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Jornal dos EUA

  1. 1. T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 who was in charge Page 3 zard, but refuse to say as out of loop during bliz City officials admit Mike w (amNY photo illustratioN/GettY) First Time in New York City! Kids’ Tickets $15! (Excludes all VIP seats. Good for select performances. No double discounts. Additional fees may apply.) JAN. 13 - 17 JAN. 21 - 23 JAN. 27 - 30 ©Disney Buy tickets at, Arena Box Offices or call 1-800-745-3000
  2. 2. News Mike’s team on blizzard: We blew it BY eRIk ORTIz Harris was in the city, but he didn’t get a straight answer. sTORM CHAIN OF COMMAND “All of the major decisions A meltdown within city and major mistakes were 1 agencies and poor communi- made without even consult- Mayor cation contributed to the co- ing the mayor or deputy Mike lossal failure to address last mayor,” Vallone said. Bloomberg month’s monstrous blizzard, Deputy Mayor of Op- officials admitted yesterday erations Stephen Goldsmith — leaving the question of and other officials who testi- who was in charge at the fied refrained from pointing time still unclear. fingers and instead shared 2 “We were essentially a in the mea culpas. First Deputy rudderless ship,” “We owe you and all Mayor Patricia City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. $38M New Yorkers, for that lack of performance, Harris (D-Queens) told Roughly how our administration’s amNewYork during much the apology and my per- a heated seven-hour snow sonal promise not to cleanup cost 3 City Council hearing let it happen again,” Deputy yesterday on the sluggish Goldsmith said. Mayor of response to the snowstorm. Goldsmith, who was at Operations Questions by the council his Washington, D.C., home Stephen One of weren’t answered concern- during the blizzard, admit- Goldsmith these ing who was in control dur- ted that neither he nor dep- ing the Dec. 26-27 blizzard the mayor was consulted A stuck ambulance in Brooklyn gets a push days after the blizzard. (GeTTy) uty that delivered 20 inches of about whether to declare mayors must snow, said Vallone, who has a snow emergency, which be chosen if proposed legislation requir- could have helped the city’s Goldsmith ing the mayor to say who is in charge when he’s out of coordination efforts and kept people from driving on Enough! Huge storm on way tonight and Harris are unavailable: town. emergency roads. Robert Linda Mayor Michael Bloomberg In hindsight, Goldstein Get ready for another icy punch from with temps in the upper 20s. Steel Gibbs has refused to say where he said, not declaring a snow Old Man Winter tonight. The National • Another 1 to 3 inches will fall by was during the storm, and emergency was one of sever- Weather Service is calling this storm noon tomorrow, with wind gusts up his aides will only say he al problems; others included a nor’easter that may dump 6 to 12 to 30 mph. remained in contact with a lack of on-the-ground inches of snow on the city. • New York is on pace to break its City Hall. Vallone asked information and a failure to • Snow will start mainly after 7 p.m. yearly snowfall average of 25.5 C. Robles- Howard Dennis during the hearing whether line up additional plowing and drop 4 to 8 inches overnight, inches. (Theresa Juva) Roman Wolfson Walcott First Deputy Mayor Patricia and towing resources. Kick off the year guilt-free at Energy Kitchen with healthy $5 burgers and wraps under 500 calories. T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 amNewYork 03
  3. 3. News Walmart Bump for Select Buses Woman hangs self in subway pushes A young woman appar- ently hanged herself in a for NYC BY Theresa Juva Queens subway bathroom yesterday afternoon, police sources said. support Riders using rapid bus lines on the east side are getting rapidly frus- trated. A customer found the un- identified woman inside the bathroom at the 71st Street/ Walmart, which is Just three months after Select Bus Continental Avenue station scouting locations for a Service was launched on First and Sec- about 2:45 p.m. The woman, store in New York City, ond avenues, express ticket machines who was described as in her has begun a multimedia — which riders use to buy tickets before 20s, used a rope to hang her- campaign touting