Bless The World Newsletter South Africa - November 2013


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Bless The World Newsletter South Africa - November 2013

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Bless The World Newsletter South Africa - November 2013

  1. 1. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 WELCOME NOTE Dear Devotees, Bless the World spiritual family in South Africa is pleased to present you with our first ever Newsletter. This newsletter is dedicated to our Spiritual Master, His Holiness Rajayogi Mohanji, and to all those that are walking the spiritual path. The spiritual path of Liberation and Unconditional Love is difficult to walk alone, and we offer this newsletter to you as a friend, providing IN THIS ISSUE information and inspiration. • Who is Mohanji The newsletter will also serve as a diary and • Mohanji in South Africa will bring you the highlights of the season • Mohanji’s Centers in South Africa behind us, selfless service initiatives for the • Navarathri and Diwali at Merudanda months to come, experiences of devotees, • Travel with Mohanji Mohanji’s pearls of wisdom which will act as rudders in these times, and much more. Unconditional love is our true nature - Mohanji
  2. 2. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 WHO IS MOHANJI? To describe Mohanji is like explaining the feeling of a mother’s warm hug or the joy of sunshine on your face. If Mother Saraswathi herself cannot describe the supreme soul, no words can tell you who Mohanji is. He is beyond the definitions of words, Mohanji is an experience. An experience that shows In his eyes you will find the universe, In his eyes you will find yourself you the truth of yourself. Mohanji is a reflection of who you are. He shows you your deepest darkest emotions and gives you the tools to release them from your system. Mohanji is My aim is not to bind or blind people, but to liberate all those who are ready and receptive. I am glad if my existence helped a few people to get liberated. I am just doing my duty. Not conforming to any image is my way of staying liberated. All that matters is what you can do in the present. No image matters. - Mohanji what you make of Him. In his words He is fluid. If you think He is good, then He is good. If you think He is bad, then He is bad. He is a formless, nonentity with no birth or death. This might seem a bit unreal to some, but the more you operate in His consciousness, the more it will be true. In the absolute physical level, He is a Guru who’s only purpose is to give us the chance to break free IMPORTANT LINKS Websites Blogs from the illusion of duality and merge with the divine consciousness. He follows the path of Shiva, the pathless path, beyond all man-made boundaries. The tradition He brings to us cannot be limited, but, Facebook groups for a lack of a better description, it has its roots in Mohanji Mohanji Seva Foundation Mohanji South Africa the Nath path which is codified by Lord Dattatreya. Nothing happens by accident. Everything has a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning - Mohanji
  3. 3. MONTH YEAR VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 Mohanji in South Africa Mohanji’s Second Visit Mohanji visited SA the second time in the month of September this year. His tour was more like a world tour when he started in April from His ashram in India, visited many places within India, proceeding to UAE, We have regular meditations at all our centers in SA @Merudanda Address: 4 Luton place, Westville north, Durban Tuesday @ 6:30 pm meditation Thursday @ 6:30 pm temple is open Appointments can be made at any other convenient time. Contact – Yashik Singh – 0836776381, UK, USA and finally to SA. The team out here had planned his visit almost 6 months ago and meditations where held in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Limpopo. We also had 2 retreats held in Durban and Johannesburg . Each forthcoming issue will feature a visit and the experience of Mohanji in South Africa. We have regular meditations at all our centers in SA @Ahimsa Address: 24 Greymont, Johannesburg Wednesday @ 7:00 pm meditation Sunday @ 10:00 am Satsang / Meditation Appointments can be made at any other convenient time. Contact – Hein – 0786180632, Annette – 0110233727 Opening of Spiritual Centers at Johannesburg and Durban Mohanji inaugurated the opening of 2 Spiritual Centres in South Africa. Ahimsa Ashram was opened in Greymont, Johannesburg. Merudanda temple was opened in Westville, Durban. The creation of the spiritual centres/temples, the experiences in opening the temples and all the wonders activities will be highlighted in issues of the newsletters to come. No gender, no time and no space. No age. Everything dissolves - Mohanji
