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Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
Ashley blankenbeckley
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Ashley blankenbeckley


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  • 1. Regions of the UnitedStates:
    An introduction to the seven regions of the United States.
  • 2. The United States of America
  • 3. The seven regions of the United States are:
  • New England
    The Appalachian Mountains and a rich history make up the six New England States.
    • Maine is famous for lobster fishing
    • 10. New Hampshire is covered in forest
    • 11. Vermont has many farms and small towns
    • 12. Massachusetts is where mountains are found on both the north and west side
    • 13. Rhode Island has 400 miles of coastline
    • 14. Connecticut attracts a lot of tourists
  • Middle Atlantic
    • The state on Pennsylvania has nearly 4,500 streams and several large rivers.
    • 15. New York City is one of the worlds most important centers for business and the arts.
    • 16. The middle Atlantic is a region of mountains which include the Allegheny, Adirondack, and Catskill mountain ranges.
  • Southeast
    • The seven states of the southeast are bound together by their location and climate.
    • 17. Georgia is famous for its peaches and peanuts.
    • 18. Florida is the flattest and most southern state in the region.
    • 19. Rich soil supports fields or rice in and soybeans in Louisiana and Arkansas.
  • Midwest
    • The Midwest has some of the best farmland in the world.
    • 20. The cities of Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and St. Louis produce cars and steel.
    • 21. The states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin have port cities to the Great Lakes.
  • Mountain West
    The Mountain West region has a small population and few large cities.
    The peak and the canyons of the Rocky Mountains make up a lot of the land.
    Each state is famous for something different. For example Idaho is famous in producing potatoes.
  • 22. Pacific West/ Southeast
    Each of the five states touches the Pacific Ocean.
    You will also find mountains in all of the five states.
    The last state to including in the United States was Hawaii in 1959
  • 23. REVIEW!
    • What are the seven regions of the United States?
    • 24. What are three things that you remember about the different regions?
    All information from:
    Regions And Resources
    Teaching Guide 4
    Silver Burdett Ginn