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Bloom Spokane 2011 Annual Report

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Bloom Spokane is pleased to present our 2011 Annual Report to the Community.

Bloom Spokane is pleased to present our 2011 Annual Report to the Community.

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  • 1.   bloomSPOKANE Growing a Better Birth Community   A BIRTHNETWORK NATIONAL CHAPTER 2011  ANNUAL  REPORT    Photography  (above):  Pamala  Phelps  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     1  
  • 2. Bloom  Spokane  is  a  community  organization     working  to  increase  the  number  of  safe  and     positive  births  in  the  Inland  Northwest.       Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     2  Photography:  Madeline  James  Photography  
  • 3.     Supporting  and  educating   childbearing  families  by   promoting  mother-­‐friendly   maternity  care  and   encouraging  informed   health  care  decisions.    Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     3  
  • 4. Birth  Options  Class    Our  free  Birth  Options  class  is  taught  monthly  at  Sun  People  Dry  Goods.  Over  150  local  parents  have  benefited  from  this  class  in  the  first  year  and  our  attendance  continues  to  grow.    Over  the  next  year  we  plan  to  expand  the  number  of  classes  offered  and  move  them  out  into  different  areas  of  our  community.                              “Bloom’s  Birth  Options  Class  was   very  informative—we  could  see   the  instructors  are  highly   informed  on  the  topic.  We  liked   having  people  with  varied   experiences  and  backgrounds  in   the  class.  We  already   recommended  this  class  to   another  pregnant  couple  we   know  and  hope  they  join  you   too.  Thanks  again!”   –  LOCAL  MOM    Bloom  Spokane  leaders  and  professional  members  lead  the  Birth  Options  Class.  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     4  
  • 5. Birth!  Film  Festival  On  Saturday  October  15th,  2011  Bloom  Spokane  brought  6  amazing  birth  films  to  the  historic  Bing  Crosby  Theater  for  our  first  Birth!  Film  Festival.  We  presented  Birth  Day;  Its  my  Body,  my  Baby,  my  Birth;  Natural  Born  Babies;  Miss  Margaret:  The  Story  of  an  Alabama  Midwife;  Mother  of  Many;  and  Orgasmic  Birth.  We  finished  the  evening  up  with  a  panel  of  local  birth  professionals  answering  audience  questions.            Birth!  Film  Festival  Poster   Marquee  at  the  Bing  Crosby  Theater  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     5  
  • 6.           Working  to  increase   community  awareness  of   our  organization  and  local     mother-­‐friendly  resources.    Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     6  
  • 7. Website  &  Social  Media  Efforts  No  one  else  in  the  Spokane  region  comes  close  to  Bloom  Spokane  in  terms  of  online  content  and  resources  focused  on  the  topics  of  pregnancy  and  childbirth.  Our  website  and  online  marketing  efforts  have  more  than  doubled  the  number  of  people  we’re  able  to  reach  in  the  past  year  alone.     In  2011  our  website  averaged:   • 2,870  visitors/month   • 6,740  page  views/month   • Over  40%  of  site  traffic  came   from  the  Spokane/CDA  region    Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     7  
  • 8. Baby  Fair  On  Sunday,  March  13th  Bloom  had  the  opportunity  to  host  an  entire  section  of  baby-­‐  and  mother-­‐friendly  exhibitors  at  Spokanes  2011  Baby  Fair.  We  brought  in  15  vendors—Bloom  Spokane  professional  members  and  organizations—to  support,  encourage,  and  educate  childbearing  families  at  this  event  that  draws  over  3,000  people  each  year.  Entrance  to  the  Bloom  Spokane  section  at  Baby  Fair.   Associated  Traditional  Midwives  (L  to  R):  Victoria  Stickelmeyer,  Dana  Combest,  CPM,  LM,  Terri   Young  and  Margaret  Lipton,  ARNP,CNM.  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     8  
  • 9. CHER’s  Mother’s  Gala  &  Baby  Shower  Bloom  Spokane  participated  as  an  exhibitor  at  two  events  hosted  by  Community  Health  Education  &  Resources  (CHER)  this  year—Mother’s  Gala  (March)  and  Baby  Shower  (October).    Our  leaders  and  volunteers  spoke  with  women  and  families  about  their  local  birth  options  and  handed  out  information  including  our  provider  directory.      CHER’s  Baby  Shower  event  in  October,  2011.  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     9  
