New Director Training


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Presentation to follow while participating in New Director training via conference call.

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  • PART ONE Initial CoachingThe initial coaching is initiated at the time the booking is obtained. Be brief and keep it simple. Be enthused andthank her for helping the hostess to receive her booking awards (if the booking date was obtained at a show). Oneof the goals of coaching is to build a rapport with your hostess as you will both be working towards a common goal– a successful show!• Begin by asking the hostess to provide you with a copy of a completed guest list. Give the hostess a Five Star HostessPlan and explain Star #1 – the Thank You Award – explain that your hostess may select any item on the front cover of theFive Star Hostess Plan for a mere $10 fee just for submitting a “qualified guest list” to you within three days.• Explain the requirements of a “qualified guest list” and have her pre-select her Thank You Award. Record the item in yourdatebook. Suggestion: A qualified guest list should have at least 15 names of potential invitees and should be returned toyou within 3 days.• You may wish to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope and mailing labels on which the hostess can write the guests’addresses. She may also want to fax you the list.• You will want to suggest that your hostess immediately call her friends and tell them about the show. The phone call fromthe hostess will be the personal invitation and the mailed invitation (which will follow in the mail) can serve as the reminder.• Suggest that she keep the catalog you are providing in her Hostess Packet for herself. Instead of showing the catalog toher friends, suggest that she tell them that they simply must come and see the jewelry in person. This way, the guests willnot pre-judge the styles or prices. Once the guests try on the jewelry at the show, they will fall in love with their personalchoices! She can use the catolog to show to friends that cannot attend her show, for the purpose of obtaining an outsideorder in advance of the show.• Arrange a personal coaching appointment within a few days* to meet with her in person to plan her show. (*If the show isbooked several weeks in advance, plan the personal coaching appointment for about ten to twelve days before the showdate.)
  • PART TWO PERSONAL COACHING (“Home Coaching”)A personal coaching time is the most vital portion of the coaching cycle. This is a time to visitthe hostess in her home. Making a pre-visit to her home will allow you to familiarize yourselfwith the location of her home. You will be able to discuss the necessary preparations for theshow. This is also a chance to get to know your hostess better. Building a relationship withyour hostesses is an important step in the recruiting process. Your hostess may become moreinterested in the Park Lane opportunity as she becomes more familiar with you and with ourprograms.• The Personal Coaching time should be scheduled approximately ten to twelve days in advance of the showdate.• Bring the remaining contents of the hostess packet and explain each form (If you have not already given thepacket to your hostess).• Review the Five Star Hostess Plan, pointing out the advantage of securing pre-show bookings and absenteeorders.• Establish a free jewelry credit goal for your hostess. You may want to say, “Let’s go for at least $300 in FREEjewelry.• Let her “shop” from your jewelry as well as the catalog and have her pre-select the items she would like to earn.• Circle her choices on an Alphabetized Shopping Guide or write them on a Wish List and retain the informationuntil her show is held.• In your date book or calendar, record the Three Booking Gift she has selected. You can use this item toencourage people to book for her. Fill out a sample order on the Absentee Order sheet. Insert the absenteeorder form in her catalog. Give her a fold-over invitation, so she can reference it for phoned-in orders.• You may want to offer a special gift from you if she obtains at least five outside orders and/or a booking inadvance of her show.Note: Some of the hostess awards are standard while others can be offered at the discretion of the director.To avoid misinterpretation, explain any extra offers/specials and the requirements the hostess must meetto qualify.• Offer to stop by and pick up the guest list if you have not yet received it. She may also, fax it, mail it or scan itand e-mail it to you. It is important for her to over-invite because generally about half the guests are able toattend. An average guest list should be 15 to 20 names. If the list is sparse, make suggestions using thebooster on the reverse side. If time allows, your hostess can help you complete the invitations and you can mailthem when you leave her home.• Tell the hostess that her phone call to each invited guest will do wonders in building attendance. It gives her achance to show enthusiasm for the jewelry and to endorse the company.• Suggest that she encourage each attendee to bring a “jewelry-lover” as a guest. Point out that often it is the“friend” that is the first to date a show!• Ask the hostess which area of her home she is planning to use for the show. Does she have a folding table?Isthere adequate lighting, or could an additional lamp be added?• Is there an outlet to plug in your display lamp?• Suggest that she serve simple refreshments. If she asks for suggestions, you might suggest a pot of coffee anda plate of cookies. Her friends will be more apt to book if it doesn’t look like a lot of work.• Suggest waiting until the shopping and ordering times are over before inviting guests to have refreshments.This will allow you to finish the orders as quickly as possible and conduct the drawing(s) in a timely manner incase anyone has to leave early.• Offer the Park Lane opportunity to your future hostess. Compliment her. Tell her why you feel she would makea good director. Leave her with a recruiting brochure such as “Makes it All Possible” or Realize Your Best”.• Ask her to help “talent scout” for directors. Who does she know that she could recommend? She could earn $50in free jewelry for suggesting someone who meets the director qualification requirements. (Referral Rewardcertificate)• Contact your manager for assistance when you secure recruit leads, and invite the prospect to the nextopportunity meeting.