the they board — are plagued with kinks self from a pipe. Police were virtues of having a giant that require daily fixes. investigating. (AMNY) non-union store filled First, software problems were shut- with low-cost items. ting them down; now the machines are A new artfully con- regularly becoming unusable when structed website — www. they run out of — greets visitors with a pop-up box receipt paper, be- cause technicians Wall collapse that invites them to submit only get a digital kills worker, 26 their cell phone numbers alert about it when for “breaking news alerts.” they’re empty. A 26-year-old construction Readers can register to And once it runs worker was killed and three voice their support for out of paper, the others were injured yesterday the retail behemoth, view machine is “use- Riders purchase tickets last week at the M15 bus stop on East 14th Street and in a wall collapse in Queens, flattering videos about the less,” said maintenance union official First Avenue. (StEpHEN rEISS) authorities said. merchandiser and read Pete Foley. The men were cementing complimentary testimo- Riders must show receipts on board you have to do improvements,” he found a large crowd and five out of six a wall on a five-story home nials. or they could get a fine. said. ticket machines not working. when the cinder blocks gave At the same time that “We don’t have a way to know before- The MTA reportedly spent $10 mil- Riley, who said she had an unlimited way and destroyed their scaf- Walmart has taken its bat- hand it will run out of paper, which is a lion in 2009 on 200 Select Bus ticket MetroCard, hopped on the bus anyway, folding along Queens Boule- tle to the Twittersphere, big flaw,” Foley said. machines. The agency said it makes only to be pulled off at the next stop vard near Grand Avenue. a spokesman announced MTA spokesman Charles Seaton the bus trip faster, but riders say the by transit fare checkers and issued a The three injured men were that representatives of the said the agency is testing software malfunctioning machines have caused $100 fine. taken to Elmhurst Hospital, store will not be attending that clears paper jams and alerts tech- them to wait on long lines, miss their “I told them I didn’t have a receipt where one remained hospi- a City Council hearing nicians about low paper rolls, but it’s buses, or get hit with a fine. because I was late and because the talized in critical condition. tomorrow titled “When still unclear if they are working One morning last month, Kate Riley, machine wasn’t working,” said Riley, The other two were treated Walmart Comes to Town: better. 28, of Stuyvesant Town, raced to the who plans to fight the fine. “It seemed for minor injuries. (AMNY) The Effect on Small Busi- “A lot of times, with new equipment, 14th Street stop on First Avenue and a little ridiculous.” nesses and Communities: A Historical and Prospec- tive View.” City Council Speaker Deutsche tower Christine Quinn, union is nearly gone leaders and small retailers have been vocal in their Throgs Neck’s history spans 50 years Just two floors remain of opposition to a Walmart the former 41-story Deutsche opening in the city, say- The Throgs Neck Bridge named after its neighbor- who also designed the Bank tower, the contaminat- ing the company has a turns 50 today, a big if unher- hood in the Bronx, compares George Washington Bridge, ed building at Ground Zero poor record in worker alded milestone for a struc- to some of its bridge brethren Verrazano-Narrows Bridge whose demolition has gone rights, contributes to the ture that helped transform in the city: and the Bronx-Whitestone on for years. exploitation of laborers the Bronx. l Throgs Neck is the city’s Bridge. The toxic cleanup — by its suppliers abroad The city’s first major post- third-youngest bridge, with l Some 114,000 cars cross including removing lead, destroys and dismantles war bridge, which connects the High Bridge from 1848 over the Throgs Neck dai- mercury and asbestos — has community cohesion. Queens and the Bronx, is the serving as the oldest. ly, compared to 293,000, delayed its demolition, along The company is eye- youngest of the East River l The Throgs Necks was the highest in the city, with a fatal fire in 2007. The ing a site in East New spans. designed by