Microfinance project science


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Microfinance project science

  1. 1. MICROFINANCE PROJECT: Science 6 McM - MongoliaDuring the last few weeks, we have designed, built, and tested solar ovens and windmill blades.We are currently discussing water quality and solar energy. We have asked “How do we measureevents and processes?” and “How do we use data to make decisions?” It is now time to applywhat we’ve learned and propose solutions to the challenges faced by the people you have cometo know in your microfinance research. So the essential question now becomes, “How do we usetechnology to create solutions to problems?” In a short essay, articulate your response to thelatter question. Using solar ovens has its pros and cons but the benefits definitely overcome thedisadvantages. One good advantage about using solar ovens is that the sun is 100% natural andit never runs out,but that can to a bad thing. It is not always sunny in Mongolia there are wintermonths too. So you would need an alternative during that time. You could do a lot of things withsolar oven such as some places people are forced to drink uncleanly water. So you can use thesolar oven to kill the bacteria in the water. It does not need electricity to be powered therefore ifyou live in a shelter with no electricity you can still use the solar oven. You can do a lot with solarovens including cooking food. One dilema about it is that it would take a long time to cook food orboil water, but you could let the solar oven sit outside with nothing in it so that it would heat upeven without anything in it. Then when you need to cook something it won’t take too long. Solaroven are pretty compact so you can put them inside a small home when it isn’t in use. Ourentrepreneur lives in a small traditional tent, called a yurt, and would not have that much room.They are much smaller than big electrical stoves and ovens. Furthermore, if you build it the rightway you could make a homemade solar oven. Solar ovens can make a big impact on Mongolia. There are many benefits and inconveniences that come with the wonderful wind energy.Wind energy will always be around, but the wind might not always be in a certain place all thetime. Windmills provide a free and efficient source of producing electricity that isn’t harmful to theenvironment unlike harmful CO . The windmills will have to be imported into the village that needs 2them or have them be built there. We also would have to teach the villagers how to repair thewindmills if they break and give them the equipment to fix the windmills or send people over tothe country every time it breaks. Since windmills are so high up in the air it has a chance thatbirds will run into the blades. Even though it has some problems it will definitely help theelectricity deprived villages. There are benefits and doubts about using natural solar energy. Especially in thecountries we are researching in our microfinance projects. One of the benefits of using solarenergy is that it is natural and it is never ending therefore you get an unlimited supply of naturalenergy. However, it is not always sunny. Solar energy can help people heat water to drink, clean,or to cook with. Furthermore, it is a hard task to get solar energy, but for the less fortunatecountries it is worth the effort. The quantity and quality of water in developing countries are very important to know anddiscuss. There are so many cheap solutions we can do to improve the water quality in developingcountries. If the developing countries do not have access to electricity and an electric filter isn’table to be powered then we can somehow provide closer electricity to the people. In Africa andAsia there is usually a lot of sunlight. We can filter their water with an electric filter to preventharmful particles to enter the body. After the water is filtered just to be sure that there isn’tanything harmful in it we can add some iodine to kill any single celled organisms that may havegotten through the filter. In order to provide electricity to cities in developing countries that don’thave electricity we can set up solar panels near the town to power these electric filters, and sincethe solar panels are close to the towns or villages we don’t have to waste money transporting theelectricity. Overall using electric filters can save lives. With solar panels close by these electricfilters can change lives.
  2. 2. As you can observe from our data alternative energy sources are beneficial to the earth,people who can’t reach electricity, an are easy on our wallets. Everyday 4,100 children die fromdiarreah cause by dirty water. With these few changes we can change lives.