HITS Digital Marketing Analytical Engine  PwC Public BLW 20120927
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HITS Digital Marketing Analytical Engine PwC Public BLW 20120927

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Hollywood IT Association - Digital Marketing Analytics - Panel - PwC Public, BLW Sept 2012

Hollywood IT Association - Digital Marketing Analytics - Panel - PwC Public, BLW Sept 2012

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  • 1. • www.pwc.com Digital Marketing and the Analytical Engine: Transformational Opportunities for Entertainment
  • 2. Digital technology has changed personal and groupcommunications, and the business landscapeThe Old Normal:Traditional businesswith a growing digitalelement The New Normal: Digital is the central driver of future operating models, consumer relationships, and revenue growthPwC 2
  • 3. Consumers’ new “normal” The multi-screen experience They are Mobile The changing reading experience Recommendations shape choice ‘My time’, but it’s a shared experience Paying for quality and ‘the experience’They areSocial Targeted advertising – make it worth it Connectivity and rights barriers Work – catching up with the way we play Love it or hate it, always ‘on’PwC 3
  • 4. Digital infrastructure enables more directconsumer engagement…and metrics Digital spending drives global content growth Digital is defined as: Experience Radar Demand Estimator • online and mobile 2500000 Internet advertising • mobile TV subscriptions • digital music 2000000 • electronic home video • online and wireless video games • digital consumer 1500000 magazine circulation $ million Monterey county has potential for improving the spending penetration of 529 Savings Plan; the bank will need to use both brand AND product marketing to realize opportunity • digital newspaper 1000000 circulation spending • digital trade magazine circulation spending • electronic consumer, 500000 educational, and professional books • satellite radio Segmentation vs. Micro-offers subscriptions 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 • broadband and mobile Segmentation - Top Down Approach Micro-Offers - Bottom up Approach Non-digital Digital Internet access Segments Micro-Offers High Prediction What might happen? Monitoring Social Web Analytics Behavioral Economics What’s happening now? Complexity Analysis Why did it happen? Reporting What happened?PwC Visualization of web traffic courtesy 4 of Adobe’s Omniture Business Unit Low Business value High
  • 5. How is the industry using these analytical techniques?• Do we have the right content in the right windows for the right amount How can I more effectively of time? target my advertising to those viewers who are most relevant and who are most• What kind of content is right for this likely to take action? new service/platform? Comcast trials comparing The value of content cannot be Behavioral vs. Standard Ad Targeting considered exclusively 70 Hunstville financial. 60 Baltimore 50 40 The analytical model allows for 30 a combination of quantitative 20 and qualitative valuation, 10 taking into account both financial and brand aspects of 0 Effectiveness Efficiency content value. Source : Comcast Spotlight Pre ss Re le ase ; Advertising Age , Bank Te chnology Ne ws PwC
  • 6. The industry challenge is to engage with customers at an individual, personalized level… in a privacy-assured mannerPwC found that: Gaining customer insight requires a shift of mindset• 76% of respondents are willingto share personal information whenthey were offered free benefits. Customer ownership Consumer dialogue• 80% of respondents said theywere willing to share personalinformation if the company lets “Pull”them know upfront how they aregoing to use it. Privacy Creating an• A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights “Push” environment inmight actually increase consumers’ which thewillingness to share information. customer believes they are in control Privacy• 87% of survey respondents wantto be able to manage what and howpersonal information is used.PwC 6
  • 7. Digital Marketing and the Analytical Engine:Transformational Opportunities for Entertainment • Michele Edelman Vice President of Marketing Direct to Consumer, Warner Bros. • Jane Mohon Senior Vice President, Marketing Services Sony Pictures Home Entertainment • Field Garthwaite Chief Executive Officer, IRIS.TV • Nanea Reeves Chief Operating Officer, Machinima • Lisa Joy Rosner Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase • Moderator: Blake White Director, Advisory, PwC
  • 8. PwC