Swiss-born that cross the George work should be complet- York. (SHEILA ANNE FEENEY) Throgs Neck Bridge (ULI SEIt) Here’s how the span, engineer Othmar Ammann, Washington. (tIM HErrErA) ed by later this month. (AMNY) BY HENRIK IBSEN “Three of the English-speaking world’s most IN A NEW vERSION BY FRANK MCguINNESS shining theatrical lights battling it out on stage.” ABBEY THEATRE, IRELAND —IRISH INDEPENDENT (IRELAND) DIRECTED BY jAMES MACDONALD Borkman John Gabriel 4 WEEKS ONLY! ENDS FEB 6 TICKETS START AT $25 BAM.ORg / 718.636.4100 BAM 2011 Spring Season sponsor: BAM 2011 Theater sponsor: Fiona Shaw Alan Rickman Lindsay Duncan Photo: Fiona Shaw, Alan Rickman, and Lindsay Duncan, by Ros Kavanagh 04 amNewYork T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  4. 4. News Judge OKs release of teacher grades BY TIM HeRReRA Justice Cynthia Kern said the quested that the data be released. “judge recognized that the public UFT president Michael Mulgrew United Federation of Teachers’ The union said releasing has a legitimate interest said that the union will appeal the 12,000 argument that the data is flawed the grades would violate in the job performance of ruling. A Manhattan judge yesterday is no reason to stop the city from teachers’ privacy, and public employees.” “The reports — which are largely denied a teachers’ union request releasing it, and that the “privacy that the data is flawed and He added: “The way based on discredited state tests, Teachers graded to stop the city from publishing interest at issue is outweighed by would be misleading. in survey you correct misinforma- have huge margins of error and are grades for more than 12,000 pub- the public’s interest in disclosure.” David Schulz, the attor- tion or erroneous action filled with inaccuracies — will only lic school teachers, according to The UFT filed the suit in October ney for the news compa- by government agencies serve to mislead parents looking published reports. after a few news organizations re- nies, said he was pleased that the is to open it up to the light of day.” for real information,” he said. Michael Douglas announced in August that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer. (GettY) Douglas on cancer: ‘The tumor is gone’ Oscar-winning actor Mi- Douglas, 66, announced chael Douglas, who revealed in August that doctors had in August that he had throat diagnosed him with stage cancer, said yesterday that IV throat cancer, but was his tumor is gone and that optimistic that he would chances are good he has recover. beaten the disease. In the months since, the “I feel good, relieved,” actor rarely has made ap- Douglas told NBC’s “Today.” pearances, and grabbed “The tumor is gone. But, you headlines when he didn’t know, I have to check out travel to Europe on the on a monthly basis now to promotional tour for “Wall maintain. Street: Money Never “I guess there’s not a total Sleeps.” euphoria,” he added. “It’ll Douglas will next appear probably take a couple of in Steven Soderbergh’s months of getting checked biopic “Liberace,” which will out. But it’s been a wild six- start shooting this summer. month ride.” (amNY with ReuteRs) Model charged in hotel slay of journalist Police have charged a tro, 65, was found beaten to 21-year-old model with death and castrated at the murder in the death of a InterContinental Hotel in prominent Portuguese gos- Times Square on Friday. sip columnist, officials said. Seabra allegedly told cops Renato Seabra, a Por- he used a corkscrew to sever tuguese model and real- Castro’s testicles and “cure ity show star, was charged his homosexuality,” accord- with second-degree murder ing to the Daily News, citing yesterday after Carlos Cas- police sources. (theResa Juva) T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 amNewYork 05
