Screen shots for the Buy Wine Now! Trade Wine Tasting App


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Screen shots of the Buy Wine Now! Trade Wine Tasting app that monetizes wine tastings for the trade.

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Screen shots for the Buy Wine Now! Trade Wine Tasting App

  1. 1. BUY WINE NOW!tm Apps for Better Monetizing the Wine Industry
  2. 2. What is Buy Wine Now! ? tm    Customized Apps that modernize and connect companies in the wine industry directly to their customers Apps that allow importers/distributors and wineries to monetize tasting events Available on iPhone, iPad and Android phones
  3. 3. The Buy Wine Now Customized Apps tm
  4. 4. App Development for the Wine Industry We build Apps tailored to specific needs  The results:  Increased sales  More intimate relationships with consumers and buyers  Modernization of your sales and marketing processes 
  5. 5. App Development for the Wine Industry  Our Customized Apps can: Speed direct sales  Allow companies to be connected to their clients 24/7 and develop new clientele remotely  Offer functionalities developed for your specific needs 
  6. 6. The Buy Wine Now Trade Event App tm
  7. 7. How it Works  Trade buyers send requests for orders directly to sponsoring organization, producers, importers and distributors (according to type of event).  All requests for orders or information sent by attendees at an event can be monitored remotely
  8. 8. How it Works   ​Before the event all wines to be tasted will be entered into the App, sorted by their table number A few weeks before each tasting the event organizers’ and/or distributors’ staffs will be trained how to use the app, how to explain it to customers
  9. 9. How it Works  Buyer will download the app by:  Receiving the link when they register online for the tasting  Going to a link on a website set up for the tasting,  From the App Store,  Scanning a QR code, or  Receiving an email on their Smartphone with a link to download the app for the event
  10. 10. How it Works  Buyer will register in the app by providing their name, company name, email address business and phone number​  Registration data can be reused at future tastings
  11. 11. How it Works  Wines at the event can be searched by several criteria, including varietal, country, region, ratings, etc.  Buyers can keep tasting notes that can easily be imported into other tasting note software
  12. 12. How it Works ​All wines will be selected from the Wine-Is international database of wines  All tasting notes and winery descriptions come directly from the wineries 
  13. 13. How it Works  If a wine is not in the Wine-Is database, Wine-Is will create a new profile for it ​
  14. 14. Registration Process Sponsor’s logo inserted here
  15. 15. Registration Screenshot
  16. 16. Enter Event and Search
  17. 17. Search Will insert Sponsor logo logo here
  18. 18. Display of Wines Tap here if interested in this wine
  19. 19. Message to Distributor / Event Sponsor
  20. 20. Message to Distributor / Event Sponsor
  21. 21. Sending the Message
  22. 22. Sending the Message
  23. 23. Tasting Notes
  24. 24. Metrics  “Today’s most successful companies are very effective at using metrics to make game changing decisions about their business. Corporate Analytics provide real time decision making, improved allocation of company resources, and a reduction in operating costs.” Wine Industry Technology Symposium, July 2013
  25. 25. Metrics and Reports  Who Wants What?​ By using our Buy Wine Now!tm App you can track who is interested in a particular wine as it is being tasted at a tasting event. This increases the likelihood they will remember the wine and order it from you. Create a report with these metrics, including buyers’ favorite regions, varietals, etc.  Who Bought What? By using our Buy Wine Now!tm App you will be able to track and determine how many sales are actually made from a wine tasting by comparing actual sales with leads generated by the app during the tasting. ​Create a report by buyer’s personal business name and compare with actual sales from your sales reports.
  26. 26. Metrics and Reports  Did Sales Rep Follow Up?  using our Buy Wine Now!tm App U.S. distributors and importers will be By able to track and determine how many sales Sales Reps makes as a result of the warm leads sent from a tasting. Create a report that shows what leads were sent to which sales reps and make sure there were follow-ups.  What was the ROI from Tastings and Trade Shows? By using our app wineries and brokers can use data from the Trade App to measure sales resulting from tasting events and trade shows  Keep in Touch Create a list of email addresses of both buyer and suppliers. Use the list for regular informational email campaigns about new products and events.