Have you seen Vision lately?


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Have you seen Vision lately?

  1. 1. Have you seen Vision lately?
  2. 2. Your firm is always changing. How can it not? Inthe constantly evolving world we live in, advancesin industry mean continued changes in your mostcritical business needs.Deltek is dedicated to delivering solutionand performance innovation to our clients—acommitment that can be proven in our latestrelease of Vision 7, Mobile, Navigator and Cloud
  3. 3. VisionDeltek Vision 7 is the latest industry-leadingERP solution for today’s successful ProfessionalServices firms. Specifically designed to supportthe complete project life cycle of ProfessionalServices firms, Vision 7 helps firms of all sizewin more business, deliver better projects andimprove overall project performance.
  4. 4. Core Financial Enhancements A number of core accounting enhancements Vision in Vision 7.0 allow firms to gain more efficiency and accuracy from their accounting departments. Financial Management improvements include:  Configurations to automatically send preformatted EFT and Direct Deposit emails  A new, quick Online Check Review for easy viewing of payment details  Fee-based invoice allocation to more than one revenue account  A new Status on Organization feature that gives firms the ability to make an organization in Vision inactive or dormant.  Performance Management enhancements that make more data available for business intelligence analysis
  5. 5. VisionContinuing Deltek’s strive for better, Use Contract Management to track themore efficient Contract Management creation and management of client contractsperformance, Vision 7 streamlines and change orders from the initial projectworkflow and creates more transparency scope through the signed agreement,to status and responsibilities between sales, eliminating any challenges associated withfinance, project management and clients. coordinating customer contracts. With Vision 7, efficient contract management brings clarity to the process and less manualContract Management effort needed from your teams.
  6. 6. Professional Services firms always need a way to manage and understand resource demand and capacity. Attuned to this need, Vision 7 Vision has enhanced the generic resources from Vision (used as important placeholders in project plans to identify project needs) so that they can now be assigned attributes of location, discipline and skill set. Giving Project Managers the ability to set up generic resources by the attributes that are most important to the project, Vision 7 provides deeper insight and more efficient project planningGeneric Resources with Attributes
  7. 7. User Defined Info Centers NEW User-Defined Information Vision Centers, empowering your firm to create your own, fully-customizable platforms for whatever additional information you need. Eliminating the need to purchase a separate and costly solution to track additional, yet critical information (such as recruits, service requests or IDIQ contracts) Vision 7’s user-defined information centers provide you with a brand new space to track, link and integrate this data with other information within Vision. Giving you more efficient tracking of information that is not currently in Vision, this new capability lets you truly extend the power of your Vision solution with none of the cost or effort.
  8. 8. Vision Vision 7 has so much more! www.deltek.com/vision to learn moreBut wait, we’re not done!
  9. 9. Vision Navigator Revolutionary New Tool for Project ManagersWhat Project managers need to plan, manage and monitor their projects – in a streamlinedand consolidated manner. This tool benefits project managers by giving them just whatthey need to do their job, while also benefiting the organization through more closelymonitored projects. Collection of project data is more accurate and project information ismore complete, resulting in more profitable projects.
  10. 10. Vision NavigatorSimple, Easy to Use for Project Managers It will enable Project Managers to plan, budget and assign resources throughout the work breakdown structure of the project.
  11. 11. Vision NavigatorSimple, Easy to Use for Project Managers It will enable Project Managers to plan, budget and assign resources throughout the work breakdown structure of the project.
  12. 12. Vision NavigatorBrowser independentWorks on Tablets, PC and Mac
  13. 13. Vision Navigator Navigator is changing the way Project Managers work! www.deltek.com/vision to learn moreBut wait, we’re not done!
  14. 14. With Vision Touch Time, employees can Vision Enter time directly from their mobile device at the end of the day or at the end of a client meeting, rather than having to log into Vision to enter hours worked. No more hand-writing hours on paper to input at a later time—or worse yet, trying to Touch remember how much time was spent on a specific task, days after it’s been completed. TimeMobile Time Entryavailable on iOS and Android
  15. 15. Vision Touch CRM With Touch CRM, get access to your key Contacts, Clients and Opportunities in Vision CRM right on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. Update key information on the go without having to try to remember when you get back to the office.Mobile Access to Vision CRMavailable on iOS and Android
  16. 16. Vision Vision Touch Touch Time CRM Enable your mobile teams! www.deltek.com/vision to learn moreBut wait, we’re still not done!
  17. 17. Vision Essentials Deltek First–Vision Essentials provides software as a service – accessed through an Internet browser. It’s the only cloud-based solution built for unique needs of PS firms. Vision Essentials connects the firm on a single system– that’s easy to buy, simple to own, & secure to access.Same powerful Vision solution, delivered via the Deltek Cloud
  18. 18. Deltek First Vision Essentials Vision Easy to Buy 1 Essentials Essential PS Capability Flexible Subscription Simple to Own 2No Servers to Make Ready Maintained for You Higher Level of Service Easy to Adapt Easy to Expand Secure to Access 3 Access Anywhere  Any Time Yours Exclusively Perpetual Back-Ups Constant Monitoring Same powerful Vision solution, delivered via the Deltek Cloud
  19. 19. Vision Essentials Take it to the Cloud! www.deltek.com/first to learn moreOne more thing!
  20. 20. Kona is a FREE, cloud-based, socialcollaboration platform designed with peopleand conversations in mind. Rather than justfocusing on tasks and the professional projectmanagers (although this is perfect for themtoo), the goal was to establish a destinationfor people to connect, get organized and getthings done across different situations, projectsand “spaces.” Kona enables and empowersour communities of members to beproductive—individually, within teams oracross different groups—across their lifeprojects.Use Kona by itself …… or
  21. 21. + Vision Navigator By using Kona’s social Collaboration with Navigator, you can Manage and Collaborate on your projects in one place. Collaborate with the project team, share and collaborate on documents. Allow your Clients to engage with the project with no software to Install. Allow everyone better visibility into the project!Bring FREE social collaboration tools to your projects
  22. 22. Sign up for Kona today! www.kona.com to start using this FREE toolWOW, that was a lot of stuff!
  23. 23. So have you seen Vision lately? There is a lot going on! http://www.deltek.com/vision http://deltekvisionblog.wordpress.com @DeltekVision http://www.youtube.com/user/deltekinc