Walking School Bus

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  • 1. The Walking School Bus What is a Walking School Bus? Why Have a Walking School A Walking School Bus is Bus? when a group of children The majority of chil- walk to school with one or dren are not meeting more adults. the recommended 60 minutes of daily The children are picked up physical activity at designated “bus stops” by Over the past 30 an adult volunteer and the years the percent of group walks to- overweight children gether to school. aged 6-11 years old has more than dou- By walking together, with a Walking to school will help chil- bled parent volunteer, this will dren get regular physical activity provide a safe and fun way and help to foster healthy habits In a Safe Routes to School study done for children to walk to for a lifetime. by the North Dakota school. State Data Center in 2008 found that Benefits of a Walking School Bus? nearly half of stu- There are many benefits to a Walking School Bus they include: dents in the metro kids having fun, learning pedestrian safety, participating in area (Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and physical activity, learning about their neighborhoods, Dilworth) live a mile socializing, and they arrive at school focused & or less from their school, but 3 in 4 ready to start their day! They also help reduce air pollu- students travel to tion, traffic congestion and safety concerns around schools, and and from school by motorized vehicle (including car, school For more information contact: bus, shuttle, or car- pool) Tracy Dozak at 218-643-7122 or by email at tdozak@co.wilkin.mn.us If you are interested in receiving more informa- tion about Walking School Buses, you can also sign-up in the school office!