  • 10.         Strengthening  and   connecting  health  care   providers  so  that  they     can  better  serve  the   women  and  families  of     our  community.        Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     10  
  • 11. Birth  Professionals  Forum  We  host  quarterly  meetings  for  all  local  professionals  who  serve  childbearing  women  and  their  families  with  the  goal  of  fostering  a  community  of  respect  amongst  participants,  opening  the  lines  of  communication,  learning  from  each  other,  and  working  toward  a  common  goal  of  improving  maternity  care  services  and  outcomes  for  moms  and  babies.  Our  meeting  topics  this  year  covered  breastfeeding  and  breech  birth.   Bloom  Spokane  produced   Breastfeeding Resources these  community  resource   SUPPORT GROUPS flyers  with  information   Spokane WIC Monday, 1:00 – 2:00pm Spokane Mindful Mamas Thursday, 10:30am – 12:00pm gathered  during  our  2011   East Central Community Center Unity Church of Truth 500 S. Stone St., Spokane WA 99202 (509) 323-2828 2900 S Bernard St., Spokane, WA spokanemindfulmamas@gmail.com Birth  Professionals  Forum   meetings.   Embracing Your Birth Spokane Valley Mindful Mamas Tuesday, 10:30 – 11:30am 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm 16715 E Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley WA Liberty Lake (contact for meeting locations) (509) 216-1045 svmindfulmamas@gmail.com Mothers Haven Lollipop Lemondrop Boutique Tuesday, 12:00 – 2:00pm Thursday, 12:00 – 1:00pm 2112 N Government Way, Coeur dAlene, ID 83814 23129 E Mission, Liberty Lake, WA (208) 676-1300 (509) 927-2005 Sacred Heart Mother Baby Time Valley Hospital Mommy & Me Club Wednesday, 10:00 – 11:30am Friday, 10:00am – 12:00pm 101 West 8th Avenue, Spokane WA, 99204 12606 E. Mission Ave., Spokane Valley (509) 474-2400 (509) 473-5706 LA LECHE LEAGUE La Leche League Leaders are experienced mothers who have breastfed their own babies and who have been trained and accredited by LLLI to help mothers and mothers-to-be with all aspects of breastfeeding. They are available by phone whenever you have breastfeeding questions or concerns. Spokane Northside West Plains 2nd Friday / month, 10:00am 2nd Monday / month, 9:30am Holy Family Medical Building Airway Heights Library Health Education Center 1213 S. Lundstrom St., Airway Heights, WA 99001 235 E. Rowan, Spokane, WA Call Laura at (509) 244-4191 or Call Alicia at (509) 484-0340 Shannon at (509) 258-6850 Spokane City Coeur d’Alene 3rd Wednesday / month, 6:00pm 2nd Thursday / month, 10:30am –12:00pm United Manito Methodist Church Mothers Haven 33rd and Grand Ave., Spokane, WA 2112 N Government Way, Coeur dAlene, ID 83814 Call Alicia at (509) 484-0340 Call Jolie at (208) 777-9679 This community resource is brought to you by: bloomSPOKANE Growing a Better Birth Community bloomspokane.com A BIRTHNETWORK NATIONAL CHAPTERBloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     11  
  • 12. Professional  Memberships  &  Provider  Directory  In  2011,  we  expanded  our  provider  directory  to  include  over  80  professional  members  and  businesses,  growing  the  exposure  of  mother-­‐friendly  professionals  in  our  community.  In  addition  to  being  listed  on  our  website  and  printed  provider  directory,  Bloom  Spokane  professional  members  also  benefit  from  having  their  marketing  materials  distributed  at  our  classes  and  events.     bloomSPOKANE Growing a Better Birth Community  “In  the  days  before  Bloom,  I  tried  to  keep  a  list  of  doctors,  midwives,   doulas  and  other  local  resources  that  support  families.  My  resource  list   A BIRTHNETWORK NATIONAL CHAPTER was  pretty  good  but  nothing  compared  to  Bloom.  Now  I  refer  all  my   BIRTH couples  to  the  Bloom  website  at  their  first  HypnoBirthing®  class.  A  good   share  of  them  already  know  about  Bloom  because  that’s  how  they   & Beyond 2012 RESOURCE GUIDE found  me.  The  Bloom  Provider  Directory  is  always  up  to  date.  The  birth   stories  are  amazing  …  the  blog  too!     Joining  Bloom  Spokane  as  a  professional  member  is  the  best  thing  I’ve   ever  done  to  grow  my  business.  At  least  50%  of  the  people  who  take  the   course  found  me  on  Bloom.  Thank  you  Bloom  for  all  you  do!”   MARY  LONG   INLAND  HYPNOBIRTHING®    Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     12  
