6 easy ways to plan your blog content

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Who does not want to plan their blog content in a more organized way? …

Who does not want to plan their blog content in a more organized way?
But most of the time we only have fragmented bits and pieces of 15 minutes here and there to work on it.
You’ll learn how to:
1. Set your blogging schedule
2. Plan around holidays and important dates
3. Brainstorm your monthly themes
4. Brainstorm your posts for the month
5. Plan your guest posts
6. Fill in your blogging calendar

To get the FREE 1 hour audio training and the FREE blogging calendar, check out: http://blogformatting.com/easy-ways-plan-blog-content/

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  • Thanks so much for downloading, Leona, you may want to grab the free training at http://blogformatting.com/easy-ways-plan-blog-content/ if you haven't already :)
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  • 1. 1. SET YOUR SCHEDULE • Will you be blogging weekly, every other day, daily? • What’s the best schedule for YOU? • What days/times of the week work the best? • Schedule posts in advance for the week or month
  • 2. 2. PLAN AROUND HOLIDAYS AND SALES/OFFERS • What holidays are appropriate for your blog? • What sales or offers will you have? • Do you offer giveaways or do product reviews?
  • 3. 3. BRAINSTORM YOUR MONTHLY THEMES • On a piece of paper, write down 10-15 themes that could work for your blog • What types of posts are getting the most hits? • What types of posts are getting the most shares? • Can you see a pattern?
  • 4. 4. BRAINSTORM YOUR POSTS FOR THE MONTH • Pick the February theme or the easiest theme • Brainstorm 4 ideas around the theme • How to…, Top 5 tips to …, 3 resources to help you… • Video, audio, silent post, links summary post.
  • 5. 5. PLAN YOUR GUEST POSTS • How many guest posts will you write/accept? • Write down the blogs where you’d guest blog on • Align your guest posts with your own posts • Plan for surprises
  • 6. 6. FILL IN YOUR CALENDAR • Fill in the themes for each month • Fill in the sales/offers/giveaways for each month • Add/delete holidays as you wish • Write down the posts you’ll be writing
  • 7. YOU DID IT!
  • 8. BlogFormatting.com Helping women bloggers stay in their genius zone! ! facebook.com/blogformatting twitter.com/blogformatting pinterest.com/blogformatting gplus.to/blogformatting youtube.com/user/blogformatting