  5. 5. News Pope calls on Pakistan to repeal blasphemy law vatican city Pope Benedict yesterday called on Pakistan to repeal its anti- Amid grief, justice sought tucson shooting blasphemy law, saying it serves suspect appears Conservatives: as a pretext for violence before judge Don’t blame us Benedict against religious minorities such A troubled 22-year-old college dropout made his for massacre as Christians in first court appearance As Arizona Congress- predominantly Muslim countries. yesterday on five federal woman Gabrielle Giffords The law can carry a death sen- charges, including the fights for her life, con- tence for insulting the Prophet attempted assassination servatives are defending Muhammad. of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords themselves against claims (D-Ariz.), who remained in that their heated rhetoric Death toll in Iran Air critical condition. played an indirect role. plane crash rises to 77 His hands shackled On Glenn Beck’s radio tehran, iran At least 77 together, Jared Lee show yesterday, the host people were killed in Sunday’s Loughner leaned toward read an e-mail exchange passenger plane crash in north- a microphone and told a between him and Sarah western Iran, the official IRNA judge in Phoenix that he Palin, Politico reported. news agency reported yesterday. understood the charges “Sarah, as you know, The Iran Air Boeing 727 crashed against him stemming peace is always the answer. while attempting to land in bad from a shooting spree in I know you are feeling the weather with 106 people on Tucson on Saturday that same heat, if not much board, officials said. At least left six people dead and more on this,” Beck wrote. eight of the injured were in criti- 14 wounded. a man holds up a peace sign yesterday at a shrine for rep. gabrielle giffords “I hate violence,” Palin cal condition. Loughner walked in tucson, ariz. (pHoToS: GETTY) wrote back. “Our children into the courtroom look- will not have peace if polit- Portugal bailout stalled ing straight ahead. He congressional elections icos just capitalize on this by purchase of bonds made no statement but could fuel violence and to succeed in portraying london The European Central answered questions in a whether both sides of the anyone as inciting terror Bank threw Portugal a temporary strong voice. political spectrum should and violence.” lifeline yesterday by buying up its The judge ordered that tone it down. Palin used a map with bonds, traders said, as market Loughner be held without At the White House, crosshairs to identify and peer pressure mounted for bail. President Barack Obama House members who sup- Lisbon to seek an international Having survived a shot giffords loughner mourned the victims but ported President Barack bailout soon. A senior euro-zone to the head at point-blank steered clear of the debate. Obama’s health care law. source said that Germany, France range, Giffords, 40, was and wiggling her toes. “Right now, the main Rush Limbaugh said the and other euro-zone countries in critical condition at a “Things are going very thing we’re doing is to left is “accusing a majority were pushing Portugal to seek an Tucson hospital. well,” said Dr. Peter Rhee, offer our thoughts and of Americans of being ac- EU-IMF assistance program. Doctors said it was a the hospital’s trauma prayers to those who’ve complices to murder” by good sign there was no in- director. been impacted, making suggesting the “Tea Party, ‘Band of Brothers’ creased swelling and that The shootings fueled sure that we’re joining Sarah Palin, talk radio and leader dies at 92 she continued to respond debate over whether heat- together and pulling a moment of silence is Fox News are inspiring philadelphia Richard Winters, to simple commands such ed political rhetoric such together as a country,” held yesterday outside the violence.” (TIM HERRERA) leader of an Army infantry compa- as squeezing a finger as that in the November Obama said. (REUTERS) capitol in washington. ny made famous by HBO’s World War II series “Band of Broth- ers,” has died at the age of 92, colleagues and media execu- Biden makes surprise visit to Afghanistan DeLay sentenced to 3 years in prison winters tives said yes- Vice President Joe spreading from tradi- terday. Winters, Biden arrived in Afghani- tional strongholds in Former House Republi- who lived in Hershey, Pa., died stan yesterday on a sur- the south and east into can Leader Tom DeLay was Jan. 2 after a battle with Parkin- prise trip to assess a shift once-peaceful areas in sentenced to three years in son’s disease, HBO said. in security operations to the north and west. prison yes- Afghan forces before a “The visit comes at an terday after Supreme Court refuses gradual U.S. troop with- important time. This is a a jury found