24 Hour Income Blueprint - Secret Success Blueprint Series


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A Step-By-Step Guide To Start Earning Within 24 Hours! The first part of our SECRET SUCCESS BLUEPRINT. This is the FIRST STEP towards changing your life. More than 450,000 people around the world have joined and are making money every day! FOLLOW EACH STEP below and YOU will START MAKING MONEY in 24 hours! We promise… Net Achievers Team

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24 Hour Income Blueprint - Secret Success Blueprint Series

  1. 1. A Step-By-Step Guide To Start Earning Within 24 Hours! The first series of our SECRET SUCCESS BLUEPRINT24-Hour Income Blueprint This is the FIRST STEP towards changing your life. More than 450,000 people around the world have joined and are making money every day! FOLLOW EACH STEP below and YOU will START MAKING MONEY in 24 hours! We promise… Net Achievers Team
  2. 2. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]PLEASE PRINT THIS BLUEPRINT. READ THROUGH THIS SHORT DOCUMENT FULLY BEFORE YOUBEGIN. DO THIS TO ENSURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE PROCESS!Note: UNDERSTAND that there is NO-ONE else who wants your success as much as we do! JBPis ONLY STEP 1 in a whole Secret Success Blueprint to ATTAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Stick withus and do your part. Without your determination and drive to succeed, this procedure is awaste of time.Just Been Paid – The ONLY program with a $1 MILLION DOLLAR GUARANTEE!JustBeenPaid! (JBP) and its related programs, including JSS-Tripler, are licensed under UnitedStates Patent 6,578,010.How Would You Feel If Your Account Will Look Like This On A Daily Basis?Or Your Payment Processor Account Will Look Like This On A WeeklyBasis? Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 1
  3. 3. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]We Could Carry on and on… but we are CERTAIN you’re getting thepicture here…. ;-) So STOP all excuses and get on our team…If you want to earn $300 or more per day then work WITH US, well help you get there!Step 1Register for FREE with Just Been Paid here: http://tinyurl.com/mypassiveincomeRead through the bottom of the page to get an overview of what you will get by a joining JustBeen Paid.Click on the sign up link at the bottom of the page. When you register make sure that you see**Jeanny Diao** as your sponsor! Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 2
  4. 4. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]Watch the SIGN-UP HELP VIDEO in the sign up page to guide you on how to register.VERY IMPORTANT STEP: After submitting your registration, please go to your email to confirmyour registration. If you have not received the confirmation email from JBP after an hour,please sign up again.Here is another sign up guide video: http://static.justbeenpaid.com/training/getting-started-jbp/step%20one.htmlStep 2Claim your free $10 and start earning.All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get “$10 Free Money” intheir JSS-Tripler accounts. They can NOW immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and startearning 2% per day!CLAIM YOUR FREE $10 TO PURCHASE YOUR FIRST POSITION AND MAKE MONEY THEFOLLOWING DAY.Go to your JustBeenPaid site and login: http://www.justbeenpaid.com/login.phpthen on upper left side click on: JSS Tripler New members, start here!it will take you to the next page which you have to click once more onEnter the JSS Tripler-Member AreaOnce the site opens up, you will see your JSS-Tripler member area.On left hand side, you will see Quick Start Stepsin step #4 you should be able to see your Free $10It should like something like that: Buy JSS-Tripler positions $ 10.00 AvailableThen click on that #4 step Buy JSS-Tripler positions and it will take you to the next page whereyou will see: No. of Positions at $10.00 each: (in here place 1) and click on Proceed with MyOrder next page, Confirm your Purchase and thats it! .Your 1st position will appear in a fewminutes after the purchase. Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 3
  5. 5. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]Now all you need to do is get to know whats in your JSS-Tripler member area.Click on your JSS-Tripler site and you will see your member area which will have 6 tabs:Home, Financial, Positions, Referrals, Surf, Log OutThe most used tabs are: Financial and PositionsWatch this video for complete step-by-step guide:http://static.justbeenpaid.com/training/getting-started-jbp/step%20two.htmlCongratulations you have purchased your 1st Position!!! Click on "POSITIONS" to see if yourposition is already recorded. This usually takes about a few minutes or instantly.Now this is the fun part: COME BACK TOMORROW to your JSS Tripler Members Area to seeyour 1st earning. Watch your investment grow daily!Step 3Setup your FREE payment processor accountsPayment processors are like online banks (without interest) that holds our e-currency which isused to trade or buy in the internet. When you deposit money to your payment processor, yourcash is converted into e-currency. Likewise, when you withdraw from your payment processorto your bank or by check, your e-currency is converted into cash. There are charges or feesinvolved in some transactions. This is how the payment processors make money. Alertpay and Solid Trust Pay or STP are the most commonly used payment processors. It issuggested to register on both as you will find both useful when your withdrawal gets biggereveryday.(You can skip this step if you already have a payment processor like Alertpay, Solidtrust Pay,Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money)Click on the banners below to sign up with Alertpay Register for a free Alertpay account Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 4
