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The march of the marketeers
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The march of the marketeers


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The March of the Marketeers Dr. Ian Brown [email_address]
    • This presentation will probably involve audience discussion, which will create action items. Use PowerPoint to keep track of these action items during your presentation
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  • 2. Outline
    • 20 th century marketing
    • The digital difference
    • Nightmares for advertisers
    • The marketeers fight back
    • Better ways forward
  • 3. 20 th century marketing
    • Mass media
      • ITV, tabloids, commercial radio
      • C4, broadsheets, magazines
    • Q1 2002 1.364bn direct mails, up 3.9%
  • 4. The digital difference
    • Proliferation of channels lead to niche audiences – sometimes unmeasurably small
    • Bang per buck of expensive adverts reduced
    • Better targetting therefore required
  • 5. Interactive TV
    • “ Such systems would allow, say insurers to differentiate risk-averse conservatives from high-living show-offs, and then tailor both marketing messages and risk scoring systems accordingly.” – Neal Muranyi, Database Group
    • “ There is no privacy. It’s all public relations. It’s all perception.” –Jack Myers, Myers Report
    • “ Once you get their credit card number, you can get their whole history. There's no stopping you!” –Bob Williams, Addressable Media Coalition
  • 6. Web adverts
    • Cheap to design and distribute
    • But very low click-through rate – around ½%
    • Often only funding source for content sites
    • Attempts to do very sophisticated profiling and targetting…
  • 7. DoubleClick
    • 5bn ads served per week (1999)
    • Manages database with info on 2bn transactions (1999)
    • Attempted to merge databases in 2000, but stopped by consumer pressure
  • 8. Spam
    • Virtually zero marginal cost
    • Lists of tens of millions of addresses for sale
    • Currently mass-mails; advanced customisation likely in future
  • 9. Nightmares for advertisers
    • Personal Video Recorders are easy-to-use VCRs with hard disks
    • Viewers can use digital fast forward on content… including adverts
  • 10. What the studios think
    • “ Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming… I guess there's a certain amount of tolerance for going to the bathroom.”
    • – Jamie Kellner, Chairman and CEO, Turner Broadcasting
  • 11. More nightmares
    • Automatic, real-time ad blocking
    • Cookie management
  • 12. Adware
    • Ad-hiding and replacing
    • “ [I]t's about whispering in [a customer’s] ear something they ought to know about in context of where they are.”
    • In Gator Wallet, KaZaa and AudioGalaxy – 16m users
  • 13. Canning Spam
    • “ Open Relay” blackholes
    • Spam spotters: headers and text styles; centralised and collaborative lists of known spam messages
  • 14. The marketeers fight back
    • Rights holders suing ReplayTV and Gator
    • ReplayTV “ violates the rights of copyright owners in unprecedented ways” (31/10/01)
    • “ Gator Corp. is essentially a parasite that free rides on the hard work and investment” of the publishers (25/6/02)
  • 15. Watching users
    • “ The Court has determined that the need for disclosure outweights the interest in maintaining the alleged confidentiality of the information” (26/4/02)
    • “ the Court is persuaded to reverse the Magistrate Judge's Order on the grounds that it impermissibly requires defendants to create new data which does not now exist.” (31/5/02)
  • 16. Other ways forward
    • Sponsorship
    • Product placement
    • Tie-ins
    • Subscription