  • After coaching, send a “Hostess Reminder” letter on which you have written a personal note reinforcing your enthusiasm abouther show.The time you invest in personally coaching a hostess will pay off. You are building a solid foundation for a successful show.If, however distance or time does not allow for Personal Home Coaching, cover more of the details during Initial Coaching.Follow up by telephone to encourage her. Make sure every hostess feels appreciated and important. Take care of yourbusiness and it will take care of you!
  • PART THREE LAST MINUTE COACHINGKeep in touch with your hostess between the time of the personal coaching appointmentand the date of the show. Let her know that you are excited about her show. Check withher on the progress of any advance absentee orders and any pre-arranged bookingdates. She will have been talking with her friends and you will want to encourage her tokeep in touch with the invited guests, conveying the excitement of the approaching showdate. Arrive at the show early enough to arrange your display. A suggested arrival time is 30 minutesbefore the time the show is to begin. At this time, you can write up any advance orders that she hassecured. Allow a few extra minutes to chat with your hostess and place her at ease. Look like asuccessful Fashion Director; appropriately dressed and tastefully accessorized.Give your hostess these last minute reminders just before the guests arrive.1. Politely remind her to wait until the end of the shopping time and ordering time to serve refreshments.This keeps the show on schedule and helps to finalize the orders and bookings.2. Tell her you want the guests to feel comfortable. To create an informal atmosphere, ask her tocomment on the items she likes when you present them. Ask her to be enthused over the ThreeBooking Gift she is working for. (If you have the item, you may want her to wear it throughout the show.)3. Ask her to lead the way to the display table at the end of the show when you announce theshopping/try-on time. If she starts the shopping, her friends will feel more comfortable trying on thejewelry.4. Ask her to stay at the display table during the try-on time and help you to assist her friends in lookingup jewelry names to add to their Wish Lists. When you leave the table to start writing orders, ask her toremain there to help the guests who are still shopping.•The hostess is coached and wearing Park Lane jewelry.•Your supplies are organized.•Your display table is ready; table cloth, high intensity light and rollers of jewelry set to one side. All ofyour jewelry is contained in the rollers which will be unveiled during your jewerly presentation. Thereare no catalogs on the table or anywhere in sight.•Light is directed to aim at the jewelry as you present it.•Props, decorations, posters, tickets, gifts and prizes are ready, if used at your show.Before the guests arrive, ask the hostess for her catalog and start transferring the AbsenteeOrders onto customer order blanks. Put her catalog in your briefcase to avoid having itcirculate among the guests. Do not distribute catalogs until after you have completed yourshow and it is time to shop. Passing out catalogs before or during the show will take theguests attention away from what you are saying. Keep the focus on the jewelry!Begin within 15 minutes of the time indicated on the invitations. As the guests begin to arrive,you and/or the hostess can give each guest a Wish List. Let the show begin!!
  •               (through 11-24-10) HOSTESS APPRECIATION OFFER - Here’s an EXTRA special offer exclusively for TPW hostesses!  In addition to all the other November rewards, TPW hostesses who hold a min. $300 net sales show with one dated booking may choose their favorite RING from Park Lane’s Three Booking Gift collection absolutely FREE!     (through 11-24-10)  (through 11-24-10) Double Referral Reward is EXTENDED!$50 X 2 = $100 for a qualified Director referral During the month of October, instead of the standard $50 RECRUIT REFERRAL certificate, Park Lane is authorizing you to offer $100 jewelry credit to the person who refers a qualified new Park Lane recruit. When you make this announcement at your shows, the guests and hostess will automatically think TWICE as hard about who they know that would make a good PL Director! Remember to tell everyone that people can even refer THEMSELVES and take advantage of this double credit referral offer! For the purpose of the Recruit Referral certificate, a qualified recruit must start on a commission date in October and go on to submit min. $1000 in net/noncommissionable sales within four commission dates following their start date. The recommender must submit a claim form requesting their $100 jewelry credit reward.    (through 11-24-10)The registration /kit shipping charge, normally $39.00, is reduced to just $5.00 for new Park Lane recruits who start with minimum $500 net sales. Park Lane celebrates each new recruit’s start by reducing their registration fee to just $5.00! Help your prospects save by helping them start right now!  $5 registration + $500 net sales = $1,000 value jewelry sample kit New Park Lane directors have the option of starting with a Standard sample kit ($1,000 value) or a Deluxe sample kit ($2,000 value).Whether the new Park Laner chooses to begin with a Standard kit or a Deluxe kit, either way their registration fee is reduced to just $5.00!Standard Kit: $1,000 value– Submit $500 in net sales. The commission on which will be withheld to satisfy the cost of the kit. Commission is paid on sales over $500.00.Deluxe Kit: $2,000 value– Purchase outright for $249.00 plus tax and earn commission on all sales. (through 11-24-10)Customers can qualify for up to FOUR items* equal to or less than their order net total. This month acustomer becomes bonus item-eligible with a mere $30 net order, but a $90.00 or higher order brings themaximum reward: THREE $12 Bonus Items and ONE MORE for FREE!• $30 order and purchase one $12 Bonus Item… Take a second Bonus Item for FREE!• $60 order and purchase two $12 Bonus Items… Take a third Bonus Item for FREE!• $90 order and purchase three $12 Bonus Items… Take a fourth Bonus Item for FREE*!   (through 11-24-10)We believe another compelling reason for our recent record-breaking results is the fabulous response we’ve had to our Ten & Double hostess special.  Hostesses are truly inspired (and determined!) to strive for ten orders when they know their credit will double from $20.00 an order to $40.00 an order.  Most shows are coming in with over ten orders giving rise to a $130 increase in show average over the same time last year.   (through 11-24-10)Hostesses with three qualified bookings may opt to take a 3-day, 2-night getaway vacation! The award provides hotel/resort accommodations. Destination? The hostess has approximately 28 different locations/resorts from which to choose!The mini-vacation joins the array of options offered to a hostess with three qualified bookings held within 30 days of her show. In advance of the show, have your hostess determine WHICH Three Booking Gift she would like to earn as a result of her show. When her choice is the Get Up & Go getaway, have her pre-select the destination she thinks she will visit with her award. During the presentation make sure the guests know WHERE the hostess wants to go and remind them that she will WIN her vacation for free when three of them hold qualifying shows.• Refer to the Get Up & Go brochure for full details.• Hotel accommodations are provided. Transportation, meals, and tax are not included.• A qualifying hostess must hold a minimum $175 net sales show that is processed during the commission dates in November and the resulting three bookings are to be held within 30 days of her show. Claim her award after the third qualified booking is submitted.• The director fee of $15.00 is paid when the Get Up & Go certificate (or any other Three Booking Gift selection) is claimed on a Booking Gift claim form.
  • New Director Training

    1. 1. New Director Training<br />Initial Training Class<br />
    2. 2. Company History<br />Established 1955<br />Shirley & Arthur Levin<br />What can you expect?<br />Company<br />Manager<br />Team<br />
    3. 3. Our product!<br />
    4. 4. A “Show” is the best way…<br />
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Objectives of a Show<br />To sell<br />
    7. 7. Objectives of a Show<br />To Sell<br />
    8. 8. Objectives of a Show<br />
    9. 9. Objectives of a Show<br />To Book<br />
    10. 10. Objectives of a Show<br />To Book<br />
    11. 11. Objectives of a Show<br />To Book<br />
    12. 12. Objectives of a Show<br />To Book<br />
    13. 13. Objectives of a Show<br />To Book<br />
    14. 14. Objectives of a Show<br />To Book<br />
    15. 15. Objectives of a Show<br />To Recruit<br />
    16. 16. Objectives of a Show<br />To Recruit<br />
    17. 17. Objectives of a Show<br />To Recruit<br />
    18. 18. Objectives of a Show<br />To Recruit<br />
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Working with your Hostess<br />Hostesses help you “launch” your PL biz<br />Book “practice” parties<br />Each hostess is your “business partner”<br />Help her reach her goal, and she will help you meet yours<br />Good minimum show goal is:<br />10 orders<br />$500 in net sales<br />3 bookings<br />
    21. 21. Keys to Successful Hostess Coaching<br />Meet with each hostess and prepare them for their show. (Group?)<br />Hostess packet includes<br />Current catalog<br />Five Star Hostess Plan<br />Absentee Order Form<br />Invitation List<br />Have your hostess CHOOSE her Thank You gift<br />Ask her to call each guest and invite them – even if leaving a message<br />
    22. 22. Keys to Successful Hostess Coaching<br />You should mail invitations to each guest<br />Review the guest list with your hostess. Ask, “who on this list might book a show for you?”<br />Ask her to select $200-$300 items she would like to receive as hostess gifts<br />Review refreshments<br />
    23. 23. Last Minute Hostess Coaching<br />Refreshments during shopping time<br />Informal atmosphere – be excited about 3-booking gift!<br />Lead the way to the display table<br />Stay at display table, helping guests<br />Hostess is wearing PL jewelry<br />Supplies organized<br />Display is ready; including lights<br />Remove the catalogs<br />
    24. 24. It’s SHOW time!<br />
    25. 25. Customer Order Form<br />
    26. 26. Hostess Order Form<br />
    27. 27. Current Promotions<br />
    28. 28. Programs<br />
    29. 29. Congratulations!<br />You’re a brand new<br />Fashion Director!<br />