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Laughlan Holiday Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Brad and Joanne’s Asia Holiday Following is a short Powerpoint collection of some of the many photos taken while we recently travelled through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. I hope you enjoy them as a small snapshot of our experience as much as we did. What they do not capture are the sounds, heat, humidity and smells that are so much a part of Asia. Imagine an open garbage bin, mixed with fish sauce and engine exhaust in a constantly noisy, steamy sauna and you are getting close. I also took a snap from each hotel room we stayed in to capture the exciting skyline that hides behind the street facade that is Asia
  • 2. View from Bangkok Hotel View from our Bangkok hotel. A hot, smelly and dirty city that we were glad to leave.
  • 3. Bangkok does have plenty of beautiful temples that are so ornate they can defy description.
  • 4. I told you they were ornate. Very impressive.
  • 5. We enjoyed a few Singha beers on the overnight train from Bangkok to Chang Mai.
  • 6. Riding an elephant in the jungle of northern Thailand was a highlight.
  • 7. Villagers were very poor and the kids very cute. We bought some trinkets to help their income stream. The bracelet, not the child.
  • 8. This is typical of the roadside restaurants we often ate at. Yes it is a restaurant, note the woman in the kitchen at right.
  • 9. The view from our hotel in Huay Xai, Laos. The building next door is a flash restaurant.
  • 10. Villagers on the Mekong River in Laos are very poor and have extremely limited knowledge of and contact with, the outside world. Underwear also.
  • 11. They do enjoy a smoke though, even 5 yo olds would have a toke.
  • 12. This lady is only 24. Hard life. We were glad she held her shirt closed for the photo.
  • 13. Sunset on the Mekong River was magic.
  • 14. The view from our guesthouse room at Pakbeng, Laos. No power or hot water. The shed is the bakery.
  • 15. Kids are cute everywhere, even in the poorest villages of Laos.
  • 16. ditto
  • 17. Not a bad little boat to cruise down the Mekong River on? We spent two full days on this.
  • 18. Beautiful scenery, huge rivers and ancient culture.
  • 19. Giving alms to monks at Luang Prabang (at bloody dawn!)
  • 20. Crikey, there were heaps of them!
  • 21. We managed to fit 8 people in each of these vehicles called jumbos
  • 22. View from the guesthouse at Vang Vieng. Beautiful scenery, dodgy town.
  • 23. We used local transport which was “colourful” not comfortable. Spent 6 hours to travel 200 klms in this bus. Note the timber floor and luxurious seating. The bus had no suspension either.
  • 24. The world is shrinking. We managed to catch the NRL Grand Final, even in the backblocks of Laos.
  • 25. Kids manage to get to school all over the world
  • 26. The Education District office in Vang Vieng, Laos. This was the most substantial building in town and most staff seemed to stand around talking. Familiar?
  • 27. Need I say more. Sign on the street of Vientiane, capital of Laos.
  • 28. Typical home in the countryside. I will never complain about a mortgage again.
  • 29. View from our hotel in Vientiane, capital of Laos.
  • 30. Can’t a kid some have privacy when trying to take a bath?
  • 31. Night English school (8pm) in Lak Sao, Laos. Theses kids have been at school since 7am and still cannot get enough teaching. Kids in NSW could take a leaf from their book.
  • 32. Sometimes we needed to take a break from busy holidaying and enjoy the national brew.
  • 33. Then they jam 6 people into hot, steamy, smelly toilet called the Reunification Express to Hanoi. Note no mattresses, just a bamboo mat on hard wood. Toilet was a hole in the floor.
  • 34. The French had a unique way to keep the locals in check – terror!
  • 35. Hanoi – home of Bob the builder.
  • 36. Typical quiet street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. This starts at 5 am daily, just ask Rick!
  • 37. Machine shop on a main road in Hanoi. Note the OHS being ignored. The fellow on the left is actually forging hot steel on the footpath. People just walk around him.
  • 38. Rebels without a cause. Minsk is good bike from Belarus ya!….crap!
  • 39. A flash restaurant, note the seating and it even has walls! More boiled chicken and steamed morning glory.
  • 40. A gathering of primary school staff about to dine out in this restaurant in rural Vietnam (Binh Xai).
  • 41. Kitchen of a home we stayed at in rural Vietnam (Binh Xai). This is a well off family. Many others cook on the floor of the house.
  • 42. Close up of the wood fired stoves in the kitchen. Don’t complain about your old oven at home ladies.
  • 43. Everyone was curious about a tourist.
  • 44. Jo made friends everywhere with her clip on koalas.
  • 45. We shared some resources with schools who had almost nothing.
  • 46. Shopping is not often done indoors.
  • 47. Typical butcher shop. The stick with a bag attached is to keep the flies away.
  • 48. We spent many a balmy evening enjoying beer at this Hanoi street stall for 15 cents a schooner. Tough but someone has to do it!
  • 49. View from our Hanoi hotel room.
  • 50. Plenty of work for electricians
  • 51. And to combat the hectic traffic, a must have………….
  • 52.