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  • Thanks, Steven.
  • Whether it's the first interaction you have ever had with a donor or the first interaction since the donation was made, an acknowledgment serves as a checkpoint in your relationship with a donor. Like a checkpoint, it is a border where you have the transaction on one side and the next transaction, interaction, or other engagement activity on the other.
  • Their gift truly made a difference...Their gift was deeply appreciated...Their money is unique because it was used for this
    Even if your organization provides support for people who hold up a sign and a cup, your relationship with the donor cannot thrive that way. You want to get to know your donors, because those are the people with whom you repeatedly spend time.
  • Show letters section
    Briefly show how to create a new acknowledgment
    Open top letter (First time greater than $100) and talk about general letter items listed
    Explain Design, Filter, and Detail tabs
    Explain Download Preview, Page Settings, and The Ahern Audit
    Explain the Bloomerang field button
    Explain the Bloomerang data table button ("I'll show how the table looks in a bit")
    From the top letter (First time greater than $100), walk through the filters necessary to get first time donors greater than $100
    Click on "save and generate" and preview
    Explain "Total Letters" and "Total Transactions" and then the Design Preview and Transactions tabs
    Click on "Run" and then
    Explain "Do a Test" v. "Create My Letters"
    Click into the second letter (First time less than $100)
    Show how the design is different to accommodate the Bloomerang data table
    Click through to the Preview page and show "Total Letters" v. "Total Transactions"...reason being that you are creating one letter per constituent
    Click "Run" and show the test download for Johnny's 3 donations
    Click "Run" again and actually process the letter, adding the interactions, etc.
    Show one of the donations and how the interaction is connected to it.
    Go back to the letters section and delete the letter and the acknowledgment
    Go back to one of the donations and manually add an interaction
    Add a donation of $20 Cash to constituent Blank C. Record (#42) and show how the letter section updates


  • 1. Acknowledgments
  • 2. Today, we’ll cover... 1. The importance of acknowledgments 2. Acknowledgments in Bloomerang 3. Walkthrough of an example acknowledgment letter
  • 3. 1. The Importance of Acknowledgments
  • 4. Retention benefits! We're Bloomerang, so it's the first thing on our mind • • Jay Love has called the thank you "the 'springboard' of building donor retention..." Studies conducted by Dr. Adrian Sargeant show it is a significant factor in retaining donors.
  • 5. Your donor deserves it! ...and he/she (rightfully) should to be told... • • The gift, large or small, makes a positive difference to your organization and its cause o And that difference is _____ You value the individual beyond just the money he/she donates o You are creating a relationship of mutual engagement/interaction...not holding up a sign and a cup
  • 6. Best Practices! • Use emotion! • • o Giving is emotional o Thanking returns emotion The end-goal for the donor is for you to do something with the money o Give the donor what he/she wants: tell the donor what you did with the donation Nothing beats a handwritten note o An email among hundreds, no matter the emotion behind it, can't compete with the human connection created by pen and paper
  • 7. Best Practices! ...These are not Auntie Ethel's socks...
  • 8. 2. Acknowledgments in Bloomerang
  • 9. Overview There are two parts to acknowledgments in Bloomerang… ● The Letter/Email sections where you create the thank you ● The Interaction you create that's tied to the constituent and the transaction
  • 10. Letter/Email Basics A basic acknowledgment setup includes four templates: ● New donor donation above your average ● New donor donation below your average ● Repeat donor donation above your average ● Repeat donor donation below your average
  • 11. Interaction Basics ● The acknowledgment interaction is automatically created when you generate the letter or send the email ● You will have to manually create the interaction from within the donation entry if you acknowledge a gift in person, via phone, or through a handwritten note
  • 12. 3. Walkthrough of example letter and filters
  • 13. Question Time!