Bloomforce - Data integration Services


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Open Source Data Integration Services from Bloomforce Microsystems.

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Bloomforce - Data integration Services

  1. 1. Data Integration andBusiness IntelligenceServicesBuilding customize solution that solve your unique business challengesIn today’s heterogeneous IT infrastructure data integration project faces numerous challenges including complex data formats,questionable data quality, timely processing of business rules and performance consideration on huge data processing. Bloomforce hasidentified the best proven methodology to address the BI and DI project challenges with hands on experience on products and tools tomeet the client’s demands and expectations.Our teams of Business Analytics and EAI engineers are experts in delivering critical business solutions using Enterprise class productsuch as Oracle Data Integrator or Open Source community based products like Pentaho or Talend. BloomForce team collaborates withyour organization to define, design, develop and deploy your custom data integration and business intelligence needs. Bloomforce hastrained resources to successfully execute the following type of projects. B2B Data Exchange Complex Event Processing Bloomforce help you automate and optimize relationships with Bloomforce’s complex event processing delivers instant trading partners to expedite time to revenue with easy on- intelligence to business users across the enterprise, enabling boarding, reduce risk and improve business decision making. right-time responses to threats or opportunities. With our solutions, data is processed and analyzed as it is received from all incoming sources, reducing response time. Data Migration Data Synchronization / Back office synchronization Bloomforce development and consulting services develop Bloomforce’s data synchronization services enable your IT customized solutions to speed data migration and minimize organization to synchronize all operational and transactional errors. We provide a combination of best practices and systems with high-quality data in batch, near real-time and real- techniques to make your data migration project successful. time modes. Data Aggregation Data Integration for SalesForce CRM BloomForce will help you automate key steps of the data BloomForce’s data integration services for SalesForce CRM are aggregation process, Transform any data, in any format, from designed to integrate SalesForce CRM and data with any source so that your IT team can boost productivity, the rest of your business. accelerate delivery times.BloomForce’s integrated approach ensures that the end result is delivered on time and on budget. BloomForce software engineer s uses asoftware development life cycle based on the Agile and Rational Unified Process (RUP) to efficiently meet project objectives including lowtotal cost of ownership. Data Integration Products Pentaho Data Integrator , Pentaho BI Server, Talend, Oracle Data Integrator Development Expertise Java,PHP,.Net , Web Services Development (UDDI, WSDL, SOAP) Cloud Development platform, Amazon Web Services SDK , Google Apps Global Delivery Center About BloomForce Microsystems BloomForce Microsystems Bloomforce provides IT and consulting services to its customer 23/1, 11th Main, Vasanth Nagar, which help them realize the business strategy, addresses IT Bangalore - 52 challenges and the ability to innovate in the solution we deliver. India Bloomforce commits delivery excellence, business values for For more information contact: invested money, high transparency in business and ability to Email : exceed client expectation in the business we do. India : +91-80-40977838 Visit : USA : (901)-283-1977
  2. 2. Case StudyA New York based educational domain client uses the legacy application to design Japanese learning lesson for its online customers.Legacy application generates hundreds of XML data files based on the user activity in the system. These XML data contains the patternsof the user behavior and the lessons being practiced by the non English spoken users. Client wants to develop the intelligence system toidentify the user’s performance and to improve the quality and complexity of the lesson by granularly understanding the user’s behavior.Client approached BloomForce Microsystems with the problem statement to develop the intelligence system and to import the valuableXML data spread across the servers.ChallengesBloomForce team thoroughly evaluated the business requirement, legacy xml file generated by the software, data patterns and therelational structure of the data throughout the system.The following challenges are identified and addressed in the solution. - XML Performance and Pronunciation Log are continuously generated by legacy voice recognition software, these log files required to be parsed and imported into the database in a real time basis. XML activity logs are dispersed in the many servers. - Voice processing software defines exercises, lessons and various lesson steps in a legacy XML format which is not in the database. Correlation between the lessons, user’s activity log and the actual sound files generated by the systems were highly complex.BloomForce Solutions: BloomForce developed Data Integration solution using Pentaho Data Integrator, ETL based transformation has been developed to parse and import activities, lessons, exercises and steps data. Developed custom Pentaho Plug-in to process the highly complicated activity logs. Installed Pentaho Data Integrator (PDI) and the BI Server in the Windows Server environment. Used the best practices for developing ETL and optimized huge data processing. Developed scheduled tasks to automate the activity process in real time basis.
  3. 3. Sample Data Integrator JobPicture depicts the Pentaho Data Integrator job responsible for continuously parsing and importing the activity log datainto the master data repository.
  4. 4. Sample Data Integrator TransformationPentaho Data Integrator transformation responsible for data synchronization between the legacy xml feed against thebusiness intelligence master data repository.