music download case drawal starts in July. pivot point in our policy,” him guilty of washington The Supreme Biden, whose trip a senior administration money laun- Court yesterday declined to was not announced in official traveling with dering and review a ruling that reinstated advance for security Biden told reporters on conspiracy. an antitrust lawsuit alleging that reasons, is due to meet board Air Force Two. “Judge, I major record labels conspired to Afghan President Hamid NATO leaders agreed delay can’t be re- fix prices and terms under which Karzai for talks today. in November to Karzai’s morseful for music would be sold over the Violence is at its request to end combat something I don’t think I Internet. The justices rejected worst in the near- operations and hand did,” DeLay, 63, told Senior without comment an appeal by decade-long war against security responsibilities Judge Pat Priest before be- companies that included Sony a Taliban-led insurgency, to Afghan forces by the vice president Joe Biden talks yesterday with gen. ing sentenced in an Austin, and Warner Bros. (REUTERS) with the insurgency end of 2014. (REUTERS) david petraeus in Kabul, afghanistan. (GETTY) Texas, courtroom. (REUTERS) 06 amNewYork T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  6. 6. Limited-time offer. Requires new 2-year wireless voice agreement of $39.99 or higher with min $15/mo DataPlus plan. Subject to wireless customer agrmt. Credit approval req’d. Activ. fee up to $36/line. Coverage & svcs, including mobile broadband, not avail everywhere. Geographic, usage & other conditions & restrictions (that may result in svc termination) apply. Taxes & other chrgs apply. Prices & equip. vary by mkt & may not be avail. from ind. retailers. See store or visit for details and coverage map. Early Termination Fee (ETF): None if cancelled during first 30 days, but a $35 restocking fee may apply; after 30 days, ETF up to $150 or $325 applies depending on device (details Subject to change. Agents may impose add’l fees. Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge up to $1.25/mo. is chrg’d to help defray costs of complying with gov’t obligations & chrgs on AT&T & is not a tax or gov’t req’d chrg. Screen images simulated. ©2011 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  7. 7. News 36 killed on second day of Sudan voting Sanctions have hurt Iran’s nuke program: Hillary Tensions run high in Sanctions have set back disputed border region Iran’s nuclear program, giving major powers more At least 36 people have died in time to persuade Tehran to clashes between Arab nomads and change tack, Secretary of southerners near Sudan’s north- State Hillary Clinton said south border, leaders in the contested yesterday. Abyei region said yesterday, on the “The most recent analysis second day of a vote on southern is that the sanctions have independence. been working. Analysts said the central region They h av e of Abyei is the most likely place for made it much north-south tensions to erupt into more difficult violence during and after the vote, the for Iran to pur- climax of a troubled peace deal that sue its nuclear ended decades of civil war. ambition,” Clin- Southerners are expected to vote Clinton ton said in Abu to split from the mostly Muslim north, Dhabi, where depriving Khartoum of most of its oil. she is on an official visit. Senior southern official Luka Biong “Iran had technological condemned the fighting, saying both problems that have made sides were still trying to settle their it slow down its timetable, bitter dispute over the ownership of so we do see some prob- Abyei as part of a package of negotia- lems within Iran. But the tions, including how the regions will real question is how do we share oil revenues after a split. convince Iran that pursuing In another sign of tension, a south- nuclear weapons will not ern army spokesman said two men — a make it safer and stronger Ugandan and a northern army soldier but just the opposite.” — were arrested with 700 rounds of Iran said its nuclear en- AK-47 ammunition in the southern ergy program is for peaceful capital of Juba on Sunday night. purposes. Washington has A northern army spokesman denied said all options, including that his side had any link to the am- military, are on the table munition or the clashes. (REUTERS) A southern Sudanese woman shows her inked finger after voting in Khartoum yesterday. (GETTY) when it comes to stopping Iran from going nuclear. Analysts said Israel, known to be a nuclear pow- Despite U.S. criticism, Bibi refuses to stop settlement er, could launch a military strike against Iranian sites to stop the program. