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Presentation at the Medieval Academy of America meeting, 2013, held in Knoxville, TN for the roundtable discussion: Back to the Future: Exploring New Digital Initiatives in Medieval Studies, sponsored by the Medieval Academy of America Graduate Student Committee

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  • Transcription, Annotation, Description, and other activitiesDisbound or rebound manuscriptsManuscripts with flaps, folds, or other structures
  • Manuscript fragmentsDispersed leaves
  • Manuscript fragmentsDispersed leaves
  • New information for existing resourcesLine locations on image, line breaks in text
  • Digital Medieval Commons

    1. 1. DIGITALMEDIEVALCOMMONSDigital Library Infrastructure,Interoperability,and Medieval StudiesBenjamin AlbrittonDigital Medieval Program
    2. 2. Imagine A Viewer… Web Application – Institution A “Virtual” Collection of Distributed Resources, e.g., Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 • Teaching Collection Institution Institution Institution • Cross-Repository Search A B C • Personal Research Resources Collected from the Web Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 DescMD & Deep Institution Institution Institution Link for D A D Resource 6 via IIIF MD API Web App – Institution A
    3. 3. … that does what users need Web Application – Institution A + _ MS Image 1 Institution D MS Image 2 Institution B Image 1 tution DBook Reader Software - Tool Maker X Deep Zoom Client -- Tool Maker Y Web App – Institution A
    4. 4. … no matter where the content “lives” Web Application – Institution A Annotation Tool Map Image 1 Map Image 2 Institution D Institution E Xcription Tool Georeferencing Tool Map Image 3 Map Image 4 Image Analytics Institution B Institution D Tools MultiUp Comparison Viewer - Tool Maker X Web App – Institution A
    5. 5. Medieval Manuscripts:The Complex Use-Case
    6. 6. Medieval Manuscripts:The Complex Use-Case CCC 26 f. iiiR Fold A Open Fold A and B Open f. iiiV
    7. 7. Medieval Manuscripts:The Complex Use-Case Lambeth Palace Maidstone Museum
    8. 8. Medieval Manuscripts:The Complex Use-Case This page intentionally, but unfortunately, left blank Countless manuscripts, all around the world!
    9. 9. How do we do it?1. Separate data from delivery1. Deliver the data via common API (IIIF)1. Represent the physical object in a common data model (SharedCanvas)
    10. 10. Separate Data from Delivery Image ImageTranscription Annotation Discovery Tool X? Analysis Viewer Image Viewer Discovery Metadata (Canonical) Image Data (Canonical)
    11. 11. Deliver via API: IIIF
    12. 12. Data Model: SharedCanvas
    13. 13. CHMTL text + Parker image in T-PEN
    14. 14. Examples of other resources attached to the facsimile • User-generated comments (public and private) • Audio performances of notated music • Overlaid text transcription • Also: • Data sets • Mark-up • Base imageFor working examples, see choices
    15. 15. Resource Interoperability: ViewersIndependently control and compare pages from different parts of a manuscript… from different manuscripts… from different repositories
    16. 16. What’s next?• Expose your content • You don’t have to give it away if you don’t want to or can’t – just expose it• Share your requirements: • User annotations? • Geo-fun? • Crowd-sourced cataloging?• Join the conversation at