 waysFrom the Advanced After gettingSearch screen a set of results
  13. 13. Finding Subject headings in PsycInfo• To review How and Why to use the Thesaurus in PsycInfo, view this video: – http://tinyurl.com/axvbybr
  14. 14. Finding Full-Text Documents In ERIC, if it is a book, search for the book title in the catalog to see if the book is available from Pace or Connect NY For articles (in all databases) use the Search for Article button
  15. 15. Finding Full-Text DocumentsAfter clicking Search for Article, if you see: Note: you need a library barcode to create an InterLibrary Loan account
  16. 16. To get more help • The library home page: www.pace.edu/library • Use the Ask-a- Librarian link • Under “Library Services” – Video tutorials – How do I? – Research Guides • E-mail Jennifer! jrosenstein@pace.edu • Stop by or call the reference desk (the desk under the big Information sign in the middle of the library) • (212) 346-1331
  17. 17. Quiz Time!tinyurl.com/ed690mcdermott Photo by Alberto G.