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RebelMouse Theme Design -


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RebelMouse Theme Design - RebelLaunch Blueprint program for your social media marketing strategy.

RebelMouse Theme Design - RebelLaunch Blueprint program for your social media marketing strategy.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. Social Media Is Changing Again…
  • 2. And This Is Possibly The Biggest Moment Yet…!
  • 3. I know, You’re Probably Sick Of The Latest “Hot New Thing”…
  • 4. But This One Really Has The Potential To Change The Game…
  • 5. So Please, if you’ll take just a fewminutes to look through this… I think you’ll like it as much as I did…!
  • 6. My name is Eric, and I love outdooradventure and digital marketing…
  • 7. I also enjoy photography and have made my living at it…
  • 8. Here’s the view from another peak Irecently climbed near my hometown in Southern Montana…
  • 9. While building my adventurephotography business throughoutthe 1990’s, I became very involved in web and digital marketing…
  • 10. I still do photography, but I also have been developingwebsites and digital marketing strategies for over 15 years…
  • 11. I now keep a close eye ondigital marketing, social mediatrends, and run a digital media strategy, development, and consulting company.
  • 12. And right now, I am superexcited to tell you about a new social media platform that is really something different…
  • 13. This introduction is truly amazing,and will completely change the waywe integrate our branding message with social media…
  • 14. Once you see this and find out how it can work specifically for you…
  • 15. You’ll already have a much stronger advantage over any competitors in your niche who have yet to beinformed about the power of what I am about to show you…
  • 16. Introducing…RebelMouse!
  • 17. RebelMouse has been describedas your “social front page” by its founder, Paul Berry.
  • 18. Here’s a look at the standard page layout and basic design…
  • 19. As you can see, it looks a lot like the hugely successful platformPinterest; but there’s much, much more to this awesome creation…
  • 20. and my friend, I’m very gladyou’re here taking a peek at this!
  • 21. The first thing I want to do is show you how to set up your account andsecure your own unique RebelMouse domain name…
  • 22. Next, we pour it on by giving yoututorials and resources for making the most of your personalized RebelMouse page.
  • 23. And then, there’s going to be even more…
  • 24. You see, me and my team have been working hard to prepare anopportunity for you to completely set your page apart from the crowd…
  • 25. To start, you can get a completelycustomized “social front page”!… Backgrounds, Colors, Images, Videos, Text, Icons…etc.
  • 26. Again, here’s the standard page layout and base design…
  • 27. And here’s another custom page we designed for .
  • 28. Customization is key my friend…and making yourindividual brand stand out is what’s going to make this already amazing platform work even better for you!
  • 29. You’ll be able to have all your social media visible through one page...
  • 30. You can consolidate your contextual conversation AND include content from other’s across the web!
  • 31. Our Rebel Launch project is going to help you understand this newplatform AND maximize its potential for your digital media projects.
  • 32. Again, you’re going to get training, tutorials, and social marketing strategies…
  • 33. Within the members area, we’repreparing a sequence of videos, ebooks, and applications.
  • 34. Plus, we’ll try to answer all yourquestions, so you can make the most of this great new tool!
  • 35. Visit us today and find out how to get started right away!...
  • 36. And now, there’s only one begging question…..?
  • 37. Is YOUR unique username still available…?
  • 38. Join our free member’s area and let us help you LAUNCH yourRebelMouse opportunity today!