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, say- of a future state, by demolishing a Israeli Prime Minister The U.N. Security Council ing Jews have a right to live anywhere in Jerusalem, derelict hotel on Sunday. Benjamin Netanyahu — which includes the United defended a settlement project yesterday that drew A statement issued by Netan- (GETTY) States, Britain, France, Rus- criticism from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. yahu said “there should be no sia and China as permanent Israeli bulldozers cleared the way for 20 new homes expectation that the State of Israel members — is set to meet for Jews in East Jerusalem, an area captured by Israel will impose a ban on Jews purchasing with Iran this month for a in a 1967 war and that Palestinians want as the capital private property in Jerusalem.” (REUTERS) second round of talks about its nuclear program. (REUTERS) Help Penn State Fight Pediatric Cancer Join Coach Jay Paterno for an elegant evening that includes a cocktail hour, silent auction, raffle, seated dinner, family speakers, and DJ. January 21st, 2011 | Capitale – 130 Bowery - | New York, NY All Proceeds Benefit The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Childrens Hospital Donate or Buy Your Tickets Today at 08 amNewYork T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  8. 8. moNeY Chateau Chelsea? Posh Anna Sui hotel makeover eyed at the Met Ian Schrager passed on the Hotel Fashion Meets Furniture Chelsea, but another boutique-ho- tel kingpin is kicking the tires on the Join curators Andrew Bolton, bohemian landmark. Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, and Page Six reports that Andre Joseph Cunningham for a lively Balazs (the Standard, the Mercer, A New York real discussion with Anna Sui on how etc.) was spotted “poking around estate and neigh- the lobby” and meeting with man- borhoods blog Charles Rohlfs’s work influenced agement last week. The hotel was her as a designer. put on the market late last year, and the board reportedly wants about $90 million Fri, Jan 14 • 6PM • $25 to give up the 250-room property and all the Ticket purchase includes headaches that come along with it — like the Museum admission. long-term tenants who revel in the misfor- tunes of management and get a little upset when the building’s ghosts are disturbed. Balazs has circled the shabby hotel before, and he could polish the old gal up and turn it into a celebrity hot spot, just as he did with the Chateau Marmont in Holly- wood. At least that’s what Save $5 on tickets Call 212.570.3949 Go to Page Six’s sources speculate. This event is presented in conjunction with the exhibition “The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs,” on view through January 23. Balazs’ rep had no comment. Made possible by Alamo Rent A Car. Would a Balazsian make- Additional support provided by the Windgate Charitable Foundation. over restore the hotel to Organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Chipstone Foundation, and American Decorative Art 1900 Foundation. its former glory? (Joey ArAk) THE NEW SCHOOL PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN Thin townhouses aren’t in, MANNES COLLEGE THE NEW SCHOOL FOR MUSIC yet this one going for $7M OPEN HOUSE New York magazine recently pointed out the uncool status of nar- row townhouses, citing their dip in NIGHT sales and the psychological barrier a lot of buyers have. So then what do we make of 70 WEDNESDAY Signs proclaim Hudson Yards Jane St.? It’s about 15.8 feet wide and has 2,800 square feet. From the photos, it looks like it could feel JANUARY 12 6:00– 8:00 P.M. wider than its 15 feet would lead as ‘next great you to believe. But what about the 66 WEST 12TH STREET, NYC $6,950,000 price tag? ADMISSION FREE neighborhood’ (BilAl khAn ) Learn more about continuing education, certificate programs, and degree programs The Related Companies offered by the university. Prospective