Beginning and end of semester tips


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Beginning and end of semester tips

  1. 1. Beginning and End of Semester TipsBeginning of Semester TipsRemember these tips as you get ready for next semester.*Students will be populated into D2L for summer courses 25 days before the semester starts. Once youcan see them on your classlist, you can contact them in preparation for the next semester. Rememberthere is a generic letter you can email them with info on what to do before the class starts. This letter isin the MnWest Faculty and Staff Learning and Resource Center. Modify it as you need for your purposes.*** For Summer 2012, students will be populated into D2L 55 days before the semester starts due toMayterm classes.**** Students no longer need to update their email addresses - the MnWest ones are automaticallypopulated into D2L now. If you see an issue with a student email address, let registration know so theemail can be fixed in ISRS (which then populates D2L).* Check your classlists if you have an ITV course - be sure you have requested that all sections be tiedinto an ITV course. If missing a group of students, let Kayla know. We don’t have all the right sectionnumbers tied into the course shell.* To open the course before the first day of the semester (so students can see administrativeinformation and be ready to go), remember to go to Edit Course, reset the dates, click Save.*If you are modifying a Word or PPT document (something you cant edit on the screen), remember thatyou have to reload that file in Manage Files. Put it in the same folder as the one you want to replace,and remember to keep the file name the same, or your content link wont be right (it will go to the oldfile).* If you want to use online conferencing tools, we have Adobe Connect (for info only - ) as an option. Contact Kaylaabout Adobe Connect accounts.* Teaching with D2L class - dont forget to review the instructions for Copying Course Componentsbefore moving things. Remember if you copy clutter, you will have clutter in the next class. DO NOTCLICK THE COPY BUTTON TWICE. Click it once, or you will copy your entire course twice, then have to docleanup. Theres no easy way to fix this - there is no undo button. It is easier to read the instructions firstthan try to fix it later (will take you longer to read the instructions/suggestions than it will to copy yourcourse).*If you still need a course shell for a summer semester course, let me know the course ID and Ill get thatset up for you. Remember that if it is an ITV course, I need ALL of the course IDs (one for each site). Donot wait until right before the semester to request a course shell.
  2. 2. Beginning of Semester Checklist – For Classes Copied Overfrom a Previous SemesterCourse CleanupThere is a minimal amount of cleanup, most of which involves resetting dates and other parameters.Below is a suggested "sweep" of your course to make sure everything is set the way you want it for theupcoming semester. What I do is work my way across the page, updating information for each link.Course Home page  Announcements. Add a "welcome" announcement at a minimum, and tell students how to get started (such as "Click Content to get started", course start date, etc.).Content  Update release dates for modules (tip: do not allow students to see all of the content at once. This is overwhelming. Time-released content and a specific schedule for completion is more effective.).  Update syllabus information.  Update project/paper/assignment due dates.  Add/delete content as needed. Be sure to go to Manage Files and clean out anything not being used (in general, anything not being used does not have a red T next to it).Discussion  Set release dates for discussions.  Revise/add/delete discussions as needed.Email  Nothing to check under this section.Dropbox  Verify that the folders you have there are the ones you will need in the upcoming semester.  Verify that the folders are still tied to a gradebook item (should not have changed).  If you have a large number of dropbox folders, make sure they are named clearly and categorized for student ease of use. The clearer the naming conventions, the more likely students will put things in the right place.  Check dates, if you use restrictions.
  3. 3. Quizzes  Reset the dates for your quizzes (if you dont, students will see all of them and they will appear with the old dates). One tip is to make them all inactive - then you can reset the dates later. Do not forget to make them active again once you are ready to use the quizzes.  On the Properties tab, reset the Optional Advanced Properties (if these settings did not carry over). Click on the link, and set the no printing/no paging options.  Also on the Properties tab, be sure it is still tied to a grade item.  If you had a submission view turned on to allow students to see answers, be sure you turn this off / reset it to the way you want it.  Go through all of the parameters as a quick review. Walk your way across the tabs and check that the settings are the way you want them.  Update any questions that need modification. If you update a question, be sure to click the "Update in Question Library" box when saving so the changes are noted in both places.Grades  You should do your grade setup FIRST before you can make any changes to the gradebook. See the section in the Gradebook training for more information.  Recommendation: It is overwhelming for students to see all grade items when they first enter the class. You can "hide" items by clicking on Edit All Grade Items. Change the Status to Not Visible. NOTE: You will have to allow students to see the grade item later in the course, which is a manual change in each grade item (or by using the Edit All Grade Items feature and changing the Status back to Visible.) When you go back to the Grades List, items that are not visible to students are shown as gray links. Items that are visible are shown as blue links.  Update/modify grade items as needed.Edit Course  Set course dates under Course Information.  Set up groups/revise groups.Update Other ToolsYou may be using additional tools – update these as needed in a similar fashion, by reviewing dates andparameters.End of Semester Tips***Adjunct faculty – be sure you follow the “posted letter grade” tip below to get a letter grade intoyour exported file for Angie.**** Remember if you want students to access the course longer than the course end date (end ofsemester, 12:01 a.m., not midnight, of the last day of the semester), you must go to Edit Course and setthe date manually.To extend the date, you must do the following.
  4. 4. 1. Go into your course. 2. Click Edit Course. 3. Click Course Offering Information. 4. Change the course end date. 5. Click Save.The course will "close" at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on the last day of the semester. Be sure to set this to golonger if your test should close at 11:59 p.m. and not 12:01 a.m. I recommend setting the end coursedate at least a week longer than the course end date – students want to check grades.* Remember that you have to transfer the calculated grade to the adjusted grade in the gradebook toget a "true" score. Do this by clicking the pencil icon next to Final.* If your final grade is not showing up in the gradebook, click on the pencil next to Final. Click onProperties. Click the "display final adjusted grade in grade book" box. Be sure to choose the ADJUSTedgrade.* Adding a Posted Letter Grade item: 1. Add a New Item ("Text", not "numeric") in the grade book. 2. Title it Final Posted Letter Grade (short name of Posted). 3. Go to Order and move it to the top of the list (then students will see it at the top of their list). 4. Click on the pencil icon for that item and put in the letter grade (if you use text, you can then do + and -; thats why you shouldnt use numeric here). 5. Save and students will be able to see the letter grade. You can also add final comments if youd like.* Dont forget to export your grade book. You dont have to do anything with the file (it can be pulledinto excel and modified, but you just want to save a copy - instructions for modifying in excel are inTeaching with D2L class, if you want them). Just save it in your class records somewhere so you have acopy. Probably want to do this occasionally throughout the semester. And if you delete grade items, youALWAYS want to export it out first, so you can resurrect things if needed. Adjuncts are required to senda copy to Angela Hoffman (* Don’t forget to export your COURSE. You don’t have to do anything with the file, but all of yourcourse info is there, just in case. Go to Edit Course, Import/Export/Copy, and follow instructions toexport the course. No student data is saved in this export.* Review the Teaching with D2L class - dont forget to review the instructions for Copying CourseComponents before moving things to next semester. Remember if you copy clutter, you will have clutterin the next class. Do not double-click and copy your course twice - there is no "undo" button.