Website Redesign Doesnt Begin w/Design | Miva Conference 2010


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Website Redisign Doesnt Begin w/Design
45min + 15min Q&A
Speaker: Bryan Landaburu, President, Fuze @fuze

In this session we overview the anatomy of a large scale eCommerce project. Considering redesigning your website? Worried about what it could cost? Worried about losing your search ranking after redesign? Concerned about downtime and lost sales during migration? Worried customers won’t like your new site? Not sure what things should look like? Tackling a redesign project does not begin with the design phase. With careful and considerate planning, relaunching your web business is not as risky or expensive as you think.

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Website Redesign Doesnt Begin w/Design | Miva Conference 2010

  1. 1. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Miva Conference 2010  |  session one Redesign Doesn t Begin With Design Redesign Doesn’t Begin With Design a three segment track presented by Bryan Landaburu (@fuze) President Fuze
  2. 2. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Hi. My name is Bryan. Hi. My name is Bryan.
  3. 3. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZE
  4. 4. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Particulars • A digitally‐led agency est. 2003 • We develop & execute campaigns  for clients nationwide that include: – Web, application, system, UI design – Content Management Systems – Business process design p g – E‐mail marketing – Blog strategy – Social & mixed media campaigns p g – E‐Commerce development – Search Marketing (SEO/PPC) – Advanced analytics d a ced a a yt cs – Traditional creative services
  5. 5. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Clients
  6. 6. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze These sessions are for… • People thinking about or running real online businesses • People thinking about redesigning their business • People who have outgrown DIY p g • People learning to deal with volume and scale • People who find it difficult to stay focused • People who have been through redesigns before and it didn t go well. People who have been through redesigns before and it didn’t go well • People looking for unique ways of marketing themselves and their businesses • People who face day‐to‐day challenge of dealing with their online business 
  7. 7. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Getting started… Getting started…
  8. 8. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How many people saw this  post on the Miva Blog?
  9. 9. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Audience poll… • Q) how many of those website projects started with “design”?
  10. 10. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Audience poll… • Q) how many of those website projects started with “design”? • A) none
  11. 11. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Anyone familiar with  Internet Retailer?
  12. 12. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze A real‐life case study… •The leading online retailer for identification  and security products worldwide •Founded 2004 •Over 30% market share I t t R t il T 500 (#388) •Internet Retailer Top500 (#388) •Miva Feature Site January 2010 •Redesign version 3 – launched 8/2009 •Full client control •SaaS integration – CMS, Miva, SearchSpring,  PowerReviews, LivePerson, etc. etc. •Extensive custom and stock module  integration •Complex pricing engine •Over 40 000 customers Over 40,000 customers •2,500 unique products •Full back office integration – automated  order processing & fulfillment •Approximate Volume: 200 orders/day l $ •Annual revenue: $17.5M* * *as reported to Internet Retailer 1/13/2010; revenue up 7.3% 2008 to 2009
  13. 13. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Evolution circa 2004 Version 1 website 2004‐2007 Miva 4.x
  14. 14. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Evolution circa 2007 Version 2 website 2007‐2009 Miva 4.x
  15. 15. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Evolution circa 2009
  16. 16. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze The challenge… The challenge…
  17. 17. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze The challenge • Migrate from MM4 to MM5 • Vastly improve page load times • Ground‐up platform rebuild • Add integrated feedback • Integrate promotions, testimonials,  Integrate promotions testimonials • Add bulk data management Add bulk data management campaign landing pages • PPC to ROI Analytics • CMS framework • Integrate order processing with  • User testing & input User testing & input legacy ERP systems legacy ERP systems • Vastly improved on‐site search • Migrate all content • Maintain or improve SEO  • Port over all custom modules (URL rewrites, no dead links) (URL it d d li k ) • Increase orders • Add product compare,  • Increase page views configuration, reviews • Increase bottom line revenue • Mobile friendly • Ok, but also…
  18. 18. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Additional challenges • Platform decision lasts a minimum of 2 years • Don’t lose any current features or functions • Don’t lose any search rankings after launch D ’t l h ki ft l h • Migrate and don’t lose any data – Content, categories, products, customers, attributes, pricing, orders, Content, categories, products, customers, attributes, pricing, orders,  purchase history, saved baskets, etc. etc. etc. • No downtime during ANY business hours 6am‐6pm PST • No more than 24hrs offline during migration h h ffl d • Quantify all post‐ migration metrics
  19. 19. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Tall order… Tall order… Where do we begin? Where would you begin?? g y g
  20. 20. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Fuze Methodology 1. The Story 5. Design 2. Project scope – More than page layouts – Budgeting, features, wish list, phase  g g p 6. Multi‐phase development p p plan, stakeholder definition, user  – CSS, CMS, Miva, Custom, Integration,  profiling, timeline, project system setup SaaS, Search, environment prep (x3+) 3. Competitive /Innovation Research 7. Testing 4. Information Architecture  – validation, testing, changes, testing,  – team responsibilities, sitemap, data  validation, testing, testing… definitions, function list, module list,  8. Launch checklist custom module specifications,  custom module specifications, – Validation V lid ti user/data/process flows, milestone,  budget gut‐check 9. Launch 10. Recap and monitor
  21. 21. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Nuts and bolts Nuts and bolts Sometimes it helps to visualize a project p p j
  22. 22. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze The story The story more than an executive summary [link]
  23. 23. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Systems if your team is greater than 0, you need a system  to manage a large project [fuze project systems]
  24. 24. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Imitation, the sincerest form of flattery f f fl People have expectations online, just because you’re small, doesn’t make you exempt from these expectations.