  4. 4. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 Mohanji’s Spiritual Centres in South Africa Merudanda Temple Activity: Diwali and Navarathri Merudanda is a small temple dedicated to our beloved Master Mohanji, and as such His GuruTatwa is the presiding deity at the temple. The temple was opened in September 2013 and is still under a process of transformation. Even at this early stage, many people have had amazing experiences at the temple: A lady who has had pain in her legs for an entire year, walked out of Merudanda after a meditation and Shaktipat with no pain at all; another lady who was hospitalised with high blood pressure was discharged from hospital the very same day of receiving Shaktipat and a prayer was said for her at Merudanda; a man in a catatonic comma woke up one hour after Shaktipat was given. So many lives have changed, and all this because of the grace and love of MohanJi. Our beloved MohanJi has indicated that Merudanda is now a ‘Shaktistanam’, a seat of energy. It is a place where He will always be in a tangible form, an all those that come for meditation feel Him walking around. He has promised that Merudanda will be a place of great healing and benefit to all that come there. Merudanda has had many activities since its opening, but in this article we will like to quickly report on two: Navarathri and Diwali. Navarathri was an intense period at Merudanda. There were very powerful cleansings that happened to everyone that came to offer prayers at the temple. Almost everyone felt their inner space clear up and even had detox symptoms. The Narvarathi pujas culminated with the offering of Shree Lalita Sahasranam and a Shree Chandi Devi Puja. The Shree Chandi puja was three hours long, but everyone was so engrossed in the prayer, that they did not even know how time passed. During the Sahasranam puja, rice was offered with each mantra to a Shree yantra, chandan to Mother Lakshmi and hurdee to a Shree Bagalamuki yantra. Everyone was on such a high. At first a warm peaceful energy engulfed Merudanda, and as the mantras were recited the energy became more and more powerful. Eventually a thick blanket of hot energy covered everyone, and all you could see was a sea of smiles. After the hurdee was offered to the Shree Bagalamuki yantra, we noticed that the hurdee that was stick to the yantra took the form of Lord Ganesha’s head and Lord Hanuman. One needed to look at the yantra with subtle eyes to see them, but everyone did see the deities manifest. This sent everyone into raptures and bliss overflowed! Hanumanji Guru’s grace is natural. Once you are following the tradition of non-violence of thought, word and action, once your whole life is selfless, once you have firm faith, grace is a byproduct. - Mohanji
  5. 5. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 Diwali was also such an auspicious time at Merudanda. Merudanda’s first Diwali!! Japa and hawan was done at the temple. All devotees sat and offered japa of Shree MohanJi’s gayatri mantra and Shree Mahamritunjaya mantra. There after a special hawan of Shree Lalita Trisathi was done. This was an amazing experience. Again the energy was so high at Merudanda, that you felt as if you are in a swimming pool of divine nectar. During the hawan, we were directed telepathically by our beloved Mohanji to take out pictures of the flame. We were amazed at the pictures. To see different deities manifest in the flames is so humbling and is such a wonderful blessing. Look carefully at the flame. Do you see the head of a horse, Shree Haygreeva Deva. The offering of ghee with the spoon is going directly into his mouth. Shree Haygreeva Dev is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and is the one who gave the Shree Lalita Trisati to Sage Agastrya. This photo was taken during the first offerings to Shree Haygreeva. Mother Durga sitting in the flames Patience and perseverance are very important. And Patience and perseverance will happen automatically, when surrender is complete. Surrender gives you strength - Mohanji
  6. 6. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 Even Lord Shesnag appeared in the flames Mother Bhavani sitting on the tiger (tiger head is on the right). Notice the colour of the flame. Mohanji flame is white. Everything should have eligibility- Mohanji
  7. 7. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 In the end an offering was made to Lord Shiva and his family and he appears in the flame!! Can you see Lord Shiva sitting on Nandi? You can actually see the Nandi (the cow), his face on the extreme left of the flame. Can you see his horns and legs. Feel the energy of Mahadeva!! Even Shridi Baba made his presence known You should go to any Guru with an attitude of surrender, full of gratitude and with an empty cup so that Guru can fill something into it - Mohanji
  8. 8. November 2013 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 Travel with Mohanji The Bless the World team in India have organised a few Yatras (pilgrimages) in India. Below are the planned Yatras • • • Arunachala Yatra, India with Mohanji (15th Dec – 20th Dec 2013) Vrindavan Retreat with Mohanji, India (25th Jan - 31st Jan 2014) Kailash Yatra with Mohanji (Tentative date - August 2014) Contact -, +91-9906036363 BTW Team WWW.MOHANJI.ORG