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Diamond Geezer
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Diamond Geezer


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Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. What has happened?
  • 2. Google Penguin
  • 3. Earlier this year, Google updated its searchengine algorithm – the method with which ituses to calculate its results page. This change isknown as the Penguin update. Here’s somebackground on what this means.
  • 4. reputation.html
  • 5. Business_Searches
  • 6. What does this mean for DiamondGeezer?
  • 7. Since the Penguin update, rankings have fallen heavily.Here is a list of the possible triggers.• Links from poor quality or irrelevant sites• Keyword stuffing or excessive on page optimisation• Excessive duplicate content• Thin content, or pages that not updated regularly• A high percentage of keyword rich anchor text in inbound links
  • 8. The first three points are not relevant to yoursite. However, the second two look to be thesource of the issue.
  • 9. Thin content
  • 10. While the site is well designed, there is littlecontent on each page. Let’s take this page as anexample:
  • 11. Word count: 485
  • 12. Now, let’s compare that to the #1 result for‘wedding rings’:
  • 13. Word count: 2579
  • 14. As you can see, the second site has around 5 times the content.
  • 15. Anchor text distribution
  • 16. Going back to, wecan see that the term ‘wedding rings’ dominates thepage’s inbound links.
  • 17. So, what’s next?
  • 18. Content Marketing
  • 19. Over the next few months, our suggestion is notjust to improve pages such SEO, but to build them into a leadingresource.As this infographic suggests, becoming anauthority in its niche is the way forward.
  • 20. To improve the pages, videos, images etc will beadded, along with ‘how to’ guides, articles andother useful resources.
  • 21. Our intention, simply, is to make them the beston the web.
  • 22. Why us?
  • 23. In this new climate, we believe that we are bestpositioned to not just meet Google’s newrequirements, but exceed them.Our team of writers have won numerousawards, published novels, blogs and works ofnon-fiction, and taught and lectured all over theworld.
  • 24. We appreciate that this is a major difference toour previous proposal. However, we firmlybelieve that this is the most effective way goingforward.