What's New in Bedework 3.8
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What's New in Bedework 3.8

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Jasig/Sakai Conference 2012 Track Session

Jasig/Sakai Conference 2012 Track Session

More in: Technology
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  • Personal client still reflects gird.


  • 1. Whats new in Bedework 3.8? Barry Leibson Girasole Solutions --------------- Gary Schwartz RPI June 10-15, 2012Growing Community;Growing Possibilities
  • 2. 22012 Jasig Sakai Conference 5-Minute Bedework a la Father Guido Sarducci*  Standards-compliant enterprise-ready calendar server  Personal calendaring sorta like Google Calendar  Public events calendaring  Many ways to get events into it and out of it  Installed into varied envionments; often found at colleges/universities  Downloadable quickstart (only requires Java)  Deployment involves swapping in db & ds, defining cats, cals, and peeps, skinning web clients *see: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO8x8eoU3L4
  • 3. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Salient Changes 3.7 → 3.8  Public client: calendar explorer  Public client: upcoming events tab  New lightweight theme  Public events administration: image uploads  New external subscription sync engine  More urlbuilder widget-builder options
  • 4. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Less Salient Changes  Packaging changes, including new Java- based DB in quickstart  Server option to boost performance with solr  Web services: SOAP namespace now conforms to OASIS naming conventions  Many bug fixes and small improvements  A few new bugs
  • 5. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference In summary, some good stuff  Worth upgrading from 3.7?  Yes, if you plan to do use external subscriptions  Yes, if youd like to store images in Bedework  Yes, if youre interested in any of the new web client functionality  If building a new site, 3.7 or 3.8? Probably 3.8. More bug fixes and more functionality, although docs are behind.
  • 6. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Public Clients Calendar Explorer  In prior releases, left-hand column used views, calendar aggregations  In 3.8, choice of views or calendar explorer: theme option  Calendar explorer easier to set up and maintain  What about multi-select or faceted search? Coming!
  • 7. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Public Clients Upcoming Tab  Bedework evolves: from grid to flattened grid to “whats happening?”  Upoming shows events from today forward (as youd expect). Number of days set in admin client.  Upcoming supports thumbs
  • 8. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Public Client a la Frank Stella  BedeworkWhite: an alternative to standard Bedework theme  Simpler, and in many cases, easier to adapt
  • 9. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Public Events Admin: Image Uploads  Bedework will now store images  Upload interface similar to CMS/Blogging systems  Creates thumbnails  Upload size limit can be set in Admin client  Early days: no image management yet
  • 10. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference External Subscription Sync Engine  External subscriptions involve building calendar from iCalendar (ics) file  Revamped in 3.8  In prior version, Bedework recreated calendar every time. (often) expensive.  In 3.8, synchronizes based on event ID. (usually) cheap.  Issue: some ics file producers dont preserve event IDs when exporting file.
  • 11. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference New Urlbuilder Widget Options  Limit list to n events  Display Description inline
  • 12. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Packaging Changes  Quickstart DB was Derby, now Hypersonic  Source code reorganization; now many separate projects.  Use ./bw -updateall to keep up to date
  • 13. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 3.8: Aint Done Yet  Paged results in the public client coming soon  Consolidation of some of the changes
  • 14. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Beyond 3.8: Whats being considered  Exchange Connector  Jboss 5 replacement  Move more into admin client. Less hand-editing config files.  Multi-faceted search in the public client  Room reservation system plugin  Multi-language support at the content level  A notification system  Replacement of the Ruby webcache with Java-based caching
  • 15. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Need more Bedework?  “The Many Faces (or Facets) of Bedework” Tomorrow (Tue) 6/12 at 1:15 PM Conference Center Rm 4 (7th Floor)  We will present scenario-based examples of deploying Bedework beyond its traditional roles.  This session is not a "how-to-do-it" session for developers, but a "what can be done" and "what has been done" session for IT support staff and management, and end users alike.
  • 16. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference Scheduling Assistant  Wednesday, 9:30  Conference Center 3 (Next door)  Nick Blair, U of Wisconsin