7 Steps To Creating Your New Life Short

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Discover All that you really are …

Discover All that you really are
How you got to where you are today
How to change what doesn\'t suit you
Behavior Change
Sustainable Change
Creating a New Life

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  • 1. to recreate your lifethe way you want it!
  • 2. My journey• I left school at 15• Had three children by 22• Separated at 26• Remarried and re-separated by 34• Met my current partner at age 36• Read a really powerful book, Rich Dad Poor Dad – this changed my life in 1998• Built a successful property portfolio between 1999 and 2003• Discovered new abilities in 2003• Had a serious accident in 2005, that made me re-think my whole life• Became a Transformational Coach in 2005• Opened Blossom House Wellness Centre in 2009
  • 3. What I’ve done …
  • 4. 7 steps to creating your new lifeStep 1: Discover All That You Really AreStep 2: Understand How You Got To Where You Are Today - Your Belief SystemsStep 3: Create A Plan To Change What Doesn’t Suit YouStep 4: Becoming The ObserverStep 5: Changing The Behaviour/ReactionsStep 6: Implementing Sustainable ChangeStep 7: Creating A New Life
  • 5. Step 1: Discover Who You Really Are• Write a list of all the things you learnt as a child• List all the skills you learnt at school, university• List all your workplaces, tasks, responsibilities• List all your relationships, friendships dynamics• List problems within friend/relationships• Ask 7 people who know you well, to describe you on all levels• List all your interests, hobbies• List parenting/life skills you have
  • 6. Step 2:Understand How You Got To Where You Are Today• Belief systems of parents/culture• Influence from siblings/community• Teachers• Peers• What is socially acceptable• Relationships• Media
  • 7. Step 3: What Do You Want to Change?• My relationships with others?• My relationship with money?• My self esteem levels?• My job expectations?• My negative perspective on life?• My level of self confidence?• My lifestyle?
  • 8. Step 4: Create A Plan To Change What Doesn’t Suit You• List of the things you want to achieve in your life if nothing was a problem• Make a list of what you believe is holding you back• List why they are holding you back• List your fears around achieving them
  • 9. Step 5: Become The Observer• Start a journal of your day to day thoughts and feelings• Don’t analyse them• Look at the patterns that play• What is the trigger/ feeling that comes up?• How often does it surface?• Where does the underlying feeling/emotion come from?
  • 10. Step 6: Changing TheReactions/Behaviours• Problem arises, stop, do nothing• Step back and watch yourself• How do you feel? What are your thoughts?• Just watch, don’t react• Look for the real truth in the situation• Choose relevant reaction
  • 11. Step 7: Implementing Sustainable Change• Maintain observation of Self at all times. Be detached• Begin people watching, observe• Always look at issue from all sides• How important is it? Does it really matter?• How will this impact on my life• Give each situation the energy it deserves
  • 12. Let’s Recap• Step 1: Discover Who You Really Are• Step 2: Understand How You Got To Where You Are Today• Step 3: What Do You Want To Change?• Step 4: Create A Plan To Change What Doesn’t Suit• Step 5: Become The Observer• Step 6: Change The Reaction/Behaviours• Step 7: Implementing Sustainable Change Here’s what some of my clients have to say about the program …
  • 13. ‘Calmer and in more control of my life …’Hi RaineI was slowly recovering from a long and painful separation, having many years ofanger and negativity that I was unaware of. One day I looked at what I blamed othersfor and realised it was all in me.Your course was fun, challenging, and boy did I learn a lot about myself and others!I can now identify what my key triggers are. Previously, they were exhausting andhitting me in all directions every day. Due to being conscious of them, I can nowmake more positive self empowering choices, rather than choosing to keep usinglearnt destructive patterns of behaviour.I am now calmer, more in control of my life, and have more self confidence.Thanks so much,Rachel
  • 14. ‘A powerful experience that taught me to takeresponsibility for my life …’Hi Raine,During this course I did not only learn to take responsibility for my life but also how totake control. It opened my eyes in so many ways and truly changed my life.In your loving, bubbly and sometimes confrontational way, you guided me through thiscourse - assisting me in learning what became some of the most important lessons inlife so far. It made me aware of how much I had limited myself and more importantly, itrevealed to me the gift of self love.This course was a very powerful experience that took me step by step closer to who Ireally am.Many ThanksSandra, Nelson
  • 15. ‘I now know who I truly am …’Hi Raine,I started this course not really knowing what to expect or what I wanted to achieve.This course has taught me so much about myself, things that I knew but didn’t want toacknowledge about myself.I have learned that I truly control what happens in my life and how I feel about things.I have learned to listen to how I react to what people say and do, then acknowledgewhy I felt the way I did - and to let go.I learnt that I am not alone with some of my “unique” beliefs, invisibility and rejection.I am interested in myself and how I react to things.This is the most personally challenging and rewarding courses I have ever done.I Am On My Way To BlissSally, Nelson
  • 16. So What Now?When you leave this webinar you’ve got a lot ofgreat information from me right?But if you haven’t done this kind of real in-depth workin creating the life you want to live before, it can be alittle overwhelming right?So what can you do about it?Is it ok if I show you the fast and easy way tomake all this happen for you?