"Introduction to F#" - South Dakota Code Camp, November 5, 2011
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"Introduction to F#" - South Dakota Code Camp, November 5, 2011

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Seth Larson's presentation to South Dakota Code Camp about F#.

Seth Larson's presentation to South Dakota Code Camp about F#.

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  • 1. Introduction  to   F#
  • 2. What’s  a  Seth? •  SD Native•  Graduated a couple times•  Developer – Blend Interactive•  Consultant•  Founder – Sioux Falls Developers Group•  Cofounder – This thing we’re at today
  • 3. Who  are  you? •  Java peoples?•  .Net people?•  Python/Ruby people?•  Why are you interested?
  • 4. Goals •  Give a little background•  Explain some of the basic FP ideas•  Cover F# syntax basics•  Converting you to FP and F# is NOT my goal
  • 5. Functional  Programming •  First Class Functions•  Higher-Order Functions•  No Shared State•  No Side Effects•  Immutable data•  Recursion
  • 6. Functional  Principles •  Composition over Inheritance•  Separate functions from data•  Referential Transparency
  • 7. Composition  Over   Inheritance •  Write functions that transform known input to known output•  Output of one function is input to the next•  Things like LINQ o  Repeater.DataSource = myList.Where(x=> x.Length > 5).OrderBy(x=>x.Name);
  • 8. Separate  Functions  From   Data •  But why wouldn’t you want possibly re-usable functionality tightly bound to a specific data type?
  • 9. Together                Separate •  x.Method() •  Method(x)•  Our brains probably •  But what if we want to prefer this way, nothing use it on y? wrong with that •  Method(y)•  Since C# is taking on •  darn some FP concepts extension methods semi-allow for this
  • 10. Referential  Transparency •  ???•  When it comes to null references
  • 11. F#  isn’t  just  functional •  So I’m kind of wasting your time right?•  F# is multi-paradigm, but “functional first” o  Object Oriented – Smalltalk o  Functional – Lisp, Scala, Haskell, OCaml, etc. o  Imperative – C•  "I like to think of F# as a strongly typed python for .net” – Don Syme, MS Research/Creator of F#
  • 12. Object  Oriented Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism
  • 13. Demo
  • 14. What  industries? •  Finance•  Front Office•  Banking•  Games•  3D Graphics•  Telecoms•  Investment Banks•  Advertising
  • 15. What  companies? •  Optiver•  EDF•  Computational Problems•  Credit Suisse•  Data Analytics•  Measured Progress•  guardian.co.uk
  • 16. Questions