Customer Webinar - Acknowledgments
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Customer Webinar - Acknowledgments





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  • Thanks, Steven. <br />
  • Whether it&apos;s the first interaction you have ever had with a donor or the first interaction since the donation was made, an acknowledgment serves as a checkpoint in your relationship with a donor. Like a checkpoint, it is a border where you have the transaction on one side and the next transaction, interaction, or other engagement activity on the other. <br />
  • Their gift truly made a difference...Their gift was deeply appreciated...Their money is unique because it was used for this <br /> Even if your organization provides support for people who hold up a sign and a cup, your relationship with the donor cannot thrive that way. You want to get to know your donors, because those are the people with whom you repeatedly spend time. <br />
  • Show letters section <br /> Briefly show how to create a new acknowledgment <br /> Open top letter (First time greater than $100) and talk about general letter items listed <br /> Explain Design, Filter, and Detail tabs <br /> Explain Download Preview, Page Settings, and The Ahern Audit <br /> Explain the Bloomerang field button <br /> Explain the Bloomerang data table button ("I&apos;ll show how the table looks in a bit") <br /> From the top letter (First time greater than $100), walk through the filters necessary to get first time donors greater than $100 <br /> Click on "save and generate" and preview <br /> Explain "Total Letters" and "Total Transactions" and then the Design Preview and Transactions tabs <br /> Click on "Run" and then <br /> Explain "Do a Test" v. "Create My Letters" <br /> Click into the second letter (First time less than $100) <br /> Show how the design is different to accommodate the Bloomerang data table <br /> Click through to the Preview page and show "Total Letters" v. "Total Transactions"...reason being that you are creating one letter per constituent <br /> Click "Run" and show the test download for Johnny&apos;s 3 donations <br /> Click "Run" again and actually process the letter, adding the interactions, etc. <br /> Show one of the donations and how the interaction is connected to it. <br /> Go back to the letters section and delete the letter and the acknowledgment <br /> Go back to one of the donations and manually add an interaction <br /> Add a donation of $20 Cash to constituent Blank C. Record (#42) and show how the letter section updates <br />

Customer Webinar - Acknowledgments Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Acknowledgments
  • 2. Today, we’ll cover... 1. The importance of acknowledgments 2. Acknowledgments in Bloomerang 3. Walkthrough of an example acknowledgment letter
  • 3. 1. The Importance of Acknowledgments
  • 4. Retention benefits! We're Bloomerang, so it's the first thing on our mind • • Jay Love has called the thank you "the 'springboard' of building donor retention..." Studies conducted by Dr. Adrian Sargeant show it is a significant factor in retaining donors.
  • 5. Your donor deserves it! ...and he/she (rightfully) should to be told... • • The gift, large or small, makes a positive difference to your organization and its cause o And that difference is _____ You value the individual beyond just the money he/she donates o You are creating a relationship of mutual engagement/interaction...not holding up a sign and a cup
  • 6. Best Practices! • Use emotion! • • o Giving is emotional o Thanking returns emotion The end-goal for the donor is for you to do something with the money o Give the donor what he/she wants: tell the donor what you did with the donation Nothing beats a handwritten note o An email among hundreds, no matter the emotion behind it, can't compete with the human connection created by pen and paper
  • 7. Best Practices! ...These are not Auntie Ethel's socks...
  • 8. 2. Acknowledgments in Bloomerang
  • 9. Overview There are two parts to acknowledgments in Bloomerang… ● The Letter/Email sections where you create the thank you ● The Interaction you create that's tied to the constituent and the transaction
  • 10. Letter/Email Basics A basic acknowledgment setup includes four templates: ● New donor donation above your average ● New donor donation below your average ● Repeat donor donation above your average ● Repeat donor donation below your average
  • 11. Interaction Basics ● The acknowledgment interaction is automatically created when you generate the letter or send the email ● You will have to manually create the interaction from within the donation entry if you acknowledge a gift in person, via phone, or through a handwritten note
  • 12. 3. Walkthrough of example letter and filters
  • 13. Question Time!