  25. 25. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Sample Sites When we embark on a project we tend to  short list a group of sites that match the  buying habits of the target audience. We also tend to present and review what is  We also tend to present and review what is innovative in eCommerce at the time. Using  sites like these as examples, give you ideas  for features for your own site.  Once features are consistent on the top 25  Once features are consistent on the top 25 sites, you better start planning to have them  on yours. These sample sites were some of the 100s  researched for feature inspiration on  researched for feature inspiration on
  26. 26. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze One size fits all is illogical. (the term should be retired) For another project we will be launching in  the coming month or two, we reviewed a  completely different set of sites, based on a  completely different user audience. Affluent, experienced online shopper, not  seeking value, seeking unique, shop in  boutiques, have a platinum card, read  premium magazines, shop in premiere  department stores or boutiques, age range is  27‐65, skew female. This is our profile, what are these people  used to seeing?  What do your customers expect?
  27. 27. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Budgeting & Scope Budgeting & Scope Q) how much is a website?
  28. 28. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Budgeting & Scope Budgeting & Scope Q) how much is a website? A) how much is a 3 bedroom house?
  29. 29. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Budgeting Factors • Business planning • How complicated are your selling  • Marketing planning rules? • Business organization/experience Business organization/experience • How custom do you want it? • Industry experience/position • How many products? • Product mix complexity • Timeline • Access to product data/images A t d t d t /i • How many templates? How many templates? • Preparedness for online sales • How much integration? • How many people on the team • Previous project experience • Bottom line, we  • How will orders be processed interview our  clients the same way • How will inventory be managed How will inventory be managed they interview us.  th i t i aphexafx
  30. 30. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Fuze Gear System Our methods incorporate three  FUZEblox integrated systems working together  on every page to generate content,  CMS navigation, and experience for the  user, centrally managed by the  ll db h company. SearchSpring MivaSQL
  31. 31. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze The Miva Landscape • Bryan’s Opinion: • Your options when evaluating  features for your store: “The current framework Miva  incorporates allows our non‐Miva  – Out of box Out of box developers to work on Miva sites.  – Modules That said, with WOMBAT, Miva  – Customized modules Merchant is becoming more than  Merchant is becoming more than – Full custom just a shopping cart, and more like a  commerce platform. It’s still not an  • Most stores are a mash‐up of  enterprise business system that can  enterprise business system that can all these elements all these elements manage every operational and  • Miva remains core, but we  logistical element of your business. ( (but I  love the evolution)” ) integrate the stack
  32. 32. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Adapt, Buy, Build, Scrap Adapt, Buy, Build, Scrap Decisions in the scope phase p p
  33. 33. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Functionality Options • Adapt • Build – Twist your business process to  – Spec and build your own  match what is available modules/functions • + saves money, fast • + you get exactly what you want • ‐ limited flexibility • ‐ potentially expensive, could add  timeline, may not work with other  • Buy functions, you are on the hook for  functions, you are on the hook for – Buy and install modules  support, no upgrades ( to extend  • Scrap functions – You may determine that the exact  y • + minimal investment supported + minimal investment, supported,  fast functionality isnt what you desired,  • ‐ built for someone else, not  doesn’t work, or simply is too  always customizable, not always  complex supported d • K Keep a next phase list t h li t • Know when to fold ‘em
  34. 34. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Architecting & designing the 3‐bedroom house h b d h an information architecture crash course [ID Wholesaler IA documentation]** **NOTE: this will not be downloadable
  35. 35. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Take a walk with me. Take a walk with me. a tour of
  36. 36. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Fuze Gear System Handles all store content, promotions, company pages blog, etc. Also pages, blog etc maintains overall structural elements. FUZEblox CMS SearchSpring S hS i Intra‐site  Generates fly out navigation, left rail Search facets, compare, configure, PPC campaign landings, etc. MivaSQL Handles all product and cat images, product displays, maintains all customer and order data, integrates with data back-office systems for order processing & fulfillment.
