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Social Media Meets Email Marketing with
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Social Media Meets Email Marketing with


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Maximize your online outreach by connecting your email campaigns with Social Media. …

Maximize your online outreach by connecting your email campaigns with Social Media.

Learn from's Stephanie Pertuit as she shares our brand experience of creating engaging content across multiple platforms to achieve incredible list-building results.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • We’re the top online seller of blinds and shades. We’ve been recognized repeatedly for how our core values of CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING and EXPERIMENTING without FEAR of FAILURE and, of course, encouraging individual expression and enjoying the ride, have given us the unique opportunity to bring the best products and user experience to our customers.
  • Sounds simple and straightforward? Needs to be reminded – great opportunities can slip through your fingers if you aren’t thinking of goals.
  • Incorporating blog, social, etc. into email has both shown us an increase to traffic as well as an increase to email open/conversion rates. Win/win.
  • -- 13,660 brand new customers in email list (175% of goal!) – cost at $0.36 each-- Increased revenue per subscriber by 865% (based on the email addresses collected during the campaign)-- ‘We’ve selected our winner’ email told entrants to find out if they won on our Facebook page and grew our fanbase by 1685 fans in one day alone (through fangatedfacebook app)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Closing the Great Divide Making social media and email work and grow together Stephanie Pertuit Online Marketing Director //
    • 2. Who is
    • 3. Make Social and Email Work Together • Problem: Increase customer engagement across channels while teams are managed under separate leaders • Proposed Solutions: Increased collaboration, engaging content, joint promotion
    • 4. • One team? If not, no problem! • Shared goals (and camaraderie) are all that’s needed. Social + Email =
    • 5. Engaging Content
    • 6. Cross Promotions • Test to figure out what works across your channels + what each is worth to consumers
    • 7. Quick Case Study
    • 8. Quick Case Study
    • 9. Quick Case Study
    • 10. • 13,660 brand new customers • 175% of goal! • 865% up revenue per subscriber • 1685 Facebook Fans in ONE DAY! Collaboration Succeeds!
    • 11. Stephanie Pertuit Director of Online Marketing @StephPertuit & @BlindsDotCom Thanks!