students will have an opportunity to meet with has a message for those who doubt that Hudson Yards will Tech insider says Buzz builds as members of the faculty, admission staff, and other New School representatives to ever see the light of day. discuss educational opportunities and upcoming Spring 2011 courses. The company has put up iPad 2 could be Verizon iPhone signage that wraps the entire out in few weeks set to land today WIN A CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASS. site, featuring slogans such as (Some restrictions apply.) “New York’s next great neigh- Digg founder Kevin Tech blog AppleInsider borhood” and “by the creators Rose reported on the tech has obtained photos from of Time Warner Center” and blog that he has it on “good a Chinese electronics pointing people to the pre- authority” that the release manufacturer that it view website, which features a site plan, some previously of the next generation of Apple’s popular iPad — to believes could be a new iPhone — the iPhone 4 for The New School is a leading university in New York City offering some of the nation’s most distinguished unveiled renderings and a few be called the iPad 2 — is Verizon, potentially? If Ap- degree, certificate, and continuing education programs in art and design, liberal arts, management and policy, surprises. imminent. How soon? “In ple CEO Steve Jobs turns and the performing arts. Those signs must be new, the next ‘3-4 weeks,’ pos- up at Verizon’s press event An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution. because there’s no graffiti to sibly Tuesday February today in NYC, consider it a be seen anywhere. (Joey ArAk) 1st,” Rose posted. (AMny) done deal. (AMny) T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 amNewYork 09
  9. 9. play TUEs. WEd. 32° snow late 35° more snow WEATHER We wouldn’t blame you school children rejoice. if you stayed inside til everyone else goes to May. work miserable. Re tw eet Sesame Street: Cookie Monster: Me got distinctive cookie eating style. Lots of people copy it. Too bad me can’t collect residuals. A unicorn is here to see you. blog of This blog takes old New Yorker the day cartoons and gives them new, lit- eral captions. OVERHEARD: A man in Union Square talking about “Jersey Shore:” “That girl Snoopy, I’ve seen better whores in Hunt’s Point” FIND us elsewhere f The logic puzzler that makes you smarter Yesterday’s solution 1 ach row and each column E must contain the numbers 1 through 6 (challenging) with- out repeating. 2 he numbers within the T heavily outlined boxes, called cages, must combine using the given operation (in any KenKen® is a order) to produce the target registered trademark of Nextoy LLC. numbers in the top-left cor- ©2011 KenKen ners. Puzzle LLC. All rights 3 reebies: Fill in single-box F reserved. cages with the number in the top-left corner. ContaCt us Published and distributed free Monday through Friday except major holidays by Newsday LLC, 330 W. 34th St. 17th Fl, New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212-239-5555 Fax: 212-239-2828 Website: e-mail: CirCulation: 646-277-3730 Distribution Jobs: 646-277-3731 Publisher: Paul Turcotte eDitor in ChieF: Diane Goldie CirCulation DireCtor: Bill Praz exeCutive eDitor: Mae M. Cheng retail sales DireCtor: Bob Gordon national sales DireCtor: Ron Spears entertainment/image DireCtor: Rachel Miller managing eDitors: Pete Catapano, Rolando Pujol Design DireCtor: Christopher M. Sabatini assoCiate eDitors: Ryan Chatelain, Graham Wood Culture eDitor: Emily Hulme style anD entertainment eDitor: Julie Gordon style anD sPeCial seCtions eDitor: Perrie Samotin entertainment eDitor: Scott Rosenberg sPorts eDitor: Max J. Dickstein Photo eDitor/senior PhotograPher: RJ Mickelson rePorters: Sheila Anne Feeney, Tim Herrera, Erik Ortiz, Theresa Juva ProDuCtion manager: Jay Cruz graPhiC Designers: Mark Jeacoma, Aaron Morales, Bill St. Angelo, Patrick Cashin marketing DireCtor: Stephen J. McCarthy CoPy eDitor: Rick Szykowny 10 amNewYork T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