  6. 6. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]After signing up with Alertpay, open your email and look for the email from Alertpay. Click onthe verification link to complete your registrationHow To Create An AlertPay Account GuideClick on the banners below to sign up with Solid Trust Pay Register for a free Solid Trust Pay accountAfter signing up with Solid Trust Pay, open your email and look for the email from Solid TrustPay. Click on the verification link to complete your registrationHow To Create A SolidTrustPay Account GuideNote: If you live in a country which does not accept your registration at the above mentionedPayment Processors then simply make use of Liberty Reserve.http://www.libertyreserve.comStep 4Update your JBP profile detailsWhen you have done the whole signup procedure for JustBeenPaid, Alertpay and Solid TrustPay, then simply LOG in and go straight to the Profile Tab and add your details in there.Log in here: http://www.justbeenpaid.com/login.phpHow to set up your JBP profile tutorialhttp://static.justbeenpaid.com/training/getting-started-jbp/step%20three.htmlMake sure you ADD the following in the Payment Processor section:• ALERTPAY = the email address you used to register there• SOLIDTRUSTPAY = your SolidTrustPay username / login• LIBERTY RESERVE = your Account Number (U******)How to set up payment processors tutorialhttp://static.justbeenpaid.com/training/getting-started-jbp/step%20four.html Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 5
  7. 7. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]Step 5Fund or deposit money to your main JSS account to buy JSS Tripler positionsAre you contented to just 20 cents per day earnings for the next 75 days? If the answer is a bigNO then you need to buy more tripler positions using your own money to increase your dailyearnings. Ideally, buying additional 4 (@ $10 each) more positions is a good start to earn $1daily.Click here to learn how to earn income with JSS-TriplerYou can now log into your Alertpay or SolidTrustpay account. Deposit or add funds to youraccount and then log out.If don’t how to do this, please read againHow To Create An AlertPay Account GuideHow To Create A SolidTrustPay Account GuideOnce your funds are in your payment processor account, go and log into your JustBeenPaidmembers area again to FUND your JSS account & to buy additional JSS Tripler positions.How to fund main JSS account tutorial (VIDEO)How to fund your main JSS account tutorial (PDF)Now once you have funds in our main JSS account, you can now transfer funds from main JSSaccount to JSS Tripler account.How to Transfer Funds From JSS To JSS-Tripler and Then Purchase JSS-Tripler Positions (VIDEO)Step 6Compound JSS Tripler earnings to earn money fastCompound JSS-Tripler Earnings And See Future Earnings With The JSS-Tripler CalculatorIn order for you to increase your earning dramatically, it is advisable to compound yourearnings by buying a position every time your income totals $10.See sample below: Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 6
  8. 8. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]75-DAY INCOME PLAN!Day 1: Add MoneyDays 2 - 75: 100% Reinvest your daily earningsOn the 76th day your balance is now 340% bigger after Day 1 Investment deducted!Day 76 onwards:Conservative: Reinvest 70% of daily earnings and cashout the remaining 30%.Aggressive: Reinvest 80% of daily earnings and cashout the remaining 20%.RESULT: Ever Increasing Earnings and Daily Cashout Amounts!RECOMMENDED : 90 DAY CASH BACK INCOME PLAN (Get your capital back in 90 days)Day 1: Add MoneyDays 2 - 25: Reinvest 100% of your Daily Earnings by buying new JSS-Tripler positions until yourBalance is 50% bigger (25 days).Days 26 Onwards: Whatever the maximum number of JSS-Tripler positions you can buy on Day25, then buy that exact same number of positions every day from then on.Days 27 Onwards: Cashout excess balance every day after buying your daily JSS-Triplerpositions.Example:You start with $1,00025 days later that has grown 50% to $1,500$1,500 x 2% = $30 per dayNow buy 3 JSS-Tripler positions ($30) from now on every day without fail and start to withdrawthe remaining balance every day when it reaches at least $20 or more.. your original investmoney will be paid back to you within 90 daysNote: you will be able to buy those 3 JSS-Tripler positions everyday into the future earning youIndefinite Income!See how the above example works or try to create your own strategy by using the Excelspreadsheet: Download JSS-Tripler Income Calculator Here Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 7
  9. 9. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT]That’s it for the first step of our Secret Success Blueprint.Just stick with us and you’ll be on your way to $10,000 income per month sooner than youthink!Check your stats weekly or daily for those who start with $500 or more. You need to BUY NEWPOSITIONS as soon as you have $10 interest available. This is how you compound and growyour income SUPER FAST!**Need help? 24 hour Support** http://www.justbeenpaid.com/conference/Be sure to check out the HELP section found on EVERY page in the TOP LEFT corner! IMPORTANT STEP After you have signed up with JUST BEEN PAID please send email tonet.achievers@ymail.com with your NAME, JSS USERNAME, EMAILADDRESS so that I can send the second series of the SECRET SUCCESSBLUEPRINT to grow and increase your JBP earnings exponentially. Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 8
  10. 10. [24-HOUR INCOME BLUEPRINT] Copyright © 2012 Net Achievers Team 9