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Blbs sb-supercharging-bloombase-next-gen-data-security-with-intel-aes-ni-uslet-en-r1

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other brands and names may be claimed as the property of others. Big Data and Big Threats Transformation of on-premise data center to off-premise cloud drives encryption a must Supercharging Bloombase Next-Gen Data Security with Intel AES-NI Working Together For At-Rest Data Security from Data Center to Big Data and Cloud Intel AES-NI Quick Facts  AES-NI stands for Advanced Encryption Standard New In- structions  AES-NI bridges software for hardware cryptographic accel- eration  AES-NI delivers 3 to 10x perfor- mance over a completely soft- ware implementation  AES is one of the most popular block ciphers used in cryptog- raphy and is specified in NIST FIPS standard  AES-NI module hardens key generation for higher level of randomness comparable to hardware standard Enterprise persistent data have extended from being business-process-centric to almost everything. This transformation brings business data from ERP and CRM to CMS, DMS, BI, analytics and beyond. Business data formerly well structured and managed in RDBMS, now, assume indefinite forms and are challenging to manage: larger data sets, unstructured, stored in heterogeneous storage systems, longer life-span, with sensitive busi- ness insights scattered across on-premise data systems, virtual data centers, big data repositories and the cloud. This paradigm shift towards next-generation big data renders traditional point- based at-rest data encryption tools useless, and drives the need for a transforma- tional, unified, application-transparent, cross-platform, non-disruptive storage security platform that supports all computing infrastructure with scalable capaci- ty and efficiency—enter Bloombase Next-Generation Data Security. Intel AES-NI empowers cryptographic processing of massive Big Data in real-time realizing encryption as last line of defense in mission critical high performance business computing systems.
  2. 2. Bloombase, Inc. is an Intel® Software Partner and has optimized its software for Intel technolo- gies. This means you can be assured that our software has been engineered to take full ad- vantage of the benefits of your Intel hardware For more information, visit +1.855.256.6622 Bloombase StoreSafe At- Rest Data Security Leveraging Multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors and AES-NI tech- nologies for Big Data and Cloud Se- curity Solution Highlights and Ad- vantages  Turnkey, non-disruptive, application- transparent encryption security of structured and unstructured business at-rest data  Mitigate outbound threats and data leakage at low total cost of ownership (TCO)  Immediately meet various stringent data confidentiality and secrecy regu- latory compliance requirements  Maximize your return on investment (ROI), easy-to-implement and scalable encryption for mixed operating sys- tems and heterogeneous storage en- vironment  Deliver low latency real-time storage cryptography at wire-speed in a high- ly scalable architecture Information Privacy and Trust from Physical and Virtual Data Center, through Big Data, to the Cloud Bloombase stands out as an independent, versatile, security-proven, powerful and standard-based storage security solution that enables en- terprises to fulfill data regulatory compliance requirements easily and cost-effectively. Bloombase takes a unique software appliance approach that transforms business-critical at-rest data into cipher-text, and effectively secures data from cyber-attacks, data breaches and various outbound threats. Bloombase leverages Multi-core Intel® Core™ processors and AES-NI hardware cryptographic acceleration technologies to provide real-time encryption protection of business big data, with limitless scalability and lightning latency. The end result is that enterprise customers from all industry verticals are able to secure their next-generation computing services, assure infor- mation trust and confidentiality, while benefiting from the intelligence, availability, agility and elasticity brought by Virtualization, Big Data and Cloud.