  37. 37. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZEblox home
  38. 38. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Can your CMS do all this?
  39. 39. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Home Features LivePerson Pervasive login and cart Suggestive search Printer selector Fully controlled and config hero panel  Fully controlled and config hero panel (machine readable and mobile animation  compatible) Dynamic login <div> over hero Full page control/promo control/testimonial  rotations Page level feedback engine RSS feeds
  40. 40. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Category pages 5 distinct category templates  Varriable and user controlled facet elements CMS / Miva / SearchSpring powered  (depends on user selections)
  41. 41. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Product detail features Image admin & jQuery MAP Reviews Addthis Print Volume pricing Dynamic logo Dynamic tab content Dynamic document management Dynamic document management Sortable related products Dynamic add to cart
  42. 42. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Custom MAP Functions Ability to work within most manufacturers  Minimum Advertised Price rules Picks up at category and product levels Temp accounts auto‐cleanse Three MAP configurations: 1) Call for price 2) Temp account creation 3) Password challenge 4) Could establish other rules Custom solution by Fuze & NetBlazon
  43. 43. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Full custom account screens  and functions Order tracking and history – 1 click reorder Saved Baskets – 1 click restore Address book management
  44. 44. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Post add to cart Related products are sorted and relevant Add to cart – resort relateds Dynamic price/attribute display Edit in basket Save baskets (works as a quote system) Save baskets (works as a quote system) Shipping estimation
  45. 45. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Checkout process begin Streamlined templates (no extraneous items) Guided checkout Address book integrated with standard miva Extra fields throughout Customer reassurance Customer reassurance Coupon redemption Pay on account Tax exempt Purchase order collection Pure CSS
  46. 46. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Module developers we use Module developers we use extending functionality the miva “app” store g y pp
  47. 47. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Modules and tools… • Sebenza • Customization • NetBlazon • SearchSpring* • Viking Coders • FUZEblox CMS* • Latu – WowWowWidgets! • MivaMerchant 5.5* • Don’t rely on plug‐n‐play • New framework allows  infinite customization NOTE:  Never shape your business around modules, find modules that fit your business process. *core to every page function
  48. 48. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze The good, the bad, the ugly. The good, the bad, the ugly. Not everything will go perfectly…and that’s ok. y g g p y
  49. 49. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Easier than, or as expected • Content migration • Integration with back office • Central CMS management adopted  Central CMS management adopted by business users • Mobile functionality  • Staging and live environment  Staging and live environment syncing • Migration to live • Backup and restoration B k d t ti (thanks Hostasaurus) – We have 4 distinct instances of the  website Nationaal Archief
  50. 50. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Areas for improvement • Timeline management • Formal sign offs • Unexpected team changes Unexpected team changes • One‐step checkout • Address2 • URL rewriting & SSL preparation  URL iti & SSL ti based on FUZEgears • Cling to bad initial decisions – let’em go! • Data integrity  – how many DBs does it take to make  a Miva? Mi ? Nationaal Archief
  51. 51. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Good game… Good game… After the laurel and hearty handshake, get your ass back to work. y g y
  52. 52. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze A few tips… • Make sure you have experience at the helm • Whatever time you have in your project for testing, triple it • Make sure you coordinate all your team efforts y y – Kickoff, ongoing, launch prep, and post launch • Make sure you run more than one instance of your website • If you are migrating your site and have good ranking, plan to keep it If you are migrating your site and have good ranking plan to keep it • Don’t try to cram in too much – be realistic • Don’t make like‐to‐have’s, need‐to‐have’s 80% of the way through the project • Make checklists – share them • Smile, laugh, have fun… – You are about to spend more time with your project team than anyone else in your  life…don’t damage your relationships because in the end, you all need each other.
  53. 53. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Q&A ask away y
  54. 54. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Reach out and say what’s up ‐ slides ‐ twitter ‐ my blog ‐ email 877 879 3893  877‐879‐3893 ‐ phone Use  this
  55. 55. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Next session… When out of the box isn t enough. When out of the box isn’t enough Extending the power of Miva using SaaS g p g