A trip to Gatorland, Orlando, Florida.


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Gatorland is a 110 acre attraction and wildlife preserve in Orlando, Florida. Home to thousands of reptiles and nesting birds, it features a swamp walk and displays of local snakes and lizards.

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  • The water play section of the park was beautifully designed, complete with egrets and (very life-like) crocodiles.
  • An enormous alligator. The park is proactive in conservation projects and is the port of call for people who find rogue gators on their golf courses or in their pools.
  • The gators in the water play area.
  • The signs were all neatly done, clear and not faded in the sun. Phrased in a local “Southern” dialect, they managed to be both informal and quirky yet also impart interesting information.
  • A turtle sits with the alligators in this pen. Different pools held alligators of different sizes; babies in one, small in the next, right up to enormous ones in the main pools. There was also a snapping turtle in this one.
  • This was a show which involved members of the audience encountering a variety of dangerous and/or frightening creatures. Though fairly light on animals it was hugely entertaining, thanks to these two guys , who were natural entertainers and created a show that was both educational and yet very funny. A real highlight of the day.
  • An Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.
  • Two salt water crocodiles, male and female.
  • The water play area was pristine and neatly designed.
  • Another show, “Gator Jumparoo”, featured hand feeding the alligators.
  • Gators leaping out of the water to grab pieces of chicken.
  • The park also had a superb display of native Florida reptiles, including Cottonmouths, rattlesnakes and various lizards. Here are some giant (non-native) Aldabra Tortoises.
  • The park owns a large amount of land outside the confines of Gatorland itself, meaning that the park, although having its entrance on the main road, feels like a slice of wilderness. There is also a walkway through surrounding swampland.
  • A gator lazing in the sun in the main swamp.
  • Gatorland is also a haven for many species of birds, drawn both by the swampland and the abundant food supply. Turkey vultures, egrets and herons hang around the gators and I saw an osprey fishing in the lake.
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