  • 13.       Making  connections  with   professionals  from  across   the  region  by  sponsoring   and  attending  conferences   and  trainings.    Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     13  
  • 14. Midwives  Association  of  Washington  State  (MAWS)  Conference  On  May  6,  2011  one  of  Bloom  Spokane’s  leaders  and  a  few  of  our  professional  members  attended  the  MAWS  Conference  in  Seattle,  WA.  They  heard  presentations  from  Ina  May  Gaskin  (Author,  Midwife,  Activist,  Innovator),  Penny  Simkin  (Author,  Doula,  Childbirth  Educator,  Birth  Counselor),  and  midwives  from  across  Washington  State.  It’s  not  everyday  that  these  world-­‐famous  childbirth  experts  are  practically  in  your  backyard!          “The  MAWS  conference  was  a   great  way  to  connect  with   childbirth  professionals  from   across  the  Northwest.  I  am   excited  to  share  what  I  learned   from  these  inspirational  women   with  our  community  in  Eastern   Washington  and  North  Idaho.”   TINE  REESE   BLOOM  SPOKANE  LEADER      Bloom  Spokane  leaders  and  professional  members  with  midwife  Ina  May  Gaskin  at  the  2011  MAWS  Spring  Conference.  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     14  
  • 15. Sponsored  INDN  Doula  Conference  Bloom  Spokane  sponsored  and  attended  the  Inland  Northwest  Doula  Network  Conference  on  November  5,  2011.  Seattle  Doula  and  childbirth  educator  Kim  James  spoke  on  numerous  topics  including  Supporting  the  VBAC  Women  in  Your  Community  and  Helping  Clients  Create  Realistic  Expectations.  This  was  the  first  time  Kim  James  has  come  to  Spokane  to  conduct  a  workshop  and  our  local  doulas  benefitted  greatly  from  her  experience  and  expertise.    Photography:  Small  Beginnings  Photography  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     15  
  • 16.    About  Bloom  SpokaneVolunteer  Leaders   Professional  Members  Courtney  Clark   Sarah  Andrews,  CPM,  LM   Inspired  Solutions   Dr.  Julie  Rietze,  MD  Aly  Knudsen   Lauren  Armstrong,  ARNP,  CNM   Erin  Johnson,  DDS,  MS,  Pediatric   Alison  Rubin,  ERYT  Tine  Reese   Inga  Arts,  CPM,  LM   Dentist   Johanna  Russum,  AAHCC  Xylina  Weaver   Melanie  Bailey   Elizabeth  Jones-­‐Boswell,  M.Ed.,   Jen  Schwab   Tonia  Baker,  ARNP,  CNM   PMA-­‐CPT   Courtney  Slater,  CLD  (CBI)  Contact  Us   Kathleen  Bentley,  ARNP,  CNM   Dr.  Tricia  Kamerer,  DC   Amanda  Smith,  LMP  Mail   Carrie  Blake,  CPM  LM   Andrea  Kennedy,  LMP,  CLE   Dr.  Coleen  Smith  PO  Box  21005   Jennifer  Bookamer,  AAHCC   Wendy  Knudtson,  AAHCC   Dr.  Michelle  Snyder,  DC  Spokane,  WA  99201   Shawn  Brow,  CRNA,  MAE,  E-­‐RYT200   Rinzen  Shay  Kruger,  LMP   Sweet  Cheeks  Diaper  Service   Dawn  M.  Brown  LCCE,  CLE,  CD   Margaret  Lipton,  ARNP,  CNM   Laurel  Sylvan,  LM,  LICSW  Email   Kate  Carrick,  CLE   Mary  Long,  HBCE,  CC,  CHT   Bruce  Toillion,  DDS  info@bloomspokane.org   Dana  Combest,  CPM,  LM   KC  Loveland,  C.P.E.S.   Charlie  Toillion,  DDS     Becky  Coombs,  DDS,  Pediatric   Catherine  K.  Luchini,  DDS,  General   David  Toillion,  DDS   Dentist   Dentist   Jennifer  Trunkey,  AAHCC,  LMP   Annie  Coon   Gerrie  Margell  ,  CD  PALS   Xylina  Weaver,  HBCE,  CLE,   Katrina  DeVries,  LMP,  RYT   Dr.  Nathan  Meltzer,  MD   CD(DONA),  CPD(DONA)   Catherine  Donnelly,  AAHCC   Megan  Menard,  BSN-­‐RN   Katrina  Weissig   Colleen  Donovan-­‐Batson,  MS,  CNM,   Linda  Morgan,  LM,  CPM   Cathy  Weston,  CPM,  LM,  RN   ARNP   Melissa  Morgan,  IBCLC,  CLE   Mary  Willard,  LMP,  EFT_CC   Andrea  Durham   Dr.  Lesley  Morical,  ND   Cara  Wright   Valerie  Ewert,  ARNP,  CNM   Beth  Morrill,  LM,  CPM   Terri  Young,  CPM,  LM  (Idaho)   Andrew  Garabedian,  DDS   Mothers  Haven   Leanne  Zilar,  ARNP,  CNM   Dr.  Monica  German,  MD,  Chom   Sandra  Norman,  CHT   Dr.  Thomas  Zolezzi,  DC   Rebekah  Giangreco,  EAMP   Shelley  Northern,  ARNP,  CNM   Laura  Zulliger,  LLL  Leader,  IBCLC   Sarah  Green   Becky  Oos,  L.Ac.   Amanda  Greif   Tawni  Pargman   Renata  Gruber,  ARNP,  CNM   Dylan  Patterson,  LMP   Jeannine  Hansen,  AEA   Sarah  Patterson,  C.H.   Stacy  Harrington,  R.Ph.,  FCP   Courtney  Pegram   Susan  Hines   Gail  Peterson,  ARNP,  IBCLC   Christopher  Herzog,  DDS   Pamala  Phelps   Sara  Holt,  ARNP,  CNM   Amber  Riemersma,  RN,  LM,  CPM  Bloom  Spokane  2011  Annual  Report      |      BloomSpokane.org     Bloom  Spokane  is  an  official  chapter  of  BirthNetwork  National,  a  501c3  nonprofit  organization.   16