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How to own your Market through Content Marketing
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How to own your Market through Content Marketing


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* Content Marketing Case Studies …

* Content Marketing Case Studies
* What is Marketing?
* Product Marketing Types
* What is Content Marketing?
* How to do good Content Marketing?
* Is the return of investment worth it?
* What’s the reward for good Content Marketing?
* How to measure & track Content Marketing Efforts
* Startup Metrics for Pirates — AARRR
* Content Marketing Sources & Inspirations
* Formula Recap

#startup #metrics #tracking #marketing #superpower


Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

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  • 1. How to own your Market through Content Marketing Allan Berger Design & UX, Co-Founder & CCO
  • 2. Allan Berger allanberger Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 3. Content Marketing Case Studies From 0 to 100k Paying Customers in 9 months Infographics, Articles Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 4. Content Marketing Case Studies 1 Mio. Unique Visitors in 10 Months Infographics, Articles Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 5. Content Marketing Case Studies Became Market Leader in 3 Years Slideshows, Tips, Videos, Infographics Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 6. Content Marketing Case Studies Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 7. Content Marketing Case Studies 91% B2B businesses use content marketing 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks - North America: CMI/Marketing Profs Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 8. What is Marketing? “ Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of influencing buyer behavior. ” Wikipedia Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 9. A few types of Product Marketing SEO/SEM Display Ads Affiliate Marketing Social Media Marketing Video Marketing Content Marketing Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 10. What is Content Marketing? “ A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. ” Content Marketing Institute Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 11. What is Content Marketing? Email Case Studies Lean Product Management @allanberger Webinars
  • 12. What is Content Marketing? Ongoing Process Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 13. What is Content Marketing? The art of delivering content without selling Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 14. What is Content Marketing? No Spam, Non-Interrupting Relevant, Valuable Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 15. How can I do good CM? Understand your market Know Meta Information about your Target Audience Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 16. Structure - Define your Goals Culture, Values Conversion Philosophy Customer Service Brand/Product awareness Retention Thought Leadership Upsell Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 17. How can I do good CM? Create Inspiring and Motivating Content Stop … read … learn … think & behave differently Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 18. Superpower your Customers Source: Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 19. Superpower your Customers Buffer Example: How to get better on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn Habits of successful people Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 20. Write for Influencers “Hey, their Product actually looks cool too” Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 21. Write Evergreen Content Timeless, Canonical i.e.: “6 reasons every small business should be blogging” Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 22. Reuse Content Inside of Product Create Content Page Cross-link Content Share Existing Content Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 23. Find out what works best Product Website / Blog Videos Emails Slidedecks Social Media Platforms Quora Answers Ebooks Webinars Infographics Case Studies Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 24. Return of Investment? Lean Product Management @allanberger $
  • 25. Idea behind New Acquisitions “People don't buy what you do;
 they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 26. Idea behind Build Longterm Relationships with the Customer Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 27. Idea behind Later opportunities with ongoing content Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 28. Idea behind Validate your ideas i.e. via Tweet or Post Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 29. Measure & Track Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 30. Metrics for Pirates - AARRR Acquisition Activation Retention Customer Lifecycle by Dave McClure, 500 Startups Referral Revenue Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 31. Get inspired Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 32. Recap Understand your market & your target audience to create tailored content Give your customers superpowers Depending on the audience you can use different channels to deliver the content more effectively Lean Product Management @allanberger
  • 33. Thank you allanberger Lean Product Management @allanberger