  10. 10. PHARMACY TECHNICIAN! Learn the skills used by L OO HO Pharmacy Technicians at: H SC GY • Medical Hospitals US E • Pharmacies and Drug Stores AT OLO • Mail Order Pharmacies DU HN E A YC • Physicians Group Pharmacies GR TEC L F d. ., Nrsvp: with training from OF S T, 2serve62 23 ner x 54 Sanford-Brown Institute! 3 W. ht din .0400 st edu We also offer: u 4 li g 3 g 46 du / ur o . 2. • Non-Invasive M 2 1 r o.e t @ t o :30P u t o o.g s Cardiovascular Technology u 6 inf • Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound 2 .1 • Medical Assistant N JA • Medical Billing & Coding Master's Programs in: u Database Systems u Data Communications Text NYHEALTH to 78573 or call 866.798.9444 u Technology Leadership u Web & Multimedia Design u Instructional Technology A Leader In Healthcare Education Sanford-Brown Institute I 120 East 16th Street, 4th Floor | New York, NY 10003 Licensed by the New York State Education Department. Touro College is an equal opportunity institution. Sanford-Brown Institute does not guarantee employment or salary. career education CEC2380704–10/10 Open House Experience Pacific College Thursday, January 13, 6-8 p.m. Learn about: • The different modalities of Oriental Medicine and Asian Body Therapy • Full or part-time Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s programs Discover A • Our Curriculum • Financial Aid (for those who qualify) New Career *Accredited by ACCSC and ACAOM Financial Aid Available for All Programs! Massage (For those who qualify) Therapy and For More Information: Acupuncture 1-800-716-6202 Now Enrolling for Spring and Fall Semesters 915 Broadway, (Between 20th and 21st) • New York, NY 10010 T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 amNewYork 11
  11. 11. buzz with julie gordon • Sandy and Ryan ‘Hole’ up? w Sightings Maybe they’re just taking They have known each other for friendly vacations. years and they have a built-in Though they have both familiarity.” denied sharing anything The “Proposal” co-stars “are more than a friendship, very much dating, and trying to Sandra Bullock and keep a low profile,” the source Kevin Spacey drinking Ryan Reynolds report- added. at the Oak room and edly have gone on a Reynolds, 34, and wife Scar- then dining at MPd handful of “top-secret” lett Johansson, 26, split up last getaways to Bullock’s month after about two years of home in Jackson Hole, marriage. “We entered our rela- Wy., recently. tionship with love and it’s with “She feels very love and kindness we leave it,” comfortable having they said at the time. Ryan there with Forty-six-year-old Bullock, her,” a source told meanwhile, had a much more dramatic ending to her marriage Ricki Lake eating “Sandy and Ryan are last year — her husband of five dinner at Gemma just enjoying spend- years, Jesse James, cheated on ing time together. her with multiple women. John Slattery cheer- Jennifer surprises New York fans Bits O’ Buzz ing on the Professional Weight Watchers members possible,’” a source told us. French actress Marion Bull riders at Madison at a Park Avenue South meet- Attendees spent the meeting square Garden Cotillard, 35, and boyfriend ing got a big surprise recently: asking questions and chatting Guillaume Canet, 37, are Spokeswoman Jennifer with Hudson, who dropped expecting their first child this Lookin’ good, LiLo Lindsay Lohan Hudson showed up at a from a size 16 to a size 6 spring. ... Leonardo DiCaprio, makes her first public appearance meeting. with the help of the Scarlett Johansson and since leaving the Betty Ford Clinic, Though Hudson, 28, program. Charlize Theron were among sitting courtside at the Knicks-Lakers usually doesn’t attend Of Hudson’s the celebri-guests at Jeremy game Sunday. Sadly, Lohan’s backing meetings, “she hap- visit, our source Renner’s 40th birthday (“I’m from NY!!! Gotta stay loyal,” pened to be in NYC said, “Her appear- party at his Hollywood home, she tweeted before the game) couldn’t and said ... ‘I just ance was certainly reported. propel the Knicks to victory. (photos: getty) John Legend holding a wanted to inspire a surprise to mem- b-day bash at Bagatelle as many people as bers.” PARTY *restrictions apply Today Only! January 11th, 12-8pm R $10 per unit ADIESSE $649 $649 “Laugh in the face of time” NYC PREMIER MEDICAL SPA Please call us to RSVP limited space available www. 212-339-9963 135 East 55th St, 8th Floor (corner of Lexington Ave) NYC 12 amNewYork T u e s day, J a n u a ry 1 1 , 2 0 1 1
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