Children and the night season


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How to understand the dreams that your children have using a Biblical understanding.
--Where do your childrens dreams come from?
--What can you do about nightmares?
--How can you help them to understand their dreams (even if you do not know how to
interpret them)
--How can you help them to grow in this spiritual gift?

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Children and the night season

  1. 1. Children and theNight SeasonBiblical Understanding ForInterpreting Your Children’sDreams
  2. 2. “The power of God wasthere manifested, and washelpful both in wakingvisions and dreams, oftenfor the relief of manydiseases and for thoseafflicted by some suddencrisis in their affairs”Sozoman (about 5thcentury church inConstantinople)
  3. 3. A Dream Uninterpretedis Like a Letter UnopenedThe Talmud
  4. 4. Daniel 71. Record the dream“Daniel had a dream and visions of his headwhile on his bed. Then he wrote down thedream, telling the main facts.” Daniel 7:1
  5. 5. Daniel 72. Find the Dream Focus: what’s thedreamer doing?“I saw…after this I looked…after this Isaw…I was considering…I watched…I waswatching…I came near…”Daniel 7:2,6,7,8,9,11,13,16
  6. 6. Daniel 73. Seek Heavenly Help“I came near to one of those who stood by,and asked him the truth of all this. So hetold me and made known to me theinterpretation of these things.” Daniel 7:16
  7. 7. Daniel 74. Summarize the Interpretation“These great beasts, which are four, are fourkingdoms which arise out of the earth. Butthe saints of the Most High shall receive thekingdom, and possess the kingdom forever,even forever and ever” Daniel 7: 17, 18
  8. 8. Daniel 75. Find the Key Action & Emotion“I, Daniel, was grieved in my spirit withinmy body, and the visions of my headtroubled me” Daniel 7:15
  9. 9. Daniel 76. Dig in With the Main Symbols“I was watching; and the same hornwas making war against the saints, andprevailing against them” Daniel 7:21
  10. 10. Daniel 77. Meditate on the Message“…my thoughts greatly troubled me, and mycountenance changed: but I kept the matterin my heart” Daniel 7: 28
  11. 11. Job 33: 14-18“For God may speak in one way or another,yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, ina vision of the night, when deep sleep fallsupon men, while slumbering on their beds,the He opens the ears of men, and sealstheir instruction in order to turn man fromhis deed, and conceal pride from man. Hekeeps back his soul from the Pit, and hislife from perishing by the sword.”
  12. 12. Dream Interpretation Process Record the Dream (Daniel 7:1, Habbakkuk 2:2) Determine the Focus (Daniel 7: 2,6,7,8,9,11,13,16) TitletheDream – use action words Determine the Main Theme or Motif (Daniel 7: 17-22) Find the Key Action & Emotion (Daniel 7:15) Discern the Meaning of the Main Symbols (Daniel 7:19)Seek heavenly help and meditate on the message
  13. 13. Biblical vs. Secular Interpretations In the days of Daniel, and in the days ofPharoah and Joseph, the accepted methods ofthe day could NOT interpret a dream fromGod!They still can’t
  14. 14. Biblical vs. Secular InterpretationsBiblical Arise Without -- Godwho sees me knows whatI need to reach my life’spurpose Spiritual Creations – thatuse God’s picturelanguage (parables, etc.)Secular Arise within – my psycheis searching theinnermost part of me. I am Spiritual --I havethe wisdom I need withinme to create what I need
  15. 15. Biblical vs. Secular InterpretationsBiblical Determined by the Spirit– received in our Spiritsand percieved by ourSpirits. God is theanswer or has the answeryou are looking for Look to God – God islooking into me and tellsme what I need to doSecular Determined by thePsyche – your soul(mind, will, emotion) hasthe answers that you arelooking for because it ispart of a greaterconsciousness Look deep within – findhidden mysteries orsolutions that are secret
