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Blaring TV's Demo deck for Technology Entrepreneurship 2012

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    1. 1. Experience Live Music
    2. 2. GoalBlaring TV’s goal is to be the #1 destination for users to view live (and archived) musicalperformances online.In addition to delivering expansive video content, the company’s suite of applications, tools andtechnologies motivates fans to be highly engaged with artists and performers. We will buildenthusiastic communities and unique social experiences that drive interest in our artist andvenue partners.Our goal is the become the go-to platform in the world for performers to showcase their livetalent online to reach the masses. There is no other site online that offers live streamingdedicated to live music and we feel Blaring can capture this market.
    3. 3. How will we get there?Blaring Media’s will make it easy for venues and artists to live stream their events. We willprovide venues with the camera, content delivery technology and expertise to stream all oftheir shows online.We will offer them a channel (dedicated venue page) on that will showcaseperformances and be a marketing source for the venue. This gives them an opportunity todisplay upcoming shows with links to tickets, merchandise, social media interaction, etc.Our premise is that if we can make it easy for venues to offer this service to all performerscoming through their venues we can create a significant amount of traffic and a usercommunity to generate revenue. One Time Setup. Just Click to Stream!
    4. 4. Current would be our closest competitor however they remain focused on streaming low keyperformances, typically a single web cam with hit or miss video and audio quality. They have had alot of success with their model, taking 40% of the PPV - Will handle production, CDN services, etc. for a charge to an entertainer tostream a show live, or just used as a platform to stream a show. Typically poor video and audio.Typically free streams.-ustream - Used as a platform to stream anything online. Typically poor video and audio. OffersPPV, and takes 50% of revenue generated.-youtube live - offering some free live music streams. They also play music videos with ads playedbefore --- problem with youtube is that users upload content so as a viewer you have to sortthrough a few different videos to find one that is good, while a lot of bands only have mobilephone quality video...not good for the band-yahoo music - shows artist interviews, music news, etc... not live - showcasing new artists - offers content like interviews, etc, only focused on up andcoming talent
    5. 5. What makes us different?Blaring TV is dedicated to live music.There is no other site that offers consistent live music events online.Blaring manages and provides world class support for venues to make it easy to stream live events.By partnering with venues directly and giving them tools to do live streaming, instead of taskingartist with this, we will have the ability to provide an ongoing line up of shows and content.Blaring will be free for artist / venues to do live streaming.Streaming partners will be at our discretion, not everyone in the world will have a channel keepingtight control of content.
    6. 6. Benefits for Venue PartnersBlaring TV will provide the venue with a marketing platform to promote upcoming shows, otherservices, merchandise, etc.Blaring manages and provides world class support for venues in getting this set up. Part of the on-boarding process with a new venue includes testing, training and set up. We will also provide acamera, hardware and software applications.Venues can use this service to generate additional revenue from the performers by up-charging forstreaming services and revenue splits if artist chooses to do a Pay Per View show. Untapped Revenue Streams Venue recognition and better branding Sell more tickets!
    7. 7. Benefits for PerformersBlaring TV allows artists to utilize this platform to show the world their talents and engage fans ona new level.EXAMPLE - A fan we interviewed watched Coachellas live feed of the Arcade Fire performance(previously liked some songs but didnt consider herself a fan) and was so impressed by their showthat she bought tickets to a show in San Francisco. Now she owns three albums on iTunes: NeonBible, the Suburbs and the Funeral.Not only will our site attract more fans but it will also allow them to add an additional revenuesource via Pay Per View. Reach every fan, every show, all over the world! Untapped Revenue Streams Interact with fans and build a stronger following
    8. 8. Case Study: Our First Live Show!Funk Volume @ Key Club: provided the camera, connectivity and platform to deliver atwo hour free live stream for their final performance of their tour.Results - Funk Volume was able to reach roughly 5,000 views, Positive view feedback, Happy artistand record label owner
    9. 9. What we learned from our case studyArtist’s Challenges Technology. Artist didn’t have any one there would could get this set up Did not want to pay for service but wanted a way to reach out to fans. Quality - What something that is easy and is very reliable.Venue Challenges What something that is easy and is very reliable. Want this as a source of revenue, venue can charge $ to the artist for this Bandwidth Technology. Venue didn’t have any one there would could get this set up Thought about this before but didn’t want to pay for other services available orWhat we learned Test, test and retest Audio quality and connection was a challenge to deliver Technology pretty cumbersome without an expensive specialist Venue charged the artist $250 for the access to their data connection
    10. 10. User Experience Home Page Chat Channel Page:each venuewill have a dedicated channel
    11. 11. Revenue / Expense Estimates Year OneOur goal is to get 100 venue partners within one yearViewership estimated from similar sources and based on case study Venue Partners 100 Estimated Expenses Views 2,000,000 Number of Shows Streamed / Month Each 10 Cost / View (Content Delivery) $20,000.00 Number of Viewers / Show 2000 Hosting $1,000.00 Salary Expenses $25,000.00 Total Views Per Month 2000000 Marketing $10,000.00 Rent / Utilities $3,000.00 Other $7,000.00 Advertising Revenue $30 CPM Preroll $70,000.00 Total Expenses $66,000.00 $5 CPM Banner $10,000.00 Monthly Profit $14,000.00 Monthly revenue $80,000.00 Annualized Profit $168,000.00
    12. 12. Next Steps: Pilot ProgramBlaring TV will set up 10 Southern California venues with a channel on our site, camera andexpertise to run live streams of performances through for Q1 of 2013Blaring will use traffic analysis based on pilot venues to identify advertising potential and tweakbusiness model and strategy.Upon successful completion of the Pilot phase we will identify potential investors for wide scalelaunch! Come Join Blaring.TV as we revolutionize the way live music is experienced online! Thank You Dylan Smith: Creative Director Nick Prosser: VP of Marketing & Sales Eddie Prosser: Director of Finance