  16. 16. Biblical vs. Secular InterpretationsBiblical Spiritual Elements -- Thereare levels of meaning –need discern & contrast andaspects of the symbol &who it is for Embrace the Spirit of God– Allows me to know who Iam in God’s eyes so I canconform to His imageSecular Universal Symbols(archetypes) – charactersor elements will always bethe same. There will onlybe one interpretation Embrace the Unconscious– Allows me to find mytrue self-awareness or seeinto my true self
  17. 17. Biblical vs. Secular InterpretationsBiblical Intuitively Understood--Interpretations arereceived from a granderlogic via the Holy Spirit Invitation to Relationship –Dreams are meant tolaunch us into a dialoguewith GodSecular Logically Understood –interpretations can bededuced by logic (orcomputer program) Invitation to solve aproblem -- Dreamsmerely tell us aboutourselves
  18. 18. “Beyond a doubt thegreater part ofmankind derive theirknowledge of Godfrom their dreams”Tertullion
  19. 19. Where Do Your Children’s DreamsCome From?Dreams that are fullcolor are from God.God is light, in Him isNO darkness at all.
  20. 20. Where Do Your Children’s DreamsCome From?Dreams of your Soultend to be mutedcolor. These aredreams you caused tobe dreams – thingsyou fear or things youwant really badly
  21. 21. Where Do Your Children’s DreamsCome From?The enemy of yoursoul is not a creatorof light so thesedreams are black andwhite. Given to steal,kill, destroy, & createfear
  22. 22. How Do You Help Your Child GetThe Meaning of Their Dream?Create a dream notebook – Writetheir dreams in it – shows you valuethe dream & the childHave your kids draw out their dreamHave them act out their dream – helpsthem articulate what happened
  23. 23. What are some hindrances to ourchildren’s dream life or night encounters? Parents don’t believe in their child – “It’sonly in your imagination” Outside interferences can callous the eyesor cause the wrong kind of spiritualencounter
  24. 24. If YOU value their encounters itcreates an expectancy in their hearts(and the hearts of their siblings thatthey will be next)
  25. 25. What Causes Nightmares in MyChildren?Many children have a gift for hearingGod through dreams and the enemywants to shut down their gift & scarethem with nightmares
  26. 26. What Causes Nightmares in MyChildren? Things to Consider…What are you allowing your child totake in though their eyes – thegateway of the soul?Ask the Lord and He WILL show you
  27. 27. What Causes Nightmares in MyChildren? Things to ConsiderWhat are YOU, as head of thehousehold bringing into the house?What movies/TV are you watching?What is on your computer?
  28. 28. What Causes Nightmares in MyChildren? Things to Consider…Are they processing traumas? Somechildren have been through roughtimes (bullying, war, marital strife,accidents, virtual strife, etc…)
  29. 29. What Causes Nightmares in MyChildren? Things to Consider…If you are clean and your child is cleanthen it is a good idea to cutgenerational ties. (like inherited fears,etc.)
  30. 30. What you can do for your child… Teach them how to enter the realm of thespirit Give your child a voice – let them sharewith you as you listen Even if you don’t know what the dreammeans, value them and their dream
  31. 31. “You can do anything with God’spower while you are sleeping in adream. You can turn into Superman orSpiderman or Wonder Woman. Youcan get a gun or a big stick. Or you cansay STOP! I don’t want to have thisdream anymore”
  32. 32. When you tell a young child that theycan do anything in a dream……they believe you
  33. 33. Ultimately dreams are about relationships
  34. 34. “Dreams, more than any other thing, entice us towardhope, when our heart spontaneously presents hope to us,as happens in our sleeping state, then we have in thepromise of our dreams a pledge from the divinity”Synesius of Cyrene (5thcentury bishop)
  35. 35. -- Teach in homes -- Prophetic events-- Dream parties -- Art & Soul Workshops-- Prayer parties -- Spiritual Mentoring-- Life Coaching -- Spiritual Writing
  36. 36. If you would like to get a FREE emailmini-course on dreams contact me